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Found 136 results

  1. In this thread, please feel free to post any TV, YouTube clips of Rovers in days gone by...if anyone has any old VHS tapes but doesn't know how to convert them to digital...DM me, I might be able to assist...
  2. RV Blue

    iFollow Thread

    http://mobile.rovers.co.uk//news/article/2016-17/live-streaming-platform-ifollow-unveiled-for-global-efl-fans-3703945.aspx This looks like a decent idea, and I'm sure us domestic fans will be able to take advantage one way or another
  3. Prelude

    Football Manager

    I would snap your hands of if we got stats anywhere near this, this season!
  4. So whos going to be watching? 🙋‍♂️#guilty
  5. Yoogo

    Football Italia

    I sometimes pop onto YouTube and look up some of the Football Italia (Channel 4) episodes from the 90s, especially on slow days like today. Anybody else have an affection for that show? Serie A was one of (if not) the best leagues in the world at that point. I also remember having a peaked interest in Sampdoria when Sven was incoming! Karembeu. Mancini. Veron. And so on... All these players we might have had! Here's one from shortly after Rovers being crowned PL champions if anybody is bored and looking for a lazy watch! Main story is about the future of Roberto Baggio at Juventus, and just several minutes in, notice a Rovers old-boy playing for Genoa...
  6. Hi everyone My daughter will be appearing on britains got talent tonight in the final . She is part of the group sign along with us, which is a group for people with both disabilities and abilities . They also are promoting the use of sign language to communicate with people who are unable to communicate vocally. I'm fully aware BGT won't be everybody's Cup of tea but would really appreciate it if you could vote for the group she is in to win as what they are trying to do is for a very good cause. If You download the app and you get 5 free votes. Many thanks
  7. Rovers current recruitment, scouting and data analysis department consist of six members of staff based in Brockhall analysing hours after hours of video footage, that is in addition to three data analysts. Rovers also has on top of that regional scouts that cover games around the UK, plus scouts that operate around Europe scouting players. Bruno Reis overseen the European scouting department and Stuart Harvey overseen the overall department So you are looking at around 15 to 20 people working within these departments. So a lot of time setting this structure up, investment and hiring the right people into these roles. We have had some success in the European transfer market this summer and hopefully this continues next transfer window and beyond..
  8. Someone posted this on a non-football Fb group. I won’t name them for their privacy but this isn’t my photo. “Going down the Bolton Road...” Wondered if anyone else can add any detail or has similar photos?
  9. Championship Trivia Quiz Johnson (8.61) and Armstrong (8.36) are rated the best two players in the Championship right now on whoscored.com. We have a third player in the top 10. Who is he? Unsurprisingly BJ and AA make the “team of the week” but who are the other two Rovers to make the team? Of the 335 players rated by whoscored.com, 4 of the bottom 6 come from the same team….which team? Our current, worst player (of the regular outfield players) comes in 101st on whoscored.com, Who is he? As an aside, this is a far better overall team rating than I have ever seen. We top the table for the highest average rating per player this season at 7.26. Just for fun, who was our worst rated (regular) player last season at 351/360 players. Here are some other notable stats for last season: David Nugent 346th, Todd Kane 345th, Joe Garner 334th, Kasey Palmer 335th, Connor Mahoney 315th, Danny Simpson 284th, Bennett 283rd, Rothwell 258th, Charlie Adam 242nd, Tom Ince 240th, Nyambe 237th, Bell 234th. Derby and Wycombe have yet to win a point. Which other team is in the same boat? Which Championship player has (on average) the most shots per game (five) but has also been called for the most offsides too. Which team has both the most possession per match (58%) and the most successful passing percentage (82%)? Hmmmm, I didn’t believe it either! Which Rover has played every game and has a 94% passing success rate? Great hat-trick by Armstrong but which two players have scored two Championship hat-tricks for Rovers fairly recently? (Hint: they played together often). Which former favourite scored our last hat-trick? Answers (data from whoscored.com and LT.) TD (7th with 7.63) 2.TK and JR, 3. Wycombe, 4. Bell (for fun…..DG), 5. NF, 6. Armstrong, 7. Derby! (In comparison Rovers are at 51% and 77%), 8. TD, 9. Rhodes, Gestede, 10. Graham (SW 2018). Tell me how you got on!
  10. Second round draw imminent. For those who don't have Sky, you can watch the draw live here.
  11. What are people’s memories of that special day
  12. http://orlandoroversfc.com/?i=2 Yikes if not:
  13. MarkBRFC

    Football Magazines

    I just posted in the football italia thread and it got me feeling all nostalgic. Early 90's when there wasn't that much coverage on TV and football wasn't in your face 24/7 I couldn't get enough of them, Match, WSC, 90 Minutes & a bit later FourFourTwo being my favourites, but in truth I would get anything I could get my hands on. I also remember my grandad showing me some shoot magazines that he had in his loft from the 70s around that time and thinking it looked like a completely different game. Did anyone else used to collect football magazines before football turned in the 24 hour a day news event that it seems to be now?
  14. Metcalfe56

    Fan made Wallcharts

    I've made 3 Rovers wallcharts for this season which are completely free unless you want to make a donation of which 50% goes to mind charity. You can request the high quality versions through this Request Form or from this website www.wallcharts360.com. Hopefully I'm alright sharing on here
  15. Mike E


    People in and around football say things all the time. Some insightful, some nonsense, some downright funny. What are your favourites? I'll start with a classic from Cloughie: 'I wouldn't say I'm the best manager, but I'd say I'm in the top one.'
  16. Some seriously big clubs at imminent risk of getting knocked out at the third qualifying round stage this evening. ... and Celtic of course
  17. First time I have seen this since its original airing!
  18. Herbie6590

    BRFCS TV - 1994/5

    It seemed appropriate to remind ourselves of this today...
  19. Prelude


    Well that is not something you see every day!
  20. The summer 2019 started in February. so why not..?
  21. Exiled in Toronto

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Going through my parents pictures and found this of my dad (front 2nd from left). He has dementia now - and I wonder how many of the others do looking at that ball - so can’t tell me anything about it. He did at one time play for Mill Hill St Peters so I was wondering if this was them. Anybody know? I wouldn’t have fancied being up against the guy with the ball!
  22. The Premier and Football Leagues to be suspended until at least 4th April (Situation to be reviewed on 4th April). Given that the government are estimating the peak of this virus is 12-14 weeks away then there is the real possibility that the entire season could be voided. Has huge implications for the football league, particularly those clubs that are already in financial strife.

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