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  1. Kamy100


    I agree with Jim. Labour are losing their vote in marginals and with Conservative and Brexit party pact it is now looking like a conservative majority. There is no way that Farage has stepped down in so many areas without some sort of private arrangement with Boris regarding a hard brexit.
  2. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    TBF Ali Syed fooled Rovers auditors, Rovers Trust and even likes of John Williams with the dcucments that he provided which confirmed his wealth, I persume that it is those documents that Philip saw and was enthuastic about the future. Had it not been for Greenberg at the BBC uncovering his fraud while in London the club was going to be sold to him.
  3. Kamy100


    The only poll that I really found useful last time round was the one below. YouGov have done an update (as of 4th November) and it makes for very grim reading for Labour: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/11/08/regional-voting-intentions-show-both-main-parties-
  4. Kamy100


    I don't think that Corbyn is "anti-semitic" but he clearly believes (with some justification) that Israel has done bad things. The problem is that in modern media/society everything has to be either 100% Black or 100% white there is no middle ground, so ergo any criticism of Israel is quickly labelled as "anti-semitic" just as anything to do with "immigration" is often labelled as being racist/not inclusive.
  5. Kamy100

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Very well answered Philip. I wouldn't go any further with this one as IPSlaw (Kean's solicitors) still watch this forum and the rest of the allegations cannot be corroborated and likely to lead to one of the infamous IPS legal notices.
  6. Kamy100


    That is irrelevant because NHS costs have risen at close to 4% per year so in effect there has been a cut of 2.5% each year, funding needed to rise by 7-9 percent in order for real terms investment that could actually result in service improvement.
  7. Kamy100

    Preston Away

    I hope that Preston have a good drainage system as the amount of rain that has fallen since this afternoon and there is a yellow warning for heavuyrain through the night and for most of the day tomorrow,.
  8. Kamy100

    Preston Away

    Preston are a decent Championship side, nothing more than that. They have won 1 of their last 5 leagues games. We can go there and beat them. Poor interview from Mowbray in the LT this morning, not what supporters want to here,
  9. I never expected us to be a top 6 side. I felt that we would be comfortably mid-table, however the way we are playing both defensively and also going forward we could easily be sucked into a relegation battle. This new style of play that Mowbray has put into place is not working mainly because if you want to play a possession game then you have to push up and press the opposition so that you can dominate the ball and get possession in dangerous areas, instead we are not pressing (and don't have the players to play that sort of game) and are left passing the ball backwards and sideways in areas that pose no danger to the opposition. The tempo that we play is so slow that it allows teams to easily deal with whatever we are trying to do. Tony needs to get back to basics or he is going to find that we are will be in a relegation battle and as we all know once you get dragged down there it is very hard to breakaway. Those hoping that Mowbray will get sacked, he won't be getting sacked anytime soon because the likes of Waggott and Venus would never recommend his removal, the owners may decide to take action themselves if we are in serious danger of getting relegated.
  10. Kamy100


    When all the worker rights have been smashed and the working class Tory supporters realise they have been conned into selling away their future based on false promises.
  11. Kamy100


    Instead of reading the Brexit supporting press read the actual deal, the backstop has not gone, all that has happened is that it installed in the Irish sea, one of the reasons why the DUP will not vote for it. All this deal does is increase the chances of breaking up the union. You keep bleating on about the Theresa May deal not getting through, you do realise that it didn't get through because the tory party ERG and rebels voted it down, if they had supported it then along with the labour rebels it would have got through.
  12. Kamy100


    The thing is that we cannot continue as we are, currently there is an impasse and the only real way forward would be to go back to the people and tell them that after 3 years this is the best deal that we can achieve and do you accept this deal or do you want to remain in the EU. It isn't about getting a "preferred" result. I have been consistent in that I wanted to Brexit to happen because that was what we voted for but we are now in a ridiculous position that it isn't really happening and in the meantime policies on housing, economy, social care and nhs are not being pushed forward because the focus is on Brexit, we cannot continue with this pralysis.
  13. Kamy100


    A talk to a lot of people who want to leave the EU and I am constantly told that this is what the majority of the country still want. When I say why not have a confirmatory referundum, the usual response is that would be "undemocratic". If people are so confident that this is the will of the people then have the referundum and the people will vote it through. A referendum would break the current impasse and allow people to vote on something that is based on facts rather than the utopia that was promised during the last referendum.
  14. Kamy100


    I think that this will get through, it will be close, possibly down to a couple of votes. The crucial votes are the 12 Labour MP's who could potentially vote for this as they want Brexit. Until the legal text is released it is not possible to determine how different this is to what May had negotiated, it seems that majortiy of it is very similar with 2 key articles related to the back stop and our future trading relationship being the differentiale. I have to say I am surprised that Boris acheived this, so credit to him for that. However, it proves again that he cannot be believed as just 12 months ago at the DUP conference he argued that this kind of custom arrangement would be not work: "We would be damaging the fabric of the Union with regulatory checks and even customs controls between Great Britain and Northern Ireland on top of those extra regulatory checks down the Irish Sea that are already envisaged in the withdrawal agreement," said Mr. Johnson."Now, I have to tell you that no British Conservative government could or should sign up to any such arrangement,". More here: https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/politics/watch-boris-johnson-tell-the-dup-in-2018-he-would-never-put-border-in-the-irish-sea-today-he-put-a-border-in-the-irish-sea-1-9110754
  15. Kamy100


    So it looks like the deal being negotiated is essentially the May deal with the biggest change being that the customs union being only for Northern Ireland and not the entire UK. That May deal which Boris and his cronies said was a "disaster" is now suddenly the way forward. I have no idea if this deal will be positive or negative for us but it does look like we are finally reaching the Brexit end game and all that bluster from Boris on not giving an inch to the EU in negotiations being proven to be BS, forget giving an inch, he has given an entire mile if reports are to be believed.

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