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  1. preston blue


    I am glad Abbey is back at Ewood. I will sign out now and leave you to your bitch fest.
  2. preston blue


    First time been on this site for yonks (too many loons). Abbey is on www.roversfans.com bye bye
  3. It is the first time I have been on this site for weeks and I have come across this disgusting post. You want to be ashamed of yourself Biz. The least you can do is a self imposed ban.
  4. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    No. Someone who hates those who support terrorist organisations. Can you see your mate Diane Abbott as Home Secretary? Please give a serious answer.
  5. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    Labour for 40+ years. Labour no longer..........as per many trade union members and activists. Nail - bang.
  6. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    As a follow up comment I met Jezza many times in he 1980's and early 90's. He was always the joke. A man of opposition and protest. He supported the lost causes - the anti establishment, and some pretty obnoxious causes.
  7. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    Sorry Jim but non of your business. But I can assure you it is not Labour (and I doubt it ever will be with Corbyn or his fellow marxist extremists in charge). Poliitics in the UK will never be the same again.
  8. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    Laying a wreath at a Palestinian murderer of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games.......shameful and unforgivable.
  9. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    I was a life long Labour supporter, I was Labour Branch Secretary in Clissold Branch in Hackney North & Stoke Newington where we built the branch to 150+ members; when D Abbott was selected against the standing Labour MP Ernie Roberts our Clissold Branch had hustings and DA was too busy to turn up. Ernie was our nominee and delegates were mandated to support Ernie.....when most turned up at the constituency meeting they supported Dianne as they wanted 'a black woman'. It was nothing about effective politics it was gesture politics and that is the problem with Labour. If could be bothered I could tell you volumes about the pro Irish Republican and Palestinian terrorist stances of prominent Labour members.
  10. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    I hate the Tory party Tyrone.
  11. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    I left school at 16 and have worked my balls off for 43 years. Merchant Navy, Leyland Bus and Truck, 2 x Foundries, college then a union official including a senior officer in the TUC and then a national official for a major union. I have worked for Labour and I have seen at 1st hand the racism and anti-semitism in the party. I also recall a recent poll of Unite members that was buried that showed over 50% of their members voted Tory. Unfortunately the Labour Party is a busted flush and we need a new middle of the road party. As for the support for terrorists neither Corbyn nor his buddies can give any viable excuse.
  12. preston blue

    Senior resigns from Rovers role

    I agree Mc C. I have a couple of work colleagues who go to see them 3 or 4 times per season and they love the experience, the fans are fantastic and have values.
  13. preston blue

    Election called for 8th June

    I have been a Labour voter for 41 years and many of those years a Labour Party member. My wife has also been a life long Labour voter and many years a member. We have both filled in our postal votes and have not voted Labour....my wife had her postal vote in front of her for days before she decided, she was in knots about her decision. This is not about Lyndsey Hoyle who is an excellent MP (Chorley), this is about inept and unelectable Labour Party leaders of Corbyn, McDonell and Abbott (I have met them all btw). I cannot vote for a Labour Party leadership that supports terrorists.

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