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  1. toogs

    Summer Transfer Window

    Couldn’t agree more.
  2. toogs

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Is there really going to be a problem getting your old seat back when things get back to normal. Which could be years. when that time comes we’ll be lucky to have 5k hardcore left. You’ll be able to sit where you want.
  3. toogs

    Renewal Poll

    The offering is looking a bit shit isn’t it. Higher cost for an inferior offering. I can’t imagine they are going to sell many.
  4. toogs

    iFollow Thread

    For future reference, you can set the commentary to home or away in the settings (cog icon bottom right).
  5. toogs

    Bournemouth away

    Are you listening to home or away commentary? You can change in settings.
  6. toogs

    20/21 kit

    Holy moly. In the war they painted warships like that so that you couldn’t tell what direction they were travelling - harder to torpedo. I can’t imagine that is particularly desirable when you are trying to find your man with a pass.!
  7. toogs

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nobody played up front that game until Graham came on in the 2nd half and scored almost straight away. I was there. Even Dack played deep. Appalling team selection and tactics. Mowbray admitted as much in his post match comments. Which was revealing.
  8. toogs

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not putting a single striker in the starting 11 vs PNE 2 seasons back when we were looking like we could kick on and become a force in the division was my turning point. Mind boggling at the time and unforgivable. Told me everything I needed to know about Mowbray and the setup at Rovers.
  9. toogs

    Summer Transfer Window

    What about Amouruso? 😜
  10. toogs


    Fantastic read, thanks for posting
  11. toogs

    Expectations for next season

    It’s not beyond the realms that we get no replacement for Tosin and a keeper no better than Walton. Regardless of what changes are made elsewhere.
  12. toogs

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Nah - you can get out of a snooker.
  13. toogs

    Luton Town away

    Indeed, one of many highly unprofessional games served up by our management this season.

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