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  1. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yup Celtic and Fenebache can offer champions league football, I think we could compete with Celtic on wages but I have no idea about what money is on offer in Turkey.
  2. Kamy100

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Linked with Adam Maher (according to LT). The type of midfielder that we need, good on the ball and will offer us something different to what we already have,
  3. Kamy100


    Relieved and delighted to see May go, she and her disastrous policies both as a home secretary and Prime Minister have negatively impacted upon the poor and vulnerable. Although looking at the list of potential replacements fills me with a sense of dread. Tough times ahead.
  4. Kamy100

    Aniket Jadhav

    They looked into it and did take it seriously as they tried to find a link to the other threats that people had received. In the end they couldn't find who was doing it. The Police advise was not to go public with it because it was an active investigation and if it was just the acts of some deranged "fan" going public may encourage for more to be sent. No idea who it was, it could easily have been some sicko wanting to scare us rather than anyone linked to anyone involved with the club, you just don't know. The legal threats they came from the "Barnet Ballbag".
  5. Kamy100

    Aniket Jadhav

    I can assure you that there were death threats, I was the targeted when I was digging and revealing some of what was being found. I once got a note saying that if I did not stop poking my nose in that they would warm things up with a little fire, this was a note posted through my door. I reported it to the police and they took it seriously. I know that Glen and others had much worse. The other route that they took was the almost weekly legal threats from IPS Law, which to begin with were worrying but once we established our legal rights they became more amusing annoyance. Things now are much different, not to say that everything is perfect but the focus does seem to be more on the playing side rather than previously when off the field what was going on overshadowed everything on the field. I can never trust Venky's because my default position with them is that there is always the threat of them listening and acting upon that one piece of bad advice from the someone whose only motivation is to make a quick buck which will throw all of the good work out of the window and plunge the club back into a downwards spiral.
  6. Kamy100

    Kits 19/20

    Yup I have also heard that it is Grey and Yellow. It won't be a custom kit, it will be one of their off the shelve ones, currently Umbro have 2 templates that offer a combination of colours, so it could be a variation of the ones below:
  7. Kamy100

    Premier League Stuff

    They appointed Dan Ashworth (former FA Technical Director) as Director of Football earlier this season, I persume that this is all his doing as he wants his own man in. Shame for Houghton who has done a fabulous job there. If Brighton want to move to the next level they need to spend more money and not sack a manager who has had one bad run. He won't be out of a job for long as I expect that he will be a man in demand.
  8. Kamy100

    New Games

    Division 2 is much better in that regard, there is still some repetitiveness but it is much better in that regard with more variety. It improves on the first one in almost every area.
  9. Kamy100

    New Games

    If anyone is playing Division 2, I have created a clan (for PS4), it would be good to see some of you online! Clan is imaginatively called "BRFCS".
  10. Kamy100


    Big development that Mogg now suggesting that he will back May deal due to risk of no brexit at all, if he takes most of the ERG with him then MV3 might get through (even without the DUP supporting it).
  11. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    If only they had tuned up on day one and told John Williams and Tom Finn that they were going to invest £250 million pounds over the next 7 years (in addition to all the TV income) and charged them with planning that expenditure. I am confident that they wouldn't find themselves in the situation that they are us are currently in. What a waste.
  12. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Those figures are scary for the simple fact that we are totally and utterly reliant on them, if they decide to pull the plug in the near future then we will be in a similar position to what Bolton find themselves.
  13. Kamy100


    I accepted the result and was not for a second referendum. However, I did not forsee the situation that we are in now, in that the negotiations being so badly handled by May et al. If they can still come to some agreement then good but if they cannot then surely they have to go back to the people and say you voted for this and now here are the options because we your elected representatives cannot agree on the way forward so you decide.
  14. Kamy100


    I just think that ERG in particular would rather have a bad deal then run the risk of a softer brexit or a second referendum. The DUP spent much of yesterday talking to the Attorney General the speculation is that he is going to clarify some of his legal advice which would then allow the DUP to change their position. All of that said, what happened yesterday was astonishing, we had ministers ignoring their Prime Minister who has now lost control, yet she still carries on. Some of the narrative in the press is that May is a trooper and is doing this out of a sense of duty. I don't buy it, this is a politician who has made so many bad decisions, just look at what she left behind in the home office (windrush etc), then she took over botched the biggest negotiations that our country has faced in a lifetime and managed to reduce her majority by having an ill advised election.
  15. Kamy100


    I think that we are at the Brexit end game. I can see the ERG now faced with Brexit not happening falling in line to vote through May's deal within the next week, then we get a article 50 extension to push through all of the technical requirements. Then Tories will push out May.

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