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Found 9 results

  1. Found these online and thought they where really interesting - a full league review, images below... Shot Dominance The number of shots taken against the number of shots the opposition took Attacking Effectiveness Shot conversion, essentially. Bottom right is good, top left is bad. We come under languidly clinical, essentially didn't get lots of chances but took them. Defence effectiveness Exact opposite of above- top left is good - able to reduce opposition shots take more shots without conceding, bottom right is bad, opposition get lots of opportunity and take them. As predicted, we dont do well here. Expected goals The graph speaks for itself and sums up pretty much everything I thought about the year. Decent attack, poor defence.
  2. Alistair Campbell just now on C5 did not know or recognise his football clubs Latin wording on their badge when it was shown to him. I'd expect every real rovers fan to recognise and know the meaning of Arte et Labore as soon as they were shown Campbell is a plastic tosspot
  3. Talk of Hart coming in; Raya out of favour; Leutweiler starting again despite not being a Rover next season. Just watching them warm up on the pitch and the body language is shocking. The coach looks like he can’t be bothered and is going through the motions. May as well pay Conway to warm up the keepers next season! Big changes expected in the position next season.
  4. With the season over it's time for the England women's world cup and the nation's league. Will people be tuning in to roar on Phil Neville's lionesses. How do people think we will fair in Portugal in the first ever nation's league final. How important or serious do people take these competions. Is everybody happy with the squad Gareth has selected. I personally can't understand what Jesse lingard has done to earn a call up and was quite shocked and disappointed that james maddison didn't make the cut. I will be hoping England can be the first nation to win this and after great difficulty understanding how it works (still don't quite get it) have enjoyed it up to now and think it's been alot better than meaningless friendlies. I'm hoping it takes off and nation's take it seriously and take pride in winning it. As for the lionesses, I watched a few of the games when they were unlucky not to make the final a few years ago and that tournament was the one that has put female football on the map. A good showing from our lasses this time around could really put women's football firmly in the spotlight and I will be watching with anticipation to see how much the women's game has evolved as a whole since the last tournament. What are people's thoughts ?
  5. Herbie6590

    BRFCS - Gratitude Corner

    BRFCS - gratitude corner...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 At the end of a long, hard season, it’s something of a tradition to hand out awards and such like and to reflect on what has just concluded. Well, we may not have any trophies to hand out but we sure have plenty of plaudits...so bear with me in this self-indulgence if you would be so kind... BRFCS has for a while been in need of some behind the scenes tinkering, a lot of which you don’t see; more often than not, the site just being up means people have “done stuff” and neither you nor I would have a clue but it keeps the engine revving. We are lucky to have our own “geek squad” in Glenn, Biddy, Stuart & Phil who tinker here & there and truly speak an impenetrable language of their own in pursuit of IT perfection. Phil has also done some sterling work this season in refreshing the page and creating a new home page which has brought us bang up to date and for that we thank him. We also thank him by asking him then to do some other stuff which hopefully soon will create a wonderful new section on the site which we are really excited about. Sadly Phil also insists on having a life and a real job that pays him money and sometimes these have to take precedence. However, thanks to Phil for endeavours past, present & hopefully future..and to all of our IT gurus, may your TLAs always be unintelligible to us non-gurus. The forum can be quite the enigma. Sometimes there is some lovely stuff on there, sometimes there isn’t. Overseeing it is a thankless task that is guaranteed to bring only opprobrium. Why anyone wants to volunteer to do it is beyond me but we are grateful that they do. It doesn’t win you many friends or put you on the VIP guest list at film premieres but heartfelt thanks to K-Hod, Tom & True Blue for helping to moderate the site. Podcasts next...these truly are a labour of love. We produce them, put them out there and then simply hope that someone listens and enjoys... Sometimes we get feedback, sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it’s constructive. We are proud of them notwithstanding. This season we were invited to Brockhall, we interviewed Don Mackay, John Nicholson from Football 365 we had help & assistance from various journalists including Rich Sharpe, Andy Bayes, Conor Pope, John Duerden and of course from erstwhile Rovers social media manager Ryan Grant. Let us also acknowledge the hard work of Kamy in keeping lines of communication open with the club. We had a podsquad of panelists willing to give up time & energy to contribute and we had a new executive producer and host for one truly memorable episode in the indefatigable Linz Lewis who created the terrific International Women’s Day edition. One of our panelists went on to create the “Ginger Ninja Appreciation Society”...it wasn’t a BRFCS initiative as such that’s true, but we would just like to bask in the reflected glory of Jen Bellamy who always is er... “forthright” and makes editing out swears quite the art form ! Another in Michael Taylor, reassessed Graeme Souness and persuaded a Scottish colleague to act out the role of Souness, which it has to be said he did with some uncanny accuracy making for a memorable episode. We have had help from Tom at our good friends at the 1875 Podcast, Scott from our favourite fanzine 4000 Holes, we have our very own Canadian corespondent in Bill Arthur who somehow managed to interview a former Burnley player yet make it about Blackburn Rovers ! He was also trying to line Brad Friedel up for an interview but Brad then got himself sacked so...another time perhaps ! We have recorded face to face at Christmas and put it on YouTube, we recorded our last episode in a real studio...all of this, constantly trying new things to make vibrant and hopefully enjoyable listening. Remember, all this is in spare time and for free. Thank you therefore to Michael, Linz, Jen, Mike, Stuart, Matt, Louis, Millie, Hollie, Lucy, Josh & Duncan who have all helped along the way. COYB
  6. sympatheticclaret

    Following your team from afar ...

    As I mentioned on another thread, eighteen months ago, I attempted to trace 51 lads who'd played u19's ( Colts ) Rugby at Blackburn Rugby Club between 1980-83, and with the help of various contacts, social media etc, I tracked down 47 of them. We had a fine well lubricated re-union in October 2017, but I was amazed that out of the 47 I traced, only 4 of them still resided within the Borough of Blackburn with Darwen. Of the others, 10 now lived in the Ribble Valley, 14 lived in other areas of Lancashire ( Including Greater Manchester, Merseyside etc ), 12 lived in other parts of England & 1 in Glasgow. The expats. were France ( 2 ), New Zealand ( 2 ), and 1 each for Dubai, Italy and Sweden, leaving 4 untraced .... They virtually all kept up with information from home including Rover's fortunes, by way of family texts, streaming games, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime etc which makes us all realise how fortunate we are in the modern age .... has anybody any memories of going to great lengths to find ( or avoid ) scores from " Back in the Day " .... ?
  7. philipl


    https://www.ft.com/content/700dfa86-70d2-11e9-bbfb-5c68069fbd15?segmentId=080b04f5-af92-ae6f-0513-095d44fb3577 Something to look forward to. Not. Advertisers eagerly looking at the opportunity VAR breaks mid game creates... Personally, on balance VAR probably improves the fairness of the game and so long as it is a rarity, seeing the ref going to a screen watching an all but impossible to adjudicate decision adds rather than detracts to the drama. It needs handling better for the spectators in the stadium though. Getting a quick ad for Brekkies would completely ruin it as it would break the intensity of the game for the tv audience. I thought seeing the ref get earphone confirmation of Liverpool's second goal added to the game yesterday because it eradicated thinking about was if legitimate or not.
  8. Nice little article from Onside View called 'The Tide is Finally Turning for Blackburn' .

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