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  1. funny-old-game

    Bournemouth away

    I was thinking on the same lines and Howard Kendall's team came to mind, knew this players limitations and played according winning 1-0 most games. Mowbry is trying to play a style without all the components it needs imo.
  2. funny-old-game

    Boredom Relief

    Not sure if this is somewhere else but seems as good a place as any to cheer fans up. Dack on his way back👍 https://www.instagram.com/tv/B9ym2U8gPgx/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. funny-old-game

    Thursday deadline.

    Trouble is the gearbox is always in reverse!
  4. funny-old-game

    Thursday deadline.

    Good question. The lad will make a very good footballer if he stays injury free.
  5. funny-old-game

    Judan Ali

    Gordon's too old to still be ginger😉
  6. funny-old-game

    Judan Ali

    He's one turd that does need burning 😬
  7. funny-old-game

    Smallwood signs

    Those mobs, you dirty rats.
  8. funny-old-game

    Smallwood signs

    Why, did the mob make him say it?😉
  9. funny-old-game

    Smallwood signs

    Plus this = 😵
  10. funny-old-game

    The Relegation Thread

    Remember it well.Rovers are a different animal now, as it has been shattered beyond recognition.
  11. funny-old-game

    The Relegation Thread

    We are a club in freefall, its not as if the parachutes taking its time to open, we haven't @£&king got one on. Thanks Venky's!!!!!

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