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  1. Is Lenihan back next game? i was also going to ask, what has Buckley done to get dropped after a great performance at Charlton and solid at Brentford. (Then gets a red card - Tony won’t play him for the rest of the season now).
  2. Let’s be honest today isn’t the issue. Drawing at home to Swansea and Stoke is. We should be in the top 6 already.
  3. No reason to hate the man. Not his fault he keeps getting picked. He isn’t good enough but I don’t understand how fans can say stuff like that, albeit in the heat of the moment.
  4. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    There was a Rugby match on Sky a Sports yesterday which had possibly the worst kit clash I’ve ever seen
  5. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Hull do look absolutely shambolic. Madness to think they were 250/1 for relegation the day they sold Bowen to West Ham!
  6. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Millwall certainly have the easiest run in too. Nobody in the Top 6 left to play, with ourselves being their toughest remaining fixture.
  7. superniko

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Another 20 points is 2 points per game. Sounding a lot less likely like that.
  8. superniko

    Swansea City home

    Thought Brereton looked decent when he came on. Danny Graham offered nothing, found it strange that he took the penalty considering his limited playing time lately and Armstrong scoring against Brentford. Thought we missed midfield creativity, a game where Buckley could have looked decent, first half especially. Tony certainly does think throwing a Striker on will solve all problems. 4-2-4 2nd half! There was no linking between defence and attack at all. 2 points from 2 home games as decent favourites is v.disappointing. We’re still in the mix, but let’s be honest, we should be in 6th place now, and 2 winnable games have past while Preston have played 2 very tough games and still sit in 6th
  9. superniko

    Stoke City home

    They've gone from 'god awful' to 'meh' and we've gone from 'okay' to 'wow'. Yet over the last 15 games we only have 1 more point than them (and we're being praised as this really in form team).
  10. superniko

    Stoke City home

    Per Game stats is my exact point around a small sample size. I don’t mean sample as in more players, I mean sample as in games played. Say I’ve played 3 games and in one had 4 shots and the other two I had 1. I’m averaging 2 shots per game but the 4 could be the anomaly. It’s meaningless and pointless to compare at the moment. Buckley has start 5 league games for us in his career.
  11. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Fulham’s next 5 games: Swansea (H) PNE (H) Bristol City (A) Brentford (H) Leeds (A) Makes me think how valuable a 0-0 would have been against them the other week at Home. I really think they’re the team that could drop like a stone. Hoping we don’t let this opportunity slip, and get an early lead to control the game against Stoke. These next two are ones which playoff hopefuls grind out. Win them both, and I’d imagine we go close to odds on for a Top 6 finish.
  12. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Full time whistles now would be even better!
  13. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Full time whistles now would be nice!!
  14. superniko

    Stoke City home

    Extremely small sample size on this just throws it out the window. How many minutes has Buckley played for us in the 1st team?
  15. superniko

    Championship season 2019-20

    Huddersfield strong favourites over Bristol City. City are rated poorly on all statistical fronts. (They were 9/1 vs Leeds away the other week which was the same as what Wigan and Reading were) QPR also favourites against Derby. Preston is the big one for me, as they have Fulham away on Saturday, a defeat tonight for them and it heaps a bit more pressure on that fixture

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