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  1. SuperBrfc

    iFollow Thread

    Has anybody here been successful in receiving a refund from ifollow in the past? I ask as I purchased a match pass for the Bournemouth game but was left with a buffering black screen for the entire game. I have emailed ifollow and included photos of said screen but have been fobbed off with automated responses. Based on one of the posts above, it looks like the live chat isn't much help either. I think Chaddy and a couple of others mentioned they were chasing up ifollow for refunds recently so I was wondering if it has got anywhere.
  2. SuperBrfc

    Summer Transfer Window

    Very good shout. We made a bid for Manning last summer which was laughed out of the building by QPR. I don't know his current situation, but if he has been frozen out there's a possibility of us going in for him again no. One to keep an eye on maybe.
  3. Click on 'watch live games on iFollow Rovers'. Then click on 'subscribe' from the drop down menu. Scroll down until you find 'match passes'. There should be a 'purchase now' option alongside the Rovers v Bristol City listing. Hope that helps.

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