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  1. Thank goodness I didn't waste two hours of my life watching that on the 'red button'. Had a text from a friend who is a Derby fan and at the match today. Just couldn't believe how bad we were. There can be absolutely no excuses today. We had extra preparation time and extra rest. Derby also missing Rooney and Lawrence. Think we bottled it. IMO, the bottom line is that Mowbray can take us no further. I honestly do not know what, if any, managerial strengths he has. You are two nil down and he takes off his two biggest signings at some £25million including wages - IMO, what an absolutely terrible indictment of Mowbray's ability when it comes to player trading.
  2. I can only assume you are p1ssed! I wouldn't trust Mowbray to even run a sweet shop - think they'd all be in the wrong jars!
  3. Davies and Kalanic were ten times the player Brereton will ever be.
  4. Absolutely. We are the form team from fifth to tenth. It's now a 10 game season. It's now down to bottle - who really wants it. It's ours to lose.
  5. Totally agree. Will be eight days since our last game whilst Derby played and lost last night - we should be fresh and raring to go. Nine points from our last six games whilst Derby have just five points - we are the form team. Can only see a Rovers' win.
  6. Mercer

    Swansea City home

    IMO, simply a game we have to win and we should do if Mowbray is positive and makes the right calls. Let's get it straight, Swansea are no great shakes. They come to Ewood in poor form (5 points from last 6 games) and other than their match at Hull, struggle to score goals away from home. We need to be positive, aggressive and in their faces from from the start. Attack is the best form of defence and given our options at the back, we need to! I'd throw the proverbial kitchen sink at them and go: Walton / Nyambe, Adarabiyo, Mulgrew, Bell / Rankin-Costello, Travis, Downing / Buckley / Armstrong, Samuel Rovers to win by 2 or 3 goals to 1.
  7. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    My gripe was Mowbray, IMO, inexplicably preferring Gallagher to Samuel and leaving out Buckley who, especially at home where we will enjoy a lot of possession, is one of the few players we have who has a key to move the feckin bus!!! IMO, Mowbray's team does lack imagination, verve and purpose, mirroring the manager. As for "easy wins", it's only what I feel we should do and what my gut instinct is - by the way, you disregard the number of times I forecast Rovers to win by the odd goal, or draw or even lose!
  8. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Any football manger whether good, bad or indifferent will win some football matches. You didn't rate Owen Coyle yet he manged to win promotion to the Premier League with Burnley! Even Kean won some football matches even in the PL and at places like Old Trafford!
  9. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Very simple Jim. We could and should have won. If Mowbray had started with the eleven who started at Brentford then, IMO, the points would have been in the bag. I thought the penny had dropped with Mowbray after the recent run (Nov/Dec) where we won 5 out of 6 consecutive games (drawing the other) with very limited changes. Seemingly, our manager doesn't learn. IMO, Mowbray has managerial shortcomings and it's not easy to legislate for what I think are glaring inconsistencies and incompetences.
  10. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Age old managerial tactic - excuses a defeat or makes your result look good!
  11. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Conversely, it would seem Mowbray did insufficient work on the training ground and got his tactics and team selection wrong. He must have known what was coming but couldn't counter it. We need enlightened thinking and sadly, IMO, it will never come from Mowbray, Venus, Lowe and Benson who, I think are either tactical dinosars or just plain incompetent.
  12. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Sadly, I think Mowbray and his team of coaches are as dull and as flat as the proverbial witch's t1t. I don't see any passion or fizz in the home technical area. With managers like Klopp, you see and sense the passion, the personality, the charisma and the way they effect the game from the touchline. The players see and feel it and so do the fans. Watching our technical area during a game, IMO, you could be forgiven for thinking the stooges sat there were sat in a church awaiting the arrival of the hearse.
  13. Mercer

    Stoke City home

    Woeful, woeful and woeful. I think tombola man struck again - no excuses, the buck rests with Mowbray tonight. I would have started either Graham or Samuel before Gallagher. I think the signing of Gallagher almost rivals the signing of Brereton for incompetence and the sheer waste of money. To me, Buckley should have started and would have had a much better opportunity to thrive tonight in comparison to what happened at Brentford - compare the possession stats for the two games. This is a game we had to win and I am convinced we would have won if Mowbray had got his starting eleven right. I think it's very obvious Mowbray is not the man to take us to the next level. IMO, dull, unimaginative and tactically, nous free.
  14. Mercer

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Definitely. Been through the remaining fixtures and can see at least 23 points to take us to about 75 points. There are a lot of winnable games in there including Stoke and Swansea this week. I think there are far better footballing teams than Rovers, however, confidence and momentum go a long, long way in this league and we are riding our luck. Eisenhower picked upon Napoleon's thoughts some hundred years or more later stating "I'd rather have a lucky general than a smart general" - think that's what Mowbray is!
  15. Great games. In our hands. Positivity and bottle needed. No one else to blame if we don't make it.

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