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  1. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    But the moving of the gantry isnt the root cause of people being laid off though is it ? Wasted money yes. Would it save jobs where jobs dont exist anymore no.
  2. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    I dont think anyone on here is trying to make anyone feel guilty by boycotting. Redundancies are a fact of life in business
  3. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    I think Baz is right ..moving the gantry is a waste of cash. My point was that TomPhil was tying the move of the gantry when people were being laid off. Whether the gantry was moved or not,jobs will go with reduced attendances.Thats a fact. As for spending the money on a paint and clean,im damn sure someone would have kicked up a fuss about spending money on that too! This is where we are at with Blackburn Rovers..damned if do damned if they dont. All brought about by how the clubs been run for the last 6 years i hasten to add. So they should just pay staff to stand around in empty stands ..??
  4. BlooBoy

    Premier League Stuff

  5. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    Not wanting an argument Tom but the facts are regardless of spending money on the ground doing whatever is that less people on matchdays will have an impact on jobs in and around the ground. Just wait until we ve to start shutting whole stands.
  6. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    You do realise people are getting laid off right ? Erm that goes with the territory ...people boycotting ..less people required ..?
  7. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    Never needed them in the first place if we re honest .
  8. BlooBoy

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    What ...Abbey doing his weekly shopping with his missus..?

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