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  1. There were definitely some interesting elements that could have been built into a long running programme between the two. Wyatt getting into Cena’s head would make for great build up, but using this as part of a ‘wrestling match’ is so stupid.
  2. Charlotte Flair v Rhea Ripley Brilliant. Best match of the weekend. Seen some people moaning that “Flair wouldn’t put Ripley over”... absolute nonsense. She’s elevated her massively here, as well as the entire NXT women’s division. The internet loves to make a noise about creating new stars, well, having a bonafide megastar lose frequently isn’t the way to do it. Flair is to Women’s wrestling what her Dad is to men’s. Black v Lashley This was a match. Adequate. Otis v Ziggler Surprisingly good. Basic story done pretty well. Pay off at the end. Otis has carved himself a nice little niche and offers some good light relief. Ziggler was Ziggler, which is a definite compliment. Edge v Orton Far too long. Went for epic but hit boring. Commentary really poor. I liked when Orton kept saying ‘no no no no no no no’. Any potential drama towards the end had evaporated as I was just willing someone to stay down for the 10. Street Profits v Gaza & Theory Took a break and missed this. No desire to catch up. 5 Way This was ok filler. Saw a potential twist in the tale rather than any culmination of anything. Firefly Funhouse Where to start with this. Presenting this as a match was a bad choice. This was like a modern day Hogan v Dungeon of Doom, an angle that has been unanimously shit on for 25 years. This will get widespread plaudits and absolutely panned... maybe not in equal measure. I hated it. In a different setting, presented differently some of this could be interesting and work. As it was it’s ridiculous rubbish. Bizarre how a fortnight after Matt Hardy leaves they decide to go all Matt Hardy. The GCSE coursework presentation was back too. McIntyre v Lesnar Typical Lesnar match. This format is getting old now, so I’m happy to see a title change. Very pleased for McIntyre too. Played out exactly as expected. Overall verdict for Wrestlemania: Should. Have. Postponed.
  3. Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley with an absolute belter to start things off tonight!
  4. Funny you should say that, last time I saw Drew McIntyre (or Galloway as he was at the time) live was at Preston Guild Hall against ASHA Samuels for the PCW title. He was literally crashing over the row of chairs behind me. Absolutely brilliant to see how he has turned his career round. I thought 2 had some good moments, but was massively hampered by the multiple venues. Those matches you highlighted being the pick. To be honest I prefer a lot of older wrestling to the modern product. While the athleticism is on a different level today, I think a lot of the psychology has been lost nowadays. This is amplified by a lack of crowd to feed off and play to. As I mentioned before as well, I find it really difficult to get interested in a lot of matches these days, due to the over saturation and the lack of build. I concede I might be being harsh on some of the matches last night, but (mostly due to circumstances beyond the wrestlers control) these were mostly bog standard at best, and there just isn’t a Wrestlemania feel to it. I really wish they had cancelled and done a two day super Wrestlemania around Summerslam time... none of the matches would’ve been hurt with a slower build. I think the whole lockdown product needs a massive rethink in all honesty.
  5. I think IX gets a bit of a bad rap (largely thanks to Hogan), but Tatanka v Michaels and the Steiners v Headshrinkers were both miles better than anything on show last night. I always had 2 down as the worst ever until now. Different times I know, but I think that the repetitive nature of the modern product really doesn’t help... so few of the matches feel like a culmination of a well built feud. If we haven’t seen them a dozen times already, we will see them on TV again within a fortnight. The lack of a crowd hurts the matches immensely for me personally. I thought they may have found a way around it with the Boneyard, but they failed. So much of it was standard WWE fare, unsurprisingly I thought Zayn and Bryan made the best of it. They have varied experience. Bryan worked the holiday camp circuit over here, both well travelled and paid their dues on the indies... they are able to adapt unlike Corbin and Elias, for example. The two matches that could salvage things somewhat tonight are, in my opinion, Edge and Orton and Cena v Wyatt. Unfortunately after last night I’m not holding out much hope.
  6. Kabuki Warriors v Bliss & Cross Got the night off to a really bad start for me, I’ve seen others express their annoyance with Nikki Cross... but if you multiply that by a million you wouldn’t get close to how much Asuka gets on my nerves. Had to mute almost immediately due to the constant screeching, and had to fight a strong urge to switch off. Went far too long. Was just glad when it was finally over and glad of the result. Corbyn v Elias Boring. Was always going to be filler even with a crowd. Lynch v Baszler Didn’t work. The attempts to look hard hitting didn’t come off. Inventive ending. Was never going to live up to the hype, but due to the circumstances of the show they didn’t have chance to get anywhere near. Both struggled to adapt. Bryan v Zayn Match of the night for me. Enjoyed this. The use of the corner men was smart. With no crowd to play off they used them to build some decent psychology. The only match that didn’t suffer drastically with having no crowd. Ladder match Decent. Thought everyone worked hard, and they managed to come up with some unique spots which becomes more difficult with every passing ladder match. Owens v Rollins Wasn't overly Invested in this. It was ok. Bit of an odd one that initially wouldn’t have seemed out of place on Raw. Tried to make it mean something. Goldberg v Strowman Predicatble, but I don’t think that was a bad thing. Fine for what it was under the circumstances. Met the very limited expectations it set. Taker v Styles I was looking forward to this for a break from the painful empty arena format. It started off as a brilliant brawl, largely due to the fact Undertaker is one of about 3 still active wrestlers who can throw a decent looking punch... such a nice change from shitty forearms! Unfortunately it quickly descended into farce. The fact that the production looked like an overzealous GCSE media studies students coursework became more problematic as it wore on. It will take an absolute miracle tonight for this not to go down in history as the worst Wrestlemania of all time. Why oh why did this go ahead?!?
  7. Miller11

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Interview in the Telegraph the other day. Just before the accounts were released. Obviously loads of people are using this as an excuse to trot out the old ‘they are investing’, ‘we’d be another Bury without them’, and ‘They were badly advised’ lines. Waggott isn’t stupid, his timing is spot on in keeping that pretence alive.
  8. The new series of Dark Side of the Ring seems to be available on Dailymotion. Watched the New Jack one last night. Some good insight into things I already knew. Absolute lunacy.
  9. Miller11

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Exactly. And he can’t wait to tell us how he can’t comment on what went on before whenever he’s asked anything about their multitude of wrongdoings. Different story when he wants to kiss their arses.
  10. Miller11

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Waggott with some disgraceful comments today... “I have been in discussions with Tony every day on player welfare as well as the business side, and my view is that the owners have been very good to the club over the last nine years since they took over the ownership of the club and it’s now time for us to play a part and look after them a little bit as we go through a turbulent time. I’m looking across the board how we can pay all the people we can for as long as possible.”
  11. I watched the new double episode of Dark Side of the Ring on Benoit last night... it was definitely the most comprehensive review of the entire incident I’ve ever seen. Not an easy watch, but recommended.
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    Certainly some people there are providing a service. However, I think having a fully operational collections department, chasing customers for payments of unsecured loans, borrowed at an APR of 41.2% at a point in time when the government has felt it necessary to introduce mortgage and rent relief measures is frankly beyond the pale. and refusing to pay employees self isolating due to symptoms or vulnerable children is disgusting.
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    Not more or less... massive difference

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