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Found 5 results

  1. Conway's old thread has been archived, so I'm starting a new one here as he's seemingly being given a new contract. I think most of us on here agree that he's past his best at this point and level (although I'm happy to be proven wrong!), and the most likely reason he's being talked to for a new contract is being a positive influence on the squad in training, helping out the young players etc. I do however wonder if he could be used in a new position? He was never the fastest player and now definitely doesn't have the pace to play as winger anymore, but could he do a job at full back or central midfield? HIs shots and crosses still seems to hold up pretty well.
  2. JoeHarvey

    Pre-Season 2019/20

    Another season draws to a close, and whilst the final game at Swansea is still to be played, there's a lot of thing we already do and don't know about the next campaign. So what do we know about 2019/20 so far (Jesus that is in-fact an actual 20!) This years training camp is yet again in Austria, and is set to be a week long. No matches confirmed nor denied by Steve Waggott, but the location and length of the trip was confirmed at the Fans Forum in March. Tony Mowbray wants to get transfer business done earlier this year, following on from the late rush in Summer 2018. TM’s trip to India scheduled for just after Swansea game. There’s two budgets/plans in mind, one with major investment from Venky’s and one without. Season tickets STILL haven’t been announced, and there’s been no indication that the announcement is imminent either. The 1875 Club Membership Scheme is likely to be retained, with the prospect of smaller away allocations at places such as Luton Town. Jack Rowell future still up in the air, with two Serie A clubs having reportedly enquired about his services. No Home/Away pre-season fixtures announced as of yet, last seasons pre-season fixtures were released on May 10th 2018 - with the first three games announced. So we can safely assume we’ll get something similar. For the last few years we’ve played mainly away fixtures for pre-season, with higher profile games like Liverpool and Everton coming at home. The Under 23’s end their season against Burnley in the Lancashire Senior Cup Final at Leyland, and TM has said that many of them will travel to Austria and be given a chance to prove themselves. Season Ticket Holders From 2018/19 who renew will be able to use the same card for 2019/20. If you’re changing age group, or moving seats, a new will be sent out to you But what else have I missed, what else do we already know? Or alternatively, much like next years Season Tickets, what do we still not know that we probably should? After the 2018/19 campaign was dubbed a consolidation year, and Tony Mowbray asked us to give him "three or four" transfer windows to prove himself, what can we expect from the 2019/20 season? Are the expectations to fight for promotion, or is the dreaded word "consolidation" carrying on it's nationwide tour?
  3. This absolutely breaks my heart, non-footballing staff at Bolton havn't been paid and are so desperate that a local charity has set up a food bank specifically for them. In a time when football knows almost limitless resources this is disgusting. The players have the PFA as a safety net, but the rest of the staff don't have anything to fall back on. I'm sure they'd appreciate any support available from up the M61 ...
  4. Blackpool_Rover

    What have I missed?

    Hi everyone, A bit of background....I was a st holder in the blackburn end for quite a few seasons and went to most away games before I left the UK and moved to Cz in 2006. My last season ticket was 07/08 but I only flew over for the derby. The following seasons in the premier league I still followed everything as most games were shown here in pubs etc but starting with the Steve Kean mess and the relegation it started going downhill and was harder to keep up. I've been to the odd game over the last few years but I definitely miss it and have decided to get a season ticket for 19/20 then on fixture day book a load of cheap flights and try to get over at least once or twice a month. So...my question....what have I missed? I see attendances are slowly improving. Do we still hate venky's or are most fans thinking they were stupid and naive when they came in and are now investing and making better decisions? I assume the majority are happy for Tony Mowbray to stay and continue to build. There are always going to be fans doubting him but surely last season has to be looked at as being a fairly decent one? I noticed away support has been great. Is it hard to get tickets in general? Before I distanced myself there was the whole Derek Shaw saga. I dont know much about Steve Waggott....I'm assuming he's no John Williams but how is he doing? How is the matchday experience these days? Is there at least adecent enough feeling around the club and a bit of excitement? Thanks!
  5. DeeCee

    Big Sam

    My Sporting Life on Talksport now for 2 hours for anyone interested. I'm working so that's my excuse.

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