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  1. Bankrolled back to the prem by sky. I can’t believe how long It’s taking them to get back there. It isn’t a level playing field anymore. 🙁
  2. toogs

    Ben Brereton

    Well, half a match fitness!
  3. toogs

    Bolton vs Rovers

    If williams was one of the back 3, I wonder why was he making runs up the right hand side later in the game, invariably giving the ball away? I think if we are going to change tactics mid game, we need to stick to the system. I suspect that Mowbary will have noticed this. At least I hope so.
  4. I could have written all that myself. Thanks for the memories! Boy could Moran "hang". It's a rare gift that some players just seem to have. Defies physics!
  5. toogs


    For me it's not worth the effort - I'm done with twitter. It has turned poisonous and very depressing.
  6. toogs

    Loan Window

    Before his injuries it was plain to see. Has anyone seen him play since.? Pulis will certainly have seen him so perhaps that’s what he's basing his comments on.
  7. toogs

    ROVERS v Brentford

    He can and was against reading.
  8. toogs

    Digital Advertising Boards

    Completly agree. Stupidly bright to start with (which numpty techie felt the need to set it that bright needs sacking) then it was turned down but was still too bright. The moving and flashing images are extremely distracting. It would be much more tolerable if the images were static. As someone said, how much would it take to induce a fit in those susceptible. I also think it has to affect sighting of the ball for the players. Yet another erosion of the enjoyment of matchday football. And no, im not interested in yet another f’ing betting app. Just bugger off.
  9. toogs


    The hoardings were unbareably bright until they turned them down to a more sensible level, i actually think sighting the ball by the players would have been affected in certain situations. They still flashed too much and were generally distracting imo.
  10. toogs


    Indeed Tony does seem to have a plan B which is more than you can say for a lot of managers. Problem is his Plan A at the moment.
  11. toogs


    ....he never gives the ball away
  12. toogs


    Fairly sure we are playing awful but the retina burning new advertising boards at the side of the pitch mean i cant see much of the play.
  13. toogs

    Hull away

    I'd have a moments hesitation about Evans. Actually, I wouldn't even have a moment.
  14. Wow the time it must take to put that together - much appreciated and very interesting.

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