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  1. Eddie

    Championship season 2019-20

    Maybe he will take Evans off of our hands'
  2. Eddie

    Premier League Stuff

    A fitting post from someone with your avatar...
  3. Eddie


    Some things (most things) are bigger than football. I am happy to have Southgate in charge. I think he has totally changed that attitude of the England team and players and I am proud to have someone like him in charge when dealing with such an important moment in English/European/World football. If nothing else we can guarantee that he will always conduct himself with a degree of class and intelligence. That is a wonderful example to set.
  4. Eddie

    Premier League Stuff

    The only issue Liverpool will have is that their squad is not that big. They are one or two injuries away from finding it seriously difficult to beat decent sides and the CL schedule will test the depths of their squad (their group situation is already one that will mean that they won't be able to rest players until the final group game at best). It is definitely theirs to lose now, but I think it is far too early to assume that they will just put up 95+ points again. Still have to play City twice, still have plenty of games against other tough opponents, and still have to manage their squad size.
  5. I would play Downing as a left wingback.
  6. Might see us make the full switch to three at the back (which I would be in favour of).
  7. Eddie


    Actually, your children have everything to do with this debate.
  8. Eddie

    Premier League Stuff

    No, that is a perfect example of how VAR isn't being used properly. You can't flag someone offside and then overrule it when players had a chance to react or take into account the fact that the flag has gone up. Assistants need to be put their flags up late or just leave it to VAR. I don't think it had a huge impact on the goal last night, but there were definitely players involved who had seen the flag go up before the goal was scored. You could even argue that it might help the attacking players mindset - with him thinking that it is something of a free shot at goal that doesn't matter.
  9. Eddie


    Or we thought it was worth taking a punt on a player who has struggled with injuries, but are being cautious with his development?
  10. Eddie


    I don't understand this debate. Chapman's career has been derailed (saying derailed to a player who never established himself is already kind) by injuries. He has joined us permanently with the first focus being on making sure that he is fully fit and able to have a sustained period of availability. Good for him that he's managed to string a good month together, but there's no point giving him gametime only for him to break down in his second game. After proving that he can play for a sustained period of time, he then has to prove that he is good enough to be ahead of certain players. I am sure that he gets this. I am sure that the squad gets this.
  11. Eddie

    Lewis Holtby

    I always thought he was decent at spurs and that level is more than good enough for us. Has said all the right things. Seems to have matured and turned into a true pro. Hopefully he could be a good influence on our squad. I sometimes fear that we have a bit of a wide boy culture, so adding a serious pro with a good pedigree could be just what we need.
  12. Eddie

    Lewis Holtby

    4ish in my time - Sergio Peter, Pelzer, Babbel, and Jermaine Jones (may have played for the USA, but he was really German).
  13. Eddie

    Raya joins Brentford

    Right to the top? Of what? The Championship? No way he is a top-class keeper in the making. Could he do a job for a premier league side? Probably, at some point. But we will never hear anyone saying that Raya is one of the best keepers in the Premier League.
  14. Eddie

    Premier League Stuff

    There was never a rule that required daylight, but it was a phrase that was often used.
  15. Eddie

    Rovers badge

    Most badges are also terrible.

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