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  1. 1864roverite

    Wigan Administration

    I go to Wigan rugby a few times a year. The talk was they were hoping to move to Orrell and take over their ground not build a new one. The administration of both teams are different and the football side didn’t want the rugby side on or in their ground. That’s about the tall and short of it. The last time out after the local derby with saints this was all the talk around the hindley pubs.
  2. 1864roverite

    Wigan Administration

    The rumours were that the rugby were moving their side over to Orrell due to the issues with the pitch and the separate administration of both clubs as they are owned by different entities.
  3. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    The thing is despite our hopes and dreams rovers are not ready for promotion as it stands. If it happened this season then venkys would have had to splurge £120m plus just with a view to finishing outside of the bottom 3! Either that or they would recoup some of their losses sell the club and FO. Thus leaving us in the right royal shit. At least another season with more progression and promotion of some great kids along with experience to guide them gives them a better chance. Next season minimum goal should be the top 6 and more consistency on the pitch.
  4. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    After all this gutted for mercer to lose his wad backing Cardiff😂😂
  5. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    Wow 3 strikers scoring! The last one goal of the season
  6. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    You cannot and should not miss simple chances like that! We know what happens next
  7. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    2 goals scored by 2 strikers! Whatever next
  8. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    Rovers just idling through the leftover of this season. Progress? Yes in some areas. Regression? Most definitely in some areas? Big short close season for BRFC and venkys
  9. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    Can I change my vote? Mowbray out!
  10. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    Why we have to go through so much stress is beyond me! How was he allowed to get in that position? What was Walton playing at ? Ryan that miss will haunt you and this team tonight
  11. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    Ryan Nyambe hang your head in shame! You know what happens next
  12. 1864roverite

    Cardiff away

    5-0 cardiff😡
  13. 1864roverite

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I am not too sure who could do a better job and just who would be willing to take the job!
  14. 1864roverite

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Goalkeeping is woeful Johnson should have leathered that ball instead if pussyfooting around
  15. 1864roverite

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    This formation is simply awful there is absolutely no decent link up play we are wide open and very poorly organised

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