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  1. Think the issue with Buckley is he has undeniable talent, its just figuring out exactly where to play him. Doesn't have the pace for the wings or the defensive nous, so maybe in more of a free role as part of the 3 in midfield. Issue then is where do you play Dack or Rothwell. Good problem to have at least
  2. Kie_BRFC

    Summer Transfer Window

    Funnily (or not funnily), 2 of Manning's assists came against us in the same game last season
  3. Kie_BRFC

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Wonder if Armstrong is going to score a few own goals tonight to sabotage the team like he did on Saturday by waiting till Holtby was offside?
  4. Kie_BRFC

    20/21 kit

    If people are saying this kit lacked effort then surely leaving it just plain red would = zero effort?
  5. Kie_BRFC

    20/21 kit

    I’m a big fan to be honest
  6. Kie_BRFC

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Exactly, or the extra months contract for Smallwood et al. But of course it’s us who has to pay extra to ‘fund new signings’. Our season ticket money barely touches the surface of our debt
  7. Kie_BRFC

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    The guilt trip is already in full effect on twitter. Apparently you don’t want a club to support if you aren’t happy with price increases when there’s no guarantee of even being able to go to games
  8. Kie_BRFC

    Summer Transfer Window

    That’s alright then if boro haven’t made signings either
  9. Kie_BRFC

    Summer Transfer Window

    I got blocked from Nixon the other day for saying 'F*** off Coyle', in response to some article he wrote about him. Joker
  10. Disagree with that really, Trav originally was playing in front of the back line, and now he’s playing on the right of a 3. Seems to be spending way more time in the opposite half these days
  11. What is with all the Armstrong bashing today, the bloke is by far our best player (with Dack out) and scored the winner today
  12. Kie_BRFC

    Summer Transfer Window

    Darragh for England
  13. Kie_BRFC

    European Champions League 2019/20

    Yeah mine was a £50 free bet too, never thought Lyon would win but couldn’t resist for those odds. Good win pal
  14. Kie_BRFC

    European Champions League 2019/20

    I put a cool £50 on Lyon, I might have to ask Mercer for his wine list

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