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Found 37 results

  1. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17800611.tactical-tweaks-rovers-shown-pre-season/
  2. This absolutely breaks my heart, non-footballing staff at Bolton havn't been paid and are so desperate that a local charity has set up a food bank specifically for them. In a time when football knows almost limitless resources this is disgusting. The players have the PFA as a safety net, but the rest of the staff don't have anything to fall back on. I'm sure they'd appreciate any support available from up the M61 ...
  3. The summer 2019 started in February. so why not..?
  4. ewoody

    Rovers badge

    I have a number of rovers flags that I've designed and have been made by footballflags. Here is my latest flag on order, what do you think of the rovers badge in half white, half blue ?
  5. Hi! I'm currently editing together a new documentary about Rovers. Following the clubs troubles from 2010 until now, the ups and downs of double relegations, subsequent promotion from League One and looking to the future past 2019. Firstly, if anyone has any video or picture material (positive or negative) from the last ten years which may be of use to me, that you would be happy for me to feature in the video, then please send it over to me. I'm talking anything from pictures with players, to chanting in a pub, to throwing a snowball at an Indian person. Secondly, if there's anyone who would like to be interviewed, as part of the fans comments section, be that about our relegations, financial problems, promotion from league one, or looking to the future, I'll be looking to do this at some point over the next few months too. So let me know if this is something anybody would be interested in. This film will not be all doom and gloom, and I won't be focusing too much on the shocking decisions and errors made during the early years of Venky's ownership. Whilst it will be highlighted, I feel as though the general vibe of this and the main aim should be to look forward. I want to speak to people and hear from people about what they want to see at Rovers going forward, what do you expect? Do you feel as though we've found our level, or should the club now be getting themselves into a promotion position? I'd also love to hear people's thoughts on Steve Kean, Gary Bowyer and Tony Mowbray in particular, as those three will be the main managers the film will focus on. If anyone wants to share some opinions, whether it's on this forum, or on film, then please also let me know. Thanks all, I really do hope to hear from as many people as possible!
  6. BRFCS is delighted to announce that renowned Rovers historian & author Harry Berry (A Century of Soccer, The Blackburn Rovers Miscellany, The Men Who Made Blackburn Rovers since 1945) has given us access to his archive records of Rovers first team players. The initial batch of records representing players with surnames beginning with A have been loaded & can be accessed from the new Home Page &/or by following the link below :- https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/player-archive/ Our sincere thanks go to Harry for sharing this content, over time the record will build up to cover all players with a first team appearance but rather than wait until all the records are complete, we thought we would load them in instalments. Thanks also to @OnePhilT who once more has done a sterling job building the infrastructure to house these records and has single-handedly loaded this first batch of records. Hope you enjoy using this as a reference point for all your Rovers player enquiries...
  7. Hello everyone, I have recently written a book about my team Huddersfield Town which charts what happened next for each and every player that has ever played a game for the club. Where Are They Now is a comprehensive guide to what happened next for all the favourites over the years and also the least favourite ones!! I know that this is probably a niche thing but I know that there’s a lot of football fans out there that collect football books and their collections are not necessarily limited to the team that they support. There's a fair few former Blackburn players in the book including Jim Branagan, George Donis, John Coddington, Jon Stead and Jordan Rhodes to name a few. Perhaps your favourite player is in the book too! I thought I’d let you know of the book’s existence and if you’d like a copy the link is here; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Where-Are-They-Now-Huddersfield/dp/1912027607 Thanks for your time and if you manage to get a copy of the book, you won’t be disappointed!! Good luck for the season LSM
  8. Some seriously big clubs at imminent risk of getting knocked out at the third qualifying round stage this evening. ... and Celtic of course
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Going through my parents pictures and found this of my dad (front 2nd from left). He has dementia now - and I wonder how many of the others do looking at that ball - so can’t tell me anything about it. He did at one time play for Mill Hill St Peters so I was wondering if this was them. Anybody know? I wouldn’t have fancied being up against the guy with the ball!
  10. Jimmy Jazz

    Lift to WBA

    Hello, anyone going to WBA tomorrow in a car ? I would appreciate a lift, if possible. Thanks in advance. Jimmy Jazz
  11. ISSUE 97 HAS ARRIVED!! For £1.50, we've got a full colour 36-page fanzine containing the usual frivolity (and some serious stuff!). To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Postage is just 75p for first class delivery in the UK. Season subscriptions are also STILL AVAILABLE HERE for just £9.00 (includes P&P) which gets you all five issues from 97 to 101. And if you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 97 includes: Let's Do It Right Rovers, Preview of Matt Jansen's Autobiography (with extracts), Overheard in the Blues Bar, From The Terraces, 4-page Kevin Stonehouse Tribute, TM visits the Last Chance Sporting Clinic, Rhodri the Dragon’s “Voice From The Valleys”, What Do We Know? - The West Brom Fiasco 2004, All Rover The World, Glenn Keeley profile, 101 Great Rovers Goals #1, Quizzes and Crossword, S Club XI plus lots more!
  12. I'll preface this by saying that I know that this is unlikely to bring any results, but I thought that it was worth a try. I am doing some fundraising for expats in France who are being hit a bit hard by the pound losing value (typically pensioners) and we are organising a charity auction where the goal is to include interesting items that relate to the person donating them. For that reason I am hoping to get my hands on 3 signed Blackburn shirts (2 for a raffle and one for a silent auction) - ideally with the full squad signing them, but if not at least a few key members. Hard to come by from over here, but if anyone on here knows someone at the club that might be able to help it is for a worthy cause and it would be greatly appreciated. I will reach out to the club directly but thought this might be worth a go first. I have a bit of time, although not a ton, as the auction is at the end of September.
  13. oldjamfan1

    Fook Off Derrick

    Does anyone have a link to that particular clip? Funniest thing I've seen on telly in years, I nearly choked on my vodka and coke.
  14. On Saturday they played "The Boys are Back" and "Wild Rover" but they never ran on to the pitch to Europe's "The Final Countdown". What was the song/tune they used instead?
  15. Blue blood

    Programme Help

    Looking for a bit of help regarding Rovers programmes. I've got a load of old programmes from Rovers games dating mainly from 1997-2008 (with a few outliers) which I don't really have the space for anymore Does anyone know where might be a good place to potentially sell them? I'm not exactly sure there's a huge market for Rovers programmes but thought it worth investigating. Any help/advice/interest would be really appreciated.
  16. A few days ago @LinzLewis15 tweeted about sponsoring of the rovers ladies players, it costs £250. Through the power of twitter and social media she has nearly got enough to sponsor 11 players. If you want to help reach that goal then please click the link below, how amazing would it be to have an entire team sponsored by the fans: Rovers Ladies Sponsorship
  17. Stuart

    Caption This

    Post a funny or not funny Rovers-related or at least football-related photo for others to provide caption comments for.
  18. Afternoon all, We are raising as much money as possible for Pendleside Hospice who do amazing work. If you dont know about them, check them out here- https://www.pendleside.org.uk We have managed to get our hands on a signed rovers shirt. We are currently holding a silent auction, so if you would like to make a bid please email Bradley.davies@hays.com Please include contact details. Last bidding day 24th August. Highest bid takes it.
  19. AlanK

    Uncle Jack

    I'm not one for commenting much these days but I'm always about.I'm on holiday in Jersey right now. I took the family to visit Uncle Jacks resting place. It's a very modest plot at St Brelades. Brought tears to my eyes though. It's a very large graveyard. If anyone ever needs direction then ping me a message.
  20. https://www.realmadrid.com/en/real-madrid-tv SWITCH TO SPANISH VERSION to view the Blackburn game.
  21. The BRFCS https://t.co/iKcN35TADz league is now live! League code: haf1st Join away!
  22. Hopefully you're ready for the new season now - the good news is that the fanzine will return! A postal subscription to all five issues can be purchased by CLICKING THIS LINK. It's only £9 this season, which includes all P&P costs. International delivery is also available. Based on the quality of contributions already received, the fanzine will be staying in good shape for another year. It also promises to be an exciting season as we pass the 100th issue mark and see some 25th anniversary celebrations of 1994/95 - is it really that long ago?! Thanks to everyone who has already subscribed - the first issue of the season (Issue 97) is due out on Saturday 17th August.
  23. Hi, I’m a Huddersfield fan, this is a post for any Fantasy Footballers out there! There is a new Fantasy Football for the Championship for the first time, the link is here: https://www.fantasybet.com/blog/efl-championship-fantasy-football-2019-20/ It’s £5.50 entry and prize pot if £10,000. It’s very similar to Official FPL - pick a 15-man squad for £100 million, 1 transfer a week, etc, etc. If anyone is interested please do feel free to join and share, the more the merrier! Good luck to you guys for the coming season, be nice to see you do well, looking forward to welcoming you to the John Smith’s Stadium!
  24. A thread for tomorrow's pre-season game against Blackpool. Is anybody going? It seems tomorrow's starting lineup will likely be our starting XI against Charlton next weekend, so eyes will be on the team news at 2pm. Walton Bennett - Lenihan - Mulgrew - Bell Travis - Johnson Armstrong - Dack - Downing Graham Seems the likeliest team, based on those who played at Bury in mid week, though I'm sure opinions will vary. I have fond memories of pre-season games at Bloomfield Road in the past, in particular in July 2003, when we'd just signed Brett Emerton (who scored if memory serves) though I can't find any details of it online.
  25. DeeCee


    Mrs picked this up from a recent visit to her dad's, decent side and bench then! If anyone wants/needs it I will pay postage, except for AllRover Asia and USA blue and Exiled in Toronto 😁 https://photos.app.goo.gl/WZKbkQMvDYbcEQxV8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/18cDX8yy5eYoeEZR6

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