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  1. K-Hod


    If you and Chaddy want to know so badly, then send him a direct message. You don’t need to keep bringing it up in this thread. Ta.
  2. He found comfort in food by the looks of things.
  3. K-Hod

    Celebrity Deaths

    I agree, the relevant action has been taken.
  4. K-Hod


    In general life I always go by the principle- ‘if you think everyone else is wrong, it’s probably you’. Has served me very well re self awareness, I have to admit!
  5. K-Hod


    What’s the seat majority? I don’t think you mentioned it in every post lately....
  6. K-Hod


    I should have known that you weren’t going to be wrong, my mistake.
  7. K-Hod


    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/18349443.coronavirus-long-contagious-recovering-covid-19/ Might want to have a read of this, Chaddy....
  8. K-Hod

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Absolutely. It was set over 100 years ago and they wanted it to look authentic 😏.
  9. K-Hod


    Don’t think that’s exactly how it went down, to be fair. I’ve lived in Hyndburn my entire life and he’s done a hell of a lot of good work. He didn’t help himself with his Brexit stance, but that caused a lot of people to lose sight of all that had gone before. Not sure what Sara Britcliffe has done at all to warrant any more praise than her predecessor of how ever many years, to be fair.
  10. K-Hod

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    How the mighty have fallen!
  11. K-Hod


    It’s probably best just where possible to leave the mods to sort it all out tbh.
  12. K-Hod


    Morning- please can you leave telling people what to post to the moderating team? Ta.
  13. K-Hod

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    I can’t imagine why....
  14. K-Hod


    Moved a few posts to the politics thread quoting one re voting intentions. Nobody’s done anything wrong, it’s just whilst politics and this virus are closely aligned, voting intentions aren’t really....
  15. K-Hod

    What are your favourite sports books?

    Wholeheartedly agree. What makes it the worst is that the truck driver that he collided with subsequently committed suicide himself.

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