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  1. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    So he plays rookie defenders, same result, bet that 2hat pie eater is fuming right now, are they haveing a party
  2. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Hey thats my line๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Very strange our other keepers never got a look in at all, Walton probably one of the worst GK's i have witnessed in 50 years and we did have the odd donkey during those years but a hell of a lot more really good gk's, some of TM's decisions look like its on purpose, again why chapman didnt play is beyond sense, and to be brutally trueful our squad against Luton we should be winning every time, sorry but TM's too old school, cons us into thinking he's changed formation to keep possesion, well yes in our own half but still concede what at least 2 per game, times have changed he hasn't.
  4. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    With Waggott in charge there is little doubt TM will still be the manager next season, i guess it all depends on what if any budget he has and what mates Opps what players he brings in, or he might just say sorry i cant take this team any further and resign, now that is wishful thinking.
  5. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    And in L1
  6. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Totally agree simongarnerisgod no passion at all, always sideways or back, until last 15 mins when we did a kind of route one, too many players not playing as a team,, plenty of individual talent but no end product, that is down to the management, no team wins anythiong when its changed week after week, settled teams win matches, oh and too many favorites, but not calling anyone out, they did the job to get us back into the championship and tried this season, for quite a few a season too much.
  7. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    All the build up play stops when it gets to the full backs who look to pass square, no vision at all.
  8. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Defenders are coming, WHEN FFS
  9. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Need to replace Danny Graham as well as a goalkeeper and a centre half of very good quality, remember defenders are coming ๐Ÿ™„
  10. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    Oh Matron
  11. EgyptianPete

    Luton Town away

    He did exactly the same with Raya
  12. EgyptianPete

    Millwall Away

    Yes woeful, pedestrian, lack of guile, every pass was either sideways or back, or a 3/5yd pass not to feet, or if the pass got there it didnt stick, truely an awful football match to watch.
  13. EgyptianPete

    Wigan Administration

    Fair point, BUT they have no money to pay players who already took a 30% pay cut, no money for transport, now those said player will all be looking for another club, or certainly the better ones, would you risk injury over the next six games to put you out of contention, i wouldn't want to play, livlehoods at stake.
  14. EgyptianPete

    Wigan Administration

    Lots of hand wringing on the wigan forums, they are hoping Dave whelan will bale them out as he has already said he will try to help but needs to know the extent of debt, rumored to be 24million, so could be a non starter, also fans are asking why 3 weeks ago players contracts were sorted and apparently a new training facility for all this to collapse today, the new owner took over 4 weeks ago, may be something to do with Chinas new legislation they put through last week or was it this week regarding Hong Kong. Also some are having a go at Bradley Dack for some tweet he did which he has said is nothing to do with Wigan as he dosent care what goes on thier, and a few fans are actually defending him due to the dispicable way thier fans taunted him with his injury. Still it all looks dodgy ownership, as some say it could be us but so far Venkys stay loyal.

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