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  1. Jim Royle

    Rovers vs Forest

    Wonder if we are going to see a few more fans squeeze out of their armchairs, get away from their laptops and get down to Ewood. This team deserves better support at home than it has received so far this season. come on boys n girls see Dack in attack, he is worth the effort.
  2. Jim Royle

    Loan Window

    At first glance I thought you did something rather rude!
  3. Jim Royle


    We didn’t start slowly - both Armstrong and Rothwell nearly scored prior to lenihans crazy 20 mins
  4. Jim Royle


    Actually the first ten minutes were quite good then Lenihan makes a howler then we concede from their second attack then they think they’re Real Madrid and we just well er....
  5. Jim Royle


    Great commitment
  6. Jim Royle

    Loan Window

    Trust Tony ✌️
  7. Jim Royle

    Loan Window

    Or most managers consider that their job is very short term, they need immediate success or they’ll be shifted for somebody else. i think we are privileged at the moment to have a manager that is looking long term and is targeting appropriate purchases
  8. Jim Royle

    Loan Window

    But you are, so you’ll look on grumbling if we don’t spend money, moan it’s on the wrong players if we do spend money, remember every mistake every young graduate has made and hold it against him for years, always think that other clubs are getting better players in, hell you might even chant 442 when 3-0 up in the premiership!
  9. Jim Royle

    Loan Window

    The strategy of backing potential I find much more exciting than buying experienced journey men who have reached their peak and will therefore decrease in value. TM has done that with Raya, Lenihan, Nyambe, Dack. Because he has a nucleus of experience with Charlie, Graham, Benno, Evans and sees filling the rest with young talent. That works for me, and whilst he should have limits on the price he pays, I can see the logic. This just could be a very exciting period of time for rovers fans.
  10. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Kevin Arnott - I think he was my first loanee legend
  11. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    To be fair, I’m not sure I believe that you could restrict yourself to just glance anything!
  12. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Good job Mark Venus isn’t still playing!
  13. Jim Royle

    Thursday deadline.

    Lansbury is on £45k a week He ain’t coming to ewood
  14. Jim Royle


    Sorry sir! I’ll run my next post pass you first - see I really can be childish We are top, yes I know it’s div 3 but it must be twenty years since we were top of a division. I’m enjoying it and so are all the folk I travel the length and breadth of country with. I would therefore expect more comment on the 8-9 players doing very well for us week in week out. It’s very easy to pick fault on players - I don’t understand why Antonsson gets picked every game he is fit for, but realise that TM knows more than us all on here, I would not have said that about his predecessor! Perhaps I am wrong as the first thing I heard from a fellow rover walking out of MK having hung on for the crucial 3 points was that Raya can’t kick a ball; hell he’d just made 3 worldies.

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