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Found 43 results

  1. 1864roverite

    20/21 kit

    Thoughts anyone? Now almost July with an end to the season in sight and likelihood of championship football for another season (at least). Granted we do have a distant chance of a play off spot but it is a long shot. I would have thought there would be rumblings about next seasons shirts as well as season tickets costs as well as perhaps what the start of next season may look like or even start for that matter. Any snippets out there ?
  2. Born in Preston in 1951, he made 671 + 3 sub apps between 1969 & 1987 scoring 26 goals. One of the first seven players to be inducted into the club's Hall of Fame...it's the man universally known to all Rovers fans simply as "Faz"....Derek Fazackerley. Ian Herbert interviews Blackburn Rovers legend, all-time record appearance holder Derek Fazackerley, who looks back on his amazing playing & coaching career. View full record
  3. Here’s the link: Podcast link: https://urlgeni.us/spotify/UNCOVERED_ROVERS it reinforces what many of us thought...introduces some new aspects of the sh!tshow & demonstrates how far Venky’s have come in understanding what is required to run a football club. Pity they didn’t do due diligence before using us as a live laboratory experiment. https://www.sporf.com/blackburn-and-venkys-a-bizarre-tale-of-football-ownership/ Nick Harris of @sportingintel tells the tale...
  4. 3 parts to this latest episode - in Pt 1 we hear from BBC Radio Lancashire's Andy Bayes & Rovers legend Colin Hendry about the Len Johnrose Charity match in May 2021, Pt 2 has the Lancashire Telegraph reporter Rich Sharpe with the panel of Mike Delap, Louis Gee & Linz Lewis reviewing the window & in Pt 3 we hear from Joe Harvey from @AnalyticsRovers who highlights Rovers possession stats & their predictive powers. Hope you enjoy...music as always is from The Symmetry & we thank them for their support. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/495506 https://len-johnrose-fightback.muchloved.com https://www.lenjohnrosetrust.com View full record
  5. The pod squad gazes into their crystal ball to predict what is in store for our favourite team in 2020/21...*WARNING* contains serious amounts of optimism ! We have two "Name That Rover" quizzes, an interview with Joe Harvey from Rovers Analytics and some more of the usual nonsense. Thanks to Hollie Thurstan, Josh Boswell, Linz Lewis, Louis Gee, Michael Taylor (Marple Leaf blog), Scott Sumner (4000 Holes), & Tom Schofield (1875 Podcast) for their live panel contributions & to Bill Arthur, Lucy Dewhurst & Stuart Grimshaw for their pre-recorded segments. Produced & hosted by Ian Herbert. View full record
  6. In this three-part episode, we look back at the careers of Tim Sherwood & Tugay through the lens of the lovely people at thesefootballtimes.co (thanks to TFT plus Jamie Bell & Matt Gault) & in part two, we meet our special guest Matt Hall & play "What's My Line". Narration from Bill Arthur & Michael Taylor, interview conducted by Ian Herbert. View full record
  7. This sounds like it will be fascinating https://www.balls.ie/football/aiden-mcgeady-critical-chris-coleman-sunderland-netflix-documentary-402136 What were they thinking letting the cameras in? I watched the city one on Amazon, was pretty good, but it was clear that the access to the good stuff was restricted. Personally I don't see any benefits to a team letting cameras in. Amazon offered Ireland rugby big money (8 figures apparently) to allow them in for a season, which they declined. If we were offered 10 million to let the cameras in next season, what would ye reckon?
  8. We review the season just (eventually) completed with the aid of real journalists in the form of the Lancashire Telegraph's Rich Sharpe & Lancashire Live's Jaquob Crooke aided & abetted by the BRFCS pod squad; Hollie Thurstan, Linz Lewis, Michael Taylor, Mike Delap & Stuart Grimshaw - questions posed by Ian Herbert as usual. Warning - Parental Advisory - contains the words Shithouse & Shithousery...but all in context.😀 View full record
  9. TheRovers1994

    20/21 kit

    So as usual rivers are unorganised and late on dates, the club chooses its kits two years in advance so they should have been ready for July let alone now, so we have our first friendly in 6 days time and it looks like we will be in last seasons kit, 10 bet have now pulled the plug on sponsoring us so we are now without a sponsor which I dont blame anybody for cause aoosrentky a lot of sponsors are struggling to pay their fees no thanks to covid. But back to the subject why is it every bloody season we cant get our kit out at a good time ? Surely releasing it asap would provide much needed revenue? Not even staff know the release date it's pathetic and unproffesional, Last year says it all for me the club stupidly picked a grey and green shirt to start with then was gonna leave it at that until the fans had to Express on social media that it clashes with every team in white so they rushed to umbro and said we need a 3rd asap so we ended up with a limited edition shirt, so that summed up how organised this club is that not one of them after all that time of knowing the away colours realised that we needed a 3rd as grey clashes with white, cause there was definitely no plans of a 3rd until fans raised concerns cause both umbro and rovers confirmed on twitter there wasn't gonna be one. One year left on our umbro contract and I hope we do away with them and other mainstream overrated manufacturers and go with someone like hummel or macron who design better kits anyway rather than throw us a catalogue and say pick one mentality
  10. BRFCS chats with a former referee, Rovers fan and contributor to the BRFCS forum, Tony Leake. Ian Herbert poses the questions. Listen closely for the Souness, Allardyce, Mimms and Ronnie Moore stories. A real insight into the life of a man in black. View full record
  11. Bigdoggsteel

    Damien Duff interview

    Great interview with the Duffer and for once with an ex-Rover, they actually speak about the club a lot! This is the youtube version, but it is on podcast also. Great lad the Duffer. His interview reminded me of wingers who actually took players on.
  12. Michael Taylor catches up with David Dunn to find out how he is coping with lockdown & learns about a whole lot more including how Dunny was left hanging by Daniel Bedingfield and providing a captive audience for Jason Manford whilst on a plane. Thanks to @OBIProperty for allowing us to share, to Michael for conducting the interview & Dunny for the inside track. View full record
  13. Steven & Jay from NYC Rovers chat with Kevin Gallacher about his footballing heritage, moving to England, broken legs, title-winning, Brian Kidd, Sir Bobby Robson, Radio Lancs, Golden Retriever training and so much more... Thanks to Steven & Jay once again for sharing their interview with us and of course to Gally for being interviewed. View full record
  14. In Part 1 the panel discusses the effect of lockdown from the fans' perspective - specifically Bill, Hollie, Kamy, Linz & Lucy. In Part 2 Ian Herbert chats with Rovers' Premier League title-winner Mark Atkins. Mark discusses his origins, getting out of the bath to sign for Allan Clarke, signing for Rovers, converting to midfield, coping with David Batty and playing for Graham Taylor and much, much more. View full record
  15. Andy Bayes from BBC Radio Lancashire drops by to talk lockdown sport, Rovers Hall of Fame dinner, Kenny Dalglish, Tony Parkes & Lenny Johnrose. In Part 2, Steven & Jay from NYC Rovers chat with Rovers legend David Dunn about his career and THAT goal against Burnley & the disappointing way his career at Rovers ended. View full record
  16. In the absence of any actual football, BRFCS has shamelessly copied BBC Fighting Talk and produced a special Rovers version - hope you enjoy ! Many thanks to Josh Boswell, Stuart Grimshaw, Kamy, Michael Taylor and er...Colin Murray for inspiration and contribution. Ian Herbert tries to hold it together and is responsible for the shoddy production values. View full record
  17. In a special episode, Tommy Spurr chats with Ian Herbert and discusses his career, managerial styles, injury, retirement and much, much more. Learn about Gary Megson's unique motivational style, whether Jordan Rhodes is REALLY that nice and what went on during the 2013/14 season. Thanks so much to Tommy for his time and honesty. View full record
  18. In this episode, Ian Herbert chats with John Murray from the Rovers Trust to learn more about the Trust's recent marketing prospectus and the memorandum of understanding with the club that is in the pipeline. If you want to know what the Trust is up to now, how it's role has evolved & what's in the marketing prospectus - this is the podcast for you! https://www.roverstrust.com/2019/12/18/brfc-draft-marketing-prospectus/ View full record
  19. BRFCS catches up with Scott Sumner of 4000 Holes fame as he tells Ian Herbert all about the upcoming 100th issue of a much-loved fanzine. We also welcome a new 1st time contributor in John Wareing who shares some of his earliest Rovers memories. View full record
  20. In this episode we chat with Lancashire Telegraph reporter Rich Sharpe about the January window, FFP and what the summer might hold for Rovers. We also have another reminiscence from our man in Canada Bill Arthur who recalls 1994/5, can't think why ! Produced & presented by Ian Herbert. View full record
  21. In a packed episode we hear from Bryan in Iraq, Bill in Canada plus Scott, new contributor Mark and the trusty Marple Leaf himself, Michael with a varied menu of items for your pleasure. Thanks to everyone who has contributed large or small to the podcast in 2019, let's make 2020 bigger & better than ever. HNY ! View full record
  22. *BUMPED* Please see end of thread for latest update... I’ve had some interest expressed in having a regular recurring item in podcasts of fans talking about their first Rovers memory....when, where, who, what happened, how did you feel etc. (I’d also consider Fave Rovers memory...especially if it avoided the obvious 1995...! ) I’ve got one in the can already and I’d love to have some more...anybody fancy contributing ? Help writing &/or recording it is available as required.... Anyone ? 🤔
  23. A special tribute to former Rovers manager Jim Smith who sadly passed away earlier this week. Written by Jim Wilkinson, narrated by Ian Herbert. Special additional Tony Mowbray interview by Michael Taylor & Louis G. Thanks again to The Symmetry Band for all the music used. View full record
  24. BRFCS catches up once more with F365 columnist, writer & author John Nicholson who has a new book out "Can We Have Our Football Back ?" which lays low the myths about football behind the paywalls and the corrosive effect of money on the game...but most importantly, what we the fans can do about it. We also have a delightful sketch from Mr & Mrs Arthur all the way from Canada and the BRFCS Repertory Company appear once again with their bespoke advertisements. Once more, Ian Herbert conducts the orchestra. View full record
  25. In this episode, writer John Duerden shares details of his latest project, a book about the 1995 title-winning team & asks podcast host Ian Herbert about his recollections of that momentous time in the club's history. The book will be out later this year and we will follow up with John nearer the time to share publication details. View full record

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