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Found 200 results

  1. philipl

    Joe Rankin-Costello

    Amazed there is no thread for Joe. He is developing into one hell of a player. The long diagonal to Ben Brereton which lead to the penalty was unreal in its pinpoint accuracy against Coventry. He doesn't have the Nyambe ability to burn past opponents but whenever I see him on the ball in advanced positions I am on the edge of my seat expecting something to happen rather than on my knees praying something will happen when Ryan ventures forward. I don't know if right back us the real position for Joe. At present I think he would be skinned by most Premier League teams attacking down their left flank but that said, Joe has the look of growing into a real Premier League quality talent.
  2. Inglorious basturk

    Covid football anomalies / fan power

    The first 0-0 this season was wba v Burnley last week , we have seen some crazy results , eg villa 7 champions 2 , Leeds who play attacking football have been fearless and are in the top 3 , closer to home Ben brereton is like another player . how much of this is due to the lack of pressure from fans? Is every fake like a behind closed doors friendly ? Are partisan feelings among a union of players diluted without fans fuelling it ? what do we think the game will be like when fans return ?
  3. Lost in all the pain of losing a game we should have won, Harvey Elliott had an unremarked but impressive League game debut. This Kid is one class footballer. Midfield needs to adjust its eyelines to spot the runs he makes because apart from Holtby they were missing them last night. I know that Dack is a player you build a side around but I think Harvey will come into that category before too long. Certainly Watford were treating him with the greatest respect if you looked at the lack of space he was given to work in. Even so, look at this:
  4. Hi All, I don’t often post (so much so that I’ve had to make a new account) but I’m hoping that someone could help me out. I’m trying to identify the 2 signatures circled in red on this 2000-2002 shirt. I think I’ve worked out the rest! I believe it was signed during the 00/01season but not entirely sure. many thanks for any help
  5. Ben Frost

    Goalkeeping Dept

    Moved from the Transfer thread, cos probably worth its own space I think the revamp of the goalkeeping department is really interesting. It's important to look at the ages of the players. Kaminski 27. Pears 22. Stergiakis and Hilton 21. Eastham 19. Had Pears been brought in before Stergiakis, I'm not sure you'd be questioning [from original post in transfer thread] either signing, because we'd all have assumed Pears was automatic 2nd choice to Kaminski and then the Greek lad was just a cheap low risk punt for some time in the future. Now suddenly there's a clear No1 who is 5 years older than any of the other keepers, but the battle to be No2 is going to be intense. Compared to the goalkeeping department last season, it's a revolution. Out go Flappy Walton and an ageing Canadian, and also Fisher who made some dreadful errors in preseason. In have come a clear No1, and a couple of potential No2s who will have to scrap like mad to prove themselves better than the other. Which in turn will keep Kaminski on his toes. Hilton and Eastham will be galvanised to perform to the very best of their abilities - it's suddenly career make or break rather than I'm next in the queue. Nothing not to like.
  6. Duvet

    Finally saying hello

    Hi all, Greg here (don't ask about the user name). I've been a member at least since the darkest days of the early Venky's era and read daily, but have never posted, mainly because I wouldn't be able to stay on the message board all day and so would chip into a debate and then disappear, which might wind people up. However, I'm currently suffering from the double whammy of COVID and surgery. Whilst already exhausted I got appendicitis. Currently find it hard to do anything for more than a few minutes, or to maintain concentra.......... .....tion. So I thought I might actually start doing a bit of posting while I'm laid up. Supporter since the late seventies, season ticket since 1983, now go with wife and 2 kids. Favourite players down the years (not many surprises here) Brotherston, Garner, Barker, Sellars, Moran, Hendry, Speedie, Ripley, Sutton, Hendry, Shearer, Duff, Dunn, Jansen, Friedel, Tugay. Harder to name from the last ten years or so, but feel Rhodes is now under appreciated, have a soft spot for Conway, sad to see Danny Graham leave and love having Lewis Travis as the driving force in this new young team. Feel the most optimistic for our chances 'on the grass' than I have for a long time. Feel the best Bowyer team had bigger strengths, bigger weaknesses and overall this squad is better equipped to remain consistent and cope with injuries. I'll shut up now, sorry for rambling on, hope we speak soon Greg
  7. RoversSA

    Shots on target

    Apologies for the vagueness but does anyone else remember a match a number of years back now against Sheffield United where, with John Ruddy in goal (I'm sure it was him!), we had about 20 or 30 shots on target and he was just unbeatable on that day? I was trying to find footage recently but I wasn't sure I had my facts remembered correctly for the search and then I wasn't sure I'd even remembered correctly at all... :-). But if I do remember it, it really was something extraordinary. We absolutely peppered the goal and could easily have won 6,7,8 nil. Maybe even into double figures!!
  8. philipl

    Rovers and Covid

    The 20/21 season is going to be dominated by the pandemic whether we like it or not. There are indications that the pandemic has wiped out home advantage. Results if anything are now favouring away teams and analysis of refereeing decisions are showing that the slight bias that did exist to the home side has evaporated. Would Martial have seen red in front of 75,000 at OT yesterday? It was a crazy sending off but those sorts of decisions simply don't go against the Mancs at home normally. I am going to stir things a bit but for all the horrors of coronavirus, I think Rovers could benefit disproportionately. Going back in time, the polio epidemic in Blackburn in 1965 undoubtedly resulted in a really good Rovers team dropping out of old Division 1 like a stone. Could a pandemic have a reverse effect now? - financially Rovers have the Venky's blanket. The danger of Rovers following Blackpool, Bolton, Wigan, Bury, Stockport, Macclesfield, Chester into football hell doesn't exist from what we can see or know. - that is very different from saying Venky's will (or even can- FFP isn't suspended) spend this season to drive promotion but which clubs in the Championship have spent big this summer to buy a ticket to the Premier League? - conversely, Rovers with their tiny matchday income are far less affected financially by having no crowds than almost any other club in the Championship. Only a few clubs have smaller crowds but their commercial income and matchday prices are typically as high or higher than Rovers. Blackburn is a seriously economically disadvantaged area. - Rovers are going to benefit more than most not having to play in front of hostile away crowds. With the best will in the world and I have been to Ewood in the Championship era and "hostile" is not an adjective you can apply to Ewood as an away day experience. - in fact not having the crowds in at Ewood may benefit Rovers. The Ewood home crowd is amongst the most aggressively critical of home players anywhere. The fog horn know nowts berating their pet hate are to be heard all round the pitch at Ewood- be honest. Players are professionals but they are also young lads who hear those choice invectives. Not having a home crowd will probably positively help a good proportion of the Rovers team and backroom staff.
  9. roversfan99


    Obviously it is the League cup, but was unsure where to put this. But Sky Sports couldnt have seemingly chosen 2 less educated and less informed pundits in regards to a Championship club in Brentford and a recently promoted Premier League club in Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson. Considering the amount that they charge (I think I have a good deal getting the sports package on Now TV for £25) the regularity in which the pundits fundamentally do not know what they are talking about is crazy. The pre match coverage consisted of Merson dismissing Benrahmas value "because you can get Barkley on loan instead and Benrahma didnt even show up at Wembley" and then the pair trying to figure out exactly what Antonee Robinson was in terms of a left back based on a brief montage having clearly never seen him prior. Sky seem to have had a cull this summer but I am not sure how Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson survived it, and indeed what the likes of Akinfenwa who has been on Championship duty despite not knowing various fairly well known names is beyond me. What do people think about the standard of punditry in general? Roy Keane is a bit of a guilty pleasure in spite of his presence purely to cause friction, and its difficult not to like Souness and Shearer. In general, the actual knowledge behind it seems to be on the wane. Hargreaves is decent on BT sports, refreshing to have what used to be a standard ie a bit of actual knowledge, and they do have more expert analysis albeit usually of other European leagues, although the commentary of Steve McManaman is as aggravating as Jamie Redknapps punditry.
  10. No it hasn't happened. Just a thought, probably hypothetical, should it happen and the clubs receive a commensurate reduction in TV money payments to be then distributed amongst lower League clubs? The whole structure of the professional game is in danger of disappearing. Should there be a short term redistribution of wealth for the good of the game? The leagues going to the government with the begging bowl whilst players are earning £250k a week and multi million pound agents fees still being paid along with ludicrous transfer fees can't be right. What difference would it make to a player earning £10 million a year to have that reduced to £5 million? What are your thoughts?....
  11. roversfan99

    Best Team

    If everyone was fit, what does everyone think would be our best starting line up, and what do people think Mowbray would consider his best team? Not factoring in further arrivals. I would say mine would probably be this below: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Williams Travis Holtby Dolan Dack Rothwell Armstrong If it has to be 4-3-3, I would probably say: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Williams Travis Evans Holtby Dolan Dack Armstrong In easier games, I would go Rothwell for Evans there and move Travis inside, and also it is early days for Dolan, maybe Brereton, Chapman or Rothwell could eye that place. I think Mowbrays would be the above with Bell, Johnson and Gallagher for Williams, Evans and Dolan.
  12. Hoochie Bloochie Mama

    Final League Position 2020-2021 - Poll

    Where are we finishing then lads and lasses? With the squad coming together and hopefully no major outgoings what are our chances of a tilt at promotion?
  13. Stuart

    Renewal Poll

    Will you be taking Waggott up on his ST offer?
  14. Stuart

    Renewal Poll

    Who is taking up Waggott on his new ST offer?
  15. I spotted a pretty cool item for sale here, not as expensive as some of these go for as well. embroidered crest a thing of beauty https://www.ebay.ie/itm/224150986869
  16. IrelandsRover

    94-96 home shirt question

    I have an interest in Blackburn player issue shirts and have acquired one or two So I always thought it pretty clear that the 94-95 home shirt had an embroidered crest and simple asics badge The 95-96 home shirt had a new crest with blue border and an extra A was added to the asics badge Then I came across this photo. It seems to have best of both worlds, with the asics badge with extra A from 95-96 but an embroidered crest from 94-95 My question is when was that photo taken then?
  17. Hoochie Bloochie Mama

    Season Predictions 2020-2021

    FourFourTwo have predicted a 12th place finish for Mogga's mid-table maestro's https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/championship-table-prediction-2020-2021-season-preview-efl-promotion-play-offs I hope for better, depending on how the last month and a half of the transfer window pans out.
  18. bazza

    BBC Sport

    It's Tuesday 1st September 23:10 hours. The BBC Sport website for scores and fixtures has the results of today's games EFL Trophy and Finland league. There is a raft of F A Cup Qualifying games that kicked off between 19:30 and 20:00. Not a single result is shown. To me this is shocking coverage and reporting by the BBC. It IS the F A Cup after all. I despair of the modern generation who don't seem to give a toss about getting information out to those who want it. Don't give a toss about "doing things correctly and meticulously". Another (justified) rant from an old timer.
  19. A video package here of Dolan's best bits from the last game against Doncaster. He had another great half, as he did against Blackpool and Fleetwood Town. Scarily, Mowbray played down his performance and claimed that Sam Gallagher would've come on ahead of Dolan if he had have been fit, and Dolan would've been down in Leeds with the Under 23's! Hopefully now TM can see the talent that they've acquired in Dolan.
  20. A Northern Horde...

    The State of Ewood Park!

    What has happened to the general maintenance of Ewood of Park..does anyone at the Club care anymore?. We were gifted the new Ewood Park from Jack Walker,a legacy dear to all Blackburn Rovers fans and the People of Blackburn in general. 'We will respect the Jack Walker legacy' fawned Madame Desai...yeah right! The current state of the Stadium is not acceptable,I urge fellow Board Members,Fans Forum and even visiting Telegraph Reporters to get involved on this thread and issue. Further photos will follow as hopefully it will shame someone at the Club into taking action,It's shameful and embarrassing for a Club of our Stature...PLEASE VOICE YOUR CONCERN.
  21. How are people feeling ahead of the current season? Has anyone managed to maintain even a slither of excitement? Just personally totally disillusioned with the whole situation. Of course primarily regarding the pandemic which is out of anyones hands. Maybe part of the season will be watchable in stadiums. Maybe not. Ans if it is, all very sparse. All very diluted. No singing allowed, no atmosphere. No sitting with mates. No last minute winners followed by going mad. No drinks in a packed pub or the concourse. Sitting for hours with a mask on. No away days. No away fans at Ewood. There is a feeling of stagnation with the manager to chuck in for me too. The owners seem to have now totally forgotten about us, even more so than before. Not even a suggestion that we will strengthen. The incredibly high possibility of having a kid on loan in net again. Our assets will inevitably leave in the next 12 months. No communication from the club. No further idea on how we can watch the games. Just for example saw the cup draw. Usually id be hoping for specific games, maybe Harrogate away or similar. As it is, I didnt give a shit. Probably will be the same on fixture release day on Friday. Id usually eagerly anticipate the opening day fixture, weve had some horrible starts in recent years but it doesnt dampen excitement. Losing at Southend, going 3 down at home to Norwich in 25 minutes, last years frustration at home to Charlton. And then theres looking out for specific away days, Preston and the day out there. Im just interested to know if I am the exception and if people are out there desperately counting down the days until the new season.
  22. Stuart

    Match Time Machine

    If you had a time machine and could travel back in time to watch just one match live (even if for a second time), which would it be and why?
  23. IrelandsRover

    XL Away 92-94

    Don’t see many of these come up for sale, particularly in XL. I’m selling on eBay right now (less than 24 hours to go) In my opinion one of our Top 3 away shirts of all time
  24. Made famous on a particular Russian night, selling this on eBay at the moment

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