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  1. 1864roverite

    Pre-Season 2019/20

    It’s not about Rangers it’s about BRFC and supporting our team🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. 1864roverite

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I am sure TM said Rays was his number 1 so he won’t be sold. i see the summer disease is well and truly rabid on this site again. When will some learn to chill out? 😂🌞🌞
  3. 1864roverite

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Rodwell needs replacing ASAP, we need to shore up the midfield he is causing us our own problems
  4. 1864roverite

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Opening 23 mins are the sole reason why rodwell should leave
  5. 1864roverite

    2018/19 Season Reviews/Conclusions

    Satisfactory and steady progress in my opinion 👍👍👍
  6. 1864roverite

    Bolton at home.

    We can disagree to disagree. Burden away New Year’s Day was not a patch on Boxing Day in Dingle land. Both had its mom3nts but for me the long side battle takes it
  7. 1864roverite

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    The reality is is that some on here need to get a grip! Rovers have steadily made solid progress this season, anyone with a modicum of common sense would have accepted 17th spot with a higher position being a bonus after a promotion season. There some big big clubs in this league as well as it being the most competitive league in football. Rovers are handily places for further progression next season under Mowbray and his staff and more importantly we have some serious talent coming through the ranks. If Rovers had been a bit lucky then we could really have made the play offs but I think it’s actually a massive learning curve which will help them improve. Next season will see us easily top 8 with the right additions to this squad. I @m even more confident because for once we do not have a massive club coming down none of the relegated teams will cause the league great shakes next season. Finally I wish some would stop papping on about Brereton and 7£ million, we have NOT spent that amount it’s a price based deal and will only reach that amount in the future if the conditions are reached! let it go and get over it
  8. 1864roverite

    Bolton at home.

    Bolton away the worst? Surely turd moor away visits were much worse for violence and aggravation. I was there when both Bolton and Chelsea took the Blackburn end but those games would never beat the day when Rovers took the bee hole end and when we had the long side ding dong on Boxing Day, I never saw either Bolton or Chelsea fans trying to throw concrete dividers across the void such was or is the hatred!
  9. 1864roverite

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    Where did the doggedness, running off the ball, creativity and forward pressing football come from last night that has been missing in the last 11 games or so? IF we had played just half as good as last night during the last 8 weeks we would have beaten most of the opposition teams and would have seen us sitting comfortably in the top 6 preparing for a play off competition! Last night showed the levels we are capable of with the right TEAM and formation on the pitch. I was expecting a loss versus a very good Derby team what we saw was Rovers simply overpowering a team, smothering their play, winning the second ball and challenge after challenge. Well done TM and well done Rovers, it was a class performance across the board. With a little tinkering for next season we may have just witnessed the beginning of our top flight return IF the manager is backed and gets the right defender to line up alongside Lenahan who was immense apart from missing a sitter!
  10. That was pretty damn excruciating at times. Negatives - Smallwood Evans Bennett Mulgrew Bell. First 2 were awful Smallwood does nothing but wreak havoc in our own midfield, Bennett has more lead in his legs than a shrapnel crater and Mulgrew is just a injury laden passenger. Positives - we won’t see Rodwell or Reed next season, we passed back more times than Lowe ever did, we play better without Mulgrew in the side. the midfield was shocking, Mowbray what were you thinking? Static and lacking creativity. off for a Chinese and a lager
  11. 1864roverite


    It’s a great idea Chaddy
  12. 1864roverite

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    I’ll simplify my view Raya is a problem keeper who does not command the 6 yard box. Great shot stopper but that’s it! Time for a goalkeeping change for the rest of the season pack Raya off for his nose job and get him back fitter after a big close season work out.
  13. 1864roverite


    Will be renewing but like others on here I’ve missed a few through holidays and other reasons and will probably miss additional games next season as well.
  14. Keyboard warrior is a clown and deserves all he gets, moron
  15. 1864roverite

    ROVERS V Wigan

    As usual there is a lot of drivel on here! It was a must not lose/must win game, we won and took the 3 points. Happy with the result and it breaks a horrid last few games where results have all gone against us and we have picked up injury after injury, that’s football, we get on with it and we move forward. This season was about cementing our spot in this division, it was never going to be easy, look at both Wigan and Rotherham for evidence of that. It was about pure consolidation anything else, anything higher than the bottom 3 was acceptable, it was/is progress. No good moaning about anything else, we need 3 points to secure our position and after last season and the one before, it’s positive progress. So get over the whingeing and whining, stop moping and get behind the team for the rest of the season. I am sure there is some big plans in place for next season and I am certainly sure TM can take us up another notch with the right backing. Backing that includes the fan base. Yes it’s been awful, yes, we have been in the cusp of an unexpected play off spot but let’s be real, we are not that far off the likes of PNE who have done nothing but float over us like they have won the league YET we are just 4 points off them. So come on guys (and girls and whatever), get over your criticisms and get on with following and supporting our team. It could be worse we could be in Wigan’s position😂😂😂

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