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  1. Not just him, the Reading manager would jump at the chance of joining us too based on how he spoke about us. There will be plenty of other managers too. Mowbray has conned many fans into thinking we are some small time outfit lucky to be in the Championship. "This is our level", "Who can do a better job than Mowbray?". Absolutely infuriating bullshit. The man has zero ambition, no winning mentality and no desire to get to the Premier League, yet people are fooled into giving him more time until the summer, give him till December etc. He is never going to get us where we need to be, no matter h
  2. You will be able to watch the game on the FA website via their FA Player. However, you need to make an FA Player account first in order to do so. I have just signed up now.
  3. Southampton have done a Rovers (the real Rovers that is) on Liverpool. Very reminiscent of what we used to do to United at Ewood on a frequent basis. Great defending from the Saints and you can see how much it meant to Hasenhuttl at the end.
  4. Arsenal are looking to loan William Saliba out to a Championship club. Would be a shrewd move if we could pull it off. I think Nathaniel Phillips would be a shoe in if it wasn't for Liverpool's injury problems at centre back. Currently, they only have him and Rhys Williams as options to play alongside Fabinho so I can't imagine that one happening.
  5. Lenihan should be the first one out of the door. Absolute shite. He has been costing us goals and points for 3 years yet starts every bloody game. There is no chance of promotion with him in our backline. Get him out and get a proper defender in his place, Tony. FFS!!
  6. Yes, I experienced the very same. Got a message on screen at half time saying 'you don't have permission to view this content' and it asked me to subscribe again. I used the chat to get them to resolve it and was given generic instructions i.e clear cache, turn router off/on etc. I was told that they are looking into it as a number of customers have had the same issue. The stream didn't return and I had to listen to the second half on the radio. I will be emailing them for a refund.
  7. Thanks for your detailed response, Glen. Singh wanting to pay for the marketing of a protest against his employers/friends is bizarre to say the least. It shouldn't surprise me though as it looked like he was winging it on a daily basis. That sounds absolutely awful, Glen. I had no idea things got that bad. No fan in the modern day should have to fear for their safety or that of their family inside a football stadium. The only reason I asked is because I've often wondered if those making the threats were connected to the shadowy agency in some way. It sounds like this was fellow fans who
  8. Hi Glen. I'd like to hear about any crazy things you heard Shebby say in relation to Rovers/football matters. He made himself out to be an expert but the way he came across at KGH says otherwise. Were there things that he said to you that left you baffled or concerned? I'd like to know what his views were on Rovers' transfer dealings back then too. Also, could you expand on how farcical the situation was at the club with Agnew and Shebby in the same boardroom? I listened to the Nick Harris Podcast the other day and he mentioned how Agnew would decide one thing, Shebby another, and nobody
  9. I absolutely love that season. So many great memories. I don't know if it was because I was 8 at the time, but being at Ewood that season felt special. The atmosphere, the quality of football, it was just brilliant. I personally feel that was the peak of the Blackburn End in terms of noise and support. As a kid sat in the Riverside, I was amazed by it. One game that always sticks in my mind is the 3-2 win against Everton in 1997. We were 2-1 down and Neville Southall looked unbeatable that day. Rovers threw the kitchen sink at them in the second half but couldn't score. How thrilling were thos
  10. Our defence is a joke. A makeshift left back in JRC (he's not a right back either), A makeshift centre back (Lenihan), Williams who is League 1 standard. We are going nowhere with that lot at the back.
  11. Lenihan is to blame for so many of the goals that we concede. It's actually unbelievable how many goals his crap defending has cost us. I'm not basing this on the Reading game or today, this has been going on for the last 3 seasons. Is it any wonder we concede so many soft goals with him thought of as our 'best' defender. He is never a centre back for me and it's infuriating to see the same crap every game.
  12. Has anybody here been successful in receiving a refund from ifollow in the past? I ask as I purchased a match pass for the Bournemouth game but was left with a buffering black screen for the entire game. I have emailed ifollow and included photos of said screen but have been fobbed off with automated responses. Based on one of the posts above, it looks like the live chat isn't much help either. I think Chaddy and a couple of others mentioned they were chasing up ifollow for refunds recently so I was wondering if it has got anywhere.
  13. Very good shout. We made a bid for Manning last summer which was laughed out of the building by QPR. I don't know his current situation, but if he has been frozen out there's a possibility of us going in for him again no. One to keep an eye on maybe.
  14. Click on 'watch live games on iFollow Rovers'. Then click on 'subscribe' from the drop down menu. Scroll down until you find 'match passes'. There should be a 'purchase now' option alongside the Rovers v Bristol City listing. Hope that helps.
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