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  1. Rolo PB

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout this near decade long malaise of desperate despair and unease. I just can’t see how the Raos can carry on this sickening pretence any longer. They have proven emphatically over the years that they do not have the wherewithal, the gumption, the vision, the acumen and most critically the contrition and sincerity, to ingratiate themselves with the good upstanding loyal folk who support this club, who have powered and continue to power this club for 144 years. The damage is there for all to see in the form of empty seats. Seats that are a legacy of a severe and unforgivable betrayal of trust. Seats that are now the subtle thief of those long lost feelings of unity and belonging to a club that we hold so dear. Seats that should have been filled with the next generation of enthusiasts. That’s a generation lost and for a club and town our size that is profoundly damaging, present and future. It’s the uncomfortable reality of the situation, but the existing conditions just make the whole club less and less appealing by the day. We all try to contend resolutely with this, perhaps annulling it until the next humiliating derby defeat, the next Ewood no show against newly promoted opposition, the next head-scratching managerial soundbite, the next stand closure, the next sale of a crucial player and so on. But who, in their heart of hearts, can say that they are even merely satisfied with the custodians of our fine club? Everyone of us can accept I’m sure that supporting Rovers will always be accompanied by its share of lows with the highs. Defeats, adversity and even relegation can galvanise a club. But nothing ever changes here; the anguish, the weariness, the bitterness, the helplessness, it never seems to decrease in intensity. Ewood is a totally despondent, forlorn and morose place and that is the owners biggest violation: They’ve removed the hope and the smile from that magnificent edifice on Nuttall St. and worse still shown no remorse in doing so
  2. Rolo PB

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I haven’t posted about Rovers fortunes for a long while. It’s so hard to believe in the current ownership and it’s very easy to become disaffected and disillusioned with the way in which the poultry barons in Pune have breathed life into our nightmares. However............ On the subject of their 7th permanent manager in 9 abject years, it is hard to escape the fact that any judgement of Tony Mowbray was always going to be distorted by the folly that preceded him. He followed Owen Coyle, who was a farcical appointment that could only have been entertained by fools looking to torment an already mistreated fan base. Therefore the unsuccessful battle against relegation was overlooked and Mowbray’s contribution from Feb-May was, rightly or wrongly, viewed largely as a valiant effort. The promotion season was enjoyable for the simple reason that for the first time under these wretched owners, a winning team was being turned out most weeks and, to Mowbray’s credit, he projected a palpable authenticity and came across as the “proper football man” that so many of us dearly craved. That said, for me personally, the football was unconvincing, but I was (like most of us I suspect) carried away with this euphoria of winning, which had become so alien. Last season again seemed to be considered a “free hit” by many, but for me this is where significant concerns began to manifest themselves on a consistent basis. Chief amongst them, the “marquee” signing Brereton, the porous defence and Mowbray singularly failing to integrate the talented Joe Rothwell until it was too late. This summer was not only a missed opportunity, but for me actually inflicted more weaknesses in a squad that so badly needed augmenting in crucial areas. The goalkeeping situation has completely bemused me. Raya was far from faultless, at times painfully naive, but the necessary promise was there to be nurtured and developed. Walton is not an upgrade and more significantly is not even our player. For me the sale of Raya is symptomatic of this manager, his handling of youth players has left a lot to be desired, as both Nyambe and to a certain extent Travis demonstrate with their performances, which have to me displayed confidence issues and an anxiety which were non existent 9-12 months ago. The acquisition of Gallagher is fast becoming as big an albatross round Mowbray’s neck as Brereton and the striking department is beginning to look worryingly bare. The team, much like the club itself, is drifting in a mode of complacency and that is when sides are at their most vulnerable. A real motivator and tactical innovator is what the club needs and has needed since the needless jettisoning of Allardyce. 9 years have nearly passed, very little fun has been had following Rovers in those times. The Raos have had 7 go’s at getting it right and simply have not, only proving that their heads are as empty as Ewood Park. Mowbray has probably come to the end, but the sad and frank truth is, I have no faith his replacement will be any greater suited to deliver the needs of our football club
  3. Rolo PB


    GAV, vintageadidas........ Just been t'Cartford. Top drawer. Had the Venison stew special which was flawless (although slightly meagre at £13-odd). Also had a fancy Bread-and-Butter pudding which was quite honestly the finest desert I've ever had. Fairly local to me living in Garstang, would certainly reccomend. Regards Pete
  4. apologies if i offend - i just think we should be quick in showing what a shower they are! no point beating round the the bush!


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