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  1. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Very much doubt Bauer is within our wages' structure / budget. The lad is on a free and his agent will want to max out on the deal. Think Downing and Morrison are uninspiring targets. IMO, boring and predictable Mowbray links.
  2. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Good shout. Moran and Short played as centre backs for Rovers until they were both 37/38 and they were pretty good! IMO, would be a terrific signing and offer far more to the team than Downing.
  3. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Pay the wages the likes of Downing will want and there'll be precious little left for fees! IMO, this would be another Danny Murphy and Etuhu scenario. Think it's a horrible proposal and a retrograde step. IMO, Mowbray can't work the market and his lack of imagination and nous shows.
  4. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Get your goalie and defence right and you have half a chance. Forest won two European Cup Finals by 1-0 with Peter Shilton in goal. Remember the old '1-0 to the Arsenal' song!?!? We conceded goals for fun last season and needing to score two and sometimes three goals to even draw a game is ridiculous. Do we not have the players or is it just the manager who can't organise a defence? Personally, I think it's a combination of both. Last season, right from the off, it was clear we needed better players defensively. Mowbray's response, squander (IMO) £7million+ on Brereton who contributed virtually nothing to the season. We are in the same boat now and it seems we are in for, IMO, an expensive and 'finished' Downing - not a priority. It's laughable. Last season, Mowbray thought we were okay defensively and then after a number of defeats, IMO, blames his defensive players and states we need new players - has he no organisational skills to get the best out of what we had? Constantly playing Bennett at right back offers Mowbray no defence from criticism. Let's see what he does - not holding my breath though.
  5. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Think Downing is finished. More Mowbray nonsense. You build from the back. Alisson showed just how important a good goalie is in Liverpool's CL triumph. Will Mowbray ever learn!?!? I very much doubt we have a pot to p1ss in. Think signing Downing would be a waste of pressure resource which could be much better used elsewhere.
  6. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Mowbray has set the scene with his words in the LT - 'cleverer and cuter'. My interpretation of that is he hasn't a pot to p1ss in. If we got say £10million for Dack, which is very unlikely to me, then I'd be surprised if Mowbray would even get half of that to reinvest. Lost count of the number of share issues our owners have made just to keep us afloat and I very much doubt it will continue. Mowbray threw £10million+ at it last summer and I think the Brereton signing might prove to be the straw that's broke the camel's back. My forecast on net player trading: at best, zero (a few small ins and outs), at worst, surplus of several £million with departing assets such as Lenihan and Dack.
  7. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    A mistake waiting to happen in every match. Cost Derby in play off final two or three seasons ago. Seen him 'live' on numerous occasions. To me, has a strange body language and I think he's a sandwich short of a picnic.
  8. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I struggle to see how Waggott has moved Rovers forward. IMO, there have been too many expensive crass decisions which as CEO, he must have signed off on.
  9. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    and to think many on here espouse the virtues of Mowbray and Waggott. I think dumb and dumber would be a more apt description.
  10. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Agree. Would be an uninspiring signing. Brereton, Gallagher at a total of £12million+. We need a manager who knows how to work the market.
  11. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Just read that United are now "very close" to signing Matthijs de Ligt and are also looking at Benfica's Felix who would also cost tens of £millions. I think to link Dack with United is totally absurd and can only think that sadly you've listened too much to the likes of Kean, Coyle and Mowbray over the years!
  12. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    IMO, a mentally and physically fit Dack is a very good Championship player. Rhodes scored goals for fun at Rovers but, IMO, has failed miserably since leaving. When we first signed Rhodes and he scored a few goals, some on here were lauding him as the new Shearer - it was nonsense. I always thought his lack of pace, aggression and physicality would prevent him from hacking it in the PL - in fact, I think he's now struggling at Championship level. I see similar hype where Dack is concerned, however, IMO, his lack of pace and an indifferent attitude will prevent Dack from even getting to the PL never mind hacking it at that level. When at Rovers, for most of the time, I thought Rhodes made the most of what he had in his locker - sadly, I don't think that could be said about Dack.
  13. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Think someone is winding you up! I will be very surprised if ANY PL club takes a chance on Dack. IMO, overpriced, overweight and overrated.
  14. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Raya would have to go for me. When I first saw him 3 or 4 seasons ago, I thought we had a real prospect on our hands. However, two full seasons as our number one and in my mind he's not developing / improving as he should and as good young goalies do. If anything, I think he's going backwards. IMO, we also need an experienced goalie coach who's done it and got the tee shirt. IMO, the community trust, where I think Benson started at Carlisle, is Benson's level. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys. IF we sign Joe Hart, can anyone really imagine Benson coaching him!
  15. Mercer

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Do you have to defend Mowbray all the time like he's Pep? Tedious. You miss the point. Yes the lad is outstanding and has developed because he was given the chance by Klopp as an 18 year old and played in the Champions League Final as a 19 year old. In my opinion, Mowbray sucks the oxygen out of our young player development. He talks about Reed as a 'kid' at 23/24 with things to learn and in the main played him out of position when he wasn't on the bench. He describes the 19 year old Brereton as an 'amazing' talent who he's paid £7million+ for but wont feckin play him. He's had countless opportunities to 'blood' other 'youngsters' like Buckley and Butterworth (19 years old) but they've been lucky to even smell the bench. Travis is 21 and only just been given his chance but under forced circumstances. Nyambe is 21 and, IMV, the best right back at the club by a country mile but Mowbray has persisted with Bennett who's been roasted so many times this season. You can go on and on. If I was representing any young talent, I'd advise them to give Rovers and Mowbray a very wide berth.

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