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  1. Roverdale

    Dickson Etuhu

    OK sorry, exaggerated a bit. Still though, if we lose him for those games and sell Petrovic, N'Zonzi goes out on loan, Gattuso isn't ready to step up, Lowe is inconsistent, Dunn will be injured, Pedersen will be off, our midfield still looks a bit bare. I think Etuhu will be decent at Championship level but I do think we need another.
  2. Roverdale

    Dickson Etuhu

    Grrreeeaaatttt.. so a good solid signing but we won't have him for half the year then?
  3. Roverdale


    Haha well last semester at Uni I looked into Blackburn's accounts in detail and had to write a large essay comparing them with the likes of Bolton, Everton, Fulham, Villa... I also had a meeting with John Williams a few years ago to discuss the clubs situation and the importance of certain aspects of football nowadays. Still can't believe he agreed to see me just to discuss what was then one of my A-Level projects. Just proves what a top bloke he was. Rovers has always been a very well run club.. I'm just hoping it stays that way! Will be interesting to see the accounts for the next few years anyway. But fear not! I'm not all negative yet!! Haha.. trying to keep excited at our situation.
  4. Roverdale


    Yeah congrats to both!! Hoping to make a graduation myself next year!! Just started work in an Accounting firm for the Summer and I feel like I could do this lark 1 day. But yeh.. As I said, Red Hot Buffet was my wildcard , threw it in there to complete a full scale of price for you! Hope you enjoy it whereever you go.
  5. Roverdale


    Ooh Chaophraya I've been wanting to try there for a while! Just not got round to it, a friend recommended it to me. After your glowing review I'll definitely try it soon. I'll let you know how I get on (if I remember).
  6. Roverdale


    I'm a student in Leeds and have been to loads.. I'll give you a little run through here of my top choices with (from what I can remember) a rough price. San Carlo Simply Exquisite, one of the best meals I've ever eaten. I hada Valentines set menu with my girlfriend which was rather pricey but amazing. The actual place is incredible as well, really nice. Friendly service and if you're willing to splurge on a special occasion my number 1. Salvos Won 'best independent Italian restaurant' on Gordon Ramsay's F Word. Again great food at a slightly cheaper price than San Carlo. Only downside is you can't book. You just turn up on the night and then they have an upstairs bar area that you can get a drink and some nibbles at while you wait 30-45 mins for a table. Jamie's Italian One of Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurants, I have never eaten here myself so I can't give you a first hand review. I have however been told it is a good solid eat and at a reasonable price. But as I said, I couldn't confirm that (maybe a quick browse of the site would help you) Blackhouse Brilliant steakhouse, there are a few dotted around the country and if anyone has been to 'grill on the alley' in Manchester they will be able to tell you how good the steaks here are. Best steak I've had in Leeds, so if it's steak you're after I'd recommend you look no further. Steer clear of the burgers.. the steaks are much better cuts of meat. You pay what you'd expect to pay at a dedicated steakhouse, it's certainly not pub prices. Browns Standard chain Browns, decent food at decent prices. Been here a few times, never been disappointed but at the same time it has never set my world alight. Good service though. Red Hot World Buffet Bit of a wildcard lol. A huge buffet restaurant that has every cuisine you could want. The food doesn't taste like buffet food either it tastes as though you'd ordered it fresh at a restaurant. It's incredible and all for £13-£15. It's not particularly posh so maybe not right for your occasion but if you're ever back in Leeds I recommend it, it has to be seen/tasted/experienced to be believed. If you want any more info then feel free to PM me or reply on here. I know plenty more if none of these suit your needs but I'd say San Carlo or Salvo's will definitely not disappoint you. Also don't let it worry you that I'm a student I'm rather well travelled and I assure you these are not a bunch of cheap student dives

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