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  1. blueboy3333

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    AFC Bournemouth - AKA 'The Cherries' - so nicknamed because of the colour of their original strip or because Dean Court, their original ground, was next to some estate that had various cherry orchards. Their current strip was nicked off AC Milan in the early 70's. The bloody nerve. Originally called Boscombe FC and then later Bournemouth & Boscombe FC, they only became AFC Bournemouth in 1972 at the behest of a certain John Bond (managed Burnley for a year and sold all their best players - Legend). The Dingle connection still persists in the guise of Howe and Stanislas, who felt sorry for them yesterday and let them win 4-0. They hold the record for the longest ever continuous stay in the 3rd division and have spent most of their existence in the bottom 2 divisions. They only reached the 2nd tier for the first time in 1987 under Harry Redknapp, and the top flight for the first time in 2015 under Howe. Josh King, and that winger we recently sold whose name escapes me, are the only two players I can think of who have played for both clubs. I have the memory of a goldfish not long out of a coma though so there could be thousands of them. Bournemouth are currently owned by Harry Redknapp's dog. Apparently we are resting a load of players (according to Rich Sharpe) and the likes of Brereton and Rodwell could make their debuts. Thread here from their forum on who they may select to play https://bournemouth-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/blackburn-line-up.6914/ Tough game after a run of other tough games. It may be close, we may get smashed, jumpers for goalposts, may the best team win on penalties... We bested Howe when under the stewardship of Sir Gary back in 2014. More of this please:- Up The Rovers. Lets pip The Cherries.
  2. Blackburn Rovers return to league action to take on Nottingham Forest. Rovers come into the match on the back of league cup defeat to Bournemouth. Nottingham Forest will come into the match after they take on Stoke City in the league cup. However currently their last league math was a victory against Rotherham United last weekend. Ben Brereton, I expect will be unable to play this weekend as he is still technically owned by Nottingham Forest. Mowbray will hope to have Charlie Mulgrew back from injury, however he will be without the services of Derrick Williams as he was sent off in the match against Bournemouth in the league cup. In this video I spoke with Rich Ferraro of the Forest Ramble Podcast. He gave me his thoughts on Brereton and his expectations for Forest this season. We also look at a few players who have played for both Rovers and Forest and we get a terrible prediction from the Cat. Please like, share and subscribe. Rich Ferraro's Forest Ramble Podcast : https://forestramble.com Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw
  3. A great team performance. Sure, there will be individual mistakes but it’s great to see the rest of the team put their bodies on the line to relieve the pressure! An assessment of player performance v Stoke Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya * ** **** * Nyambe * ******** ***** * Lenihan *** ****************** ****** * Williams ***************** ** Bell ******** ***** * Smallwood * ******* ** Evans *** ******** ** Bennett ** ************** * Reed(78) * ******* ** Dack(83) ** ************ *** * Graham(83) ***** ************** ** Rothwell(78) ** * Brereton(83) * * Armstrong(83) * * Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 6. Bennett is filling in at left back but his short pass puts Bell under pressure. He gets the ball back and retreats dangerously into the box. His attempted clearance is poor and Stoke knock the ball back into the box towards Ince but Lenihan saves the day with a great interception. 13. Ince turns Bell inside out in the box and crosses dangerously. Fortunately Allen couldn’t react quickly enough and pushes the ball past the post. Goal kick and a real let-off! 21. Some impressively persistent play by Nyambe when twice he keeps the ball in play and keeps the attack alive…..but Dack is closed down. 22. Unnecessary bobbling back pass from Smallwood puts Raya under a bit of pressure and he slices the ball into the crowd. 26. Excellent multi-player move! Bell takes the throw, Dack nutmegs a Stoke man, nice interaction between Smallwood and Bennett and the ball is pumped into the corner for Graham. Graham does brilliantly to hold off his man and lay off to Bell, Bennett and Reed are involved again and finally Smallwood pushes the ball into the box. It’s deflected but Dack is on it, he holds off the defender and sweeps the ball into the net off the right post! 30. Outrageous but wonderful dummy by Graham. Nice, one-touch football by everyone! 33. Noticeable that right now…..everyone is chasing everything! 33. Also interesting here; one sloppy pass can lead to danger! Smallwood’s pass to Nyambe is just too short, he can’t control it, Reed tries to help but Diouf sprints away from them both. It looks dangerous but Evans and Reed and Nyambe all get back to crowd the Stoke man out. Real teamwork! The ball still comes back into the Rovers box, however, but guess who’s there to head away? Danny Graham! He then sprints out to slide tackle the ball into touch. Even TM is applauding! 35. Nyambe fails to prevent the cross, Lenihan’s header is weak, Evans manages to prod the ball away, the ball comes back though. Evans wins the ball well but his pass puts Graham under pressure. He tries a dragback on the edge of the box and loses the ball! Panic time! Reed does well to harass the Stoke man out of the box but back they come. This time Williams does the clean-up. Phew! 37. Stoke corner………….the ball is headed away by Graham but it sits up nicely for the Stoke man. Evans and Nyambe hurl their bodies into harm’s way and Evans blocks the shot! Bennett flies after the rebound and Stoke are forced back to the keeper. Great to see the commitment! 42. At the moment, Evans is very noticeable because of his constant harrying. 43. Bennett launches the perfect, long ball downfield, Graham springs the offside trap and he’s away. Beautiful, professional, one on one finish; sweeping the ball into the net. What a game Danny’s having! 45. Graham shows great control as he lays off a long free kick to Bell. Williams hits a long ball downfield, Bennett controls on his chest then slides the sweetest of balls into the box for Dack. Dack squares the ball to Reed who manages to move his feet fast enough to put the ball in the net! Commentator’s quote “Surely that puts this game to bed!” Stoke fans’ boos echo round the ground. 49. Bennett is dispossessed and the cross comes in. Great positioning by Lenihan to head behind for a corner. Goal-saving effort. 51. Stoke corner. Raya comes but makes minimal contact. Cleaned up by Lenihan again. 52. Fantastic commitment under pressure from Lenihan on the edge of the box as he hurls his head at a dangerous, incoming ball. The ref calls it a foul!!! Speechless! The free kick is punched away by Raya but it doesn’t leave the box and needs Evans and Lenihan yet again to throw their bodies at the incoming shot. 54. Dack sticks in a foot to break up an attack. Graham carries the ball into Stoke’s half and lays an exquisite ball through to Dack in the D. His shot is saved and his follow-up hits the post. He’s gotta get one of those! Stoke swarm downfield, Bell doesn’t cover his man and the cross ping-pongs around. Williams and Bennett manage to frustrate the attack. 59. 37 year old, 6’7” Crouch on! He has immediate impact heading down the first corner. Dack miskicks, Williams miskicks, then Dack falls over and the ball is fired over the bar! Blind panic! 61. Bell is done on his inside again and Smallwood has to hurl himself forward to block the shot. 63. Good collect by Raya as Allen crosses into the box. 69. Berahino drops his shoulder and foxes Bell completely. More ping-pong until Smallwood smashes the ball downfield. 72. Olés from the Rovers fans! 74. For goodness sake! Another pointless overhit free kick from Raya straight to the Stoke goalie. 75. Commentators are talking about the stream of Stoke fans leaving the ground. Am I imagining it……or are the Rovers players starting to look a bit complacent? 78. A long ball into the box, Crouch beats Nyambe and heads down, Lenihan misses it, Berahino beats Williams to the ball and bundles it into the net. Raya is totally wrong-footed. 79. A lovely ball into the Rovers box, floats over Lenihan, Williams tries to cover by throwing himself at the ball but Berahino crosses, Bell sticks out a leg but Ince scores. Flipping heck! Share the blame between that lot. Cool heads needed! 81. Etobo skins Nyambe and gets to the line in the box. His cross is met by Crouch’s head 3m out. The ball hits Raya’s chest but I don’t think he knew much about it. Evans clears off the line and Lenihan boots it clear!! At least, that’s my take on it. I only have one camera angle! The stadium is on fire! Dack is injured. Pandemonium! 87. Shawcross is winning every header since Graham went off! 89. Long ball into the Rovers box, Lenihan pushes over Berahino. PENALTY!! Berahino smashes the ball against the crossbar!!!!!!!!!! As a sidenote…….. from the clearance, Brereton has the chance to do a Graham and relieve pressure but instead he falls over! 91. Stoke corner…..Raya comes for it and catches………..Worth a * at this stage! 94. Armstrong plays a nice ball out of defence to Rothwell………………Rovers have 2 on 1. Brereton makes his run but Rothwell’s ball is terrible and Stoke have the ball. 96. Final whistle but I can’t see any huge beaming smiles…………….I think it’s just sheer relief!
  4. Dreams of 1995


    Apologies for the delay in this thread. I have been busier than expected! ROVERS vs Stoke City - 22nd September 2018. First of all I thought it wise to compare our current position to this time last season. Occasionally we have tendencies to let ourselves get rather worked up by a poor string of results, or disappointing performances, or BBQs. It's important to remember how far we have come in 12 months. The last time I wrote a match review was Rovers vs Wigan last season. In it I called it the last chance saloon for Mowbray unless we won - we didn't. I called for his sacking that night and genuinely believed we wouldn't get anywhere with him in charge. In one of my more humbling of moments I'm happy to say how wrong I was. Under Mowbray's leadership we've seen a tremendous upturns in fortunes. There's still work to do, make no mistake, but what a 12 months it has been. On the 16th September we lost 1-0 at home to AFC Wimbledon. On the 23rd September we drew to Shrewsbury 1-1 thanks to a last minute goal by Dack. After that Shrewsbury game we sat 9th in League 1 a whole 44 places behind Burnley, 10 places behind Bolton and 30 places behind Preston in the football league. We had Ward and Caddis in our back 4; a bench that comprised of Antonson, Hart & Whittingham. Fast forward a year and we are ahead of both Preston & Bolton and only 14 places behind Burnley in the football league. Our bench is strong - Rothwell, Palmer, Brereton and Reed on the bench. Things look a lot brighter. We have Dack in attack, Mulgrew at the back... We are on our way to Stoke. Stoke City Stoke-on-Trent. A city famous for Phil Taylor, a river, pottery, Rory Delapy's long throw, Port Vale, the BNP, Stanley Matthews, football hooliganism and..ducks. There's not much I can say about Stoke City except those going be careful - between the "Naughty Forty", all pushing way over 60 by now ironically, and the women you'll be safe to get out with both eyes. It's not far from Manchester and not far from Birmingham. Somewhere in between. Honestly, there's really not much to say. They make a good vase and like a good punch up. It's about it. In terms of football it is a club with a rich history. The aforementioned Stanley Matthews could play a bit. He had a career spanning well over 30 years which is remarkable considering there was a war of sorts in between. A player who earned accolades from greats such as Cloughie, who said, in his own way "they don't make them like him anymore". They have also had a decent keeper in the past too. World Cup winner Gordon Banks who is also the club President. It's worth noting that the nations favourite football pundit has also tried his luck at management here too. Our very own Kammy had a go in the 90s but, as you'd expect, he didn't see the year out. Unbelievable Jeff. Our History We have beaten Stoke 42 times and they have beaten us 35 (all lucky) with 15 draws. However the last time we beat them in the league was in 2008 so here's to 10 years lucky. The last time we played Stoke City we hammered them 4-1. Josh King bagged himself a hat trick before going on to run the Premier League and Rudy Gestede got a goal, before he too went off to run the, err, line for Villa or something. Where is he now? The day a rather large fella by the name of Peter Crouch got a goal. Remarkably he still plays. The days of the "long-ball Stoke" seem to have gone as they try to play a more attractive form of football but, clearly, they still hang on to the weapon of height. Something tells me he'll fancy his chances against a Rovers side that has shown themselves to be fairly poor in the air. There is a player called Mame Biram Diouf for them. You might remember him from his season long loan at Rovers in our "better" years. Not a great player to be honest and reckon he was only here to try and calm El Hadji down back then. Likewise they bought N'Zonzi from us. A fantastic player who really came into his own whilst at Stoke. They bought him for a pittance of £3million pounds so a little come back this weekend will go a long way - they'll only owe us a further £45million then for his true worth. Class act. They too have been managed by Mark Hughes, of course, although I think we may look back at him more fond than they do. His "big money" signings like Imbula couldn't hack the rigours of English football and he was eventually hounded out by the ducks and sacked. He's in a better place now though. Stoke's Current Fortunes Stoke are now managed by Garry Rowett. A man who got Derby to the play offs last season. Rowett strikes me as a "nearly man" having "nearly" turned Birmingham City's fortunes around also. His start hasn't been the greatest but they got a good win vs Swansea on the weekend. They are currently below us in the table on 9 points - 2 points behind us and will be 5 points behind us come Saturday evening. Their current squad is littered with full internationals: Joe Allen, Jack Butland, Martins Indi, Affelay, Fletcher and of course have the likes of Shawcross (thug) and Bojan. None will be a match for King Smallwood though so it's not too much of a worry. They also have the rather thuggish James McClean so here's to hoping Smallwood puts an end to that lads disgraces early on. Predictions This will be undoubtedly a tough game. Stoke are still fresh out of the Premier League and we'll be on their own turf. I strongly back this squad against any team this league so I can see yet another score draw. 2-2 for me with a late goal by one side - they aren't too good at holding onto leads either. Dack and Armstrong to score. It will be a good day - easy to travel too, should take some good numbers and a pretty decent ground to watch the game in. Let's go ducks (did I use it right?)
  5. D-side17

    Bogey grounds

    I'm going to the game tomorrow and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember seeing us win or even draw at Stoke. I had a look on the Soccerbase website at our head-to-head record against Stoke to check whether I was right and discovered that I have been to watch Rovers at Stoke five times and we have lost each time. I first went in 1988 when they beat us 2:1 bringing our 20+ game unbeaten run to an end. Since then, we have lost four and won two games at Stoke. Needless to say, I missed the two wins but was there for each of the defeats. That got me thinking about whether I have any other bogey grounds and two immediately came to mind - West Ham and Leicester. Having checked on Soccerbase, I have discovered that my records at those two teams’ grounds are: Leicester Games: 8 Wins: 0 Draws: 3 Losses: 5 West Ham Games: 10 Wins: 0 Draws: 2 Losses: 8 So, I have watched Rovers play 23 times away at those three teams and I have yet to see us win. I’m hoping to break that duck tomorrow…… Does anybody else have a personal bogey ground that beats my records at Stoke, Leicester and West Ham??
  6. Blackburn Rovers picked up a massive 3 points after scrapping a cheeky away win against Stoke City. Rovers actually cruised to a three goal lead by the opening minutes of the 2nd half, and looked to have secured the win without breaking too much of sweat. However Stoke clawed their way back into the match, scoring a quick fire double to leave Rovers scrambling. Rovers nearly threw the points away as an effort by sub Peter Crouch nearly made its way into the net, but Blackburn can thank David Raya for his big body save. The drama was not over for Rovers as Stoke were awarded a penalty in the dying stages of the match, which Stoke failed to convert. A lucky escape in the end. As for the goals, one for Bradley Dack (of course), Danny Graham and the third by Harrisom Reed. In this video we take a detailed look back at the match, look at the match stats, hear feed back from the gaffa aswell as what the fans are thinking Stoke City: Butland, Pieters, Allen, Ince, Etebo (Bojan, 89), Afobe (Crouch, 60), Martins Indi, Shawcross (c), Diouf (Berahino, 46), Martina, Woods. Unused substitutes: Federici, Williams, Fletcher, Crouch, Bojan, Edwards. Goals: Crouch, 79, Ince, 80 Booked: Woods, 15 Rovers: Raya, Nyambe, Lenihan, Williams, Bell, Reed (Rothwell, 80), Evans, Smallwood, Bennett (c), Dack (Brereton, 84), Graham (Armstrong, 84). Unused substitutes: Leutwiler, Downing, Travis, Palmer. Goals: Dack, 26, Graham, 44, Reed, 46. Booked: Bennett, 90 😅 Referee: Tony Harrington. Attendance: 25,673 (1,855 away) Likes, shares and subs appreciated. Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw
  7. Post match discussion in this one... including MOTM poll!
  8. 'There's a lot more to argue about this time.....but I tried my best! An assessment of player performance v Derby Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya *** **** ** Nyambe * ********** **** * Lenihan **************** '***** ** Williams ** *********** ***** Bell * ******* ****** *** Smallwood ********* ********** * Evans ** ********** ********* Conway(31) ** **** Dack * ****** *** ** Palmer(51) * ****** ********** Armstrong(63) ** ** **** Graham(31) * *********** ** * Bennett(51) * ** Reed(63) *** Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 5. Rovers looking OK in the first 5 minutes but now Raya decides to take one touch too many on Williams’ backpass as Nugent closes in. His panicky clearance goes to a Derby man but he can’t make the most of it. 9. A Rovers attack breaks down and Derby surge forward. Bell can’t get anywhere near Derby’s Bennett and the cross comes in. Lenihan is in no man’s land and Josefzoon heads wide. 10. Derby pass their way through Rovers defence…..where is Palmer? Bell has too much to do and Williams is too far from his man. Mount blasts over a glorious chance. 10. Dack scuffs a long range shot. 13. Evans slides a nice ball through for Armstrong who drives into the box. Keogh challenges and it looks like a penalty. The ref disagrees. 14. A lovely long ball cuts through the entire Rovers defence to Nugent. Raya makes the save but Nugent was offside anyway. 16. Nyambe’s throw is too short and Raya is out of his box as Nugent runs in. Raya miskicks into the crowd. 19. Terrible free kick by Raya goes for a Derby goal kick! 20. Good crunching tackle from Williams breaks up a fluid Derby attack. 24. Excellent challenge by Palmer wins Rovers a goal kick. (don’t do that in the box too often Casey!) 25. Evans and Smallwood lose the midfield battle; Mount’s shot from distance is deflected over the bar. The corner is missed by everyone and the ball falls in front of goal. Lenihan and Williams both get in good challenges and Palmer hoofs it upfield. 26. Nyambe is done by the winger and the cross comes in, Bell heads into the D to Mount who’s shot is deflected for another corner! In it comes and Tomori running in at speed gets about a foot higher than anyone else…….but the ball skims off his head. The rebound comes back to him and he performs a bicycle kick from about 3m out. The ball hits Evans on the line and Williams lunges in to prevent the goal. Total panic stations! It’s interesting to re-read the first line of the paragraph to see how it all started! 29. Bell and Williams are taken apart in another attack as Bogle runs into the box but his shot is well saved by Raya. Conway presents the ball to Derby and they come again. The shot comes in and hits Williams’ backside, more panic and the ball is cleared long to Armstrong but, of course, holding up the ball is not his game! Here they come again! 30. it’s pretty hard to apportion blame each time as Rovers are all at sea. Bell is done again and Raya tries to take the ball but slides out of his box and has to release! As he hares back to goal, he flings himself horizontal to make another save! 31. When the ball goes out, Graham comes on for Conway. Palmer fails to get in a challenge as Bogle hits one from outside the box. Raya saves. 40. A bit quieter now but Bennett runs straight through midfield (Smallwood and Evans had both pushed higher into Derby’s half) and launches a shot that Raya helps round the post. 42. Bell is dispossessed on the wing but the dangerous attack fizzles out. 45. Miscontrol by Smallwood leads to another Derby attack but the cross is poor. 46. Smallwood stands off and the cross comes in, Bell heads clear. 46. Smallwood, Graham and Dack conspire to allow Derby in again! 47 Yet another poor pass from Evans. Bell is dispossessed again on the wing. Palmer clatters the Derby man for a foul. 48. Poor clearance by Lenihan ends up with Smallwood fouling the Derby man 25+m out from goal. Here we go again! The wall looks good but Mount smashes the ball over it and hits the bar. Raya was beaten. Nyambe does well to scramble the ball clear and win a throw in in the Derby half. 55. Bell is rolled by the Derby man but his shot is poor. 58. A hopeful long ball from Lenihan finds Graham who nods it into Dack’s path as he runs into the box. He takes it round the goalie but he’s forced wide and his shot hits the side netting. He usually scores them! 59. A lovely ball from Armstrong sends Evans into the box but his shot is very ordinary. 60. A nice ball from Dack to Armstrong on the edge of the box…..just offside! 61. More neat play from Derby and Lenihan intercepts well inside the box. 62. Good grief! Armstrong leaves the winger unmarked, he turns the ball in towards goal. Lenihan can’t get there, Williams tries to chest it, Raya flaps, 2 Derby men throw themselves at the ball, Smallwood makes some kind of contact and the ball ends up in Raya’s arms! 63. Bell is done again by the Derby man but Williams flies in to block his shot. 65. Smallwood’s pass is short allowing Derby to charge towards goal. The cross is cut out by Lenihan. 69. Awful pass by Graham sets up the Derby man for a long shot on goal…….weak effort. 71. A Graham and Dack interaction allows Graham a shot on goal but it’s weak. 72. Some neat interplay between Reed and Nyambe sends Reed into the box but his cross is blocked. 74. Rubbish free kick by Dack. 76. Nyambe does well to hold off the newly arrived Wilson in the box. Wilson dives claiming a penalty! 86. Nyambe and Williams fail to deal with Mount's long ball forwards. The ball comes back to Mount and his shot is a metre wide. Eventually the ball reaches Elliot Bennett who unleashes a shot from 30m……..just past the left post! 87. Poor pass by Lenihan invites more pressure. Fortunately Evans makes a great intervention.
  9. Next up for Blackburn Rovers is another tricky away match when they head to the Bet365 Stadium to take on Stoke City. Blackburn come into this match off the back of a 0-0 draw against Derby County, whereas Stoke City come into this match fresh off the back of a victory against Swansea City. Rovers will hope to have Captain Fantastic back in the lineup after Charlie has missed the midweek match against Derby. In this video we count down to kick off with a look at the current form books of both Stoke and Rovers. We also have a chat with David Cowlishaw from the Wizards of Drivel podcast. Finally we get a cheeky, if not horrendous prediction from Cass the Cat. Wizards of Drivel Podcast: https://wizardsofdrivel.com/ Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw
  10. Blackburn Rovers escape Pride Park with a share of the points as Derby County fail to make all their possession and dominance count in a game that Rovers struggled to get into. In a match that offered very little to get excited about from a Rovers point of view, the only major opportunity that went our way was a Bradley Dack effort that went close. Derby on the other hand, looked a real threat from the off, and were so dominant that Tony Mowbray had to make a mid first half substitution. Conway was removed with Danny Graham coming on. Rovers did start to impose themselves in the last 15 minutes, but we could not really threaten Derby. However despite the terrible performance, I expect Rovers manger and fans are elated with the result. In this video we hear from the gaffa Tony Mowbray about the result. Also we get some fan input from both Rovers fan Rob Young and Chris Parsons from the Steve Bloomers Washing Podcast. All that and much more. Likes, shares and subs always appreciated. Derby County: Carson, Forsyth, Bryson, Tomori, Keogh (c), Mount, Josefzoon (Wilson, 69), Johnson, Bennett (Waghorn, 77), Nugent (Marriott, 79), Bogle. Unused substitutes: Roos, Wisdom, Huddlestone, Malone. Booked: Waghorn, 90. Rovers: Raya, Nyambe, Lenihan, Williams, Bell, Evans, Smallwood, Conway (c) (Graham, 31), Dack, Palmer (Bennett, 53), Armstrong (Armstrong, 64). Unused substitutes: Leutwiler, Reed, Rothwell, Brereton, Downing. Booked: Williams, 46, Palmer, 48, Lenihan, 90. Referee: Darren England. Attendance: 23,580.
  11. Name: Derby County FC Stadium: Pride Park Manager: Super Frankie Lampard Form: Pretty good, 12pts from 7 games. Strip: Laughably boring compared to our hallowed halves. Derby County are famously a perennial second division team in modern times, being humiliated during their brief forays into the Premier League (I'm looking at you, 'Giles Barnes'). Derby are generally a club that hovers around the play-off places, while our season in this league is (to my mind) one with aims to hit midtable. Their history consists of being notable as one of our fellow founder members of the Football League in 1888, and among the select ten clubs to have competed in every season of the English football league system. The club's home colours have been black and white since the 1890s. It appropriated its nickname The Rams, a tribute to its links with the First Regiment of Derby Militia, which took a ram as its mascot and the song "The Derby Ram" as its regimental song, at the same time. Their honours consist of 2 First Divisions, 4 Second Divisions, 1 Third Division, 1 FA Cup, and a Charity Shield. Now while we have a smug giggle at their comparatively crap list of honours compared to ours, here are some interesting notes: We played Derby in the first game 125th Anniversary season of the FL, as fellow founder members in 2013; a game treasured in the minds of Rovers fans as being one of the few games Leon Best made himself useful before turning out to be a complete arsewipe. Aside from that, I have no real memory of our matches against them. Players in common: Andy Todd, Jay McEveley, Kasey Palmer, Frank Fielding... I know there are many others, but I'm struggling. I did ask a Derby supporting pal of mine, Tim, to answer some questions. He answered them at 3am Sunday morning, which may explain his bizarre answers: 1. What do you think of the season so far, and what are your aims? We're shit, how could we lose to bloody Rotherham. What a waste. Relegation is looming! 2. Who are your star players? Anyone at Rovers you're scared of? Star players?? Ha! Lampard should dust his boots off and teach our lot a thing or two! Honestly, Rotherham? Frigging Rotherham?? No wonder the missus left me last night, that loss left me a quivering wreck! 3. Predictions for the match vs Rovers? How can I get her back Mike? I'm a shell without her! I'm sure he doesn't read this mb, but nonetheless I share all our thanks to Tim for his remarkable insight. Personally, I think we'll get another draw. They'll be looking for a reaction after their result this weekend, but we have fight in us: 1-1.
  12. A poor TV picture and no commentary made this more difficult than usual. An assessment of player performance v Villa Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya ******* * Nyambe ********* *** ** Lenihan ******************** ****** *** Mulgrew *** ************* *** Bell ********* **** ** Smallwood(66) ********** *** Evans(57) ******** *** Bennett ** *********** ****** Dack *** *********** Armstrong(72) * ******* ******* Graham ** ************ Brereton(57) *** *** Reed(66) * ******** ** Williams(72) * * Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 1. Bell is pushed off the ball by Grealish who then keeps the full back at bay as he sweeps down the wing to deliver a cross. A wee bit too long fortunately. 10. Poor corner by Mulgrew but the ball comes back to him and after some tricky footwork he delivers a wicked ball to the far post where Dack and Lenihan challenge but it looks to me like the Villa player heads it towards goal and the keeper saves on the line with his legs. The Rovers players claim the ball had crossed the line! 18. Excellent hold up play by Bennett as he receives the ball, holds off the defender then lays off inside to Smallwood. Yet another challenge by Bennett prevents a clearance on the edge of the Villa box and sets up an attack. 23. Amazing footwork by Dack from a throw in completely bamboozles 2 Villa defenders but he is outmuscled as he takes his shot and the ball runs through to the goalie. 26. Another great free kick from the wing by Mulgrew is headed into the net by Dack but it’s ruled offside. Whisker thin margin. 27. Initially Armstrong does well to take the ball and set off on one of his direct runs at goal. He is dispossessed but Bennett steps in and slides the ball into the box……..Armstrong misses badly but maybe he heard the offside whistle? 28. Lenihan falls over and the Villa man has a direct run at goal. He seems to stumble as Smallwood comes in to challenge! Strong claims for a penalty go unheeded. Tight call! 29. Lenihan is unchallenged but gives his clearing header straight to a Villa man. There is a dangerous attack but fortunately someone strays offside. 30. Blimey! This time Lenihan slices his attempted clearance into the sky and it drops on the edge of the box. After a bit of panic, Bennett does well to put the ball out of play. 31. Nyambe is turned every which way by the winger who gets in his cross. Raya plucks it from the air. 33. Rovers chasing shadows here! The cross comes in but Abraham’s header is easily saved by Raya. 36. Smallwood is done by Grealish. Evans can’t lay a glove on him either as he strolls right across the box. He lays it off but the incoming shot is weak. Scary! 38. Yet again Bennett’s persistence turns what should have been a simple Villa clearance into an attacking opportunity for Rovers. 43. Another excellent hold up and lay off by Graham. 47. A dangerous free kick comes in and Mulgrew’s man heads it on. Fortunately Chester, in a good position, heads over. 51. Evans wins a brave header but Smallwood miscontrols and that’s all it takes to send Grealish off again! Lenihan comes in with a clumsy challenge but the ball runs to Abraham. Mulgrew gets in a half-tackle but Abraham still manages a weak shot. Raya saves comfortably. Lenihan is booked………..if the ref hadn’t played advantage, Villa would have a kick in a very dangerous position! 53. A good ball by Smallwood is collected by Bell who attacks. He passes to Armstrong who puts in a great, first-time cross. Graham grazes the crossbar. 54. Another terrible throw in from Bell goes to a Villa man to set up a dangerous attack. Eventually Abraham’s header flashes past the post! 55. Abraham holds off Lenihan too easily and feeds Adomah in the box. Twice Nyambe fails to prevent him sending dangerous low crosses acoss the box. Bell fluffs his chance to clear but Armstrong boots it upfield eventually. 60. Armstrong puts in a decent cross and Brereton takes it down nicely on his chest and swivels but there’s too many defenders and the ball comes to the edge of the box where Smallwood’s shot is disappointing. 69. Nice ball by Reed sets up Nyambe for the cross but Graham can only get in a weak, off-target header. 70. Lenihan slips over again (that’s three I reckon!)…..leading eventually to a shot flashing past the post again…….probably off-target due to a desperate tackle attempt by Reed. 74. A tenacious run by Reed takes him into the box. He lays it back to Mulgrew on the wing who shows fancy footwork and crosses into the box. Panic erupts and Graham directs the ball towards the goal; Dack flicks it into the net. 83. A mishit Dack corner bobbles past 3 defenders, put off I think by Mulgrew’s run. Williams tries a shot but it’s blocked. Brereton collects but is tackled and goes down too easily. 91. Clumsy tackle by Reed gives Villa a free kick 5m outside the box. Raya seems satisfied with the wall but the strike beats him all ends up! (mind you, it was a cracker). I don’t understand why Nyambe was stood 2m away from the rest of the wall…….and he ducks out of the way! I don’t have the multi angle Sky camera analysis unfortunately. 93. A poor headed clearance falls to Reed on the edge of the box but his shot is well over the top.
  13. No rest for Blackburn Rovers as we are back on the road for some midweek Championship action when we head to Pride Park to take on Derby County. Rovers come into the match fresh off the back of a draw against Aston Villa at Ewood Park on the weekend. Derby County on the other hand come into this match on the back of a defeat to Rotherham United on the road, which saw both Tom Lawrence and manager Frank Lampard sent off. In this video I speak with Derby County supporter and Steve Bloomer's Washing Podcast host Chris Parsons about the buildup to the match. We also have some team stats and a cheeky prediction from the Cat. Please like, share and subscribe. Steve Bloomer's Washing Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/steve-bloomers-washing/id1265416808?mt=2 Chris Parson Twitter - @ChrisParsons274 Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw
  14. Proudtobeblue&white

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    As the International break is upon us, an apposite time to look ahead to our next Championship match. After both teams were thumped 4-1 last weekend, we sit 13th and 12th respectively, same 9 points, our negative goal difference, the difference! A good performance essential, now that we are back at Ewood and on the telly box. Our most famous defendant must be fit, after a few bouts of unpaid work, and hopefully back for the day job? Anyway, I play five-a-side on a Thursday, and one of my fellow fifty something five-a-siders is a Villa fan. More interestingly, his son is a budding radio football commentator and has done a bit already on BBC Radio Lancs, so thanks Rick and Scott for the following (they apologise for the cut and paste Wiki history!) : Questions for a Villa fan! A short history of your club?( Aston Villa F.C. were formed in March 1874, by four members of the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel (known as early as 1867 as Aston Villa Wesleyan Chapel)[1] in Lozells. The four founders were Jack Hughes, Frederick Matthews, Walter Price and William Scattergood. The first match was against the local Aston Brook St Mary's Rugby team.[2][3] As a condition of the match, the Villa side had to agree to play the first half under rugby rules and the second half under football rules. The club were soon playing the modern version of football though and the club won its first FA Cup in 1887.[4] Aston Villa were one of the dozen teams that competed in the inaugural Football League in 1888 with one of the club's directors, William McGregor being the league's founder. Aston Villa emerged as the most successful English club of the Victorian era. By the end of Villa's "Golden Age" at the start of the First World War, the club had won the League Championship six times and the FA Cup five times.[4] Aston Villa won their sixth FA Cup in 1920.[4] For the remainder of the inter-war years though, Villa were on a slow decline that would lead to them being relegated to the Second Division in 1936 for the first time in their history. They returned to the top-tier of English football by the outbreak of the Second World War. As with many clubs, the war brought much change to Villa Park and remainder of the 1940s were spent rebuilding the team. By 1957, Villa were a Cup winning side once again with the club's seventh FA Cup win. Even though Villa won the inaugural League Cup in 1960, the club were to enter into a very unsuccessful period. The 1960s saw much change at Villa Park. By the end of the 1960s, Villa were languishing in the Second Division and fan pressure led to the resignation of the Board and the introduction of Doug Ellis as Villa Chairman. The club was then relegated to the Third Division. In the 1971–72 season Aston Villa returned to the Second Division as champions with a record 70 points. In 1974 Ron Saunders was appointed manager and by 1975 he had led the club back into the First Division and into European competition.[2][3] The club was back among the elite and it continued to have much success under Saunders and won the league in the 1980–81 season. Saunders' resignation halfway through the 1981–82 season came as a surprise, with the club in the quarter-final of the European Cup. He was replaced by his assistant manager Tony Barton who guided them to 1–0 victory over Bayern Munich in the European Cup final in Rotterdam.[4] However, winning the cup marked a pinnacle and the club fell steadily down the League standings over the next five years and was relegated in 1987. However, the club was promoted the following year and achieved second place in the Football League in 1989. Villa was one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992, and finished runners-up to Manchester United in the inaugural season. The 1990s was a decade of inconsistency; the club had three different managers and league positions were unpredictable, despite winning two League Cups.[5] They reached the FA Cup Final for the first time since 1957 in 2000, but lost 1–0 to Chelsea in the last game to be played at the old Wembley Stadium.[6] Once again Villa's league position fluctuated under various managers and in the summer of 2006, David O'Leary left under acrimonious circumstances.[7] Martin O'Neill soon arrived and received a rapturous reception.[8] After 23 years as chairman and largest shareholder, owning approximately 38% of the club, Doug Ellis decided to sell his stake to Randy Lerner, the owner of the NFL franchise Cleveland Browns.[9] The arrival of a new owner and manager marked the start of sweeping changes throughout the club, including a new crest, a new kit sponsor and new players in the summer of 2007.[10][11] After several years of narrowly avoiding the drop, Villa were relegated at the end of the 2015–16 season. Best moments? Undoubtedly winning the League in 1980-81 followed by the European Cup in 81-82 season. However, beating Manchester United 3-1 in the 1994 League Cup Final is up there What did you make of pre-season? Is there stability at the club? Overall our pre-season went well with a few of the youngsters coming through. However, the start of the close season was dominated by talk of the club going into administration and having to sell at least £40 million of talent to stave off breaching FFP regulations. We were partially bought (55%) by new owners worth £49 billion in June which has removed any problem with liquidity and we have now gone into the market adding 6 new players (2 bought and 4 loans). Stability in the form of Steve Bruce has been maintained and we have just appointed a new CEO, Christian Purslow, who is ex Liverpool and Chelsea. Both clubs have made a decent start to the season ( save for this weekend’s fixtures when we both got tubbed!)). From a Villa fans point of view, with all that was happening pre-season, what were your expectations for the campaign, and is nothing less that automatic promotion expected/possible and/or attainable? Early in pre-season it seemed that survival was the aim for this year as all the loans went back and we were looking to sell all the crown jewels. However, the new investors have changed that and we are now expecting automatic promotion given the quality of the players we have. Given the investment we will have FFP issues if we don’t go up. If not, would you be happy with the play-offs again? We would probably accept play offs but not be happy! Who are the players in the current team to look out for? Jack Grealish, Jonathon Kodja, John McGinn, Tammy Abrahams, Bolasie, Al Ghazi Are Villa fans generally happy with Steve Bruce? No – generally thought to be too negative/cautious and getting the sum of the team to add up to less than its parts. Particularly hostile at the moment due to his total failure to build a balanced squad and insistence on playing players out of position. For example, current back 4 are: RB Tuenzebe – MU loan, normally CB (We have 4 genuine RB’s at the club, Hutton, De Laet, El Mohammady, Bree) CB – Chester – ok CB – Jedinak – a defensive midfielder (He also loaned Elphick to Hull our only other genuine CB) LB – Hutton who is a RB. He won’t play Taylor who is the only LB at the club How have you bedded in to life in the Championship? Was it an eye-opener? Quite enjoyed the championship and to be competing for something each year is better than 5 years of struggle in the Premiership. However, the quality of football when compared to the top of the Premiership is light years away Predictions for top six places? Middlesborough, West Brom, Derby, Villa, Swansea, Brentford Predictions for relegation? QPR, Reading, Hull How are ticket sales going, bearing in mind it’s a Saturday evening game on Sky? Our allocation is 5000 and we normally sell out but I’d predict 3500-4000 will travel Prediction against Rovers? We can’t defend but will probably have Bolasie, Abrahams, Kodja, Al Ghasi all playing so I’ll go for a high scoring draw – 2-2. So there you have it. A Villa perspective. Head to head: Rovers W: 62 Drawn: 35 Villa: 75 First meeting: 13th October 1888, Villa 6 Rovers 1! (First Football League - both inaugural members) We got our revenge just over a month later winning 5-1, with a Southworth hat-trick, in front of 9,000. Villa went on to finish second in the league behind the Nob enders, Rovers finishing fourth. Our last meeting was in April 17, when a Danny Graham goal was enough to seal victory, but it was too little too late to avoid the drop. No doubt the Sky cameras will affect the attendance, and I see that prices have not been slashed to encourage the masses to go. I just hope that we put Bristol behind us and TM motivates the team he puts out as much as he did to persuade DJ Clark not to send BD down...... I'm rubbish at predictions, hard earned 2-1 win, 16,000. I'll take 13th season end. COYB's.
  15. Blackburn Rovers returned to league action as they took on Aston Villa at Ewood Park. Rovers managing to grab a valuable point in the end despite going ahead with only minutes remaining on the clock. The goals came from Bradley Dack for Blackburn Rovers and Conor Hourihane for Aston Villa. Dacks goal was a cheeky wee backheel and Conor Hourihane's was a belter from a free kick. An honest point in the end, in game which could have gone either way. In this video we hear from Aston Villa supporter Lindsay Williams about the result, plus words of wisdom from the gaffa Tony Mowbray about the result. Plus analysis and more. Rovers: Raya, Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell, Evans (Brereton, 58), Smallwood (Reed, 66), Bennett, Dack, Armstrong (Williams, 74), Graham. Unused substitutes: Leutwiler, Rothwell, Conway, Palmer. Goal: Dack, 75 Booked: Evans, 47, Lenihan, 53 Aston Villa: Nyland, Taylor, Tuanzebe, Chester (c), McGinn, Grealish, Jedinak (Hourihane, 76), Abraham, Hutton, Elmohamady (Hourihane, 76), Adomah (Kodjia, 69). Unused substitutes: Moreira, Whelan, Bree, El Ghazi. Goal: Hourihane, 90 Booked: McGinn, 17 Referee: Stephen Martin. Attendance: 15,982 (3,998 away) Please like, share and subscribe. Link to Aston Villa meetup in New York - https://www.facebook.com/events/1589614874452916/ Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas
  16. Hi, I currently have two identical Rovers 6ft x 4ft flags on order, one for me, other for my mate. One of the flags is up for sale (as mate) as now decided he wants a smaller flag. As you can see from the finished artwork below (sent from footballflags.co.uk) the flag is now ready to print following my approval. The finished flag will have strong edge white binding attached around flag (not shown in picture below) As you can see flag has a red poppy to top of St George cross with Lest We Forget text and a lancashire red rose badge to bottom of St George cross. Flag cost £80. Top quality fabric. Flag comes with strong plastic tri-rings to all four corners for tying down, two metal eyelets to centre of flag & drawstring bag for storage. Ideal for rovers away days, hanging out the window or just hanging up on wall. Blue n whites & Tony Rover .. will vouch for previous Rovers flags I've sold on here in July/August (see football message board) Asking price: £65 .. inclusive of Royal Mail 1st class recorded delivery (with tracking number) All correspondence (buyer's address, my bank details) all concluded via mobile phone text. Flag (on order) is due for delivery on Friday 7th September. Thanks for looking.
  17. Blackburn Rovers are back in action after the completion of the International break. Heading to Ewood Park to take on the mighty blue and white will be Aston Villa. Rovers come into this match after a bit of beating by Bristol City in the last match after Blackburn lost 4-1. Villa on the other hand come into this match in similar form, as they too lost their last match 4-1 against Sheffield United. Rovers will hope to have a few key players back for this one, with Bradley Dack returning from injury and we could see a full debut from new boy Ben Brereton. Please like, share and subscribe. Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw
  18. Championship Trivia (Data from whoscored.com) 1. 1. Who are our three best rated players so far (out of 320 Championship players overall)? 2. And the 3 worst? 3. Who is the only Rover to have 2 Man of the Match awards so far? 4. Leeds has the highest pass success rate of 79%. Where do you think we stand? 5. Who do you think our best passer is? (Hint 85.2% success.) 6. We come first in the “number of long balls per game” ratings. How many on average? 7. I remember doing one of these trivia things pre-Mowbray; we came bottom in the tackling department. Today we’re second! How many per game on average? 8. Who is our only player in the Championship Team of the Season so far? Answers 1. 18th Mulgrew 7.4, 22nd Lenihan 7.37, 73rd Bell. (Note Dack 7.03 hasn’t played enough games to be included). 2. 307th Nuttall 6.15, 292nd Armstrong 6.27, 225th Nyambe 6.53. 3. Lenihan 4. 19th 67.9% 5. Dack 6. 87………………good grief nearly one per minute! 7. 20.7 8. Mulgrew
  19. An assessment of player performance v Bristol City Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya **** **** ** * Nyambe(65) * ******* * ** Lenihan **************** ******* * Mulgrew ** ******* ** ** Bell *************** ****** *** Smallwood *********** ********* Evans(76) ******** ****** Bennett * ********** ******** Palmer(71) ****** **** Armstrong * ***** ******** * Graham(55) ****** Brereton(55) * * Rothwell(65) * ** Nuttall(71) * * Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 6. Bennett on one of his chases manages to charge down the goalie’s attempt at a clearance. Goalkick. 8. Hunt goes past Bell easily and Smallwood is slow to close him down. His shot is well saved by Raya. The ball comes back towards the goal and Mulgrew is perfectly placed to head clear as the City man looked to score. Bennett is bamboozled by a short corner but the dangerous move fizzles out. 10. Eliasson leaves Nyambe for dead and his cross is perfect for Weimann but Raya makes a wonderful save at point-blank range. 12. Armstrong fires a decent shot from outside the box but it’s deflected for a corner. Mulgrew takes it and the ball fools everyone and nestles in the net. 15. Rush of blood for Raya who comes charging out of his area but his clearance goes straight to a City man. Fortunately his ball forward catches City offside. 17. Bell sells himself completely in an aerial challenge but he chases back and recovers - then his backpass to Raya is dangerous and causes panic! 18. Armstrong receives the ball in a very tight position but he controls beautifully and lay off a good pass. 19. Persistent Armstrong challenge causes the City man to kick the ball out of play. 22. Terrible misjudgment by Mulgrew who allows the ball to bounce over his head. Fortunately the whistle blows! 25. Palmer does well to chase down a ball into the box but he hits the bar when it seemed easier to score! 36. Difficult to see on my feed but Nyambe fouls the City man in the D. It looked harsh. Brownhill smashes the freekick into the top corner. Not sure Raya could have done better. 39. Graham plays a lovely ball through to Armstrong who is one on one with the goalie. But his shot hits the goalie’s legs. It should have been a goal. This is the third time Armstrong’s shots have been blocked by the man directly in front of him. 42. Bell and Palmer are bypassed too easily and the City cross hits the crossbar! 43. Smallwood and Evans are both bamboozled but fortunately the attacker’s shot is weak. 47. Nyambe’s lazy, attempted clearance is blocked. Fortunately Lenihan clears up. 49. For the second time Nyambe shepherds the ball out for a goal kick. Impressive shielding technique. 50. An impressive attack by City; Lenihan is slow to react (not the only one) and Raya pulls out another good save. Nyambe and Lenihan clear up. 54. Eliasson glides past Bell easily, Palmer is a spectator and Lenihan fails to deal with the cross. Mulgrew is marking no one. Watkins scores. 72. Rovers have put Nuttall on to boost the attack but the strategy fails. Smallwood and Nuttall tangle in the City D and the ball is fired forward leaving 2 on 2. Lenihan makes a poor do of challenging Diedhiou who finds the net. 74. O’Dowda cuts inside Bell (very similar to Watkins in the last game!) but his shot is off target. 78. Good driving run by Rothwell but his final shot is weak and wide. 79. Armstrong is dispossessed on the wing. Bennett pushes the City player and gives a foul. 81. Yet another City corner. Raya gets a decent punch under pressure. Nuttall heads it straight back to the corner taker. When the cross comes in it grazes Lenihans head (not for the first time!) and Pack heads into the net. Too easy! 82. Excellent driving run and lay-off by Rothwell. Bennett’s cross is disappointing. 84. Lenihan and Bell fail to clear the ball allowing a cross into the box. Fortunately Lenihan is well positioned this time and clears. 84. Rothwell drives forward again and sends Brereton haring down the wing. He gets in a decent cross but nobody’s there. 85. AND AGAIN the winger cuts inside Bell and unleashes a shot. Raya makes a decent save. 86. Smallwood and Evans come second in the midfield battle, the City players waltz through our box and a neat backheel nearly results in a goal but Raya saves. From the corner, Mulgrew is beaten to the ball on the near post. The flicked header is plucked from the air by Raya……..could have been City’s sixth!! 88. Long ball from Evans is neatly kept in by Brereton but Nuttall can’t get there.
  20. Sorry if you just opened this! Error on my part. I was just practising formatting! This is the second game I missed while on holiday. I couldn’t leave it out! An assessment of player performance v Reading Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya * * * * Nyambe **** ****** **** * Lenihan ************ *********** ** Mulgrew ** ********* *** *** Bell * ******* ***** * Smallwood(45) * ******* **** Evans(76) * ****** **** Bennett *** ************* *** Rothwell *** *********** Armstrong(44) *** ** Graham ****** **** ** Conway(44) * *** * Samuel(45)(70) * **** * Nuttall(70) ***** ***** Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 5. Bennett gathers the ball on the wing; Rothwell screams for the ball. Bennett squares the ball just outside the box and Rothwell hits the post. He smashes the rebound over the stand. 9. Tenacious work by Smallwood wins the ball and allows Armstrong to drive to the edge of the box where he unleashes a shot which the goalie does well to tip round the post. Graham gives the goalie a high-five! 11. Lenihan allows a long ball to bounce off his head and into the box. Raya is slow to get there and Reading score. 17. Lenihan loses out to Baldock who drives into the box. Nyambe seems scared to challenge and Mulgrew’s attempt is powderpuff! The ball bounces around and Lenihan finally clears. 24. Nyambe is out of position and a cross come in from the right. Lenihan and Mulgrew are missing and the Reading man has a free header. Raya makes a great save but the ball falls to Bodvarsson again for a tap in. 38. Bennett wins the ball and feeds Armstrong who charges towards goal. He is tackled and the ball reaches Rothwell who’s powerful drive is bravely headed over by Moore. Close! 45+1 Conway’s corner is poor but the ball eventually finds Smallwood who loops the ball back into the box where Lenihan heads it tamely to the goalkeeper. He could have headed back across goal where Graham was waiting. 46. Good chase back by Nyambe to win the ball from a Reading man in a dangerous position. 46. Evans wins the ball and chases it to the goal line where he does well to win a corner. 50. Bell slides a ball into the box and Bennett makes a beautiful run. He is brought down. Penalty! Mulgrew smashes it into the centre of the net. 60. Bell allows the winger acres of room to get his cross in but Nyambe makes a goal saving challenge. 61. Samuel in the D lobs a neat ball for Graham to run on to but it’s tight and he flicks over the top. He’s offside anyway. 74. High ball into the box by Nyambe is won by Nuttall under challenge by the goalie. The goalie is out of position and Bennett pops the ball towards goal; the defender, on his knees, saves with his body. Nuttall tries to follow up but he’s a whisker away. 74. Conway takes the resulting corner and Lenihan and Mulgrew challenge. The ball drops to the ground and in the resulting scramble Mulgrew is felled. Another penalty! This time Mulgrew stutters and curls it inside the left hand post. 77. Beautiful curling ball by Nyambe into the box for Bennett to chase, he crosses to Graham but his header is a bit disappointing. 81. Sloppy play from both sides ends up with a dangerous cross into the box. Nyambe clears up nicely. 83. Rothwell slips a lovely ball through to Bennett who lays it off to Conway. His cross is headed just over the bar by Nuttall. Hmm! should he have done better? Probably. 83. Mulgrew messes up his headed clearance in the D….it hits McNulty who gets in a shot but it’s wide. Mulgrew is claiming the ball hit the attackers’s hand. (True!) 90+5 Rovers trying to exert pressure. The ball comes to Nyambe on the wing, he miscontrols and Reading attack. It’s dangerous but Nyambe hares back to put a foot in! Ratings Raya ********** Nyambe ************* Lenihan ****************** Williams ************************ Bell ****************** Rodwell(59) ********** Rothwell ******************* Conway ***************** Palmer(64) *********************** Armstrong *************** Brereton(82) ************** Reed(59) ***** Butterw’th(64) *** Travis(82) ***
  21. I am pleased a few people showed interest in my last post so I was motivated to watch the Hull game for the first time. (I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks). An assessment of player performance v Hull Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Raya * *** Nyambe * ******* **** Lenihan * *************** *** Mulgrew ***** *** Bell * ********** ****** Smallwood *** ****** * Evans(76) ** ********** * Bennett * ***** *** ** Dack(58) **** **** * Palmer(65) * ******** ** Armstrong(77) ** ****** ** ** Graham(58) ******** *** Travis(65) ***** ** Rothwell(77) * Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 1. Lovely ball from Dack to Armstrong 7. Dack slides a great ball through for Armstrong who should have scored. 12. Nice footwork from Palmer as he slides the ball into the box for Dack who wriggles past 2 defenders but the goalie goes down quickly to make the save. 17. A lovely run down the wing by Bell but his low cross is blocked. 18. A loose pass by Bell makes it difficult for Dack to control. Hull gather and attack, Evans slides in to avert the danger. 34. Smallwood decides to pass instead of shoot when directly in front of goal. Poor decision. 36. Bell throws directly to a Hull man……fortunately he miscontrols! 41. Armstrong slides a lovely ball to Bennett on the wing; he crosses perfectly into the path of the on-rushing Dack. 1-0, great move! 53. Nyambe wins an important tackle on the edge of the box and clears downfield. 59. An air-kick by Bennett in the box as a free kick comes in. Fortunately Raya collects. 62. Nyambe chases a lost cause to the touchline and manages to cross to Graham. The ball falls to Armstrong in front of goal. He swings and misses completely! 70. Bell wins the ball, Evans lays off a lovely ball to Armstrong who in his usual, single-minded way charges towards goal. The ball bounces off the goalies legs to the fast closing Bennett who somehow manages to put the ball past the post! How did he miss? 79. Lenihan heads Evan’s cross back into the box. Graham does well to get in a header but it’s straight at the goalie. 80. Evans wins the ball on the edge of the box and feeds Graham who scuffs his shot. 86. A Hull corner sees MacDonald beat Bell to the header which brings out a wonderful reflex save from Raya. Unbelievable! 2 points saved!
  22. Bristol City vs Blackburn Rovers, 02/09/18, 1.30pm, Ashton Gate. Following a win against Lincoln City in the League Cup last night and the unveiling of the worst kept secret in football in Ben Brereton finally signing, we take the hellishly long journey to the South West of the country and head to Bristol City for a slightly re-arranged league game. Rumour has it, it has been moved due to a music festival on the Saturday. As something of a music fan myself, it’s not something I can particularly complain about, particularly as I won’t be attending the match either….. In any event, it’s on Sunday at 1.30pm and if you’re departing from anywhere other than the South West of the country, the smart bet seems to be allowing plenty of time. So, what do we know about Bristol? Apart from it being incredibly far away from our East Lancashire home? Well, I know that some good music has prospered from a strong scene there in the past. What the media dubbed as ‘trip-hop’, with acts such as Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead (okay, they’re from the nearby town Portishead, but they made their name in Bristol, so allow it) were all pioneers of the so-called ‘Bristol Sound’, made popular in the early-mid ‘90s. It has also been something of a hotbed for drum ‘n’ bass and jungle, with acts such as Roni Size, Bad Company UK, Loadstar, DJ Krust, DJ Die, Danny Byrd and TC all hailing from the City (or at least nearby). Electronic music producers such as: Propellerheads, Phaeleh, Nick Warren, all come from Bristol as well. Cider is also very popular in this region of the country, with several specialist cider bars and therefore plenty of options, should you want to wet your whistle pre-match! Also, how could we forget, the former Lancashire Telegraph Correspondent Andy Cryer, who seemed to do a complete 180 on his feelings re Rovers, once he left the publication. (A Rover never forgets Andrew, FYI.) Bristol has also been well-known for its graffiti scene and it is believed to be home to Banksy. This belief was further reinforced by the opening of a Banksy theme park ‘Dismaland’ in 2015. Banksy has admitted he was heavily influenced by artist ‘3D’ aka Robert Del Naja (of Massive Attack). In addition to this, there had been rumours that Del Naja was in fact Banksy, thanks to the loose lips of Jungle/drum ‘n’ bass pioneer Goldie. However, these rumours have never been officially confirmed. A little bit about our opponents Formed in 1894, initially as Bristol South End, once they turned professional three years later, they changed their name to Bristol City. The club have played at Ashton Gate, since a move from their original home of St John’s Lane in 1904. In 1900, they merged with then rivals Bedminster FC and joined the Football League a year later, becoming only the third Southern team after Woolwich Arsenal, (now just Arsenal and located in Islington, North London) and Luton Town to join the competition. In their first league game, they saw off our Lancashire neighbours Blackpool 1-0 at Bloomfield Road. Fast forward to 1905-06 and they won the Second Division Championship, becoming the first team to win 30 out of 38 games played, as well as equalling Manchester United’s record of 14 consecutive wins, a record which stood until this year. They finished as runners up in their first season in the top flight, but by 1910-11, they suffered their first ever relegation. It would be 65 years before they eventually returned to the top flight. City would then go on to have a long stay in the second tier, before a ‘yo-yo’ period between the second and third divisions until they ultimately made their return to the top flight in 1976. However, between 1980 and 1982, there was a decline on and off the pitch and City ended up in the fourth division. Once the club eventually returned to the second tier in 1990, the club has been in the second and third divisions quite a lot since then. However, since 2015, the club has been in The Championship. The club’s main rivals are Bristol Rovers and Cardiff City. With whom they contest the Bristol and Severnside Derbies, respectively. The club are currently managed by Lee Johnson (son of former manager, Gary) and have been since 2016. Average attendances The club averages around 20,000 per week, which you’d expect from a City club, to be fair, but it’s a good number for a second-tier club in any event! The club draws support from Bristol and across the South West. Famous fans Tony Robinson Marcus Trescothick Jonathan Pearce Robert Del Naja John Cleese Justin Lee Collins Richard Scudamore Jenson Button Head to Head Overall They’ve just about got the edge over us, with 17 wins to our 14, with 11 draws. Played for both (A selection) Frank Fielding Keith Fear Andy Cole Bradley Orr Derrick Williams Elliott Bennett Ben Gladwin COYB!
  23. Blackburn Rovers will go into the international break after getting thumped by Bristol City at Ashton Gate. 4-1 the final score in favour of the hosts Bristol City. The only goal coming for Rovers was scored by Charlie Mulgrew direct from a corner kick. Bristol City leveled shortly after from a free kick. In the 2nd half it was all Bristol City as they ran away with it scoring 3 more goals. Ben Brereton made is debut from the bench, to little effect. Moving forward Rovers will head back to Ewood Park to take on Aston Villa after the international break. In this video we hear from Bristol City supporter and co host on The One Stream podcast Dave Skinner about the result, plus words of wisdom from the gaffa Tony Mowbray about the result. Plus analysis and more. Bristol City: Maenpaa, Webster, Brownhill, Taylor (Diedhiou, 66), Weimann (Paterson, 84), Watkins (O'Dowda, 66), Kelly, Eliasson, Pack (c), Kalas, Hunt. Substitutes: Pisano, Da Silva, Walsh, O'Leary. Goal: Brownhill, 37, Watkins, 55, Diedhiou 73, Pack, 82 Rovers: Raya, Nyambe (Rothwell, 65), Lenihan, Mulgrew (c), Bell, Smallwood, Evans, Palmer (Nuttall, 72), Bennett, Armstrong, Graham (Brereton, 56). Substitutes: Leutwiler, Williams, Reed, Conway. Goal: Mulgrew, 13 Referee: David Webb. Attendance: 19,769 (1,058 away) Dave Skinner - @dskinner10000 The One Stream Podcast - @OSIBpodcast Rovers Chat: https://roverschat.com/ BRFCS Forum: https://www.brfcs.com/mb/ Championship Predictions: https://youtu.be/ciOVFDzD1_I Played for Both: https://blackburnroverseas.com/ Fancy some more? You can also find me here: -- http://blackburnroverseas.com -- http://twitter.com/roverseas -- http://facebook.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/blackburnroverseas -- http://youtube.com/box500productions Also be sure to drop by Twitch as and when, I often broadcast Blackburn Rovers related gameplay as well as some Football Manager: -- http://twitch.tv/roverseas Cass the Cat Championship Edition -- http://goo.gl/n6Ubkw

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