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  1. K-Hod

    January transfer window 2020

    Seems unlikely, his record is very poor.
  2. K-Hod

    January transfer window 2020

    To be fair to him, Waggott and Mowbray have nothing mentioned FFP as a consideration, so it’s perhaps at least an educated guess. We all know why that is, as well.
  3. K-Hod

    FFP Trouble

    Pie heaven it ain’t! There never bloody are any!
  4. K-Hod

    FFP Trouble

    Do we still sell pies? The last three home games in the JW upper, they’ve run out by half time...
  5. K-Hod

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    They might well have been harmless, but they have taken threads off topic by people of the opposite persuasion responding and then turning it into a politics thread. Of which we already have four. To simplify- football message board- football chat. I can’t believe it’s not football- anything but football. T’was ever thus.
  6. K-Hod

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    It’s more the fact that if it gets mentioned, then people on either side respond, it escalates and takes threads off topic. It has been mentioned a few times already in fairness, this isn’t a new thing. There are 4 threads to discuss politics in ICBINF, that’s the thread to discuss politics, not this one. It’s not that difficult, to be fair.
  7. K-Hod

    January transfer window 2020

    Members- can we stop trying to provoke responses out of each other please? You’re adults, so behave like it, instead of behaving like kids please. Thanks.
  8. K-Hod

    FFP Trouble

    Don’t be shy lad, link me up Scotty!
  9. K-Hod

    Premier League Stuff

    10 more wins they need.
  10. K-Hod

    January transfer window 2020

    I’ve legit no idea why people still keep asking him about transfers online, he knows nowt.
  11. K-Hod


    Imagine having a problem with someone giving over half of their salary to charity....
  12. K-Hod

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I think for the last home game of the season, we should make it happen. If we all put in a tenner on here, it’s a goer. He can stay on my sofa....
  13. K-Hod

    Premier League Stuff

    Sadly, I think tomorrow is the type of game they will spring a surprise and win.... Obviously, I hope Leicester win 16-0.
  14. K-Hod

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Tremendous win, is that. I’m smiling from ear to ear!

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