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  1. Championship 2017/18

    Forest’s owner has been charged with importing heroin. Fit and proper....
  2. I have listened to what he has to say and that’s why I think as I do about him. A complete and utter horrorbag.
  3. England World Cup Campaign

    Pretty much agree with those observations, Chaddy. Thought Henderson played well also. He never usually impresses me, particularly for England. Quite a comedown for the Dutch though- they’ve gone from being able to call upon the likes of Robben, Sneijder and Van Persie in recent times and now their squad is incredibly poor in comparison...
  4. England World Cup Campaign

    The state of that starting line up. 3 actual centre halves on the bench, but nah, let’s play Kyle Walker in a position he’s never played before so he doesn’t have to make a decision on whether to drop Walker or Trippier.
  5. Tommy Robinson is a sh1t-stirring whopper. I wouldn’t listen to what he had to say even if he told me I was the greatest human being on the planet. Remember, ISIS have killed more Muslims than any other religion.
  6. World Cup 2018

    Comparisons to Hitler 🙈.

    Some absolute outhouse in Turkey I believe.
  8. Cricket

    The England Cricket Facebook account posted this morning: 'We've had a nightmare'. At least they're honest......
  9. There’s been no apology I can see from Ant. Firmino apologised in public, remembered he was supposed to be a role model and still got slated. 18 months later, society has discovered excessive amounts of compassion ordinarily lacking elsewhere and it’s double standards...
  10. Attendances

    Re Rawtenstall, I live quite near there and in my experience I'd say there were more United fans there than anything else.
  11. This is true, but then, his Mum should have thrown him a bone as she was with him. Poor form from the both of them.
  12. Club Cash

    Can anyone give me a brief overview of what this is? I'm a ST holder and presumably have some, but haven't used it.... If the away shirt comes down in price I'll probably purchase (for playing in obviously, I'm too old otherwise).
  13. Attendances

    The population of Burnley may well be 87,500, but people in Padiham (is that counted?) and Pendle are hardly going to support anyone but Burnley, are they really? (Similar to Darwen and Rovers to be fair, though there are some Bolton fans and even some Dingles there!)
  14. He’s probably not having a nice time at the minute with everything that’s gone on and whilst I don’t want anyone to suffer, I do think people seem to have overlooked the things which could have happened like what Kamy mentioned. He knew he shouldn’t have driven in that state and so did his Mum. Never mind sympathy for him, what about sympathy for those who’s cars have been wrecked?