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  1. Still punching above his weight.
  2. The frightening thought of we did promoted, what happens next?
  3. Loose shelfy
  4. Wetherspoons and Lloyds, turn right out of rail station.
  5. Couldn't agree more!
  6. It hasn't happened yet, Venkys are still here!
  7. Solved in one, Kean out replace with honest Harry.
  8. Who said that,is it from CoCo's nursery book.
  9. This is all very tiresome, keep to the topic.
  10. More like an episode of Monty Python. Spam, spam and more spam.
  11. Remind me of the last time Nicko was right. Why is he plying his trade on Twitter now, not here, Wasted hours on his 10 o clocker.
  12. The longer this goes on the more depressed I get, losing hope rapidly.
  13. I don't think Sam has anything to think about, his legal team will take cae of the issue, and CoCo will take care of the bill for both sides.
  14. Its Mrs Keans birthday everyday while CoCo stays in as manager.
  15. Hendry past his sell buy date, a good servant to Rovers and was well paid. Don't want to see him at Rovers in any capacity. We have enough members of the Scottish deadwood society.