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  1. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Kevin Arnott - I think he was my first loanee legend
  2. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    To be fair, I’m not sure I believe that you could restrict yourself to just glance anything!
  3. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Good job Mark Venus isn’t still playing!
  4. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Lansbury is on £45k a week He ain’t coming to ewood
  5. Jim Royle


    Sorry sir! I’ll run my next post pass you first - see I really can be childish We are top, yes I know it’s div 3 but it must be twenty years since we were top of a division. I’m enjoying it and so are all the folk I travel the length and breadth of country with. I would therefore expect more comment on the 8-9 players doing very well for us week in week out. It’s very easy to pick fault on players - I don’t understand why Antonsson gets picked every game he is fit for, but realise that TM knows more than us all on here, I would not have said that about his predecessor! Perhaps I am wrong as the first thing I heard from a fellow rover walking out of MK having hung on for the crucial 3 points was that Raya can’t kick a ball; hell he’d just made 3 worldies.
  6. Jim Royle


    Perfect: no enjoyable: yes but hey, not on here with the nay sayers
  7. Jim Royle


    I must be wrong in thinking Blackburn Rovers are currently sitting top of the league!
  8. Jim Royle


    JAL seems to be missing Nyambe!
  9. Jim Royle

    MK Dons (away) Easter Monday

    How can someone who never goes to games himself ever feel justified in making derogatory comments about fans not turning up? Keyboard experts It takes a lot of time, effort and finance to go to matches and that investment returns proper emotions that you probably will never understand
  10. Jim Royle

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Wise! scandalous more like
  11. Jim Royle

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Ridiculous decision we are here n there is nowt calling it off at 11:30 for fans safety when playing a team from the north - nanny state gone mad
  12. Jim Royle

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    On the M1 and it’s fine so far hope Danny passes his fitness test id fail: on 3rd bottle already 🍻
  13. Jim Royle

    Rovers v Blackpool

    You mean there was more of this rubbish! 3 points collected and wigwam dropped points, you’d think we’d all be happy
  14. Jim Royle

    Rovers v Blackpool

    5-0 will suffice
  15. Jim Royle

    Bradford at home 29.03.2018

    If you find yourselves in div 3, then yes promotion from there is a success start joining in and help the boys who wear our famous blue n white and let yourself enjoy it its been a brilliant season so far hopefully it just gets better

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