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  1. Mercer

    Championship season 2019-20

    Only lost what I'd won in the previous matches! If that's "crashing and burning"............................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think "crashing and burning" is when you spunk £20million+ (including wages) up the wall on two strikers who couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo. Fully expect WBA to win tomorrow with the winnings big enough to buy 2 nice quality reds for dinner tomorrow night.
  2. Mercer

    Championship season 2019-20

    Race for 6th spot is so unpredictable - so many unexpected results. You can get 25/1 on Rovers for top 6 finish - worth having a punt for the 'he can do no wrong brigade' (get your wallet open Chaddy). IMO, more than a bridge too far for Rovers and I expect WBA to bring us crashing down to earth - we've conceded 9 goals in our last 4 games whilst WBA have netted 9 goals in their last 3 games. Lumped on WBA at 5/6.
  3. Mercer

    Cardiff away

    You say "I find it a very dower overview to say our academy is overrated". Would suggest you need success criteria to measure your thoughts. Who was the last 'big player' to emerge from our academy since Phil Jones over 10 years ago!?!? I think we've only ever produced three 'ballers' (to quote you) -Duff, Dunn and Jones. We have three regulars in our first team from Academy. Lenihan, Travis (who was only introduced as Mowbray had run out of options!) and Nyambe who again only recently seems to have nailed down a spot as Mowbray seemed to think Bennett was a better option!!! Sadly , IMO, we have a manager who seems reluctant to give our younger player a REAL chance. Might be that most of them aren't really good enough but the only way you find out is by playing them...............Travis being the best example. We lost Jack O'Connell, a very good PL centre back, and he was not given a chance - criminal was that. So, all in all, I think the return from the Academy has been very, very average at best. As a bare minimum, I think you should be producing at least one 'baller' every three years and a regular who breaks through to the 1st team every season.
  4. Mercer

    Cardiff away

    As you say, read my previous posts! Mercer 1 - 1 Bookies. All square in the last 10 days.
  5. Mercer

    Cardiff away

    Just got in from a meeting. Shocked! C'est la vie! Reached for the cognac.
  6. Mercer

    Cardiff away

    Yep. Why? IMO, our Academy is overrated. Where are the 18 or 19 year olds who should become 'big players' for us. We have a crop of players going on 21 who I don't think are really good enough. Having dais that, you only find out by giving them a feckin chance. And you want Mowbray to keep his job. Strewth!
  7. Mercer

    Cardiff away

    IMO, it's all about self preservation and trying to secure a top 10 finish so he can sell 'progress' to Pune.
  8. Mercer

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Seemingly, a huge majority (almost 80%) want him out! There is not a single person in my circle of Rovers' fans who wants Rovers to keep Mowbray.
  9. Mercer

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    IMO, if the Venky's are p1ssed off with Mowbray and they thought there was still a future with their Rovers venture, Mowbray would be axed and replaced. You refer to "a wall of silence from India, no communication and likely no budget". IMO, given the above, the alarms bells should be ringing - are Venky's about to call time on Rovers having seen almost £200million disappear down the toilet!?
  10. Mercer

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Don't understand you Gav. The fact we have so little quality and "the rest are absolute dross" is down to one man only, Mowbray. He shouldn't even be in charge tonight never mind given 10 games next season
  11. Mercer

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I think so too! My money is on us signing a French Brereton, a Spanish Gallagher and an Italian Walton!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Mercer

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Foundations? Under Mowbray's tenure, the club has probably lost close to £60million. Mowbray has spunked fees and wages of £20million+ up the wall on Brereton and Gallagher, the effects will still be felt in the accounts for the next 2 or 3 years. We have an unbalanced and threadbare squad, in the main bereft of quality with exceptions that can be counted on one hand - a squad that will need major surgery in the close season. As for player development, where are the 18 / 19 year olds (the next Phil Jones, Damien Duff, David Dunn etc) banging on the first team door who will become 'big players' for us (other clubs produce them)? We have half a dozen lads going on 21 or so who some folk rave about, however, they have failed to become first team players. In the main, I think our football is dire. IMO, we have no identity. To think fans called Big Sam who left us pushing for the top 8 in the PL. If you seriously think these are foundations, I'm just glad Mowbray didn't build on feckin sand!!!
  13. Mercer

    Summer Transfer Window

    and sheep follow sheep..........................................
  14. Mercer

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Stability equals inertia at best. IMO, It reeks of an ambitionless regime seeking self preservation. Phil Neal used to bang on about stability at Bolton - I think it's a con, a cover up for incompetence and the inability to move things forward and achieve bigger and better things. What the club needs right now is a manager with real ambition, drive and a can do attitude. Enough of this, IMO, 'slow, slow build and moving in the direction' - it's total cr@p.
  15. Mercer

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Just what has Mowbray to offer as a DOF? IMO, dinosaurian, no judge of talent and a bloke who's told us he doesn't / can't negotiate with players! I'm pretty certain any new man would not want Mowbray poking his nose in. I think he's had his chance and blown it. Three and a half years down the line and we are barely better than when he took over. Last three performances, one could be forgiven Kean / Coyle were back in town. Whoever succeeds Mowbray has, IMO, one helluva job on their hands owing to, IMO, Mowbray's incompetence not least demonstrated by the Brereton / Gallagher / Raya / Walton shambles.

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