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  1. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    3-0 now 👀
  2. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Thank Goodness for Harry Kane.
  3. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Then, everyone’s favourite Sterling replacement gets his chance and fluffs it. Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Foxtrot Oscar, England you bottling @#/?.
  4. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    It’s all well and good smashing these shithouses in qualifying, but if we keep choking at the main event, it doesn’t matter. Pathetic.
  5. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Sterling has been poor, but he’s not the only one. Young and Alli have also been very bad. So frustrating, but it’s peak England is this. Makes the next two games absolutely vital which is not what we want. We need to go into the Belgium game home and dry because we won’t beat them, I guarantee it.
  6. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Romelu Lukaku, 25 years old, 167 career goals in 372 games at club level, 38 in 70 for Belgium, but yeah, obviously he’s not good....
  7. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    So now that’s two penalties we should have had. Tremendous.
  8. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Diving, Tunisian piece of excrement. Absolute joke of a decision.
  9. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Do you have a pint of egg nog from the egg on your face if he scores two? ✌️
  10. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Though he did make a meal of a lot of the challenges, they did kick lumps out of him, particularly towards the end of the game!
  11. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Enough of results in some of the matches so far have given me cause for alarm tonight.....
  12. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    Costa Rica similar to Peru yesterday for me, lots of good build up play, but lacking that cutting edge.
  13. K-Hod

    World Cup 2018

    First Ronaldo is over rated, now Messi isn’t that good? I’m all for different opinions, but there was me thinking I’d be abstaining from alcohol today...
  14. K-Hod

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I renewed online today. Was going to go over yesterday and do it, but when I found out I could do it as easily online it made no sense to trek to Ewood!
  15. I fully agree with everything you’re saying in the post above, Al. The only point I’m making is that when the assailant is white it is reported differently. I used the white guy driving a van as it was legitimately a copycat of a terrorist act, so I don’t know how it could be anything else.

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