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Found 6 results

  1. Apologies if there’s a topic already, thought I’d get the ball rolling. (What’s up with these tags btw?) Sunderland at the moment looking to be suffering from a similar shell shock that we were last season. If their crowd turns it could get funny. Long way to go yet though. Think Charlton are a decent side even with all of the back room troubles.
  2. Now then lads & lasses, long time poster, infrequent asker of help! Me and a few mates (including a couple from this parish) are going up to Newcastle for the FA Cup game in early January, but seem to be in a bit of a quandary re transport. Trains look to be circa £83 with more changes than Kanye West's mind, the official travel will be out as drinking isn't allowed on there and drinking will be as much a part of the day as the football, so it seems unfair to leave it out of proceedings for a number of hours! Bottom line, does anyone know of any pubs that do travel to away games, preferably from the Hyndburn area? (Most of us will be going from Accy/Baxenden). I previously got coaches via the Brown Cow near Ewood, but I can't see anything on BRAG's website or their Facebook page about any away travel recently..... Failing any good ideas, we could always get a minibus with a local taxi firm that rhymes with Derek Shaw's fabled communication method on transfer deadline day, but they aren't exactly well known for their reliability levels..... Any help would be appreciated, ta!
  3. Right then... Planning on getting a 6ftx4ft custom flag made up and looking for some ideas. I don't want anything too busy, something bold and simple. Seen a few flags with 'New Order' on them, a band that I really like... Can anybody tell me the connection there? If there is one that is... Either way, the name of the band suits the current situation under Mowbray and its something the fans could undertake as a new feeling of togetherness. Don't worry, I still have my 'Venkys Out' flag folded away in case they decide to @#/? things up again but for the time being its nice to make a different type of banner and focus on the football for once! All ideas welcome.
  4. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Digital Advertising Boards

    Quite a few people close to me found the new digital boards an irritation last night. Not the movement, too bright when the white backgrounds were on and when the Sky advert ‘flashed’ on. Just wondered what others thought/heard?
  5. Do any of you guys use the Skygo desktop app to stream sky sports? Its so slow and jerky on mine It's hard to watch. That's using 150mb virgin fibre broadband. It used to be ok until they made you download the desktop app. Reading online seems to be an issue with the app itself. Anyone any tips to improve it?
  6. Has anyone come across this online?. http://eastlancstimes.co.uk/ It seems to be a poor Burnley version of the satirical online newspaper 'The Rochdale Herald'. What is most amusing are the Facebook comments at the bottom of each article and how unbelievably thick the residents of Burnley are. For example an article stating that potholes won't be repaired in Burnley due to them being of historical importance. The article is written by a Mike Hunt should be a dead giveaway but lack of intelligence prevails when it comes to our six fingered cousins. Some comments: ''Can I just add to my comment I was born in Burnley in 1944 not all but most roads were cobbles so who gave permission for them to be covered with tarmac if we were covering "Historic Interest" it's a stupid excuse'' ''I ride a motorcycle to commute I don’t get a popped tyre or a dinted wheel I get dead when I get thrown off and get hit with a oncoming vehicle'' Another article stating that there is to be an international airport built in Burnley. Some actually clocked on to this, I doubt they were locals though. ''There's more chance of it never getting cold and snowing in Burnley ever again,what a load of BULLSHIT'' ''Be superb for the town if it materialises'' Naivety or stupidity?, I definitely think the latter with regards to those lot.

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