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Found 94 results

  1. The Premier and Football Leagues to be suspended until at least 4th April (Situation to be reviewed on 4th April). Given that the government are estimating the peak of this virus is 12-14 weeks away then there is the real possibility that the entire season could be voided. Has huge implications for the football league, particularly those clubs that are already in financial strife.
  2. Hi all, So as this trying time we are all looking for ways to occupy ourselves and to keep our health ,both mentally and physically, as well as it can be. I'm big into reading, although I do like an old audiobook as well. I'm not really into your typical football autobiography as I have read some that were clearly just ways to cash in without really telling us anything. So , let's have it, what are your favourite sports books? My top 3 in no particular order are 1-The greatest footballer you never saw-The Robin Friday story. Put together by a member of Oasis no less ,this is is a great read that's presented in the form of old newspaper articles and match reports. Really interesting story about a wildman of football. Credit to @Tyrone Shoelaces as his post on another thread reminded me that Friday was making as much as a block layer at times ,as he would have playing football. Different times! 2-Boys will be boys. I know nothing about American football,nor do I even watch it now, but this book was great. A real warts and all insight into a winning American football team. 3- Paul McGraths autobiography. Ya,I know I said I don't like these generally,but this certainly isn't a sanitized version of his life. It's actually very sad and he was very brave to be so honest. So,looking forward to hearing what you guys have enjoyed. Might find something to keep me occupied for a few hours!
  3. Riverside under the drip

    Away Day Photos

    With old football on the TV and nostalgia for days gone by a favourite on here (a favourite anyway, never mind lockdown), I'm going to borrow from Ian Herbert's twitter and ask for photo memories of trips gone by. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures at my all-time favourite away jaunts (Feyenoord or Blyth Spartans) so my entry comes from our lovely day in York the summer before League 1. Nice drive, warm weather, decent shops and really modern facilities...
  4. Dear all, I am involved in some university research that is looking at sexuality in football and I would appreciate a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts on this subject. The survey is anonymous and can be found here: https://doit.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5d4gVVLc7wZUS57 Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. Maphsa

    Player Signatures

    I got married on Friday, luckily just before everything decided to close down! My wife's step dad decided to ask Rovers and Liverpool (wife is a big Liverpool fan) if they'd be able to get some players to sign a congratulations card for us. Amazingly, Rovers entertained the idea and have sent a card with a few signatures (unfortunately the same can't be said for Liverpool). I've worked out a few of the signatures, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help out them at all?
  6. Someone posted this on a non-football Fb group. I won’t name them for their privacy but this isn’t my photo. “Going down the Bolton Road...” Wondered if anyone else can add any detail or has similar photos?
  7. IrelandsRover

    Favourite Kit Manufacturer

    Who has been your favourite kit manufacturer for Blackburn Rovers from 1990 to the present day and why?
  8. For anyone that is not aware, Sky are allowing people to "pause" their sports packages with no penalties. It's difficult to get through on the phones but they are hopeful you will be able to pause it online by the weekend. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/sky-sports-to-let-customers--pause--their-accounts-amid-coronavi/
  9. BRFCS is delighted to announce that renowned Rovers historian & author Harry Berry (A Century of Soccer, The Blackburn Rovers Miscellany, The Men Who Made Blackburn Rovers since 1945) has given us access to his archive records of Rovers first team players. The initial batch of records representing players with surnames beginning with A have been loaded & can be accessed from the new Home Page &/or by following the link below :- https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/player-archive/ Our sincere thanks go to Harry for sharing this content, over time the record will build up to cover all players with a first team appearance but rather than wait until all the records are complete, we thought we would load them in instalments. Thanks also to @OnePhilT who once more has done a sterling job building the infrastructure to house these records and has single-handedly loaded this first batch of records. Hope you enjoy using this as a reference point for all your Rovers player enquiries...
  10. IrelandsRover

    93-95 third kit

    I’m just wondering are there any pictures anywhere of the one game Rovers played in this kit. Apparently it was in December 93 away to Spurs in the league cup.
  11. IrelandsRover

    Autographs ID help request

    Hi all. I’ve attached an image of a shirt I just bought online with some signatures on. Can anyone identify any of them If they don’t mind? Thanks for having a look
  12. Some seriously big clubs at imminent risk of getting knocked out at the third qualifying round stage this evening. ... and Celtic of course
  13. The summer 2019 started in February. so why not..?
  14. old darwen blue

    Don Mackay

    A nice little article in case anyone has missed it. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17710045.don-mackay-reflects-on-the-highs-and-lows-of-rovers-spell/
  15. Presurming we dont pull off a Miracle this season... If next season our only first team signings were Walton, Tosin and Cunningham and we didnt lose any 1st team players would you be confident of us at least reaching the playoffs next season? I think we would have to be confident of reaching them. Tosin and Walton are only likely to further improve. Cunningham strengthens us at Left back and I would keep Bell as back up. You would hope/expect Buckley, Costello and Brereton to further improve next season. I think Travis and Armstrong are only going to get better. Rothwell is likely to improve as well. We would have a settled team we all the players are all familar with each other. Dont get me wrong I would still expect and love us to sign even more players but if we just signed those 3 and with Dack and Holtby coming back I think we would be a great position next season! What do you think?
  16. We really battered them at home, could have scored five there and should have gone through if it weren't for bad finishing and excellent goalkeeping from their guy. Speaking of goalkeeping, Friedel doesn't exactly cover himself in glory for their first goal in the away tie, even though it's a good finish.
  17. I was listening to the excellent "price of football" podcast (https://priceoffootball.com/podcast/) this morning and they covered the new points based immigration system that the government have proposed and the affect it would have on football. Rovers have invested in a european scouting network which is likely to be redundant as the new system would make it difficult to sign players from outside the UK. Any player would need 70 points to be allowed to work here. A job offer from an approved employer would give the player 20 points. The club would have to demonstrate that locally they cannot get players at the appropriate skill level, if they did that then that would be a further 20 points. The players passing an English test would give him a further 10 points and an annual salary of over £25,600 would give them the final 20 points. The FA are backing the new system and want to use it to ensure that clubs use UK talent rather than look elsewhere so the "appropriate skill level" is the one that they are focussing on and in initial discussions the English test that is going to be set will be at a high level so many players would fail that or they will need to start preparing for moves to the UK 12 months in advance in order to ensure that their English is an appropriate level. The flip side to this is that the pricing for UK players is going to sky rocket, our academy has been doing an excellent job of producing players that have made it to the first team, suddenly they become even bigger assets. I found the discussion interesting so I though that I would start a seperate thread.
  18. Hi all I am doing the sleep out for Blackburn rovers community trust. This year the trust is working in partnership with blackburn food bank with funds going to the homeless and underprivileged families in the blackburn area I'm a 41 year old man, dad to 3 children husband and own my own decorating company in the leyland area but always feel THOSE WHO HAVE SHOULD HELP THOSE WHO HAVEN'T...... I would really appreciate if you could give something towards the charity... even the price of a pint or a pie can help. Thank you for reading and please let's make a difference together https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/geedog13?utm_campaign=pfp-tweet&utm_content=Geedog13&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Twitter&utm_term=p2jgpvDMw
  19. sympatheticclaret

    They played for both ....

    Just seen this on our site .... There are apparently NINE Post-War International footballers, who've played League Football over three different decades, who've donned both the Blue and White of Blackburn Rovers, and the Claret & Blue of Burnley F.C. at some point in their long careers ! Any suggestions ?
  20. ISSUE 100! It's only taken us 30 years to get there! We've put together a memorable 48-page special edition which celebrates this significant milestone and it's still just £1.50. To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Season subscriptions are also STILL AVAILABLE HERE for just £9.00 (includes P&P) which gets you all five issues from 97 to 101. If you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 100 includes: Interviews with the creators, All 100 front covers printed and catalogued, LOTS of memories (e.g. 'Flying Over You', 'The Thatchcard' & how we once duped Blackburn Council!), 'I'll Always Be A Rover' (an incredible take on a Billy Joel classic), Colin's Cheeky Bits!, Confessions of a Teenage Mascot, I Support Rovers Because..., From The Terraces, 'Who Were You?' #15 Richard Witschge, 101 Great Rovers Goals #7, Voice From The Valleys, Rovers' Own West Lothian Question, Fantastic Fergie, Just Look At Them Now!, Rovers-themed Crossword…. plus much much more! Thank you and here's to the next 100... maybe!
  21. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/11944257/premier-league-to-launch-hall-of-fame Shearer surely in the mix for one of the first 2 places. Him and Fergie.
  22. The Brentford match thread has included a lot of chatter about the potential renovation of the Riverside Stand at Ewood Park. The club have expressed a will to “do something” about the stand in recent past according to Steve Waggott and seemingly there are many different visions among the supporter base about what should and could happen. Some are suggesting a reduction in capacity for supporters, lowering from 4,000 seats in TRS currently, to as low as 1,000 by some fans estimations. Others look at Millwall’s and Brentford’s plans and see a necessity for an increase in capacity instead. Most seem to agree on the idea of a hotel, and an improvement to disabled supporters facilities on a game day. Currently, disabled facilities at Ewood are significantly behind other clubs at our level. We have no viewing platforms like at the DW Stadium, and wheelchair users end up sat at the front of TRS in the pouring rain, watching from a horrid (lower than the pitch itself) angle. So let’s use this thread to share some ideas amongst ourselves, discuss the possibilities and the practicalities of any potential upcoming renovations to the stand, and see if we can come up with a consensus between ourselves and see what we all agree and don’t agree on! TRS = The Riverside Stand
  23. Husky

    Slow Build?

    I've wanted to post this for a while, but I was waiting for an upturn in form, so it didn't get lost in all the (probably justified) manager and team bashing that go along with bad performances and results. So before a possible Brentbashing this Saturday (eeek): Referring to past comments about the direction Rovers are supposedly heading in. What exactly does a Slow Build mean? Has this ever been explained? Does it refer to building Rovers Financially or Team Progression on the Pitch. As those 2 things are contradictory - as 'making money' would imply selling your best players for a profit which would of course weaken the team. If it's about long term team progression, then how exactly does signing loan players that see their future elsewhere (and ones we blatantly cannot afford anyway) fit into this? 🤷‍♂️

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