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  1. Mowbray stays as manager

    It is, but then you replied to a point saying you didn't care about something I was discussing with someone else which was just a bit of a weird way to say you didn't care, when nobody had asked you. But you told me anyway, which was nice of you. He was here 6 months, if he'd been here as long as Bowyer and backed the same way, I believe we'd have done better. I remember it well, if you worked for Venky's, wouldn't you want to protect yourself? Anyhow, me and you have done this discussion too many times and we'll never agree, so I'm leaving it there.
  2. Mowbray stays as manager

    Funny that, I was replying to someone that brought it up which wasn't you, but by all means, stick your oar in pal. They're doing well so far, we'll see how they are by season's end. Given time, he'd have done better than Bowyer. Lambert still had a better win percentage than Bowyer from considerably less games and that underlines my point.
  3. Mowbray stays as manager

    I'm going to assume the bit in bold is a typo? Graham arrived in January. If one player scored 40 goals a season for us between January and the end of the season, he'd not be here very long....... I wouldn't even expect Ronaldo or Messi to be that productive in front of goal..... Jordi Gomez came in and bagged some vital goals (granted he wasn't always that great aside from that.
  4. Mowbray stays as manager

    The Costa signing was from above and he was on loan there already. Super Agent Jorge Mendes who is heavily involved there would have had his mucky paws all over that I'm sure you'd agree. Much interference from above there, though granted the new geezer is doing pretty well so far (having been very heavily backed). I don't suppose we'll ever know if he was promised that figure or if he demanded it. He was here six months, Bowyer was here 2 and a half years as manager (ignoring the initial caretaker spell for the moment). In any event, I strongly believe if he'd had the 40 goal strike force and squad Bowyer had, he'd have at the very least finished higher than an under-achieving 8th. Imagine people bemoaning a central midfield of Lee Williamson and Jason Lowe when we had a perfectly good central midfielder playing on the right wing. It's amazing how the mind can play tricks on us.
  5. Mowbray stays as manager

    Nonsense. That's not how it was at all. While you're in Pune by the way, tell Venky's to Foxtrot Oscar, will you?
  6. Last I heard of him he posted how he wanted to ‘die in a hail of bullets’ or some other such nonsense. In between that and defending Trump. I suppose at least he’s not ‘just here to talk football’....
  7. It's absolutely awful what's happened in Las Vegas. A local guy took aim from a hotel room balcony at a music festival and 50 have died with a further 200 injured then killed himself.....
  8. Music Association Game

    David Bowie- Heroes
  9. Champions League 2017-2018

    That last game at the 'Boleyn Ground' (when did it cease to be Upton park?) thing on Sky was cringeworthy as well!
  10. New Games

    I like it so far, I must admit. Penalties seem to be a lot better, granted I’ve not delved THAT deeply into it, only the journey and a brief do at ultimate team, but I like it so far...
  11. Mowbray stays as manager

    I don’t think he should get the boot based on what has happened so far in fairness. Though we need to be top 2 at the end of the season. Play offs not good enough.
  12. Mowbray stays as manager

    Are you familiar with Venky’s? The inference is they don’t rate Venky’s, but they don’t have faith in them to replace him with anyone better....

    Loan discussions aside, I have to admit that I thought Mowbray managed this lad well yesterday. He’s absolutely superlative and a joy to watch going forward, but defensively, well, there’s not really much being offered, is there? Danny Graham had to tell him what to do and where to be on a couple of occasions yesterday. Danny Graham, most recently best know for his hard work....
  14. Gillingham MOTM Poll

    Feel like it should have been Smallwood, but Bennett did very well first half, then seemed to suffer when moved into a random unnatural position!
  15. Gillingham - Home

    Totally lost our shape since the subs came on IMO. Made this way more difficult than it needed to be! Really hope it isn’t costly...