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  1. Financial Unfair Play (Fup)

    ...and Rovers bought the league...at least we didn't break any rules along the way.
  2. Rovers v Bury

    No shape inept over complicated crap football is a simple game. Sort it Tony 442
  3. Rovers v Bury

    And me. He's no winner. We need winners. And he isn't one.
  4. Rovers v Oldham

    One up front at home to mighty Oldham. Terrible tactics.
  5. Rovers v Oldham

    I've watched every home game this season and the trend is to sit back when in the lead.
  6. We are about to find out in the next few games how good Mulgrew’s distribution is from the back and how appalling Williams distribution is. Some of Williams passes in Saturday were mind boggling
  7. Early leavers

    I think it boils down to the fact that some people are complete and utter muppets.
  8. You ok there chaddy? Did you fall asleep mid sentence?
  9. Or put in any kind of tackle where he may get hurt. The guy is no winner. You need winners. An underrated attribute in today's football. Mental strength counts for a lot. From what I have seen, Evans doesn't have it.
  10. Jason Lowe set to return

    As I said previously, even paying that much on a player of Lowe’s inability is insanity for a club with wages 140% of turnover.
  11. When you see phrases like that and “He went onto play over 150 games for Rovers and became a popular player amongst fans.” you have to wonder about their fact checking. It rather diminishes their credibility. I wont be revisiting their site in a rush.
  12. Thats 12k a month. £144k pa. Just to put that in perpective. Our wage bill is 140% of turnover ( or thereabouts). On what planet would it be a good idea to offer a player with the ability of JL to offer 3k a week. Unbelieveable. If that is in ANY way defensible then football is a gonner.
  13. ROVERS V Rochdale

    Cheers venkys.
  14. ROVERS V Rochdale

    Mulgrew “kneed” it back. Is that perhaps NOT classed as s backpass? I thought it was
  15. ROVERS V Rochdale

    It’s not in the modern day coaching manual Al. Football is completely over analysed these days.