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  1. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    This take at 12sh by one of the lads that went. WTF 😱
  2. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Tony, do you think refereeing standards throughout the leagues are the same as when you referred or have they dropped from grassroots upwards?
  3. Rovers v Blackpool

    NO!!!!??? 1 "Graham was pathetic, lazy tonight. Time to get shut imo". 2 " For Graham need to be sold or release in January and we need to bring in 2 strikers in". Fu#k sake Chaddy , you couldn't lie straight in bed! No wonder Abbey use to have melt downs with your dribbling two face replies.
  4. Rovers v Wigan

    Most disappointing thing for me was being top of the league and 2 up against one of our rivals, and still being a bag of nerves in the second half. Suppose this is the level we are at, but still hard to accept.
  5. Rovers v Wigan

    Bang on Tony. Bennett for all his short falls, gives us energy to hurry the opposition into mistakes and as for the free kicks we gave away in silly areas, is something that should be nailed in training.
  6. Rovers v Wigan

    Not great player at all but an improvement on Lowe. The suspension hanging over him has without doubt made him look worse than he is.
  7. Rovers v Wigan

    We just panic for no reason, which is down to mentality.
  8. Rovers v Wigan

    Comfortable? Not the same game I've been watching. Just hope we nick a winner.
  9. Rovers v Wigan

    Even when we're 2 up we look nerves and lack composure, then this happens, why?
  10. Rovers v Wigan

    Evans hasn't pulled up any trees since he first came to the club. Bennett is a must in the middle. If I were their manager and I saw Evans in for Payne I'd be more than please.
  11. Rovers v Bury

    Chaddy will dress it up cause Big Tony likes it. Can't be doing with messers (fantasy football manager) when simple is best in this league.
  12. Rovers v Bury

    Can't believe I am agreeing with one of your posts rev but bang on about messing with formations at this stage of the season, it's utter madness. To many average players in this team to play it well and definitely not in this league.
  13. Rovers v Oldham

    Unbelievable considering Williams and Bell when AWOL for Oldham's second
  14. Rovers v Oldham

    Couldn't agree more.This is TM Achilles heel , all the worrying about this player and that is all well and good, but not against a team like Oldham or most of the teams in this league. Go out, boss the game and let other teams worrying about us.
  15. Jason Lowe

    No, found guilty of impersonating a professional footballer.