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  1. Kamy100


    Compared to the last time we were in the Championship this season has been infinitely better and we have a manager who at least seems to have a roadmap for the future that he believes and more crucially the Venky's believe in. With a squad that is not one of the strongest in the league we are at present well clear of relegation worries and pushing towards a top 10 finish, hopefully the scouts that have been working hard can help to bring in a couple of players that improves us and then we can do the same in the Summer and evolve our squad.
  2. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    Theresa May to face a vote of no confidence in her leadership as the threshold of 48 letters of no confidence from her own MP's was reached. Vote tonight at 6pm and 8pm.
  3. Kamy100

    New Games

    For me it is Red Dead Redemption 2, closely followed by Celeste, Spiderman and God of War. I thought 2017 was a good year for gaming but 2018 has taken things to a whole new level. Also on PSVR there are some brilliant experiences in Astro Bots, Beat Sabre VR, Tetris Effect and Farpoint. Those games alone justify the PSVR purchase.
  4. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    An old Eaton boys dispute between Cameron and Johnson has led to the referendum that was completely not needed, they the Tories have made a complete and utter hash of any negotiating position that we could have had so now we are left facing a very bad deal or no deal scenario. We are now left facing a decision that will be bad for all of us particularly the working class. I feel sorry for the young generation that will grow up in a country which is divided, isolated and lacking the opportunities that we had when we were growing up.
  5. Kamy100

    Bradley Dack

    A good season for Dack (and I think he will stay at Rovers this season, barring someone offering crazy money for him in January) will see his value skyrocket to £20 million plus, as per what Leicester paid Leicester paid for James Maddison after he had good season for Norwich.
  6. Kamy100

    Loan Window

    Must be true if the "reliable" journo said so!
  7. Sad and terrible news. Lennie after finishing with football became a teacher and was at St Silas Primrary School when my kids were there so I got to know him, he is a fantastic teacher and genuinely very nice man.
  8. Kamy100

    Skygo App

    I use it a lot when away from home and even using Premier Inn dodgy wifi I get a decent picture with no buffering.
  9. Kamy100

    Loan Window

    Sam Gallagher is one that we are trying to sign it would be a loan with a buy clause in January. There is a difference in our and Southampton's valuation so if we can overcome that then he will be one that we will get.
  10. Kamy100

    Thursday deadline.

    Absolutely Matt but it does seem that this summer in particular the level has gone up much faster than previously. We had Wolves last year paying crazy money but the rest of the league was fairly sensible so things remained relatively controlled. Personally I would rather they carry on doing what we are doing in that we only spend what we can realistic afford to do so, it might not be very exciting but hopefully it will lead to the debt being slowly being reduced and our medium term future being a little bit more secure.
  11. Kamy100

    Thursday deadline.

    There are clubs in the championship who are spending crazy money this summer, some with parachute payments some without. Unfortunately for us this has had a trickle down effect in that what we thought would be a reasonable budget is now being stretched. The hope is that as we get closer to the deadline it will focus people's minds and deals with get done and a more realistic level. Priority has to be to get permanent deals done first as window closes 5pm on 9th August. Loans we can worry about later as that window is open until 31st August.
  12. Kamy100

    New Kits

    Poll Added.
  13. Kamy100

    World Cup 2018

    The first half was excellent but missing those chances cost us. Croatia went in at half time knowing that they could/should have been out of the game. Second half they just used their experience and know how to slowly take control of the game, they pressed us and we could not deal with it and whereas previously we were composed we started to lose the ball in dangerous areas and our full backs got pushed back so we were effectively playing a back 5. Maybe Southgate could have looked at swopping to back 4 and playing with traditional wingers just to stop the Croatian full backs from coming forward. All in all this tournament has exceeded my expectations. 2 years ago we lost to Iceland and previous to that we played a brand of football that was outdated and made even poor teams look good against that. Southgate has found a formula that we can use to go forward, these players can be the core for the next 4-6 years in addition you would hope that a few players from the excellent Under 17's and Under 20's with the likes of Foden, Sancho, Dujon Sterling, Cook, Solanke and Calvert-Lewin all showing promise in addition to other players who missed out because of injury like Joe Gomez we have a lot to be positive about given where we were after Euro 2016. The other thing that this side have managed to do is bring back some national pride, their performances on the pitch and they way they and Southgate handled themselves off the pitch has made bought this often divided country together over the last 4 weeks and given us something positive/hopeful to cheer and that in itself is a huge achievement.
  14. Kamy100

    World Cup 2018

    Same here K-Hod. This tournament has already been a success for us regardless of the result tonight because finally we have a team which is actually playing with a defined style and seems to have it's own identity. It is about the collective rather than the individual which bodes well for the future. That said I bloody hope we do win tonight and carry on with this brilliant adventure.
  15. Kamy100

    Thursday deadline.

    Currently the Championship transfer market is inflated with teams paying over the odds for average players, even the loan market is crazy with Norwich paying £3 million for Rhodes for a season long loan. Rovers have funds but we are not talking huge funds so we are having to be patient and see if the market calms down as we get closer to the deadline, at the moment the players we want ie Bauer the price clubs want is not something we can pay so it seems to be a case of waiting and seeing. I would rather they do this and wait rather than panic and buy players that they are not sure about who end up not being good enough.

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