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  1. The Premier and Football Leagues to be suspended until at least 4th April (Situation to be reviewed on 4th April). Given that the government are estimating the peak of this virus is 12-14 weeks away then there is the real possibility that the entire season could be voided. Has huge implications for the football league, particularly those clubs that are already in financial strife.
  2. I was listening to the excellent "price of football" podcast (https://priceoffootball.com/podcast/) this morning and they covered the new points based immigration system that the government have proposed and the affect it would have on football. Rovers have invested in a european scouting network which is likely to be redundant as the new system would make it difficult to sign players from outside the UK. Any player would need 70 points to be allowed to work here. A job offer from an approved employer would give the player 20 points. The club would have to demonstrate that locally they cannot get players at the appropriate skill level, if they did that then that would be a further 20 points. The players passing an English test would give him a further 10 points and an annual salary of over £25,600 would give them the final 20 points. The FA are backing the new system and want to use it to ensure that clubs use UK talent rather than look elsewhere so the "appropriate skill level" is the one that they are focussing on and in initial discussions the English test that is going to be set will be at a high level so many players would fail that or they will need to start preparing for moves to the UK 12 months in advance in order to ensure that their English is an appropriate level. The flip side to this is that the pricing for UK players is going to sky rocket, our academy has been doing an excellent job of producing players that have made it to the first team, suddenly they become even bigger assets. I found the discussion interesting so I though that I would start a seperate thread.
  3. Surnames with F are now complete, that includes one of my favourite ever Rovers Brad Friedel, certainly our greatest ever goalkeeper.
  4. Kamy100

    January transfer window 2020

    The sell on fee would be spilit into installments as per what Bournemouth agree with United, so if they get it over 5 installments over 3 years then we will get 20% of each installment. However, it is guaranteed income so we can use it to structure deals for any players that we wish to sign over a similar period.
  5. Kamy100

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    I am not sure about that, but the way it is explained to me by someone who know understands annual accounting processes is that auditors asked for these funding guarantees as a condition of them approving the accounts.
  6. Kamy100

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    I believe that they have to make regular cash injections into the club, these were part of the gurantees that they have to give in order to get auditors to sign off accounts, this is likely to be one of those payments.
  7. Kamy100

    January transfer window 2020

    Interesting read on the model that Brentford follow: https://www.football.london/championship/brentford-rasmus-ankersen-transfer-plan-14136285
  8. Good progress Surnames with E completed. Will now move onto with the F's. Have to say that when uploading these I have learned so much about the history of our club and the players that have represented us. It has been an education.
  9. We have now completed all surnames starting with D. Work on the next section will start over the next few days.
  10. Kamy100


    Absolutely brilliant. Stokes is unbelievable. Special test match. A superb advert for why the 4 day test match idea is bonkers.
  11. Kamy100


    One more wicket. Come on boys but Rabada isn't a rabbit, he can bat.
  12. Kamy100


    I think that it has been a decent test pitch, maybe got a bit too slow on day 5 but if you bowl in the right consistently you will get wickets. We haven't quite been able to do that consistently today. Root's is not a very tactically aware captain, he field placings not the best, particularly to spinners.
  13. Kamy100


    South Africa doing well and we seem to be running out of ideas and some concerns about Jimmy's fitness. A few baffling fields set by Root in last session with players seemingly in running saving position's when there is no threat of them getting close to the target. Big final session coming up.
  14. Kamy100


    This test match is the first time that I have been listening to talksport cricket coverage and completely agree, it is awful. Some of it is cringeworthy. TMS is in a different league. Just got to stay patient, keep bowling the right line and length, hopefully the wickets will come.
  15. Kamy100

    January transfer window 2020

    He has done well at Morecombe, his contract with United expires at the end of the season so we should be able to pick him up for a nominal fee. If we do sign him I can see him being loaned out again until the end of the season.

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