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Found 248 results

  1. Uddersfelt Blue

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Having done the preview for the home game against Town I thought I may as well do the return one, which is effectively a home fixture for me and the small, but loyal group of Rovers fans living in the Kirklees council district. The home fixture produced a 2-2 draw with both teams having mixed fortunes since, Town just escaping the relegation zone and Rovers brushing off a poor October to begin an unbeaten run that sees us on the brink of the play-offs. Rovers are sure to have a good following and with Town having a significant number of season ticket holders, the game should be almost sold out. Town are still finding life tough in the Championship but the signs are that they have enough quality to consolidate in the division. There’s no doubt this game will be a tough one for Rovers particularly without Bradley Dack, who isn’t likely to feature again for Rovers until the end of next year. Whether Rovers jump into the transfer market to replace him remains to be seen, but in the meantime it gives other Rovers players an opportunity. With Town hanging on at the end to beat Forest in their last home game and apparently having chances to get a result at Boro on Boxing Day it will be interesting to see if Rovers can maintain their recent unbeaten run.
  2. Fixtures on this day tend to throw up surprises, for that reason I would prefer to be playing WBA away, but what can you do. I would go 4-4-2 Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Bell Holtby Johnson Travis Downing Gallagher Brereton A win would be just the tonic for last night and Dacks injury.
  3. I think the conversation over on the previous match thread has started to drift towards the Wigan game now, so here's a thread. Unlike the last four, I think this is one of the best timed games we've had in years. Last season, we went on a great run, and the nosebleed began at Brentford (A), a very tough place to go and get points. This year, it'll be extremely difficult to lose against a Wigan side who've won 1 away game in 30. To have gone on that great run this year against some tough sides like Derby, Brentford, Stoke (A), Swansea and Bristol City is really good stuff, but those games are now followed by some relatively easy fixtures. Wigan (H) Birmingham (H) Huddersfield (A) As an expectation you'd want 7 points, and I reckon as a rule most could maybe be justified in expecting all 9 points from our next three. Wigan away from home are the worst side in the division, and I don't think there's a more perfect game to have off the back of our unbeaten run to try and extend it. Q's: What's your line-up for this one? Should Danny Graham be back into the side Does Joe Rankin-Costello finally get a chance? (either on the bench or starting) Can Left-Back Downing deal with the likes of Jamal Lowe, a very fast winger? With very cheap tickets, a few days before Christmas, could we see a bigger crowd, or will the fixture move to a Monday dampen that? Will Tosin Adarabioyo be able to deal with Kieffer Moore? Does Holtby find a way into Mowbray's preferred starting eleven? The worst part is we have to wait a full 9 days from the last game to find out!
  4. The Question is obvious... The answer is not. The option for an unchanged side has been forced upon Mr Mowbray, so what's the plan people if you're in his shoes? Rothwell in the Dack role, Holtby? Nobody in that role and a change in formation?
  5. Just like we need it, straight back into it on Wednesday, let's ride the high. A place we've never had a lot of joy at in my memory, but never a better chance to improve that. Same team Tony, nothing to discuss!
  6. alexanders

    Preston Away

    Hi, I am travelling over from Norway with my dad and younger brother for PNE away. I would appreciate it if anyone who is a ST holder could help me get tickets. Best Regards, Alexander
  7. Genuinely looking forward to this, probably more so than I have for a home game in a long time. Derby not in great form, we're playing some really nice football. I'd absolutely advocate for the same starting eleven from Brentford/Stoke, against a team like Derby who'll play football like the Bees, I see no reason to come away from a winning team. Predictions?
  8. Thankfully not much time to dwell on that abysmal performance against Luton. I missed the last 35 minutes when my feed dropped and I will miss all of this because I will be flying Tuesday night. Forest next up who have the benefit of having played and won at Stoke Friday night to take top slot for 16 hours. They are no great shakes but no weak links either. Nothing exceptional apart from being the dirtiest team I have seen in ages. The niggling fouls come thick and fast stopping the opposition from playing so if we don't have a decent ref on Tuesday, a red card from frustration for one of our players has to be on the cards.... Stoke scored twice by pressing hard up field. Forest simply had to wait for the Stoke unforced errors of which there were at least 30. In truth, they only made the balls ups in Stoke's area count- a more ruthless side would have run up a cricket score. Another lethargic outing like today will cost us heavily. No forecast because this is Rovers- play like drains and we lose, play to our potential and we win. No idea how motivated we will be. Mowbray needs to pick an XI with real desire to win.
  9. So, after one of the best performances of the season in midweek can Rovers maintain the momentum away to lowly Stoke City? Fans have been buoyed by the victory over Brentford but Mowbray's Rovers have a habit of raising hopes only to disappoint in the next game. Stoke are in the bottom 2 but have a new manager in former Northern Ireland boss Michael O'Neill and have won 2 of their last 4 games, albeit victories over fellow strugglers Wigan and Barnsley. In the words of one famous poster, it ought to be a nailed-on Rovers win, but it's never been that simple with this team under Mowbray. Which team will turn up, the one that played so well against Brentford or the team that has too often been so easy to beat? Discuss.
  10. Home banker. License to print money. Case of red ordered. Where's Merce?
  11. Tomorrow sees is play that lot in the under 23 PL Cup at Ewood. As it's against that lot I thought it deserved a thread of it's own. Beating them in any game is important to me. Hopefully we will give them a good stuffing and send them back to their cobbles sulking. I got my tickets on Monday and was told they have 500 and will be in the Darwen End over by the Riverside. Anybody else going?
  12. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Flamengo V River Plate

    Anybody else watch this last night ? I enjoyed it, the atmosphere was fantastic. River Plate were by far the better team for 85 minute but two mistakes killed them. I thought the ref had a good game. He let a lot more go than ref's do over here. It kicked off a bit at the end but that was more to do with the two late goals than anything else.
  13. So last year was simply depressing. 2-1 up into added time and somehow lost the game. What are people's expectations this year? Leeds looking a little less potent this time round, with Marco Bielsa's over-reliance on Patrick Bamford being a downfall in some games, as he's not really banged them in this season. I can't see us keeping a clean sheet here, although I was massively impressed with Adarabioyo last time out vs Sheffield Wednesday. International break follows this one, so has the feeling of a pretty important fixture. For me we have to adopt a similar ethos to our away game at Elland Road last season, we can't expect possession, and I think Rothwell needs to start hear along with Armstrong for some pace on the counter.
  14. Tough one, I'd go for the XI that started against Huddersfield but I'm sure TM won't see it that way. Anyone going to this one, anyone know how many we've sold, and finally, what team would you go with?
  15. Well seeing as no one has started a topic about our next home game I thought I may as well give it a go (although after watching our capitulation last Saturday at QPR I can’t say I’m too enthusiastic). Living a few miles away from the John Smith’s stadium means I keep a close eye on what’s going on there and up to the last couple of weeks have been pretty pleased with their results. A bit of karma after fielding a weakened team at Birmingham in our relegation season? Well maybe not! Just a bit of a coincidence here, back in the 70’s I broke my leg playing at Brockhall, a good few years before Rovers began training there. Last month, my son broke his leg playing at Leeds Rd, just yards from where Huddersfield now train. A good following from Huddersfield expected but I note we’ve only given them 2000 seats in the upper tier. I suspect they will fill that, and more, judging by the interest around here. I still can’t understand why we stick the away fans in the upper tier? It hardly adds to the atmosphere. Town seem to have staved off an immediate drop straight through into League 1 by ditching Jan Siewert and appointing the Cowley brothers from Lincoln. A couple of decent results have kickstarted their season and they will be looking to capitalise on those at Ewood. I can’t say I know much about their current squad but they have retained a few from their time in the Premier League, although Aaron Mooy left on loan to Brighton just after signing a 3 year deal on the basis he wanted Premier League football but isn’t even a regular in the Brighton team (very strange). It will be a tough game against a resurgent Town who shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  16. joey_big_nose

    QPR Away

    Anyone know if tickets are still available? On Rovers website it can't find any? I would be surprised if we sold out, but then we always do have a good following in London...
  17. Proudtobeblue&white

    Blackburn Ladies

    I have searched the site, and cannot find a thread and surely they deserve one? (Sorry if I have missed it.) Having won the triple last year, and cruelly overlooked to go into the PL, I note they are now storming the league. Six wins out of six, for 30, against 1! Do any members go, where do they play, and do the horrors from Pune support them? I just think it would be good if there was some publicity whilst there is a lull in the first team fixtures? Any information as to why they were rejected from the PL, despite an appeal, and the obvious that as soon as Man Ure raise a team, they are fast tracked?
  18. philipl

    Luton Town home

    We have posts discussing the next five games but in the spirit of one game at a time let's talk about Luton. By the way I will settle for five 1-0 wins now, not being greedy or anything. There are plenty expecting us to hammer an outfit which was in League 2 when we were sending expeditionary forces around the nether regions of League 1. And to be honest, having watched a bit of Luton's recent games I have to agree Luton look to be vulnerable for a thrashing at Ewood the way they play. Assuming Tosin's knock is recovered and Rothwell has no more guts left to throw up I would play both and go Walton Wing backs Bennett and Downing Three at the back Adarabioyo Lenaghan Williams Midfield Johnson Hotby Offensive midfield Rothwell Dack Gallagher DG up top Reasoning is Luton play a flat back four zonal marking so there are plenty of opportunities to get round them, in between them and half chances are gifted plentifully which I would entrust Graham with more than anyone else. Luton also have a flat line across the edge of their area which they don't come forwards to block from so having scored from outside the area in each of our last two games there is a definite opportunity to make it three goals from distance in a row for Rovers. Also worth noting Luton defence are neither the quickest nor strongest. They do rely heavily on having an excellent keeper. Going forward Luton tend to play through the middle and strike on sight of goal. That would favour having the back three working together for Rovers. Not making a prediction beyond expecting an open game.
  19. So there is an evening with Matt Jansen on Friday 27th of this month. Tickets are £15 and £10 for the 1875 crew. anybody going ?
  20. Upcoming away game at Reading. 800 Tickets Sold for this one, with on the day ticket sales not incorporated. What do we think, can we improve on last years performance at Reading? Should Travis come back into the side? Or should Buckley continue?
  21. Alejandro Tapia


    Well pals a very importantmatch to us we are on a bad position on table but we only need 3 more points to be on top again... I know that much of you aren't happy with the development from our Rovers by far but let's face it what did you spect against many of the stongest rivals in this division...i think we had showed actually that we have a enough competitive squad and that we can aspire to top 10 this season... Millwall is the first of some much more doable matches i belive on my colors and i know we can do it. We only need to pass the ball constantly and quick enough keep focus the complete 90 minutes and they will be lost... We have better offensive and midfield I spect another great macth from Downing and a victory from our Rovers by 2-0 #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB #TheMexicanRover
  22. AAK

    West Brom Away

    Again, fair prices from the baggies, top priced ticket at £20 is very good. Whos on that one?
  23. Bigdoggsteel


    I thought this thread had been started, but I can't find it. Apologies if I missed it Nice game to have to test where we are at. A win here and things will be looking bright. I still have concerns about our strength in depth in some areas, but I think we have a better 11-14 than last season. Huge pity Cunningham can't play, I was getting used to us having a 75% Irish backline A few dilemmas for Mowbray now, the left back position one, but the the main one being does he start Graham. Any word on what Breretons injury is? I would go with the following. I just think Bell is so shot in confidence and ultimately ineffective , that I would chance Hart. If the Cunningham signing has in any way kicked Bell up the arse, then maybe him, but I would have big doubts. The issue I am beginning to find most perplexing, even in light of improved performances is Armstrong over Rothwell. I don't know if we can hope Johnson and Downing will play every game, but it's pretty clear that the two of them are quality that we have lacked for a good few years, arguably since we went down. Walton Bennett Lenihan Williams Hart Travis Johnson Rothwell Dack Downing Gallagher As for Cardiff. Neil Warnock manages them, they signed Flint. I think we all know what we can expect from them. Will be a scrap.
  24. Peteb2014

    Hull (A)

    I couldn't see anything for this so thought would try and get some debate going as it is only just over 24 hours away I am going to go for a dull 0 - 0 I think here. I am going to go for a shock and say that we will for once name the same XI

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