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  1. Souness

    Legend simple as that
  2. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    It cannot be any worse than Saturday can it? we have already booked our hotels for the return in February get them booked before the prices go up,,,
  3. Oldham away

    Just arrived back home in one short sentence that was an absolute kean of a disgrace
  4. Oldham away

    2-0 Rovers Looking ahead to this match
  5. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Just another 26 wins required for promotion. I would take a 1-0 win on Tuesday and that would send the right message out to the rest of the league. Great to see the positivity from the support and even more so BRFC acknowledging it. Rovers are the best supported away team by far . COYB
  6. Rovers v Burnley

    Some fans need to get a grip on reality, we were always going to lose, Burnely are in terms of football way ahead of us, 2 divisions and vastly better organised than BRFC. Time some accepted it and swallowed the bitter pill. Dingles have had to swallow it for 36yrs and more, now its our turn. Get over it and move on.
  7. Transfers Part 3

    And Lowe is where exactly? Unemployed that is what he is so he really isn't that good is he??
  8. Rovers v Burnley

    What can I say? Despite some saying there was a huge gulf between us I disagree. Yes dingle fc were organised and mobile BUT they had a team worth some £35m and then some on the pitch at times against a very poor relation monetary wise. I thought our midfield did quite well although we did get stretched as the game wore on. My observations? Well I think Raya is a little too small for the goal. Good shot stopper but is he that commanding? Williams got stretched all over and he had a bad game IMO. Rovers could and should have gone for it from the off, with 2 up front who knows what they could have achieved as when young Samuels came on we were much better and aggressive going forward. The young Swede was so isolated but ran his socks off with little or no support. Impressed with Gladwin, Chapman and Smallwood against international players. I am not forlorn about losing this game 2-0, in fact if that is all bumley can muster against us then it doesn't bode well for them. Finally, the moron and his sidekick who ran on the pitch and confronted the dingle players, your an absolute disgrace as a human being, you brought all of us, the fans and the club down to your level and for me, you pair of buffoons should be banned for life and take first place when the shredder comes into play. A pair of absolute tits, embarrassing yourselves by getting slapped by the dingle players, detained by jobsworths and now having to appear before a court to answer for your drunken idiotic actions. Take the rest of our idiotic scumbag supporters with you and stay away, you are not wanted in Ewood.
  9. Rovers v Burnley

    Its a dingle v Rovers derby, the biggest Lanclassico game as its the latest. Of course it matters to all fans. Get to Ewood, we are expecting to lose, dingles expecting to wallop us, its a cup game, night match and derby, anything can happen.
  10. Jordan aka Orville

    Just in case members of our forum remember Jordan, a huge Rovers fan from Harrogate. I bumped into him at Harrogate versus Chorley match on Tuesday night, he looked fit and well and is clearly enjoying his role as the Harrogate cheer leader and super fan. Considering he had been ill previously he looked a picture of health and his lungs don't appear to have been affected ! I tried to get to him to have a chat but he was otherwise engrossed with the local north yorkies !
  11. Carabao Cup

    How any Rovers fan cannot get a little bit excited about this fixture beggars belief. We are playing our sworn enemy, two league apart or not they are the blasted enemy, our arch rivals and colours that are a symbol of hate to blue and white fans. The dingles have current top dog status, so what? We have lorded over them for 36yrs and more. Bring it on, lets give it a shot, we are not expected to win BUT its Rovers v dingle fc at Ewood, lets rock the place.
  12. Saxoman...formerly of this parish

    Put saxoman and john claret on the same toilet together and flush hard !
  13. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Wont be going but will be listening to the radio (NOT RR). Cant see Rovers, the Blackburn ones, losing. 3-0 home win. The season starts here and the first points in a long run of games.
  14. Radio rovers

    RR was poor fare in any case and wont be missed. It wasn't for the fans, didn't involve the fans and the producers/hosts blatantly refused to air any negative views given by fans whilst the host spent more time trying to find positives in poor performances instead of saying it how it really was. Despite many requests to change the bloody awful music, pump up the volume and try and create an effort to improve the atmosphere they again declined to take the fans advices or requests into consideration. On another note, all MW and HF frequencies are being switched off very soon so it would not have been long coming any way.