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  1. Burrells Boy

    Scottish Football

    I didn’t know they played football as we know it in Scotland.
  2. Burrells Boy

    New Kits

    Could be the end of June.
  3. Not expecting any news of transfer funds from Venkys. Might surprise us and might not, who knows with the unpredictable Indians. Also don’t think TM will want to broadcast his war chest.
  4. Burrells Boy

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    No goals conceded brilliant
  5. Burrells Boy

    Oxford away Tuesday

    3 up now
  6. Burrells Boy

    Coyle's new job

    Still punching above his weight.
  7. Burrells Boy

    Shrewsbury Away

    The frightening thought of we did promoted, what happens next?
  8. Burrells Boy

    Wish List for 2014

    Loose shelfy
  9. Burrells Boy

    Carlisle United, Away, League Cup

    Wetherspoons and Lloyds, turn right out of rail station.
  10. Burrells Boy

    possible transfer targets summer 2013

    Couldn't agree more!
  11. It hasn't happened yet, Venkys are still here!
  12. Burrells Boy

    Rednapp leaves spurs

    Solved in one, Kean out replace with honest Harry.
  13. Burrells Boy

    Steve Kean's Future Set To Be Discussed

    Who said that,is it from CoCo's nursery book.
  14. Burrells Boy

    Sacking Kean = 2nd Chance for Venky's?

    This is all very tiresome, keep to the topic.

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