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  1. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    Like a certain Bradley Dack and Gillingham 😎 I do personally think it would be a luxury signing, plenty of areas in the back 5 need strengthening before I’d look at CM. Like yourself and others have said we have a good mix of players available there now.
  2. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    The hours aren't bad either I bet! Not a bad gig if you can get it.
  3. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    The GK coach salary is £84k / year
  4. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    You've completely contradicted yourself in two sentences, congratulations. If somebody is paid £300k a year but doesn't have the ability to do the job I think we can all conclude that constitutes being grossly overpaid. Your original comment was regarding a CEO of a company Rovers' size, nothing to do with The Championship, you've just used another users post to try and justify your original, incorrect statement, when all that has done is confirm that all aspects of Championship football is overpaid. This is the actual headline of that article..."Crazy wages don't add up in the EFL with clubs on the brink... with the Championship the epicentre of the madness" Again, if you want to rely on that Mail article for your argument, look at the L1 average for a CEO...£89k a year. The guy had been at Coventry 2011-15 and Gillingham 2015-17 (6 straight years in League 1) before joining us, also in League 1!
  5. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    This is incorrect. Rovers really are not a big ‘company’ in terms of turnover (perhaps in terms of the public eye they are) and £320k is a large CEO base salary. Mercer hit the nail on the head regards dividends, shares, bonuses etc. This is how most CEOs contracts are structured. Some incentive to improving performance Lets be frank, he is grossly overpaid and it is not justified at all.
  6. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    I remember discussing the fact their share price had risen 400% since our purchase with someone on this board. They said it was based on mortgages on the land that Venkys own increasing 15fold in value, meaning they can remortgage for higher amounts etc. They went on to say the Indian banking system is having liquidity issues due to COVID and land value is decreasing so they may be less keen to invest actual cash.
  7. superniko

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Lovely ball from Buckley. When Travis and Dack are fit we’re going to struggle to know our best midfield!!
  8. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    4-2-3-1 can blend into 4-3-3 relatively easily during the game. Fully fit I’d like to see ————— Kaminski ————— Nyambe - Lenihan - Ayala - NewLB ————Travis — NewCM———— JRC ———— Dack ————Dolan ————— Armstrong ————— Rothwell and Holtby could rotate in for the CM. Would like to see Whiteman sign though from what I’ve heard from my Doncaster friend. (Especially with Travis now injured). Perhaps a risk with Armstrong central on his own. With 4-3-3 you’d perhaps lean on Brereton and Gallagher more Left back certainly the priority.
  9. superniko


    I thought exactly the same... “He's a better player than Blackburns level. I'm still surprised he hasn't ended up in Brummie's unless there was a clash with Karanka.” What is that about? Birmingham who survived by 2 points and flirting with points deductions. Some hugely deluded comments in there. The good news is they highly rate him anyway.
  10. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    We were linked to Kamil Jozwiak in January, he had premier league interest though, would surely cost £3m+? I would hate to think we're focusing on attacking players ahead of defence (again!), and spending all our budget there If it is him, it would also leave the question as to what our formation is going to be and how we fit in Dack, Armstrong, Gallagher, Brereton etc (considering we spent £12m on the latter two).
  11. Ben Whiteman not even in the squad for Doncaster. I’d suspect he’s off somewhere.
  12. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    I wouldn’t say that’s strange at all, in fact it’s exactly what I’d expect from Mowbray... ”Harrison Reed needs to learn his trade from Richie Smallwood” anybody?
  13. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    A comparison for Buckley to me would be Mason Mount. 1 year difference in age, similar build and position on the pitch. Mount was a regular in a Derby team that finished in the playoffs and last season was a regular back at Chelsea. Buckley doesn’t need to bulk up loads to make it. He needs some proper game time, on the pitch with Dack i.e a midfielder who can hold possession with him, and a bit of freedom. Unlikely he’ll get much of that under Mowbray IMO
  14. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    The fella on Twitter is a Rovers season ticket holder, and I’m pretty sure a member of this board. Wouldn’t think he would make something completely up, but no idea where he’d hear it from. Regarding Samuel and Graham going it’s the correct thing, too much wages up front, might force Tony to not play a striker on the wing. Especially with Dack back fit. Do you remember watching Samuel? Made Jason Roberts look composed. Great to hear the Keeper is pretty much sorted.
  15. superniko

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet... Dack probably back from London on a train. Knee related or transfer related?

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