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  1. Miller11

    Cardiff away

    If we want to balance the books we’d need to sell every player, Brockhall and Ewood Park and all its contents. And we’d probably get more back for Brereton and Gallagher by stripping them down and selling them for parts/harvesting their organs.
  2. Miller11

    Cardiff away

    Even so, you could have 10 of him for one Gallagher. Or 14 for a Brereton.
  3. Miller11

    Cardiff away

    Nothing to do with the pressure being off, we won tonight because we played a proper front 3. Shame we had to all but play ourselves out of playoff contention with Gallagher, Brereton and a false 9 before Graham got a chance. And Samuel is far more effective than either of our two big money buys. Very enjoyable and a great result... but really frustrating considering the opportunity our last three performances have blown.
  4. Miller11

    Cardiff away

    There are whispers Mowbray never really wanted Davenport in the first place. The Chapman situation is a head scratcher though... a few substitute appearances in league one and the fans really took to him. Mowbray must have had some idea of his character before we pursued him so doggedly only to never pick him. Maybe signed to appease the fans, or an an agents/Venkys command.
  5. Miller11

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Absolutely spot on. Sadly there is large portion of our fan base who thing we should just be pathetically grateful they haven’t decided to wind the club up yet.
  6. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    It’s been tricky to be honest. Lots of digging in lots of different places! Their Twitter account will give you an insight into the players and managers on their books... I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we brought in Marcus Forss as our obligatory striker this summer. There is a really worrying thread running through all our recent managers (Appleton aside) Kean - we all know about that Berg - Rune Hauge (the one who get banned for the dodgy dealings with George Graham involving John Jensen... another SEM man who was foisted on us. Hauge and Jerome were also both involved in the John Obi Mikel controversy) Appleton - Oporto Sports Bowyer - HSH Lambert - HSH Coyle - HSH Mowbray - HSH Below is HSH’s companies house listing... Plenty of crossover with SEM. Several familiar names on the SEM filing history. HSH were incorporated around 6 months after Jerome resigned as an SEM director. Little more than a rebranding?
  7. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Manager of Dingles U18s, and represented by HSH
  8. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Don’t think he’s on HSH’s books, so no.
  9. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I’d be putting money on some of the following to replace Mowbray, whenever the time comes... Steve Cooper Mark Robins Craig Bellamy Gary Holt Tony Pulis Graham Wesley Micky Mellon Dave Challinor Dean Keats Tony Philliskirk
  10. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Yep. Very true. Not that he’d get the job in the first place. He doesn’t have the right agent.
  11. Miller11

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    In that case he should be given the job immediately. We could do with someone who may stand up to our dimwit owners instead of trotting out the usual propaganda they are instructed to.
  12. Miller11

    Season tickets and shirts 2020/21

    Hummel or Kappa 🤞🤞
  13. Miller11

    Barnsley v Rovers

    This thread has become fucking ridiculous
  14. Miller11

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Bloody hell... I’d hope they would! Expecting anyone to miss the birth of their child for their work is bonkers.
  15. Miller11

    Barnsley v Rovers

    To me that sounds like Sky pundits trying to make a story where there isn’t one. One of the many issues that comes from over analysis. From the initial angle, it looked late and clumsy. From the replay where the angle was face on (the angle both managers and the ref saw it at) it looked like he booted his ankles out from under him with no attempt to play the ball. Remember the one Bothroyd did against Norwich years ago? Brereton’s suspension is no loss whatsoever. No doubt when he’s completed it he will come back and score his customary single goal of the season in a dead rubber game. Luton on the final day seems most likely as they will likely be relegated by that point... then everyone can tell the doubters how wrong they were and how at £7 million he is an absolute bargain!

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