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  1. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The high hopes I had of Mowbray’s talk at the consultation meeting about defensive signings coming are rapidly evaporating... but I can’t believe Mowbray is getting as much stick as he is. Here is our back four on the first game of the season for the last few years... the first is before they came... Salgado Samba Nelsen Givet Salgado Hanley Nzonzi Olsson Orr Dann Givet Lowe Kane Dann Hanley Spurr Baptiste Hanley Kilgallon Olson Henley Hanley Duffy Olsson Lowe Duffy Ward Henley Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Williams Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Williams At the moment it looks like this time round it’ll be Bennett Lenihan Williams Bell Some of the illustrious subs include Greer, Ribeiro and Anderson... The point being, failure to address glaring defensive issues in the summer window isn’t a Mowbray problem. If you can’t see a pattern, you are likely shutting your eyes, jamming your fingers in your ears and shouting to block what is being screamed out at you. The problem is 5,000 miles away. I have no doubts at all Mowbray is absolutely desperate to properly rebuild the defence. If new permanent signings, for fees, who are actual proper defenders don’t happen, as well as being apoplectic with rage, I’ll also believe beyond any reasonable doubt that he isn’t in control of transfers and Venky’s are not sanctioning the signing of defenders. For fucks sake, he’s already talking about converting Downing to full back (like Shebby did with Pedersen and Steven Gerrard!)... I hope I’m wrong. Time will tell. Until then I’m not going to get on Mowbray’s case. If my fears are realised it’ll be his integrity I’ll question rather than his judgement.
  2. I’ll be heading to Preston for this on Friday. WWE have allowed their wrestlers to appear, so I expect a number of NXT UK faces to be there... fair play to them for that.
  3. Miller11

    Kits 19/20

    Thank god for that!
  4. Miller11

    Kits 19/20

    Just noticed this scarf Downing is holding up. Not seen this design before... I hope this isn’t a new design to match the kit, meaning that we are going from a ridiculously light sky blue to a ridiculously dark navy. Cos that’s just as shit, and just as wrong.
  5. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    This silly new fashionable idea of “playing it out from the back” is ridiculous. We (and many other teams) try it and all that ends up happening is we knock it around the back four for a dozen pointless passes, invite pressure, knock it back to Raya, who boots it out for a throw-in in their half. We need defenders who can defend first and foremost.
  6. Miller11

    Visiting Ewood Park

    I’d get in touch and see if there are any ground tours happening while you are over which you may be able to join on with. When I used to do them there were usually one or two public ones a week.
  7. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/786647/British-wrestler-lionheart-Adrian-McCallum-dead-aged-35 A catalyst of the British Wrestling resurgence. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  8. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    As I said, I think he’s jumping to conclusions based on the fact Bauer’s contract was up. I know I had the benefit of hearing it first hand, but he really was very dismissive of the idea of signing Bauer. I had been wondering myself why Sharpe continued touting him when the message I got from the horses mouth was very much contrary to this.
  9. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    If C = Cooper, all this Bauer talk will seem silly.
  10. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Regarding what Mowbray said about Bauer at the consultation meeting... I want to point out that the overarching message was we were in for him last year, his demands are high for a league one player, and we need bigger and better players ready to come straight into the first team. It seemed to me we had moved on from Bauer by that point. The 40-50k comment was in my mind pretty throwaway, to emphasise the fact his agent was over valuing him, and I’d confidently state it was in no way meant to mislead anyone. An exaggeration to highlight a point, probably. To be honest, I think us continually being linked with him is more to do with his contractual circumstances and journalists jumping to conclusions. Mowbray was dismissive of Bauer and after what he said I’d have been pretty disappointed if we had signed him. I should point out again though that if these better players fail to materialise I’d have serious doubts over Mowbray’s integrity and Venky’s intentions.
  11. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I’m hoping that it’s not a case of North End beating us to him, but a case of us not wanting him. Mowbray down played him at the consultation meeting, and stated we needed better players to come in to the first team. Actions speak louder than words, and these better players need to materialise. I’m more hopeful than confident that it will happen. Freebies, loans, converted midfielders, projects, lamenting missed opportunities and excuses will not do.
  12. Speaking of good promos, without doubt one of the best in the world at it right here. His debut one on NXT UK was unreal. The shackles of wwe will neuter him soon enough no doubt. https://youtu.be/w2f8_bAmFNA
  13. I liked the Darby Allin one. I know nothing at all about him, so it served as a good introduction. Bit long though. I just can’t warm to Janela, which will no doubt contribute to the fact that I thought his was rubbish. Hammy and OTT, but not in a good way. Didn’t engage me at all. Once again he looks like small time and amateur on a stage too big for his talents.
  14. I can’t stand Joey Janela... but I’m intrigued to see what they are like
  15. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    To save you the job of moving any more parameters, I’ll do it for you, and I will concede that Brereton was miles better than Nuttall... when he started up front... at Ewood... with Rothwell in midfield... when the weather was nice... against already relegated opponents.

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