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  1. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    If only they had tuned up on day one and told John Williams and Tom Finn that they were going to invest £250 million pounds over the next 7 years (in addition to all the TV income) and charged them with planning that expenditure. I am confident that they wouldn't find themselves in the situation that they are us are currently in. What a waste.
  2. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Those figures are scary for the simple fact that we are totally and utterly reliant on them, if they decide to pull the plug in the near future then we will be in a similar position to what Bolton find themselves.
  3. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    I accepted the result and was not for a second referendum. However, I did not forsee the situation that we are in now, in that the negotiations being so badly handled by May et al. If they can still come to some agreement then good but if they cannot then surely they have to go back to the people and say you voted for this and now here are the options because we your elected representatives cannot agree on the way forward so you decide.
  4. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    I just think that ERG in particular would rather have a bad deal then run the risk of a softer brexit or a second referendum. The DUP spent much of yesterday talking to the Attorney General the speculation is that he is going to clarify some of his legal advice which would then allow the DUP to change their position. All of that said, what happened yesterday was astonishing, we had ministers ignoring their Prime Minister who has now lost control, yet she still carries on. Some of the narrative in the press is that May is a trooper and is doing this out of a sense of duty. I don't buy it, this is a politician who has made so many bad decisions, just look at what she left behind in the home office (windrush etc), then she took over botched the biggest negotiations that our country has faced in a lifetime and managed to reduce her majority by having an ill advised election.
  5. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    I think that we are at the Brexit end game. I can see the ERG now faced with Brexit not happening falling in line to vote through May's deal within the next week, then we get a article 50 extension to push through all of the technical requirements. Then Tories will push out May.
  6. Well done all involved with this, enjoyed listening to it.
  7. Kamy100

    Best Rovers Team Youve Seen

    Excellent thread and some very good teams. Mine is: Friedal/ Berg, Hendry, Samba, Le Saux/ Ripley, Tugay, Sherwood, Duff/ Shearer, Jansen (before his accident)
  8. Kamy100


    What a brilliant match. Buttler's innings is the one the best that I have ever seen, his last 108 runs came from 32 balls, just sensational. Gayle at 39 years old at his best with some amazing hitting. At one point West Indies were well ahead of the game but then 2 crazy shots in that Wood over pulled it back for England, then very brave captaincy from Morgan to give Rashid that 47th given what Braithwaite had done to him in his previous over but boy did he deliver. Fabulous entertainment.
  9. Kamy100

    Mowbray’s Future

    If you look at when he was incharge at West Brom he started with just signing UK based players in his first couple of seasons before moving the club on and signing players from Europe/rest of the world, not saying that this is what he will do at Rovers of course but he been known to look at "outside the box" signings: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/west-brom-albion-tony-mowbray-12793111
  10. Kamy100

    Brexit Thread

    Sorry to hear that you have been seriously unwell. Hope and pray that you are able to make a full recovery.
  11. Kamy100


    What Mowbray walked into was a club that was in total disarray both on and off the field. The scouting structure was completely dismantled by Kean and then Shebby. We lost all of our good scouts. This is not the kind of thing that can be put together overnight, what Mowbray has focussed on was to get the domestic scouting structure right, he now has largely done that and is ready to look at our European/International scouting network. This is not an easy undertaking. If the players TM wants to sign our too expensive then I agree with him that it is better to wait until Summer to see what can be done, there is no point wasting the limited resources that we on players that he isn't convinced about just because they are available and are cheaper. At the moment is looks like the money spent on Brereton was not the right deal to do but we can't change that now, however it is still early in his career with us and we just have to hope that Mowbray can help him realise the potential that he obviously seen in him.
  12. Kamy100


    Reports this morning that Southampton have received 4 loan offers for Austin from Premier League clubs, problem for them is that are they going to risk loaning/selling him to relegation rivals? However if there is Premier League interest I would imagine Austin himself pushing to stay in the Premier League. Looks like we have competition for Gallagher from other Championship clubs.
  13. Kamy100


    Ha ha he has credit in the bank by turning the Dack investing of £700,000 into a possible £20 million plus return!!
  14. Kamy100


    I am sure that the owners have been made aware that these players are available but the big question is how desperate is Mowbray to sign them given the levels of finance involved and him being big on thoroughly looking at a players background to try and ensure as much as possible that he will fit into the culture within the squad that he has built. I am sure that if TM was desperate to sign them and approached the owners there is a very good chance they would make finance available but I am not convinced that he is desperate to sign them and has continued to focus on getting Gallagher.
  15. Kamy100


    Gallagher has always been the primary target because it is a player that Mowbray knows and more importantly he fits within the budget that we have left. Austin and Britt are players that are available and offered to a number of clubs but in terms of cost it would beyond our current budgets unless there is intervention from the owners. We need to get a striker in before the deadline so it is sensible that the focus is on the one that we can afford. Austin and Assombalonga would be amazing in different ways but these are complicated deals which will require more money from the owners which in itself is a complicated process and then we would have to beat a number of clubs who are interested.

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