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  1. Just caught the result, time for a change. All hopes of a good season ended!
  2. 1864roverite

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Been in alligator/crocodile country all day saw the notifications that Wednesday had scored, expected nothing more! Just the chicken was being offered to the highest leaping croc my phone buzzed twice, didnt bother looking as I thought we would have conceded another such is our poor form. Pleasantly surprised when I saw the score a short time ago! Have to be glad with 3 points no matter what.
  3. 1864roverite

    Mowbray Poll

    Today the straw broke the camels back, time for a change
  4. 1864roverite

    Preston Away

    Seems to me he has to go! 2-0 up was a serious false dawn again. This team just cannot defend, the keeper makes a basic error and the team caves in. Bennett needs a short dose of a kicking up the backside, The team needs a serious head wobbling and something has to give.
  5. 1864roverite

    Preston Away

    hasta has a more than valid point. Bell has to start at left back for me, as bad as he has been it is his position. Bennett may well be more suited to the game on Saturday in the middle alongside Travis, it makes sense to leave Johnson on the bench although both have been guilty of giving too much ball away in the middle of the park recently and if it happens on Saturday nobbers will crucify us. Totally agree with DG back up front, 4-4-1-1 should be the way, PNE are quick breaking and play counter attacking football BUT if they take out Gally and starve him of possession then nobbers go into their shell. Similarly with the lad Johnson, nullify him and PNE have nothing left in the centre. Rovers have to be careful of their own penalty area, nobbers dive for fun and seem to get the run of the green penalty wise. will be listening from afar and hoping its not a repeat of last seasons debacle
  6. 1864roverite

    If Tony goes...

    One thing that hasn't been considered is Mowbray the type of man to walk knowing he cant progress any further? He might be a proud man from the NE with morals but even he wont throw in the towel or could he?
  7. 1864roverite

    Character (or lack of)

    On the pitch there is no leader, Bennett is NOT nor will ever be a good leader on the park. We urgently need a player who will shout, coral, badger and berate and set standards for others to follow. This team needs purging, Bennett needs removing asap as a starter for 10. His lack of leadership affects players like Travis who has retracted into a shell in recent games instead of the flying all star performer he appeared to be at the start of the season.
  8. 1864roverite

    Preston Away

    Dreading this game. Not going due to other commitments but my nobber supporting mate like last year will be keeping me up to date no doubt! I fear a real good kicking coming.
  9. 1864roverite

    If Tony goes...

    Hughton? Adkins and Pearson? I think all 3 could do a job at Ewood especially with the resources at hand compared to some clubs in our league. Its about motivation and I think Mowbray has lost that aspect of his game or it is simply misplaced.
  10. TM needs to go Sparky cone on home I have always backed Mowbray but I’ve lost faith
  11. It really looked we might progress this season but for some reason we have gone backwards
  12. Can it get any worse? I think Mowbray is definitely on borrowed time
  13. Devoid of creativity thought and basic football nouse
  14. Shoddy defending in fact it was non existent again. This team just dies not learn
  15. Sadly we look so unorganised without a leader on the pitch we cannot keep hold if the ball

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