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  1. Miller11

    General Election 2019

    I fucking wish I had now.
  2. https://twitter.com/btsportwwe/status/1205171944250843138 another Rovers/Wrestling crossover tweet
  3. Miller11

    General Election 2019

    Funny how the senior nursing sister seems to have thousands of friends who are all saying the exact same thing...
  4. Credit to Mowbray today. We were more than good value for the three points, though we should probably have been out of sight at half time. I thought every player did well, and the last 4 games have meant those 11 shirts are theirs to lose. Few specials mentions... It shouldn’t be underestimated how good a signing Downing has proven to be. Probably our most consistent performer of the season and possesses genuine quality. Nyambe is getting better and better. His confidence is clearly growing by the game. I’ve been critical of Lenihan in the past, but he looks a different beast with Adarabioyo beside him. Seeing him plough through a pile of bodies to smash a header was brilliant. As for Adarabioyo, he’s going to have some career! Evans is in the form of his life. Absolutely fantastic today. He was everywhere. Armstrong still frustrates, but what a strike. Should’ve had another one at least. But if he keeps up that level of performance I’ll gladly eat my words. If he improves the consistency of his final product we’ve got a player on our hands. Looks as though I’m the only one, but I thought Mowbray got his subs spot on, although I didn’t at the time... I rolled my eyes when I saw Gallagher trotting over time the wing, but he put a real shift in and Armstrong for those few minutes dragged their defenders all over the place. Yes, we lost a focal point in Graham, but I think it worked considering we were inevitably going to be under the cosh with them desperately chasing it at the end. Bennett sured things up, basically becoming an additional defender. Buckley was just a time killer and fresh legs, he needs to hit the gym hard though.
  5. The last two episodes of Dynamite have been, on the whole, awful. Some very good bits interspersed in garbage. I think DE absolutely nailed it saying it had an indie show feel. I absolutely guarantee that at least 50% of the AEW roster would not be allowed on WWE programming, they would be sent to developmental (not NXT shows, the performance centre) for at least a year because they are so lacking in the basics. Some of those are people AEW seems to be pushing. Some common threads in almost every match they air are that they are over choreographed, incoherently moving from spot to spot, loads of false finishes, decent looking punches are never thrown, loads of super kicks, stomps and dives, a general lack of logic and an unawareness of where the cameras are. I like the idea of quarterly PPV events, but the pacing of the build is all wrong. It also seems as though there is only a very small handful of performers they feel are capable of building feuds and storylines around. Plenty of potential, but it’s all a big mess at the moment in my opinion. They have a rabidly loyal core fanbase, many of which will gladly delude themselves as they have their colours nailed firmly to the AEW mast. I don’t know how long this will last, and I can’t see them growing their viewership any time soon.
  6. It was very strange. All this and then they do a thank you piece to camera for him.
  7. It would be amazing to see him in AEW just to see twitter explode! He has stated numerous times he has no desire to work anything like a full time schedule, just one of many reasons NWA was a good fit for him. He might go back when the furore dies down, but I think he will be happy enough doing his podcasts and what not for the foreseeable.
  8. You can’t take the blanket statement that Cornette hates comedy as gospel. He has performed, booked and praised comedic elements frequently. He dislikes Omega for his match against a blow up doll. He dislikes Janela for having matches against the invisible man. He dislikes Joey Ryan for the dick flip. He dislikes Orange Cassidy for his entire routine. Dislike is not a strong enough word actually. He is furious about such things and holds a long lasting grudge. His explanation is that such things make a mockery of the wrestling business. I find all the above stupid and completely unentertaining, it doesn’t boil my piss like it does Cornettes, but then I haven’t worked 50 years in the business. There’s a world of difference between these sort of spots and the comedy aspects of the eras of the past though. He was asked specifically about some more comical aspects of the WWE when he was there (exactly what escapes me) and says he wasn’t crazy about them either. On the death match stuff, he has never liked hardcore wrestling, he calls people idiots who jump through light tubes or who injure themselves leaping off basket ball hoops (Marko Stunt), or use staple guns (Jimmy Havoc). It’s quite ironic that he brought New Jack to prominence in Smoky Mountain by telling him to “go out there and piss off white people” before he went to ECW. The Gangsters stuff was edgy as hell. His opinions on modern matches are much less vitriolic. His criticism is more constructive. People pick up on sound bites but he’s raved about PAC, Jericho, Cody, Hangman Page, Britt Baker, Nayla Rose, Awesome Kong, Dustin... he’s always been a fan of SCU, but hasn’t always thought their AEW matches were great. Sammy Guevara has clearly grown on him over the weeks. He describes Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus as stars, and says he’d love to work with Marq Quen and he would get him over as his champion. He said MJF was a better heel than even him, and there is something there with Darby Allen. There’s plenty of good stuff he says about all the above, but when he sees competitive matches between Mismatched opponents, matches going too long, people kicking out of ridiculously good moves only to be pinned by a lesser move later, rules and logic being defied, he calls it out because it’s not to his taste. The claims that he blindly hates are lazy.
  9. I’m a big Cornette fan. I absolutely believe his joke was just outdated rather than with any racist intent. He is very scathing of those who he feels make a mockery of wrestling. Anyone who indulges in invisible hand grenades, dickflips and death matches has felt the sharp end of his tongue. He is critical of what he calls “cosplay video game wrestlers”, including, but not limited to The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega - he dislikes overly choreographed bouts with too much visible cooperation, too many false finishes and a lack of logic. He critiques these matches sometimes harshly, but consistently and thoughtfully. This has put him on a collision course with the very vocal (or at least twitter active) fans of these styles. He is of course massively outspoken and won’t back down from an argument. The narrative they like to peddle is that he is “toxic” and has no place in wrestling. Lagana addressed a twitter outrage a couple of weeks ago when he was accused of “mocking suicide victims” when someone unearthed a quote from a while back he has uses frequently before and since, namely that someone should be “took out into the parking lot and hung”, which is obviously just hyperbole. He was annoyed at the fact Lagana took it so seriously when he felt it was just a case of bandwagon jumping by his detractors. Apparently he told Lagana during a phone call after the Power commentary incident that “it wasn’t fun any more” and he basically didn’t want the hassle. I think there was also an element of annoyance that Lagana was scapegoating him having failed to pick up on it in post production. He certainly doesn’t need the money, and has for a long time said he will only take bookings that he will enjoy doing. He consulted with Tony Khan before AEW got going and told him “I’m the only person you can trust is telling you the truth because I’m not looking for a job”. It’s a shame for the fans who enjoyed his commentary, and anyone with a wrestling show really ought to try and pick his brains. NWAs first show with him gone was horrendous. His biggest crime was not understanding that he has pissed people off so much they would obviously claim to be outraged and offended.
  10. Miller11

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    Really enjoyed that. Thought we were better than Brentford, who are a very good side, on the night and thoroughly deserved the win. Graham needs to play. He does what he does so well and gives the three behind him so much freedom. I’m not a huge fan of Evans, but I thought he did great tonight. Rothwell was fantastic. Really ought to have scored but aside from that a near flawless performance. Nyambe going off injures was a bit of a gut punch, hope he’s back soon because there really ought not to be any question about who is our best right back. Downing proving to be a really shrewd signing. Armstrong still frustrates the hell out of me, but on the whole tonight was one of his better days. Would prefer a proper winger out there though. We also seemed to get the rub of the green today, the ball bounced kindly a few times and their shooting wasn’t quite there, but you make your own luck and I felt the performance definitely warranted a win. Sad seeing Raya playing for another team. Was never in favour of him being sold, and tonight just reaffirmed that. When Brereton makes these cameos it’s like watching soccer aid when Les Ferdinand goes off for Paddy McGuiness. Criminally bad signing.
  11. I was almost at the stage where I was ready for a complete break from Wrestling. AEW annoys me far too frequently and I have this awful feeling it’s going to be a great big missed opportunity. The vitriol any valid criticism is met with, as well as the likes of Meltzer and Zane showing ludicrous bias is tiresome. My favourite brand of late, NWA power, has killed itself completely, tonight’s show being absolute evidence. But Survivor series really pulled out all the stops. Genuinely exciting and progressive. I hope it’s a sign of things to come and not a short lived reaction.
  12. Miller11

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    . Leutweiler Nyambe Adarabioyo Lenihan Bell Rothwell Travis Holtby Downing Dack Graham Hilton, Bennett, Rankin-Costello, Johnson, Samuel, Brereton, Buckley
  13. I’m really happy today. My scorecast came in at £150/1. I thought we would surely win at home against a massively struggling team, but was positive we’d make heavy weather of it. If We lost Dack for any length of time I think we are bang in trouble.
  14. Nyambe being “under the weather” and “not in particularly good nick” is code for “obviously Bennett would be at right back even if we had a fully fit Cafu in his prime”
  15. The Brentford one is worth a look.

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