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  1. Kamy100


    More like brainwashed by the tabloid/right wing press if he genuinely believes that.
  2. Kamy100


    Agree Jim. Johnson I am convinced wants a no deal brexit so as to end the Brexit party and maximise his chances of winning any general election as they are petrified off the Brexit Party spiliting the traditional conservative vote. He is all about self preservation and doesn't give a hoot about the consequeneces.
  3. Kamy100


    Looks like the Tory filibuster amendments have now been withdrawn so bill should pass by close of play tomorrow and gain royal ascent early next week and then commons agreement for the snap general election
  4. Kamy100


    Corbyn and the other opposition parties have not "chickened out" of an election, all they have said is that once the legislation that was agreed last night passes through the Lords and gets royal ascent then they will happily agree to the general election. I think that will happen by next Monday or Tuesday (Boris could speed up things by getting the Tory Peers to withdraw the 92 amendments designed to slow down the passage of the bill through the Lords). The behaviour of Rees-Mogg in particular over the last 48 hours just confirmed to me that these guys have no interest in protecting the rights of the working class people of this country, he in particular behaved liked a petulant child and was frankly an embrassment.
  5. Kamy100


    The Parliment is elected by the people, mostly the same people who voted in the referendum, therefore we need to respect the Parliment as is common in any modern democracy as it is an elected body, if Parliment do not deliver brexit, then like any democracy if the people are unhappy then in the next general election those MP's will not be eletced.
  6. Kamy100


    I was sat in the trafford centre and watched it on my Sky app. I nearly switched off when Broad was out but thankfully decided to watch for a few more overs and saw the most remarkable cricket ever, Stokes is a freak. Like Jim, I just hope that we can now go on and win the ashes.
  7. A few days ago @LinzLewis15 tweeted about sponsoring of the rovers ladies players, it costs £250. Through the power of twitter and social media she has nearly got enough to sponsor 11 players. If you want to help reach that goal then please click the link below, how amazing would it be to have an entire team sponsored by the fans: Rovers Ladies Sponsorship
  8. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    This is what Eddie is referring to Philip: Raheem Sterling accuses media of ‘fuelling racism’ after alleged abuse
  9. Made some good progress with over the last week. We now have 103 players uploaded. While I am uploading each players I am also learning about some of the fantastic characters we have had at our club and a bit of their backstory.
  10. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Coyle was a complete and utter donut. Mowbray took over nearly kept us up (unlucky to go down with such a points total), got us back up at the first opportunity (Likes of Sheff Utd and Sunderland will tell you that this is not easy). Stablised us last season (although the slump after getting close to the top 6 was alarming). The academy talent was there and indeed it is being developed by the academy staff but it is Mowbray has bought them into the first team fold and given them opportunities. I do think that he may have got this window wrong thus far but there is still time to rectify things and if he doesn't at things go wrong on the pitch then ultimately it will be Mowbray who pays the price.
  11. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    There is an agreed amount that TM and Waggott were happy to work with, they have then further supplemented that with the sale of Raya. I much prefer this approach where we are spending what we can realistically afford rather than the uncontrolled spending of the past. Personally, I would have liked for the defence to reinforced before buying a striker but these are decisions made by TM and he will live or die by them if he gets it wrong,
  12. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Walton and Adarabioyo set to sign today. We will then look at what is left within the budget and see what we can get with the remaining budget with an experienced goalkeeper being the key and then a centre back if the budget stretches that far.
  13. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Scott Carson has been pulled out of Derby's preseason tour to USA due to a "slight niggle".
  14. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    We do need to sign a centre back but I am also hoping that tyler magloire and scott wharton can push on this year and challenge for regular first team football. The full back areas though are an area of concern.
  15. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    If we do sign Gallagher for the reported £5 million, we will have spent £12 million on two strikers and neither are guaranteed starters if TM sticks to his current system of one up top with either Dack or Rothwell playing in a free role behind.

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