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Found 43 results

  1. After several weeks of planning and preparation, BRFCS meets a Rovers legend in the form of the one & only Mr Matt Jansen together with the man who helped him to write his new book - journalist & writer, Jon Colman in a special podcast episode in which we also launch a new sponsorship deal. Listen carefully for details of our exclusive discount deals for BRFCS podcast listeners at theterracestore.com but most of all listen to Matt's story; from the perspective of the writer & the man himself. Interviews conducted by Ian Herbert. View full record
  2. The pod squad reconvenes for a new season and predicts sackings, goalscorers, POTY & final finishing position. We hear from "Grumpy Riversider", "Alex - the social media influencer" plus "Tony Mowbray". Music from The Symmetry. Panelists on the line are Jen Bellamy, Millie Costley, Mike Delap, Kamy, Scott Sumner, Michael Taylor; hosted by Ian Herbert. Pre-records from Bill, Hollie, Josh, Linz, Louis, Stuart & Tom all add to the occasion. View full record
  3. Thanks to "The Symmetry" for their new podcast theme for season 2019/20...here's a taster... & thanks also to NYC Rovers for once again providing our very own customised jingle... We are so lucky to have such creatives walking amongst us...thanks again !
  4. In this three-parter - BRFCS catches up with Friend of the Pod Ryan Grant & finds out about his new EFL role; in part two, we hear all about Charlie Adam & the UV index at Barrow from Linz Lewis and in part three, Ian Herbert chats with author Rob Sawyer about Rob's latest book about the life & times of Rovers & Everton legend, Roy Vernon. Many thanks to Fred Cumpstey for his valued assistance with the Roy Vernon piece - see below. The Roy Vernon kickstarter can be found here:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/599106053/blue-dragon/posts Fred Cumpstey's reflections on Roy Vernon are reproduced with his kind permission here :- ROY OF THE ROVERS In my opinion I believe that in Roy Vernon and Bryan Douglas, Blackburn Rovers spawned the two most naturally gifted and influential players in the Club's history. In any era of football their stock would be of the highest level. It is remarkable that two home grown footballers should have made such an indelible impact on the game both locally and nationally and left a legacy at Ewood which I would hazard a guess will not be surpassed. To put my admiration for Roy into context and perspective, he is, in my opinion, second only to Douglas as the greatest player I have seen in a blue and white shirt. Both players ended their careers as inside forwards/ schemers/ playmakers having initially found success as right wingers; but perhaps that is where the comparison ends. Roy had the slightest of frames (a passing breeze could have blown him over) and didn't resemble anyone's idea of a footballer, but with his slick black hair and his oiled thighs (he reckoned he did it to attract the girls) it helped to prove what a master craftsman he was. I believe that Roy's latent talent owed much to two men, Eddie Quigley and the great Johnny Carey. From the former he developed the talent of being perhaps the cleanest striker of a football I've ever seen. Roy could spray passes, any distance, all over the pitch and as they say in Blackburn "land them on a tanner". Like Quigley he possessed a thunderbolt of a shot and was a prolific goalscorer. To Johnny Carey must go the initial plaudits, for it was he who "found" Roy and nurtured him into the player he became. Early in his tenure at Ewood, Mr Carey prophesied that Roy would develop into a great footballer. Roy was an original "Carey Chick" who blossomed and developed in the Youth team and the prophesy was fulfilled when on 5 September 1955 in a home match against Liverpool, Roy Vernon made his Rovers debut in a 3 - 3 draw. He was 18 years old. He made 12 appearances that season scoring just a single goal, in a 2 - 1 win at Leeds in March 1956. It was during that season that Mr Carey played his ace card by switching Bryan Douglas to the right wing and Roy was moved from the wing to inside left. The following season, 1956/57 Roy completed 31 games and scored 11 goals. Rovers finished 4th in Division 2 and everything was set up for a concerted promotion push the following season. Promotion was duly achieved in 1957/58, with Roy playing in 37 games and netting 15 goals (Douglas did the same from 40). Roy's influence that season and his ability to completely change a game, was ably demonstrated in a nerve-wracking finale at The Valley (which both sides needed to win to be promoted). With half time approaching and Rovers leading 2 - 1, Vernon picked up a ball some 30 yards from goal, and with a minimum of backlift thundered a left foot screamer to extend a decisive lead. In the Cup that season Rovers advanced to the semi final. In 1958/59 with Rovers back in the top flight, Roy played 36 times and hit 16 goals in the league. Little did we know that this was to be his last full season in a Rovers shirt, as in October 1958 the unthinkable happened when Mr Carey, Roy's mentor and, it would seem, confidante, moved to Everton. The writing was on the wall and every Rovers supporter knew it. Carey's admiration for his fledgling genius intensified to such an extent that the following season, in February 1960, the genie was out of the bottle and Roy joined Everton for (a laughable) £27,000 plus Eddie Thomas who moved to Ewood in the deal. I firmly believe that the sale of Roy Vernon was the precursor to Rovers becoming known as a selling Club - others would follow on a conveyor belt of talent lost to the Club. I was saddened beyond belief. Two games possibly summed up Roy Vernon, both in the 3rd Round FA Cup ties against Sunderland. In the original game at Roker Park, a bad tempered affair where challenges were flying in; Roy had been the most creative man on the pitch displaying the full range of his subtle and precocious skills. With Rovers a goal to the good and 15 minutes to play, and the red mist hovering menacingly over the Welshman, he was sent off after retaliating to a bad challenge from a Sunderland player and which ended up in a brawl. Needless to say, both players received their marching orders. It was all in stark contrast to Vernon's prompting and probing as time and again he engineered wave after wave of Rovers attacks. With his departure, they lost their lead, their poise and the initiative and were thankful for the replay. In those days, having been sent off a player had to await his fate at an FA Hearing, the date having not yet been fixed, Vernon was given the all clear to play in the replay four days later. It was an opportunity the Welshman did not miss to eclipse his display at Roker Park and through a display of cultured football he calmly saw Rovers through to the next Round. Vernon exhibited such quality and panache, the hallmarks of the class player he had now become. Not only did he provide an exhibition of football purity, but he scored two of the Rovers four goals on the night. Little did we know they were to be his last goals for Rovers. No sooner had the dust settled on this match that it became known that Johnny Carey had desperately been trying to secure Vernon's services, all to no avail it would appear. The beginning of the end of Roy's Rovers' career was in plain sight and it was in a 1 - 0 home defeat to Wolves that he played his final League game for Rovers and his very last game a week later as Rovers drew with Blackpool in the FA Cup 4th Round, also at Ewood. Carey's desire and persistence in pursuing his protege had finally paid off, the roller coaster ride of emotions were spent, it was the end of a very special era. Roy Vernon was one of a rare breed of footballer, who flirted with triumph and potential disaster. He was a special player - his craftsman like skills were rare and almost without comparison (excepting only Bryan Douglas). He possessed that great quality of the exceptional player, he had an acute football brain, he could see a pass an opportunity maybe two or three moves before it opened up. Despite his frame he was strong both physically and mentally. He had supreme confidence in his own ability but perhaps was frustrated by those around him who didn't possess one ounce of his ability. His passing short or long was often subtle but always sublime. He was a goalscorer, a maker of goals and his work rate both on and off the ball was outstanding. Set against all of that he has been described as mercurial, a storm petrel, temperamentaland petulant. Yes, perhaps he was all of those things but possibly, that was what shaped him to the player he became. This is why Roy trusted Johnny Carey; he believed that above all others Carey truly understood him, warts and all and was able to put that an empathetic and reassuring arm around him. When he left Rovers he was barely 23. He had, along with Douglas, Dobing et al, transcended the old guard of the likes of Quigley, Briggs and Langton and been a pivotal member of a new and exciting team and era. He provides a lasting legacy and I'm glad I was lucky enough to see it. Roy's Rovers Record 131 League games 49 goals 13 FA Cup games 3 goals View full record
  5. Herbie6590

    Podcasts...some news

    Just a quick heads up, the 2018/19 end of season review podcast will be recorded & edited later this week & will be out hopefully before next weekend all things being equal... Following the re-vamp of the site, the podcast page now has ben refreshed and shows all the pods from the last year...should you want to revisit the pre-season predictions before listening to the post-season episode then I can heartily recommend Ep 97 where numerous panelists stake their reputations & forecast anything from 8th to 19th. There are some prescient predictions about key players and the need to strengthen the squad in key areas - remember, this was recorded before Armstrong, Rodwell, Brereton & Chapman were signed... We'll have a think over the summer about "podcast strategy" for next season; if anyone has any ideas, any contacts for interesting interviewees or just generally wishes to contribute, please PM @Herbie6590 or contact us on the @brfcsdotcom Twitter if you prefer. Thank you..!
  6. There is an hour long podcast with David Dunn at brockhall. Talks about his career , team mates , soccer sixes, venkys and that advert etc. It's hosted by non other than our mate Chris brown who also takes Abit of ribbing I don't know how to share things but it's on a podcast called under the cosh . If anyone can post it on here would be helpful and I'm sure some people would enjoy it. There is also an hour long episode featuring Mick rathbone which is very insightful about how his confidence crippled him and he was going to quit football and work for dinorod before rovers gave him some belief and self esteem. Really interesting Made me think we should have a thread for podcasts, sound bites etc featuring rovers and former rovers.
  7. This special edition has an exclusive interview with former Rovers manager Don Mackay, who chats with Ian Herbert about the Full Members' Cup final, Steve Archibald, Colin Hendry, play off heartbreak, beating Burnley and much, much more. Our thanks to Don for so graciously giving of his time. View full record
  8. In a packed pod hosted by Linz Lewis, Jane Purdon CEO of Women In Football discusses the challenges faced by women working in the game and an insight into the #WhatIf campaign recently nominated for a BT Sport Diversity and Inclusion Award. Part 2 features the #GirlSquad of Jen, Millie, Hollie and Lucy talking all things Rovers. What went wrong in Feb? How do you solve a problem like Breo?...and which former Rovers player would you like to see back at the club? The girls also share with you their female supporting heroes. In Part 3, a light is shone on our incredibly successful Rovers ladies. We chat to manager Gemma Donnelly, who tells us just how good her team really is and gives us an insight into what promotion could mean for the ladies. The Venkys even get a mention! In our final part the panel discuss their experiences as female football fans and discuss the current furore around female commentators and analysts. Thanks to all those who contributed to a pod made with love, mischief and a whole heap of girl power. Happy International Women’s Day ! View full record
  9. A packed episode squeezes in two interviews; Ian Herbert catches up with Radio Lancashire's Andy Bayes, Michael Taylor checks in with FourFourTwo magazine's Conor Pope & sandwiched in between of all this footballing nutrition is another quality reminiscence from Canada's very own Bill Arthur. Many thanks of course to our excellent guests for giving up their time. View full record
  10. BRFCS Podcast host Ian Herbert chats with Lancashire Telegraph Rovers reporter Rich Sharpe about Rovers season so far, morale in the camp, the transfer window and the perils of dictaphones. With added personalised greetings for Bradley Dack from two-time Baseball World Series winner Jose Canseco c/o our good friends at NYC Rovers. View full record
  11. Collecting anecdotes/memories for our Review of 2018 podcast which will be recorded on Saturday morning. What are the Rovers highs & lows that have resonated with you this year ? Doncaster will be in there obviously as a high (& yesterday almost certainly as a low...)...but what else, however small, that might not have been noticed by the majority or was personal, made an impression on you...? GO ! 👍🏻
  12. In this special episode, regular podcast panellist Michael Taylor ( @marpleleaf ) reassesses the impact and the powers of Graeme Souness. Promotion, cup win but THAT tackle on Yorke and those transfers... iTunes :- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-11-11_brfcs_episode_102.mp3 Non-iTunes :- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-11-11_brfcs_episode_102.mp3
  13. NEW PODCAST EPISODE HERE Non-Apple peeps here :- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-11-01_brfcs_episode_101.mp3 and on iTunes here :- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-11-01_brfcs_episode_101.mp3 After the behind the scenes at Brockhall episode, the pod reverts to er "normal service" with a review of on-field October, discussions of tactics, formations, attendances, handling disappointment and play off memories from the 80's. Panelists Jen Bellamy, Linz Lewis, Mike Delap, Michael Taylor are joined by new "boy" Ian Futter, which means for once host Ian Herbert isn't the oldest contributor. Special mention to Bill Arthur for another of his wonderful narrations from Canada; this time covering off play off misfortune in the 1980's and final redemption in 1992.
  14. Podcast Now Available Here.... http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-10-26_brfcs_episode_100.mp3 ...and here... https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-10-26_brfcs_episode_100.mp3
  15. NEW PODCAST ARRIVAL Just to keep you on your toes our September review is coming out before the end of September due to longstanding diary clashes next week...fear not, there's still much to consider and in this episode a few interesting tales emerge from our panelists Jen Bellamy, Kamy & Michael Taylor. Host Ian Herbert shares possibly the single most underwhelming anecdote about Tim Sherwood in history...not even a gilet in sight although there's quite a revelation about a former Man Utd chairman which came out of left field. As always feedback welcomed and if anyone would like to submit an idea for an item in a future episode, please leave a comment in this thread or contact @brfcsdotcom on the Twitter thingy. A few people have said they would like to contribute, so get in touch if you need any help in compiling your pieces. Fruit based devices can listen (& subscribe) here:- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-09-27_brfcs_episode_99.mp3 Non-fruit based devices can listen here :- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-09-27_brfcs_episode_99.mp3 We would really appreciate it if you could spread the word about the podcasts, we love doing them but they are hard work to produce so knowing that they are getting "out there" is a terrific boost. Thank you 😀
  16. In a packed episode hosted by Ian Herbert, the panel of Jen Bellamy, Linz Lewis & Michael Taylor, reviews August, both on & off the field including the transfer windows, speculates wildly about the value of Bradley Dack & we have three (count 'em) guests - Bill Arthur - takes us back to the 50's & 60's & his boyhood memories of supporting Rovers Ian Futter - shares his Essex heritage & shares what it's like supporting Rovers from North Wales Bruce Wilkinson - a regular contributor to When Saturday Comes magazine shares his love of Rovers Ideal listening for the journey down to Bristol...please tell all your Rovers-supporting pals and spread the word ! If anyone would like to contribute a piece to a future episode along the lines of those from Bill & Ian, please let us know on this thread, via PM or on the @brfcsdotcom Twitter feed. Thanks again to all the contributors for giving up their time...hope you enjoy ! http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-09-01_brfcs_episode_98_1.mp3 iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-09-01_brfcs_episode_98_1.mp3
  17. A new season, a new series of podcasts, new theme music, a new panelist...you can't say we're not trying ? A cast of thousands on this episode all wanting to have their say & predict the Rovers likely finishing position upon our return to the Championship. Listen right to the end as the last 2 guests have their own section. Your host Ian Herbert tries to keep order as Josh Boswell, Kamy, Mike Delap, Michael Taylor (the Marple Leaf), Linz Lewis, Jen Bellamy (new signing) & guests Scott Sumner & Tom Schofield are fuelled with pre-season bonhomie. Massive thanks to Joe Bamford (Biz) & his band "The Symmetry" for providing us with our own theme music for this season. We'll hopefully hear more from Joe & the band as the season progresses... Listen out for some acronym related high jinks as one panelist mixes up the EDS at Man City with the EDL...both have some right-wingers...but...well you know... Hope you enjoy & if anyone fancies contributing a first or favourite Rovers memory, or a Revisionist Rovers item for a future episode, that would be great. Episode here :- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-08-02_brfcs_episode_97.mp3 ...and in iTunes feeds as well...please make sure you subscribe & please leave us a review...it really does help us. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fbrfcs-podcast.brfcs.com%2F%3Fname%3D2018-08-02_brfcs_episode_97.mp3 http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/feed.xml Feedback & ideas welcomed & many thanks to those who have offered (& submitted) contributions already.
  18. As part of a new podcast series - "Revisionist Rovers" - we look at different characters, eras and events from Blackburn Rovers history and bring fresh perspective. In this, the first episode, we take a look back at the impact and legacy of Ken Furphy upon Blackburn Rovers, through the pen of Jim Wilkinson. It should drop in iTunes feeds soon - but can also be accessed here :- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-07-21_revisionist_rovers_-_furphys_ewood_odyssey.mp3 Original article here :- https://blueyedboy.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/furphys-ewood-odyssey-parts-1-4/

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