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Found 213 results

  1. Sky have confirmed that all EFL midweek games will be live on Sky Sports this season. Attendances sure to take a hit now.
  2. den

    Paul Madeley

    Paul Madeley has died aged 73. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jul/23/paul-madeley-former-leeds-united-england-dies-age-73
  3. Just surfing the net and came across this: http://www.venkyschicken.com/ It's a bit naff but maybe they are actually taking an interest - or possibly trying to cash in on our success last season? No idea if it is new or not.
  4. I’m currently planning podcasts for 2018/19 season & I have been inspired by another podcast that I listen to, namely Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History”. In it, Gladwell takes a conventional idea or thought & looks at it more closely, from a different angle, usually challenging received wisdom. I am therefore toying with the idea of a “Revisionist Rovers” item for future podcasts.... if anyone out there has an idea & would like to get involved - in other words is prepared to construct a case for what might be a left-field, unconventional or potentially even downright unpopular view & is prepared to come on the pod (in some format to be agreed) to present it, please get in touch. I am NOT looking for deliberately contrarian, shock-jock positions e.g. “Alan Shearer was grossly overrated” will probably not pass muster, unless you are REALLY good at advocacy...😳 The sort of thing I’m looking for would be, for instance (NB I don’t necessarily subscribe to any of these views for clarity...they are just to give you a flavour...😉): Zinedine Zidane would not have improved Rovers midfield had he signed in the 90’s David Dunn should never have re-signed from Birmingham as he never fulfilled his potential Sam Allardyce’s football was so ugly, Venky’s were correct to sack him Signing Danny Murphy made sense at the time, knowing what we knew then ...hopefully you get the idea...! Is there something in Rovers’ history that has always bugged you because you see it differently from most of your mates ? Do you carry an unpopular opinion around & have always wanted to unburden ? This might be your chance 🤨 The mechanics & logistics of how we will do it will be worked through once I know if we have enough contributors & good ideas to make it worthwhile. It could be an interview, it could be a first person piece, it could be a written article narrated by someone else if you don’t fancy sharing your dulcet tones....that can be worked through. If you have an idea, please contact me by PM’ing me on here, or on Twitter using the @brfcs.com handle please....let’s see if we can create audio gold 🙂
  5. Dunny official twitter message Thanks to everyone for all the kind messages ! It’s been a great couple of years working with the club again but at this moment can’t commit the time ! For the record I won’t be going to any other club 💙 #tmbwa https://t.co/gLgvvWqxw0 http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/16308553._I_m_looking_forward_to_the_next_chapter__-_David_Dunn_on_leaving_Rovers/
  6. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/fixture-changes-confirmed/ Leeds and Preston home games both 12pm kick offs, typical rovers.
  7. tomphil


    New assistant boss of Exeter.
  8. JacknOry


    Not sure if anyone read Collymores piece in the Guardian yesterday but he is bemoaning his lack of opportunities in getting media work and the fact that Lampard, Barton and Gerrard walk into managerial positions while the likes of Sol Campbell have been ignored for years. Basically said that Ian Wright and Chris Kamara only got pundit roles for their comedic values and Jenas because he is bland and inoffensive. Ian Wright replied on Twitter suggesting there are other reasons why Collymore is not given pundit work (wife-beating and dogging springs to mind) and Collymore replied calling him a c***.
  9. I am currently working with a playwright, who wishes to write a drama about the tribulations of a Rovers fan after 2010. More of this, hopefully, later in the summer. I am currently helping with the brochure and we need one final picture to go with the rest. I would like to borrow a picture of supporters/families with the trophy in 1995. It will be returned within a day or so. I am confident there will be no safeguarding issues, if it is a picture with children, as all the '95 children will be adults by now. The idea is for this picture to represent both the fact that Rovers were title winners and the idea of the club, as an important community asset. If you can help, please PM me and we can take it from there. Thanks...LV
  10. As the World Cup gets nearer the papers are full of Russian connected football stories. This curious but intriguing story was published in The Sunday Times linking the Rovers, The textile industry, espionage, the Russian Revolution and the Russian Football League! The story begins in the first decade of the 20th Century. Russia is keen to develop its textile industry through increased mechanisation. So they turn to a part of the world famous for its expertise in this field namely Lancashire. Adverts were placed in the Times and other places for young men to emigrate to the Moscow area lured by offers of work and a sense of adventure. The advert also added that an ability to play football would be advantageous. 2 brothers called Clement and Harry Charnock from Lancashire went out there to work and after some months founded a football team called Morozovsky FC . Morozovsky was the name of the owner of some textile mills where many of the English ex pats were working. There is a grainy photograph of the team lining up for a photo shoot before a game but what is clear is that they are kitted out in the famous blue and white halves. So perhaps we can assume that the Charnock brothers were Rovers fans who had obtained the strip from Rovers. They joined the Moscow League and were incredibly successful winning the league title 5 years in succession from 1910-14. The British diplomat Bruce Lockhart played for the team in 1912 before being expelled from Russia on espionage charges. The blue and white halves were achieving fame in Russia and Mr. Morozovsky must have been a very happy man. However the onset of war brought an end to the football and later in 1917 The Russian Revolution ended English influence on the new national sport of football. Morozovsky FC became Dynamo Moscow and played for a while in the blue and white halves but my Google search today showed that their strip is now mainly blue shirts, a bit like Everton. There are many fascinating threads to this story. What happened to the Charnock brothers at the onset of war? Did they return home or stay in Russia even after the Revolution? Perhaps they are known to people on here as Charnock is a common name. I will now follow the fortunes of Dynamo Moscow more closely from now on! Intriguingly back in England Rovers won the league in 1911 and reached 2 semifinals so were a dominant force in the domestic game and so were no doubt more than happy to kit out Morozovsky FC and influence the game in Russia. When I read the story I felt a certain pride in supporting this great club of ours. We might be in a trough at the moment but we have been a real giant throughout the history of the game.
  11. islander200

    BBC lancs Rovers talk

    Bayes, Rich Sharpe, Mark Atkins and Alan Nixon talk Rovers https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0682wj4
  12. ewoodpo

    Sir Kenny Dalglish

    Confirmed by BBC. Arise Sir Kenneth Dalglish, demoted from King to Sir Should have been awarded years ago to this great man. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/44417369
  13. Hi all I am Tony I now live on the Wirral, I am 48 and have actively supported Rovers since i was Ten.I remember the good old bad days braziers on the pitch, average crowd between 5 and 8 thousand, and cant afford stamps. So i am a true rovers supporter and always want what is best for them. I would dearly love to become a committee member for rovers trust as they will like it or not have a bigger and bigger say over rovers in the years to come. As i no longer live in the area i don't have many friends in the area who are trust members so i am hoping a couple of trust members are willing to nominate me please? I will always act in the best interest of the club and want them to be successful in all that they do. Ps my Name for nomination is Anthony Webster

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