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  1. Please, how many good coaches have gone on to make/fail as true managers, very few. Good managers are a certain breed that get the best out the players available. Most if not all hire the best coaches available to them to do the day to day stuff and it's the manager that has extra quantity and knowhow to control all the different personalities within the squad that sets them apart from coaches wannabe managers. K#@n (I feel sick thinking about him) had a good reputation as coach and look how that turned out.
  2. Interesting the amount of games lost by the top 6 last season Sheffield United lost 6 Bolton lost 10 Scunthorpe United lost 12 Fleetwood Town lost 10 Bradford City lost 7 Millwall lost 13
  3. What's the point of the academy if this is how it works under the V's. These players need to show what they can do or lock the door on the academy as it has no purpose being run this way. Always comes down to sort sighted view, rather than the long term gains.
  4. This has brightened up a dull Monday afternoon.
  5. Thing is Tony, he's been here before, so why doesn't he know this already? As for Graham, he was all the player we needed when he first came, held the ball up well, brought other players into the game, gave defends a tough time and scored goals.Not blessed with pace but technically quite good, and now nothing. Just stealing a living.
  6. Most accurate post I've see from you rev.
  7. In Mowbury and Venky's you trust. I give up Chaddy you've won with all your bollock* and u-turns.
  8. Not say he isn't to blame, but IMO the only way forward is for new owner (don't think it will happen anytime soon) to come in, which in turn breaths new life into the club. The new owners should / will engage with fans with hopes and aspirations and in turn left the stench of the last 7 year and hopefully steadily increasing optimisam within the club. This will take years to achieve but is the only way forward. Sorry state of affairs.
  9. Venky's have created this mess!!!!!!!
  10. Our club needs purging of the Venky's before we can stop the rot and possibly move forward, as their smell is all over the club.
  11. Your wasting your time SR using sarcasm on Chaddy, even the reality of the last SEVEN years (yes seven) haven't made the penny drop yet. Venky's couldn't lie straight in bed, end of!
  12. Maybe with Mowbury in charge we have turned a corner with regards to thanking wasters?
  13. The problem is we have a waffer thin squad compared to back then. Even though I agree about the number of times players play, we haven't got the money to have adequate replacements Times we are in now.
  14. It does show how the academy is more beneficial the lower down the leagues you go. Very few over the years have progressed and made an impact, yet now we have a good number showing through. Good to see.
  15. Sorry to burst some people's persecution, but I grow up with Eric and until he got on the payroll, he had nothing good to say about Rovers. If you asked him if he was coming to watch them, he would say the same thing everytime "I'm l f#/? going too watch that showing of sh1t". He is not "Mr Blackburn"as some people think. He is Mr Eric "Is it good for my career" Kinder.