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Found 85 results

  1. No mudslinging and no ridiculous picture-cropping, children.
  2. Herbie6590

    BRFCS YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone, just to let you all know we have re-launched the BRFCS YouTube channel and would welcome any suggestions, contributions etc. To get the ball rolling, we have put our 2017 Christmas Podcast up there to whet your appetites for the 2018 Christmas & New Year ones we have planned...🙂 Please subscribe if YouTube is your thing & we’ll put our creative hats on...👍🏻 https://www.youtube.com/user/brfcsdotcom
  3. AAK

    Newcastle Away

    £10 Adults and £5 juniors. Great pricing, should see a couple of thousand going up if not more.
  4. arbitro

    A day to remember

    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/december/a-day-to-remember-2018/ As I recall from previous years this is always a poignant event as I recognised several Rovers fans on the big screen who sadly passed away in the previous year. Well done Rovers for showing respect and also giving the fans an opportunity to show our respect to them and their families.
  5. speeeeeeedie

    Champions League 2018-2019

    This season's groups are; Group A: Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Monaco, Club Brugge Group B: Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur, PSV Eindhoven, Inter Milan Group C: Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli, Liverpool, Red Star Belgrade Group D: Lokomotiv Moscow, Porto, Schalke, Galatasaray Group E: Bayern Munich, Benfica, Ajax, AEK Athens Group F: Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Lyon, Hoffenheim Group G: Real Madrid, Roma, CSKA Moscow, Viktoria Plzeň Group H: Juventus, Manchester United, Valencia, Young Boys Will Real win again? I don't think so.
  6. old darwen blue

    Pete Shelley dead

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/entertainment-arts-46476369 RIP Mr Shelley one of the voices of my youth.
  7. Blue n whites

    How the table really looks

    I seen this on another forum and thought it gave a more realistic view of the league table. Shows clearly gaps appearing within the table which simply stakeing teams from 1st to 24th simply doesn't. I think there is a danger of the top 7 teams running away and securing the playoff if we aren't careful. It literally is make or break time for this season I think. Just to emphasis my point a little further we are 11 points off top spot and 11 points off the relegation. How do you all think we will be sitting come mid January. ? Id be happy to be where we are . Next 6 Fixtures Boro - Brum - Norwich - Leeds - Sheff United - West Brom 1 line equals 1 point starting from the top (44 points) and working down to the Bottom (11 points). Norwich Leeds West Brom, Middlesboro, Forest. Sheff united, Derby Villa Birmingham ROVERS QPR Stoke Swansea, Bristol City Wigan Sheff Wed, Brentford, Preston Hull, Rotherham Reading, Millwall, Bolton Ipswich
  8. arbitro

    Jim Iley RIP

    For anybody old enough to remember him Jim Iley has sadly passed away. My memories of him as a Rovers manager aren't too fond but I was told he was a nice man. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/17238380.former-blackburn-rovers-boss-jim-iley-dies-age-82/
  9. This has received a lot of traction on Twitter but for those forum members who don’t use Twitter I wanted to share this. The background is that Jen Bellamy, one of our regular podcast panel members, christened Harrison Reed the Ginger Ninja on one episode in a sort of throwaway line. When I went to Brockhall for Episode 100 of the pod, I also managed to grab a few words with Harrison Reed & shared with him the hashtag history & he said he was aware of it... Well one thing led to another...Jen designed a logo for the society...then she gauged interest in having some badges made up, proceeds to charity...then Ryan Grant spoke with Harrison & found out he had a pet charity... https://nervetumours.org.uk/what-are-nerve-tumours/what-is-nf1/support-for-adults-with-nf1 & So Jen crowdfunded the cost of manufacture, has had them made & will be selling them alongside Scott Sumner of 4000 Holes magazine fame, who will also be selling his latest edition...at the junction of Kidder St & Nuttall St tomorrow afternoon from 2pm. She is rightly excited & I for one am mightily impressed at the initiative & enthusiasm involved and the fact it raises money for a charity adopted by one of our players is just the icing on a rather splendid cake... So....please drop by tomorrow & buy one...or two...that’s basically the gist 👍🏻
  10. MCMC1875

    Bobby Saxton

    I was talking to a friend of mine last week who is a good friend of Neil Saxton. Neil is the son of Bobby Saxton, Rovers manager from 1981-86. He followed a tough act, Howard Kendall and preceded the popular Don Mackay. My mate was saying he never gets mentioned, it's like he never existed. He did a great job at a tough time, keeping Rovers in the 2nd Division when all our Lancashire neighbours were plumbing the depths of the 3rd and 4th Divisions - our only derby games then were Oldham and CIty every year. Without him Rovers would have sunk probably to the 4th. A great bloke who still loves Rovers. Anyone got any memories or photos?
  11. THE DECEMBER ISSUE IS HERE!! To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP or purchase through eBay by CLICKING HERE. It's still only £1.50 and postage is 75p for first class delivery. If you haven't already heard, we managed to get ourselves shortlisted for the Football Supporters' Federation "Fanzine of the Year" Award which reflects how much we've improved it over the last 18 months and, of course, the continued excellent contributions by fans. We reckon that makes it amazing value for just £1.50! Issue 94 contains: Filling Our Fortress, Unrecognised Strikers, "Heart, Scarf and Soul" - A play starring a Rovers fan, Roque's Santa Cruise, Voice From The Valleys, Pre-Match Superstitions, The Ginger Ninja Appreciation Society, Rovers' Last Battlefield, Support As Performance - Not Everything is Mental, European Hangovers, Fabulous Faz!, Who Were You? #8 Dino Baggio, BRFCS Goes To Brockhall, Quizzes, Crossword, Boozers XI and many more shenanigans. If you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming December matches from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Thanks for your interest and support this year! COYB!
  12. I was in LA a few weeks ago, Brentwood to be exact, and the only concern for Californians was the relentless traffic that plagues the city, even the elections seemed of little concern, and fires the last thing on anyone's mind. Today we find the town of 'paradise' burnt to the ground. Over a 1000 people unaccounted for across the state with 71 confirmed dead. Trump blamed the forestry commission for the disaster, apparently they'd failed to look after the brush, but had taken millions of $$$$ to do so, but the wise money is on climate change as the cause for this terrible disaster. My main point really centres around the missing 1000+ people? How can the biggest super power in the world first of all not be able to deal with all the fires, and secondly not know how many people are dead or missing? The US just don't seem to be able to deal with disasters, it was the same after the New Orleans hurricane, parts of the city are still inhabitable years after the disaster. Many hold them up as the leaders of the free world, but they can't deal with domestic natural disasters? Why?
  13. Vinjay17

    "The Jack Walker"

  14. Very saddened to read this. Thoughts and prayers go out to Lenny, his family and friends. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45268203
  15. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Any rumours/ leaks? Can’t see them being on sale before the end of May otherwise everyone will cash in with their club cash! Everton’s new kit is nice so fingers crossed for something similar. Funny feeling yellow will return for the away!
  16. MCMC1875

    Noel Brotherston

    The king would have been 62 today.
  17. The club have just released a statement from Tony, a plea to keep fans on side and continue the backing, can’t argue with any of it I presume they have picked up on some concern from the weekend and know that Tony is super popular and it’s a good way to try and stop the murmurs of concern, as always he comes across as a great human and someone easy to like: https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/november/tonys-plea-to-fans/ Edit my apologies it seems it was from Thursday
  18. It's that time again - i've just had an e-mail come through inviting BRFCS to the Supporters Consultation Meeting on Thursday 21st June. We get 5 invites - two have to be continuous attendees so will be taken by BRFCS admin/mods. If you want to come as part of the other three please send me a PM. If you have anything you want suggesting to the agenda please post below.
  19. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/september/a-to-z-ryan-nyambe/ A Q&A with the delightful young man, and world-class full back, who goes by the name of Ryan Nyambe (or RyNy to his friends). My only gripe (apart from him being a Manure fan) is the following answer to the question 'what is the strangest thing you've seen': "There’s quite a few strange things. I remember driving in Wythenshawe one night and just saw a guy laying with his bike. It was late at night and I remember thinking it was a bit odd!" I think he'd fallen off Ryan and you were meant to ring for an ambulance. Apart from that a top man and a full back who is getting better with every season. Hoorah for Ryan!!
  20. I'm always interested in hearing new/old music that has passed me by. There is no greater joy than a banging tune. 😍 So if you love something shove it in here. I am currently listening to this beauty:-
  21. An interesting article. I would hazard a guess that the claim runs into millions with several ex Rovers and Ian Battersby involved. Urquhart has got previous when it comes to dodgy dealings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-46274098
  22. J*B

    BRFCS Changes

    Just to keep everything in the right place, please could you give any feedback on the new theme here. There are more changes coming up including a far more interactive front page which we will need testing.
  23. JHRover

    Preston tickets

    On sale from today, 5500 allocation, £24 a head adults. Hopefully we'll fill it and after banishing the Bolton demons move on to stage 2 of 3 by beating this lot then Wigan a few days later for 3 of 3. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/october/ticket-news-preston-north-end-a/
  24. Total commitment. @EBenno88 is here to stay! 💪 Full story: https://t.co/EjPQKk5C4f https://t.co/TinwxU3Jfv
  25. I'm not normally a fan of the honours system but this is fully deserved. Arise Sir King Kenny, not bad for a 'wee scally fae the Milton'.

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