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  1. Miller11

    Ben Brereton

    I’m one of that crew... His best game for us by some margin. What really impressed me today was the effort. I think that’s been lacking at times over the last 2 years, but a shift and a half today... can’t ask for more than that. Mowbray seems to have found his role. Sometimes looks clumsy and heavy footed... but it’s starting to work for him, bizarre as that may sound. Those unorthodox runs are getting us up the pitch, and at the very least we seem to get a free kick out of it. His finishing is a definite weakness, to the extent it’s comically bad on occasion. That said, I couldn’t care less if the team are winning and he is contributing as effectively as he did today.
  2. Miller11

    Derby V Rovers

    Not a choice I’d like to make... but to be in a situation where we are having discussions like this really does show things appear to be on the up!
  3. Miller11

    Derby V Rovers

    Bloody hell! They must’ve been edited by a dingle! Mind you, I’m all for them flattering Derby and playing us down. We can just go about our business quietly without any hype and unwanted attention from other clubs for our players.
  4. Miller11

    Derby V Rovers

    It’s all just clicking at the moment. Every time we break forward we look like scoring... we look like we are trying to as well. The quality is undoubtably there, let’s hope we find some consistency and we will be right up there this season. As a vocal Brereton detractor, I have to say credit where a credits due today. Put a shift in like that every week and I won’t have any complaints. This wide striker role is definitely the right one for him. He’s never going to be prolific (couple of very wayward shots today, maybe just got a bit giddy) but if he contributes like that for 90 minutes he’s well worth a place in the team. Armstrong grabbing a goal on an off day, Williams looking like he’s above Lenihan and Ayala on the team sheet, Johnson becoming vital at both ends, Rothwell with probably his most complete performance, nobody can find anything to complain about from Bell, Holtby being a 21st century Gordon Cowans, Dolan... where do you even start with Dolan. Shame about JRC, but Nyambe is a fucking beast. And we look to have bagged a composed, solid keeper! Credit to Mowbray. We may be seeing his long term plan coming together in spectacular fashion! Easy to put aside issues with Waggott and Venky’s when there is so much to be happy about on the pitch.
  5. Miller11

    Derby V Rovers

    Nyambe to come back in. It’d be Brereton making way for me with JRC moving into his preferred advanced position. Confidence ought to be high for this, and hopefully theirs is through the floor! A level of performance that matches what we’ve already seen and I’m sure we will get a result.
  6. Very pleasantly surprised we kept a clean sheet. Thought Williams was immense! Happy with my Armstrong golden boot bet at the moment! Dolan showing how fine the margins are for a young player... could’ve been on the scrap heap but instead he’s grabbed the opportunity with both hands, looks like he has the attitude to match his ability. So exciting! Buckley has something of the Cowans and Tugay about him... we signed those players late in their careers. With the time on his side Buckley could have a hell of a career, hopefully with us. Very satisfactory day at the office. Still pissed off about Nyambe mind.
  7. No. He was on the bench for all of them (bar one which Mowbray claimed was tactical). Mowbray preferred Bennett at the start of last season.
  8. If I was Nyambe I’d be slapping in an immediate transfer request, never mind signing a new deal.
  9. Apart from the 10 at the beginning of last season where he had to play second fiddle to Bennett.
  10. Miller11

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    No, it will be because of the mismanagement, negligence and incompetence of the three arrogant offspring of a successful Indian businessman.
  11. Miller11

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Waggott has seen the Riverside as problematic since the day he stepped through the door. Aside from his fanciful idea of knocking it down to build a hotel, he sees it as too cheap, and he’s now found an excuse to hike the prices in there. I think he’s hoping that long standing season ticket holders in there will decide that they should move to the Jack Walker or Blackburn end to a “better” seat if there is no saving, and he will have his justification to shut it. Typically he totally overlooks factors like sentiment, friendship, view, habit... basically any human emotion. The self professed Mr Empathy.
  12. Miller11

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    The club have written an open letter “to a number of leading local MPs” The last six months have presented unprecedented challenges of unparalleled levels, the likes of which this great football club has never encountered before in its proud 145-year history. Our revenue streams have been decimated and our hard losses could have a crippling effect on the financial future of the club. Throughout this period, our Owners have continued to be as supportive as they can be, whilst their own business battles with the issues created by the global pandemic. Whilst the world that we are living in at present is shrouded in uncertainty, one thing remains clear ... football is nothing without its fans. The last time we had supporters inside the stadium – and generated any matchday income – was when Swansea City visited Ewood Park in late February. For generations, Blackburn Rovers has been the heartbeat of the local community. It cannot be stressed enough how important fans attending games is to the local economy, through direct employment of local people, supporting the local supply chain and providing much needed revenues across a number of businesses in the local area. And during these troubled times, watching live sport can provide relief, enjoyment and entertainment to so many. The ability for supporters to attend games will provide a much- needed outlet for all the stress our supporters are facing in their own lives. Over recent weeks and months, the club has undertaken a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, with government agencies, the local authorities and football bodies amongst others, to put comprehensive plans and procedures in place to ensure the safe return of players and staff, for games to be played behind closed doors, and we are contacting you today to ask for your crucial support as we seek to bring supporters back to the stadium. It goes without saying, the health and wellbeing of the public when attending matches is our absolute priority and we will be guided by the Government and relevant authorities with regards to revised stadium capacity and stringent social distancing guidelines, in the hope that the stadium can be permitted to operate on a reduced capacity basis in compliance with all the advice received. Detailed operational protocols have already been implemented at football stadiums across the country by experienced crowd safety professionals, in order to prepare grounds for the safe return of crowds, with successful ‘pilot’ events having been held across the sporting sector throughout September. With your support, we therefore urge the Government to give the green light to the return of crowds from the beginning of October, as originally planned. Failure to do so, or to at least provide any credible roadmap back to the return of fans in the near future, could have catastrophic consequences for many football clubs, like ourselves, and the communities they represent. Football is facing an impending financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A reasonable resolution must be reached at the earliest opportunity to avoid unimaginable outcomes. Therefore, we write to you for your public support for the safe return of fans to Ewood Park as we move forward. The paragraph in bold really annoys me. They haven’t given a shit about the local community for the last 10 years. They’ve also ignored countless open letters and direct correspondence from the very people they are now appealing to.
  13. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window

    🤞🤞 that would make a superb window. A forward who clicks and I think we will have a real shot this season.
  14. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah, I think Bonne did well at Orient previously too. I thought Marcus Forss might have been a goer, largely due to him being with HSH. Did well at Wimbledon last year, but looks like he’s in and around the Brentford team now with their front line being picked apart. A premier league loan wouldn’t surprise me... can’t really name any names as I’m well out of the loop with the Prem. I wouldn’t be averse to a move for Joe Garner, but doesn’t fit the model at all.
  15. Miller11

    Summer Transfer Window

    I know Mowbray has said he is prioritising another keeper, a left back and a central midfielder, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a late move for another forward. We are in need of one, and this is an area Venky’s historically don’t mind funding. Just a hunch, but I could see Mowbray making a case to them, but only once all his other business is done, and them coughing up. Their is often talk of this, but if he were to do it before addressing the other positions I think he’d be told you’ve had your lot. Could be some clever manoeuvring by him, but it’s to be hoped any signing is a big improvement on the previous wastes of money.

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