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  1. toogs

    Hull away

    I'd have a moments hesitation about Evans. Actually, I wouldn't even have a moment.
  2. Wow the time it must take to put that together - much appreciated and very interesting.
  3. toogs

    Loan Window

    Totally agree. Most would.
  4. toogs

    Loan Window

    You are entitled to you opinion. However it rather weakens it going forward.
  5. toogs


    For someone on an alleged 16k per week the absolute minimum we should expect from him is to absolutely bust his balls every match. Unfortunately i see little evidence of this. Just think about that - 16k per week. 16k PER WEEK . Multiply that up per month, per year. And he got a 3 yr contract. Unblieveable what bang average players get. No wonder he bottles tackles, another juicy contract on the horizon, wouldnt want to jeopardise that. Nice lad though, good in the dressing room, so Tony Picks him.
  6. toogs

    Thursday deadline.

    I think you are wasting your breath pursuing this one!
  7. toogs

    Thursday deadline.

    Indeed.. Doesn't matter whether it's true, you have to prove it's true. How deep are one's pockets.
  8. Why isn't Palmer fit to play? Hasn't he done a pre-season with Chelsea? And if he has a niggle, why was he banging full blooded shots in the rovers training clip I saw the other day?
  9. toogs

    Thursday deadline.

    Yeah, it really held back speedie and bellamy and garner and gally and ...😜
  10. toogs

    Thursday deadline.

    Evans is a proven poor player in league one with no fight in him when the chips are down.
  11. toogs

    Thursday deadline.

    No It's not just you. We will struggle to stay up with that team. The pairing of Smallwood and Evans just depresses me. Smallwood MIGHT be good enough if he has a VERY good one next to him. Let's hope we find him. Travis?
  12. toogs

    new senior management team

    Anybody know why the club has indicated something will happen and it subsequently hasn’t? Doesn’t fill me with much optimism. Nothing’s changed really, has it.
  13. toogs

    Jacob Davenport

    I wouldn’t. I’d say he went from abysmal to just about acceptable for the final month of the season.
  14. toogs

    Jacob Davenport

    Jesus, he didn’t did he?
  15. toogs

    World Cup 2018

    The board contrarians are out in force. Quite sad.

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