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  1. Trouble with Bowyer as far as I can tell is that he earned respect initially by being sincere, frank and self-effacing. No bull and no shortage of empathy for the supporters. I don't think too many were under the illusion that he'd suddenly make us an all-conquering outfit this season as Dyche has Burnley, but that was tempered by the fact that he was appreciably a trustworthy bloke of principal who, lets be fair, saved us from the indignity of successive relegations last campaign. However....... It has reached the point now whereby I actually find not just the contents of his post match "insights" irritating, but more so the fact that he has freewheeled into the irksome territory that Kean did where reality is suspended; and the man representing Rovers on the rock-face has once more jerry-built a facade so false that it is undermining the affections of yet more from a stadium that is already as empty as the Rao's heads. Blinkered gratification and wilful defiance of the facts are not what I want to hear from the Rovers manager, even less so after a black hole in footballing basics that was insult enough without the spiteful swiping of a man scarcely qualified to sugar-coat such poor fair. With just 3 fixtures remaining or "to be fulfilled" if you look through the prosaic eyes of GB, it is beyond my fathom why you would opt against putting a lowly Yeovil to the sword and instead actively seek to protect a barely beneficial point. But alas, if you are to judge his job security through his post-match comments it has to be said that he has assumed a level of ease and self-satisfaction that his personality is in my view ill-suited to do. Then again thats the Rao's for you. They wouldn't recognise a decent manager if it was sat in the dugout hence the sacking of Allardyce, loyalty to Kean and endorsement of the tenderfeet of Berg and Appleton. As the shadows lengthened on Friday we looked less and less likely to score and GB as ever resembled a cold daguerrotype. He has had good steady backing from the owners and supporters and remarkably failed to ingratiate himself with many and continuing to condemn those who attend is just exceptionally silly. Im not yet in the "Sack" camp by any means but I can't abide the notion that we cant expect better. Yes much of GB's work has been worthy of gratitude and he's done well to heal some of the ballistic trauma and general maltreatment that the club has suffered, but to elevate him as if he's as resourceful as Admirable Crichton - when he's signed just shy of two-teams-worth of players - and just submit to the party line that the club is performing at the peak of its powers, because of the variety of lows we've suffered in recent times, is in my view defeatist. People are right to be cautious with regard to the Rao's track record of recruiting managers, that doesn't make GB infallible though and when he and his players deliver performances like that and he makes remarks like he did, they become fair game for scrutiny from those who have sacrificed time and money on a precious Bank Holiday to sit through it. "Push for promotion"? The only thing they're pushing is their luck
  2. Pitiful. Dyche and co. will sweep that load of cack aside with ease
  3. Rolo PB


    GAV, vintageadidas........ Just been t'Cartford. Top drawer. Had the Venison stew special which was flawless (although slightly meagre at £13-odd). Also had a fancy Bread-and-Butter pudding which was quite honestly the finest desert I've ever had. Fairly local to me living in Garstang, would certainly reccomend. Regards Pete
  4. Rolo PB

    [Archived] The Rao's

    Just splendid that is ABBEY. I do hope the arrogant old soiler frequents these parts. Whatever happened to Mr. Goad? Keep it up though yeah ABBEY? You illuminate days like only Torchy the Battery Boy could
  5. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Ruben Rochina

    Ah Ruben...... The classic "curates egg". A profoundly puzzling player. It hardly needs Professor Popkiss to recognise the splendid feel he has for the ball. Or the absorbing evasion of apparent "dead end" situations. But what about his propensity to sink without trace in his showboat? And the directional infidelity that became a disturbing personification of a haywire TomTom? Either a delight or sh!te but nothing in between. Almost like a shot of heroin: momentary high makes way for conscience-stricken low as he undermines his dignity and worth with head in the clouds and horse feathers. At times reminiscent of a young Matty Jansen, At others fit only to tug the forelock, His habits cause groans and spell-bound grandsons, I need a whiskey on the rocks. Watching the Rovers will now be routinely formulaic, Yet so many are relieved to see the back of this "fake", Engulfed by Gary's dishwater, Ruben paid for being a hoarder. Alas and farewell old boy, For me you were a flickering joy
  6. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Bowyer

    You're boring the pants off me now Leonard. That was below the belt. You're a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing you are. I was already in rags. Those off the cuff rejoinders have left me on your coattails. Try a day in my shoes. I'll have to put on the sack cloth and ashes now. These puns are rather unfashionable. Old Hat even... I'm off to knit my brows. Smarty pants
  7. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Bowyer

    Gary reminds me of that comfortable old jumper that you love to lounge around in. Prosaic, threadbare in places and barely aspirational but by very definition comfortable. In your comfort zone. You're hardly going to bedeck yourself in it when galavanting and equally when you are looking to excel and captivate. For that you dig out the dinner jacket and vanquish your rival bachelors/spinsters with peerless loveliness and seductive bonhomie. Is it time to dig out said dinner jacket with a comely, beckoning eyeful attainable in reality; but seemingly not in the game theory undergone in the pooped pullover, where a crisis of confidence has at times been debilitating? Is it time to disrobe and don a more gravitational get-up? Best bib-and-tucker? Or will the jaded jumpers exploited sag and atlas of stains stun the suited-and-booted with a sartorial swoop so startling even Mercerman's bookie was not offering odds on such a fibre flabbergast? I suppose Vialli proved what could be achieved in a pullover of no mean virtue as he charmed the pants off many and trophies to the cabinet. But then he was binned with the hand-me-downs in a wardrobe overhaul and whats to say it wasn't refusal to jilt the jumper that left him hanging by a thread? Can Gary tailor designs to iron-out the creases allowing a real promotion push to materialise? Is it time he took off either the belt or braces cramping our style? Or am I just being too clothes-minded.............................?
  8. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Jason Lowe

    I may get a good larruping for this but Lowe is, to my mind, a decent player. One of few with a fathomable role and an apparent understanding of it.... ie. he is acutely aware of his limitations, there's no buccaneering inclinations or inventive sorcery, he's just duty-bound to anchor and make himself an obstacle to snuff-out opposing menace with his waspish nature. Yes, he is fallible, at times very much so with his naive positioning, but so is every last one of our number manager included: Robbo is overly heavy and lacking agility when reaching low shots; Hanley is a loose cannon and prone to absent-mindedness; Cairney could score more from midfield; Rhodes is one-paced and weak when challenged with a muscular centre half and Gestede is historically goal-shy to name a few. If Lowe was better disciplined and blessed with a touch more skill/awareness he wouldn't be playing for us; and you could apply that admonition to the lot of them. As it happens we have a dutiful and indefatigable holding mid who although unloved by many of us, is evidently appreciated by his team-mates and gaffer. Furthermore in spite of all the individual weaknesses in the squad as a collective they are, quietly, doing alright. As an aside I'd imagine a good few of our opponents this season would recognise Lowe as something of a nuisance to be faced with. How many would diagnose his ever-presence as a facile Bowyer infatuation that leaves the side hamstrung I wonder? Jason is alright by me with room for improvement. The Plain Jane at the bar; but preferable to Courtesan Carla in the thick of it on the dance floor, who is neither loyal nor reliable. When points have to be quarried as they were vs. Donny I'd imagine Gary and the lads would attribute a great deal more credit to Lowe and indeed Williamson than many fans do
  9. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Bowyer

    I agree with patrickvalery and really really don't want to do Bowyer a disservice; but it doesn't surprise me that faith in him is beginning to erode. Despite the clear issues that have hamstrung us since Venkys bought the club, Gary has had much of his own way since taking control and he's not delivering above the ceiling many feared would impede significant upward momentum. Free of artistry and gumption yesterday - as with several home fixtures prior - the floor show was lacklustre and sloppy and most players seemed to slump into leaden fatigue. Un-fastening cumbersome and error-prone defences like Sheff. Wednesdays should not be made out to be solving the Gordian knot. They are basement-battling fodder and their form over 18months in this league very much corroborates that. Rhodes' involvement was scant and he cut a mummified figure whilst his props were indisposed to help. Quite how 1million pound was spurned on Ben Marshall whilst superiors like Mcgugan went unnoticed is bewildering, more so with Marshall so vividly unsatisfactory. With the exception of Scott Dann nobody in blue-and-white located Rhodes with precision in 90 minutes which is woeful and worrying. Bowyer's ashen-face sports this punished frown that is neither inspiring nor endearing and I was disappointed to hear him come out with nostril-offending cack more concurrent with Kean's infamous post-match idiosyncrasies. "Positives" to my mind are an enduring misnomer that seem to germinate when we've played poorly and to swipe at the fans was churlish: He's had unconditional backing on the strength that he's not Steve Kean and if that has expired he perhaps needs to look at himself and his flat-looking team, rather than de-crying a still-bruised fan-base. The points return is almost scientifically average with 1.4 per game and although the squad is spartan and often shorn of the artful and experienced Dunn it would be remiss to overlook the deficiencies of the majority of this leagues sides. Wednesday for instance are evidently a side short on goals and of their starting eleven yesterday only Reda Johnson is a goalscorer of any renown and frequency.... and he's a left back! Who, QPR aside, have a squad more expensively-assembled and generously-remunerated than ourselves? Sorry, but just preventing the opposition playing is not enough in a league that it has become increasingly clear with most visitors to Ewood is populated by such frail sides. An unambiguous improvement is a must on Sunday; allowing the season to peter-out into a middling conclusion would be injudicious because of the shortage of genuine promotion probables outside of QPR and perhaps Leicester. Gary has indeed done exceptionally well to solidify the back line but in this league that solidity should only be a detail. Home form good; back-to-back away clean sheets unprecedented in recent years; but where is the enterprise and potency to break down the sides that have thwarted us with seemingly effortless aplomb? For me the half-term report would at best read C with play-offs in reach but still feeling strikingly remote
  10. And you Bob.btw Was it your wife who spoke with cynicism-squashing skill on the now-forbidden SSN at the Brockhall stake-out? Just how could they go on ridiculing Rovers fans on that wretched channel with witless regularity after hearing such a civil and convincing case for the defence? Regardless she was as savvy as one of your famed reviews. Just another corp. Sky who's only significance to the game beneath the harrumphed cartel of Champions League bigwigs is largely sinful. No Premier League clash could accommodate my attention now. Its just been exhausted to a state of shoulder-shrugs. Or, as Dylan and Petty once sung in impeccable tandem: "over-exposed, commercialised".
  11. Faceless eh?Fancy a pint in the rustic surroundings of the Riverside sometime, so I can put a face to the moniker of "Bald Eagle"? I must say though Stuart that you deserve great credit for the way in which you've raised that young lad of yours. His unabashed excitement reminded me of myself when I first auscultated the throbbing emotion and pulsating verve of the Ewood experience. The untrodden smell of the programme; the itch of that infernal first scarf; the scalding offal-and-spud cylinder; the corona-like-blinding-beam from the floodlights; the first terrace swear prodding the frontal lobe like a red-hot poker. My unfledged mind tried telling me this was a punishing baptism. Undeterred by it all, the game was riveting. Previously my Dad would not permit under any circumstance the purchase of a junior LFC replica shirt that many youth chums donned in lemming-like fashion; and instead grabbed from the cobwebbed recesses of the loft his own wistful first strip handed to him by none-other than gent and genius Bryan Douglas (who, remarkably, after receiving a mere scribble of appreciation from my Dad and his pal Duncan, invited the pair to his terraced abode for tea and hospitality, on my Dads birthday to boot!) The shirt was understated but entirely resplendent. Blue-and-White halves that although slightly mothballed looked as regal as Edmund Blackadder but without frippery. Sponsor-less and nondescript in todays regrettable maroon of marketable this shirt naturally took on magnificent properties and from then on I was condemned to the fortnightly pilgrimage to Nuttall Streets famed framework. I hate Venkys. Hate them with a passion that if unleashed would vibrate next-doors pristine bannisters but not nearly enough to end this sometimes-absurd-but-always-pardonable routine. Just who do Venkys think they are corrupting segments of this glorious clubs memorial with such despicable uncaring ignorance? They are nothing. Nothing but a boil on the arse of the club; tearfully useless and without care, but not sufficient to douse the furnace of positive emotion evoked in my Dad with every sight of Bryan Douglas' jersey or the allure I felt the moment I first realised it. Magical club. Magical memories. Venkys can blot but they cannot erase the ingrained greatness of BRFC
  12. Po-faced and without manner, James grabbed his spiteful spanner, Took to the keyboard, Courtesy wayward, Plundered the keys, Withdrew his knees, Stood-up in gorgeous fashion, Yelled out his daily passion, And left those he had just over-awed, After another barbaric internet score. Fading faculties perhaps led him astray, On this of all days. Many loath Jim, I like him, He's forthright with outmoded honesty, No sh!te no blasphemy, Just willie woodburn-hard, Also a skilled bard, Rarely penning contents worthless, Flashes of indecency equalling mirthless, Jim is erratic, But his character emphatic. Fading faculties perhaps led him astray, On this of all days. Jim Jim your greatness fluctuates, Your impassioned politics often nauseate, Your knowledge of the game transcends, To such a degree that my legs bend, This bow for you, Your presence is a gratifying coo, Antiquated by the stride of time, The ostracising of Jim was a flagrant crime, For Jim is truly enlightened, Bantam-weight me suitably frightened.......... ............. By this heavyweight with temper heightened. This mortal coil our temporary home, But Jim's impact will glisten from beneath the loam, Like the most deluxe assembly of chrome.
  13. A cursory squint at Malky Mackay yesterday as he embraced adoring fans discovered more "dignity" in a solitary wink than Kean exhibited in what felt like a life time here. A quite impressive figure who emerges with unexpurgated credit. As for fatuous interloper Vincent Tan well he is appreciably quite vile and his recalcitrant conceitedness, concentrated apathy for the supporters feelings and quite pathetic insolence will ultimately do for Cardiff no matter how much money he has put in. A voyage promising magic blundered into the iceberg by the most power-drunken of sailors. Even from the outside the deranged Despots juvenile behaviour leaves me feeling very cold and its yet another intoxicatingly inconvenient truth for the FA and their evermore-receding "fit-and-proper" affectation. The game really is in a woeful state and the consuming rot has doubtlessly set in. Tan's dissonance is a topic ripe for thorough examination but its hardly isolated is it? We have had to suffer the insufferable at the hands of Dingle-heroin Mrs. Desai and her feckless family whilst Pompey, Plymouth, Luton, Leeds etc have been on the receiving end of an orbit of nocuous thumps that damned nearly expunged such a well-provenanced batch. It only gets harder to reconcile with it all. I suppose Rovers demise from column-filling felicity - which most opposing fans would have labelled as "enviably sane" - to foul footnotes has jaundiced my disposition, but the bewitching pursuit that used to illuminate weekends on such a broad scale has been sorely afflicted by embossed off-field silliness and empty stadiums full of cruelly-violated promises made by bedraggled, far-flung fools corroding previously granite-strong communities. Rovers was humble and peerlessly enjoyable fun, fighting the begrimed tide of highfaluting heedlessness and a dubious favouritism for the fashionable "heavyweights" that repeatedly battled-out nausea-filled "Grand-Slam-Sundays". Even de-bagging the uppity behemoths on occasion in the most recent pre-Venky past (think double over United 05-06 courtesy of Brigitte "Gamst" Nielsen and an infectiously exuberant David Bentley; the mercurially talented Benni Mac and his fearsome pearler at home to Arsenal circa 07 or his swashbuckling profanity-slip on Radio Rovers after we'd trounced Salzburg; and the unbeaten run at home to "the Big 4" 09-10). Those days now feel like a period-piece of diaphanous visualisation to me and Jack Walkers majestic passion-fuelled sojourn hazing with every new unsavoury morsel of brain-addled indecency. Curiosity, imagined devotion and an unshakable love keep me going on Ewood, I also appreciate Gary Bowyers attempts to restore some brio to our bludgeoned bases with refreshingly eager lads and don't think I could ever willingly stop, but I know deep down I don't really believe in this game anymore
  14. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes is indisputably our sovereign striker and a fine practitioner in front of goal, possibly the best in the league. Currently however he doesn't strike me as a player in the ascendancy and much like the haplessly one-dimensional Rob Earnshaw he is in danger of hitting a career zenith in the championship, unless he matures and evolves similar to So'ton chameleon Rickie Lambert, who has re-invented and indeed excelled himself at every level and is still an integral component in the high-achieving set-up of today, under a manager who had no reason to retain him through loyalty or sentiment and simply sees a player who still has that willingness and hunger to learn and develop even at the age of 31. Any player with desire and ambition would endeavour to follow suit. If Jordan continues to show no discernible signs of moving away from large spells of complete super-incumbency on his team mates and allowing moves to crumble around his very feet, I'd have to question his motivation and whether he may ever make the rarefied elite and ultimately prove a rather costly gamble. 8 million pound in the Championship is after all uncharted and its return has been wholly insufficient with just 77 points collected from 61 games in this league; and no Jordan is not culpable for that poor return, but working on some of his frailties would sooth so many of the teams woes. Truth is without service he singularly fails to impact on matches and I don't think you could say the same of the likes of Ings, Vaughan, Deeney, Austin etc. These guys are better equipped for greater challenges and expecting Rhodes to align himself with them really is not asking the earth
  15. Rolo PB

    [Archived] Bowyer

    Gary Bowyer for me will struggle to provide a Rovers side playing with élan, but I don't really care. He has emboldened, empowered and indeed enlivened a squad that was as disincentivised and divided as the supporters by the injurious compound of off-field scandal and frankly a tapestry of poor managers. Yes his shortcomings lie with his near-blank contacts book, the fact he's a babe in these woods and a tactics jar and demeanour that are about as debonair as a burst sausage, but these are minor faults when measured with those who preceded him with lousiness that threatened to hijack the memory banks of even the most ardent of our number. Lets not forget the incalculably stupid mooncalf's from Pune still own the club and for now Bowyer is that most welcome port in a storm. The most timely reminder that the rancid Rao's stupidity is un-dimmed was Balaji's most recent exposé that his breasts are indeed as plentiful as Widow Twankeys boll*x..... A truly hideous and classless creature if ever there was..... Made me so very wistful for the orthodox bulletins that used to characterise my Rovers vigils "Vincenzo has a leg injury" etc Nevertheless if Shebbys absence is upheld I remain hopeful that Bowyer can push us toward the 55-60 point mark by mid-April, avoiding the anxiety of last term, which would for me be a triumph after the culture of upheaval and discord that portended real strife and sorrow for us until his intervention last time out If I was to purloin some BRFCS parlance it would be the now-acerbic chaddyrovers with "Get behind GB FFS!!!"

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