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Found 111 results

  1. The Premier and Football Leagues to be suspended until at least 4th April (Situation to be reviewed on 4th April). Given that the government are estimating the peak of this virus is 12-14 weeks away then there is the real possibility that the entire season could be voided. Has huge implications for the football league, particularly those clubs that are already in financial strife.
  2. The summer 2019 started in February. so why not..?
  3. What are people’s memories of that special day
  4. Hasta

    Frank Stapleton

    Not mentioned like Ossie and Archibald, but Stapleton was another high profile coup for the club at the end of the 80s. I recall being disappointed by him, and am surprised he made as many as 80 appearances, but as a kid I would have been too young to appreciate his all round game. I just wanted to see him hit the back of the net. What are other people's opinions on his Rovers spell?
  5. First time I have seen this since its original airing!
  6. If anyone is interested, I'm selling this 1998/00 Blackburn Rovers shirt in immaculate condition, signed by Dwight Yorke. 😀 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254596503091
  7. Someone posted this on a non-football Fb group. I won’t name them for their privacy but this isn’t my photo. “Going down the Bolton Road...” Wondered if anyone else can add any detail or has similar photos?
  8. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    Barnsley fan here. Hello to you all. I archive and collect video footage of my club and wondered if there is any footage you might have between our clubs. The kind of stuff I'm looking for is old club videos, stuff taped off telly and even home movies. If you are willing to share your stuff I'd be more than happy to convert it to dvd for the loan of any tapes you might have. Thanks for looking and stay safe in these strange times.
  9. I know which was the best goal I ever saw scored by a Rovers Player. I'm taken back to it every Easter Saturday. It was the goal the one and only Bryan Douglas scored against West Brom on Easter Saturday April the 13th 1963. Here's what Alf Thornton had to say about it in the " Last Sports " - " At 80 minutes DOUGLAS brought the house down with a wonder goal such as only he of present day footballers can score. He picked the ball up on his wing at the half way line, shrugged off attempted tackles by Clark and Bannister, went inside at speed and beat Williams, Jones and Fairfax with beautiful body swerves as though they did not exist, before crashing in a terrific drive ". " The Rovers players dashed to congratulate him and the crowd gave him a standing ovation ". This is from Ian Holman in the " Daily Express " - It's headed - " A Moment Of Magic From Douglas ". - The ball was snuggling gently at the talented feet of tiny Bryan Douglas just about the spot where the the centre circle curve ends. A player lunged twice, missed twice, and finally landed in the mud as Douglas switched feet and swept by. Another crimson shirted challenger zoomed into a fierce tackle but still Douglas wended his way towards the penalty area. Inside the box two more men tried to stop him but failed just as miserably as the rest. So now Douglas was poised for the kill. His right boot flashed and the beautifully placed shot whipped into the roof of the net. This was one of footballs magic moments- an unforgettable goal to round off a match that Douglas had already made his own " I was there that day in a really meagre crowd of 11,451 and I can tell you those reports don't really do it justice. I was stood behind and to the left of the goal at the Darwen End and I had a great view of the goal as it developed and of the finish. There can't be that many of us left now that witnessed the little fella in his prime but take it from me - he was the greatest Rover in my time. For trivia fans the day before we'd played really well to beat Sheff Wed at Ewood 3-0 in front of 14,361. Maybe the expense of two games in two days was too much for some fans. Two points from that game. There was a minutes silence before the game for the crew of the USS Thresher which had just been declared lost with all hands. Rovers got a penalty late on in the match. Fred Pickering strode up to take it. Sheff Wed had the current England goalkeeper in goal and he had a strategy for facing penalties were he didn't stand in the centre of the goal. He deliberately stood a yard to the left of centre. I've never seen any other goalkeeper adopt it. Obviously it dared the taker to go for the bigger gap but that was Springett's strongest side. Anyway Fred went for the biggest side and Springett got across and saved the shot.
  10. Thought some might be interested in seeing this. Howard was and is a Rovers legend. This is the story of the Everton team he built after leaving Ewood for Goodison. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1665132/how-to-watch-howards-way Enjoy
  11. Stuart

    Friend in Need

    Not sure how many of you on the board know @pk1875 (Paul to his friends) but he’s currently in hospital suffering quite badly due to Coronavirus. If you get a minute to say a prayer or send positive vibes he could really do with them right now.
  12. So tomorrow would have been the final day of the season but it’s not to be. FM have predicted the final results and have us in 8th going into the final game just 1 point behind Preston and 2 behind Bristol City with a better goal difference. Those two play each other whilst we head to already relegated Luton. A win for us takes us to the play offs. It’s all being virtualised on the Skysports live blog from mid day tomorrow. What’s the odds on us virtually nicking the last play off place. http://www.skysports.com/share/11981670
  13. arbitro

    Quiz Answers

    1/ John Barton, John Butcher and Jason Brown. 2/ El-Hadji Diouf, Carlos Villanueva and Tugay Kerimoglu. 3/ Andy Cole and Paul Dickov. 4/ Buxton. 5/ Matt Jansen. 6/ Bolton Wanderers. The attendance was 62,522. 7/ Arsenal. 8/ Six. 83-84 v Derby (h) and Portsmouth (h) 86-87 v Sunderland (h) 88-89 v Oldham (h) and Man City (h) 89-90 v Barnsley (h) 9/ O'Keefe, Price, Sulley, Barker, Keeley, Mail, Miller, Ainscow, Hendry, Garner, Sellars. Subs: Patterson and Branagan 10/ David Batty. 11/ Watford.
  14. arbitro

    Another Rovers Quiz

    In an effort to relieve the boredom I have put together a Rovers specific quiz for which I will post the answers on a new thread. No googling and the referees decision is final 😁😁. 1/ Rovers have had three goalkeepers with the initials JB - name them. 2/ There have been three Rovers players in recent times whose full names contain all five vowels. Can you name them? 3/ Six clubs have won the EPL. Only two players have played for four of them (not necessarily when they won it though). Who are they? 4/ Tony Parkes joined Rovers from which non league club in 1970? 5/ Who was Rovers leading goalscorer in the successful Worthington Cup campaign in 2001-02? 6/ Who were Rovers opponents when the record attendance was set at Ewood? For a bonus what was it (generously I'll give you to the nearest one hundred). 7/ Who were Rovers opponents in their first ever EPL game at Ewood? 8/ How many hat-tricks did Simon Garner score for Rovers? 9/ Name the Rovers team that won the Full Members Cup against Charlton in 1987? 10/ Which former Rover missed a penalty against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup in France? 11/ Which club did Ken Furphy leave to join Rovers as manager in 1970? Answers on a separate thread soon.
  15. I saw on Twitter earlier that it's 13 years to the day since we played so well against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi at Old Trafford but lost in extra time. It would have been brilliant to win that and play in the first FA Cup final at the new Wembley, plus the teams we had between 2005 and 2008 were good enough to have won something. That got me thinking - if you could change one result in Rovers' history, what would it be? That game would definitely be up there for me. Arsenal FA Cup semi-final in 2005 too probably. That was the height of the 'Bully Boys' tag and knocking Wenger and Arsenal out would have been so sweet. Both times we'd have played United in the final and we had a decent record against them under Hughes. Others that come to mind include the home game against the Dingles in 2014. Awful. There wasn't just 'one' result in our 2012 and 2017 relegations that cost us, so hard to pick from those seasons. Further down the list, but maybe Millwall at home in the FA Cup quarter final replay? 2012/13, like the season before it, was an absolutely rotten time to be a Rover (apart from K**n leaving), but an FA Cup semi v Wigan at Wembley would have been good, and winnable. They're only from my time going to Rovers, so looking forward to seeing some older games mentioned.
  16. Random question- Just been watching the Worthington cup final win and I know Tugay was suspended but as far as I can make it he was not even at the game? Did not notice him in any of the celebrations or in the dressing room after the during the celebrations and interviews. During the on pitch celebrations Souness tells someone to hurry up to come and join them and no one appears any idea if that was Tugay and if not who it was?
  17. skous18

    STAYINtertoto Cup

    New FIFA tournament have started and Rovers are one of the 54 teams that have joined it. Dack is the player who will represent us and we were drew in group M, along with Walsall, Tinn Harps and Crewe Alexandra. Dont know much more about the tournament and the matches so any updates will be much appreciated.
  18. 4,000 Holes

    Mick Heaton tribute

    ‘Easy’ – The Mick Heaton Story. On the 25th anniversary of his untimely passing, this is a great tribute by Rob Sawyer (who also wrote the Roy Vernon book ‘Blue Dragon’). https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/comment/history/39422.html
  19. Exiled in Toronto

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Going through my parents pictures and found this of my dad (front 2nd from left). He has dementia now - and I wonder how many of the others do looking at that ball - so can’t tell me anything about it. He did at one time play for Mill Hill St Peters so I was wondering if this was them. Anybody know? I wouldn’t have fancied being up against the guy with the ball!
  20. tonygreenbank

    Rovers Quiz

    Probably like many of us at the moment I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading. I’ve got a pretty good collection of Rovers books and I’ve rediscovered some long forgotten facts about our great club! So I’ve compiled a quiz of 20 questions about the Rovers which I would like to share. If you, like me, love quizzing then I hope it might help provide a much needed distraction and some enjoyment in these difficult days There are 20 questions but the total score is 36. If you want to PM me your answers then I’m more than happy to give you your score! Q1. Rovers didn’t have one of these for the first 46 years but have had one every year since then, What is it? Q2. Which player was sold to become our record transfer fee received? Q3. In the 1960’s Rovers were asked to represent England in an international competition. Where was it held? Q4. Which player has made the most appearances for the club? Q5. Which player has scored the most goals in a Rovers shirt? Q6. Rovers have been beaten twice by the same team in our Charity Shield history. Who was it? Q7. In which Blackburn street was Jack Walker born? Q8. In our great Prem Title season which was the only team to do the double over us? Q9. Besides Ewood, Rovers have played at 4 other venues across town. Can you name them? Q10. Our FA Cup tie against Charlton in 1947 at the Valley was unique for what reason? Q11. Who were Rovers first shirt sponsors? Q12. Who was our first £1m player signing? Q13. During Roy Hodgson’s reign as manager we had 3 goalkeepers whose surname began with the letter F. Who were they? Q14. Which manager signed Matt Jansen and from which club? Q15. Jorge Gonzalez Dias played for us in which Cup Final? Q16. Dino Baggio made his Rovers debut at which current League Two ground? Q17. Who were Tony Mowbray’s first opponents as Rovers manager? Q18. Mark Hughes took us to 2 semifinals during his time as manager. Who beat us on each occasion? Q19. Who are the youngest and oldest players to play for Rovers since WW2? Q20. Can you name the 9 managers who have served under the Venkys? Well done for getting this far! As I said if you want to PM me with your answers I’m happy to give you your score. I’ve got plenty of time on my hands!
  21. Hi all Wondering if anyone can assist. I need two Tugay pics to go in a frame with a signed shirt. Looking for two portrait pics of a decent enough quality that I can get them printed (without any issues around copyright obviously). Has anyone got a good source for pics? Looked at GettyImages which has a lot from the era that I’m looking at but it’s not easy to just buy a print for personal use. Just wondering if anyone has anywhere else where I could source a decent quality image. Looking for the 06-07 season ideally. Bet 24 logo and the last of the Lonsdale shirts
  22. Hi all, So as this trying time we are all looking for ways to occupy ourselves and to keep our health ,both mentally and physically, as well as it can be. I'm big into reading, although I do like an old audiobook as well. I'm not really into your typical football autobiography as I have read some that were clearly just ways to cash in without really telling us anything. So , let's have it, what are your favourite sports books? My top 3 in no particular order are 1-The greatest footballer you never saw-The Robin Friday story. Put together by a member of Oasis no less ,this is is a great read that's presented in the form of old newspaper articles and match reports. Really interesting story about a wildman of football. Credit to @Tyrone Shoelaces as his post on another thread reminded me that Friday was making as much as a block layer at times ,as he would have playing football. Different times! 2-Boys will be boys. I know nothing about American football,nor do I even watch it now, but this book was great. A real warts and all insight into a winning American football team. 3- Paul McGraths autobiography. Ya,I know I said I don't like these generally,but this certainly isn't a sanitized version of his life. It's actually very sad and he was very brave to be so honest. So,looking forward to hearing what you guys have enjoyed. Might find something to keep me occupied for a few hours!
  23. For anyone that is not aware, Sky are allowing people to "pause" their sports packages with no penalties. It's difficult to get through on the phones but they are hopeful you will be able to pause it online by the weekend. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/sky-sports-to-let-customers--pause--their-accounts-amid-coronavi/
  24. Riverside under the drip

    Away Day Photos

    With old football on the TV and nostalgia for days gone by a favourite on here (a favourite anyway, never mind lockdown), I'm going to borrow from Ian Herbert's twitter and ask for photo memories of trips gone by. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures at my all-time favourite away jaunts (Feyenoord or Blyth Spartans) so my entry comes from our lovely day in York the summer before League 1. Nice drive, warm weather, decent shops and really modern facilities...
  25. Dear all, I am involved in some university research that is looking at sexuality in football and I would appreciate a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts on this subject. The survey is anonymous and can be found here: https://doit.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5d4gVVLc7wZUS57 Thanks in advance for your time.

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