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  1. I'll also apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge when it came to Roy Wegerle.
  2. So, going to shamelessly plug one of my own projects, but recently started a new podcast with a couple of colleagues and I thought I would just see if it might interest a few of you. For now, it's a light discussion on a range of sports (football, NFL, NBA, horse racing...just about everything), but we'll be expanding into some decent interviews in the future. You can give episode 1 a skip as we had some sound issues and it should get better over time, but the first 3 episodes are already out. Happy if you give it a listen and subscribe. Available Apple Podcasts here: https://podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/the-big-chill-podcast/id1525439798?l=en Or on all devices here: https://thebigchillpodcast.podbean.com/ We'll be on Spotify after another 2 episodes. Thank you if you do listen and share.
  3. Eddie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    We can't be overly dramatic. We had chances to take the lead in both matches, especially the Barnsley match, and it is clear that we will pick up points over the remainder of the season. We certainly deserved at least a point or two from the last two fixtures, but that isn't me trying to ignore how bad the performances were in the context of us having a realistic chance at making the playoffs. But we look irrational if we start saying that we aren't even a competent Championship club when we end up finishing 9th-12th and a few points off of the playoffs - especially when considering the fact that one of the teams that just beat us has just gone into administration and will surely go down.
  4. Eddie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    It's a bit harsh to say that when we are comfortably midtable.
  5. Eddie

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I have officially moved to the Mowbray-out camp. The tinkering with the side in the past two games and the baffling approach to tactics in must-win situations has just been too much for me. We need someone new in this summer. It wont happen, but we need it.
  6. Eddie

    January transfer window 2020

    I think Hart would be great. He's definitely a good enough keeper to be an improvement and he will bring in a wealth of experience and the chance to have a genuine leader at the back - something that we haven't had since Robinson (at best). It all depends on his attitude, but if he sees this as an opportunity to come back and prove himself then it is just the type of thing we should be going after.
  7. Eddie

    Barnsley v Rovers

    We had 3 very good chances to score before they took the lead - to not take 1 of 3 very good chances is just inexcusable. I'm as despondent tonight as I have been in a while. We all sort of knew it was coming, but to completely blow any chance of promotion against two bottom-half teams, albeit it two bottom-half teams in relative form, is just not good enough. We lack quality out wide and we lack leadership all over the pitch. We've several players away from being good enough for promotion, but it isn't an impossible task in a single-window if we approach it wisely and don't make the mistake of signing a player like Gallagher who addresses none of our problems and doesn't really fit into our approach. Season over. Play the youngsters from here on out and see if they can step up. If one or two of them can really impress over the next few games it could drastically change how we approach this summer.
  8. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    3 out of 6 isn't great? Please name a manager with over a 50% strike rate on signings. And I'm not implying that two thirds can be duds, just simply not signings that you would classify as good. Johnson hasn't been a dud, but I wouldn't call him a good signing yet. Big difference between a good signing and a failure. To use your squad analysis approach. If we assume that our squad of 23 players can be supplemented by about 6 homegrown players, say 2 of which are good enough to start (basically the position that we are in now), it then requires that we have 17 other players, 9 of whom are good enough to start. Now, you can't do a perfect analysis of squad building as you're not starting from scratch at any point, but I would be perfectly happy with any manager who signed 3 players, one of who was considered a good starter, one a good squad player, and the other a player who will not make it. That's not fantastic, but as a general rule of thumb, I'm fine with that. The challenge then becomes applying another 1/3 rule to those starters and squad players. I'd want to see a further 1/3 of the players that are good enough to start developing into 'star' players and a further 1/3 of those squad players developing into players who genuinely challenge for places in the first team. We're not able to go out and sign £50m finished products, but if I wouldn't be overly critical of any manager who hit that sort of ratio over a longterm basis. You might have the odd window where everything is great or where everything is awful, but you have to view things over an extended period of time.
  9. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    It's a lot easier to do good transfer business when you are at a huge club spending huge money. There are generally not as many unknowns when signing a player for 20m+ as there are when signing a player for 10m or less. As for Klopp's record, it's pretty good, but there are still some duds in there. How many would pay £50m for Keita now? Even £35m for Oxlade-Chamberlain is questionable. £30m for Benteke? He's done well and he's had some key moves work out really well, but, for the most part, they haven't been cheap. Again, it's all balanced out by the fact that he could sell Salah, Robertson, Mane, etc. for far more than he paid for them - even given some of their relatively high transfer fees, but you'd have to expect that there will be a lot of failures in there. The reality is that 1 star player is worth failing on 2/3 other transfers. Mowbray has hit on just enough of his transfers to call his approach a success. Dack is an overwhelming success. Armstrong a very good signing. Downing very good (although there won't be a profit there). There are then a number of players who may develop into being seen as good signings (the likes of Holtby, Rothwell, and Samuel, for example). And even Tosin justifies our approach in the loan market.
  10. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    I'd resign Armstrong in a heartbeat on the basis that his current contribution on the pitch is at a level far above the average £3 million player and knowing that I could certainly sell him for a profit. I wouldn't sign Brereton for the fee that we paid for him, but I wouldn't be opposed to gambling on him as I think there is a degree of potential there. I was against signing Gallagher as I just think that we didn't need that type of player and that his style is actually not that easy to fit into modern football. My point isn't that I would do everything that Mowbray does, it is more that if 1/3 signings are good to very good we will have to view that as a success. That's football. Even the best manager or director of football would take a 33% strike rate on their signings - especially when you aren't at a top club and any signing comes with additional risk.
  11. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    You're right, but as a club that has always relied on turning a profit on our transfer dealings, we can't ignore the fact that one motivation for buying players is to hope that we sell them on for a higher sum. This will undoubtedly be part of the logic behind the policy of signing young English players. A few will fail and not contribute on the pitch or to the bottom line, but if one or two turn into something quite good we will see improved performances on the pitch and the possibility of selling them for enough to repeat the process again. As for Armstrong's value, we will have to see how transfer fees adapt to the pandemic, but it would be a safe bet to assume that this will not be enough to stop the trend of transfer fees steadily rising. The dot-com bubble bursting didn't stop that trend. The 2008 financial crisis didn't stop that trend. I very much doubt that this pandemic and possible recession will do so either. In that case, it is hard to imagine a world in which Armstrong would be sold for anything less than £8-10 million and I am sure that most supporters would be disappointed if he were sold for anything shy of 10 million.
  12. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    It always fascinates me when people assume that a comment in a thread is entirely, and solely, directed at them. My posts so far have been a general reaction to the overall theme within this conversation.
  13. Eddie

    iFollow Thread

    Are any of those who signed up to ifollow for the season pass at the beginning of the year managing to get it to work now? I can't log in. Can't change my password. Can't do anything. Are we expected to register again?
  14. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    But the fact that we may lose money on Brereton or Gallagher doesn't mean that our recruitment policy is awful. They aren't all going to be great signings and they aren't all going to turn into a star player or a huge profit - even when signing expensive (relatively speaking) players. That's all. Look back through this thread and you won't find a lot of people truly weighing up our recruitment policy, they simply should 'BRERETON AWFUL. GALLAGHER AWFUL. MOWBRAY OUT'. And, yes, if we sign 3 players and a few years later we've made a profit on those three dealings I think we can say 'ah well' to the fact that we lost money on one of them.
  15. Eddie

    Ben Brereton

    People are very selective when being critical of our recruitment policy. The £12 million for 2 forwards line gets trotted out pretty regularly, but this fails to include Armstrong as part of that analysis. I get the Brereton gamble, I didn't really get the Gallagher deal, and the Armstrong deal looks like a bargain - so overall I wouldn't say we've done terribly. The reality is that we've spent £15 million on 3 forwards and there is a good chance that we would get almost all of that back selling Armstrong alone (and maybe even more for just him if a couple of clubs got interested at the right time). That's not an awful recruitment policy. Equally, Armstrong is a good example of why we need to show Brereton a bit of patience. Armstrong was a headless chicken for much of his early spell here (and elsewhere for that matter). Brereton needs more time to develop. More time in the side. And an opportunity to get some confidence. He may end up being a failure here. He may end up being a failure wherever he goes next. But we should at least get off his back enough to give him the chance to succeed. This time without a crowd could be just what he needs, but it does often feel as if many are hoping for him to fail so that they can say that they were right. I just don't get that.

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