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  1. Kie_BRFC


    Thought you weren't going to the pub for months when 'its safe'?
  2. Kie_BRFC

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    You boycott every week
  3. Kie_BRFC


    How can you say that businesses need to reopen to stop them going bust and to kickstart the economy, but you don't advocate your local reopening and won't step foot in a pub till its 'safe'?
  4. Kie_BRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    What about Ewood Park? Is that east Lancashire too?
  5. Kie_BRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Surely you go to support the club
  6. Kie_BRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    What’s your excuse for not going pre lockdown?
  7. Kie_BRFC

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Tony Mowbray is building a side capable of competing at this level. Also Tony Mowbray is the longest serving manager at this level. In that time, £12m down the swanny and a complete squad overhaul needed to even compete at this level. Unbelievable
  8. Kie_BRFC

    Barnsley v Rovers

    To be fair they said we played ‘decent’ against Wigan so I wouldn’t listen to them
  9. Kie_BRFC

    Season Restart

    They'll probably offer you a PDF version and say its worth £90
  10. Apparently this one was my first ever rovers game according to my dad, and as I was only 2 at the time I'm looking forward to rewatching or actually watching the game
  11. Kie_BRFC


    You're right about it making no difference to the excess figures, but to suggest the government are 'gerrymandering' the figures to under report them doesn't seem common sense to me
  12. Kie_BRFC


    What about the people who have had covid on their death certificates who shouldn't have done. My friends Grandad sadly passed away a few weeks ago, tested negative before he died and still had covid on the death certifcate. Works both ways.
  13. Kie_BRFC

    Football League Suspended

    And what’s going to have changed by August? There’ll be no vaccine and social distancing will still be in place. So what’s the difference between it starting now or August? As funny as it’d be seeing Liverpool and Leeds not win the league / go up, you can’t prioritise a new season for one that’s near completion
  14. Kie_BRFC

    Championship season 2019-20

    Why have you posted an article that requires a subscription to read😠
  15. Kie_BRFC


    Walton Nyambe-Lenihan-Tosin-Bell Johnson Travis-Downing Armstrong Brero-Samuel

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