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  1. We just didn't have enough quality at all to compete with them. Absolutely devastating to say that about our opponents when our opponents are Burnley. I'd love to feel something positive about Rovers again, just anything really.
  2. How exactly is the average remain voter holding up the democratic process when we've had our say and vote leave won? Pray do tell how your average voter is to blame for something we no longer have any control over? It's absolutely embarrassing and plain daft to suggest that remain voters are holding up this process and above all, pathetic.
  3. Ha, I doubt it. You often see some whoppers online signing stuff off with 'SU'. If only they were true to their name......
  4. Luther Vandross- Never too much
  5. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five- Adventures on the wheels of steel
  6. I'm yet to see a 'no go zone' in Britain, it just seems to have been some absolute rubbish whipped up by the usual suspects who are desperate to condition people into thinking things are worse than they are. The only 'no go zones' I can immediately think of are rough areas of places that are just a bit rough and there are some unsavoury characters kicking about. Still, I wouldn't say that was anything to do with race, more just to do with those places not being all that nice..... Anyhow, Brits moving abroad en masse to Spain for example and never learning the language, good job people don't lose their mind about people moving to this country and not learning English, isn't it? I've found more and more recently, that people aren't interested in learning anything new, they just want to read information that confirms their existing prejudices (regardless of its accuracy). Brilliantly referenced in GTA V 'Weazel News- confirming your prejudices'.
  7. Roni Size- Watching windows
  8. It all depends on the country, what you described above, that sounds similar to certainly Australia and possibly The USA from what I know, but I don't think that's really the case en masse. Though granted, I've not seen every single country's immigration policies.....
  9. Where incidentally, you'd then become an immigrant.....
  10. Nirvana- Come as you are
  11. Middlesbrough tried that, but then sacked Rhodes off almost immediately! Such is life.
  12. The Courteeners- Smiths Disco
  13. It won't be doing. My personal stance isn't one side or another, I just don't like anyone acting like goons from behind the safety of a screen. (Or in person). Everybody's reason for non-attendance is completely different and comments (from both sides) like 'you're funding the Venky's' or 'you'll be back when we play United in the cup' only serve to highlight this division instead of helping the fans unite against Venky's, which should be the ultimate goal. But, we digress!
  14. The season has started, so anyone arguing with each other usually does it in the match thread, hence the quietness in here I'd say.
  15. Trolling exists on both sides, Joseph. Hope you're suffering with a massive hangover, petal.