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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone going to this on Tuesday? Looks like it's being treated like an U23s fixture by the club with only the JW lower open. It's a shame we are so poor because Mowbray should be our the U23 lads and paying any fine levied. Frankly it's an insult that we have to field anything like a First XI against a team at a lower level that our U23 side. Given the start the U23s have made (top of Div 2) there is an argument that we would be far from understrength. If we are forced to field the first team then I hope we batter them out of sight and that all of the league clubs also hammer any U21 teams put out. And by batter I mean physically impose themselves as well. Let them know that this isn't a reserve league and you are up against men who are not going to pander to you just because you wear a replica kit. How the mighty Checkatrade-branded competition should require PL "representation" is beyond me. Its not even a game that will test the likes of Doyle, Nuttall et al from the point of view of adding them to the first team squad. A farce of a fixture and a sign of the disdain with which the FA and Football League hold the third and fourth tier. Just because they don't make them loads of money. I want to football bubble to burst just to see some of the pale, male, stale, FA-blazer-and-tie-wearing fuds trying to do proper jobs out in the 'real world'.

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