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  2. DE.

    Mowbray Poll

    Been a long time since I've seen such a one-sided poll for sacking a manager. Probably going back to the SK days.
  3. It was clear as day when Gallagher was here previously he couldn't be Danny Graham Mk 2 as long has he had a hole in his bum.
  4. The thing is you'd expect a reaction after the no-show in the 2nd half against Huddersfield. It's a measure of Mowbray's lack of motivational skills that we were even more lethargic from the get go tonight. It's reminiscent of the Wigan game last year after the surrender at Deepdale.
  5. lolwut? Didn't we come out in the second half with no changes? What is he talking about?
  6. Have we ever played well for the full 90 under Mowbray? Pretty sure in league one we still only had 1 good half in a game.
  7. He's trying to make out it was a tale of two halves, when in reality, it was dire from start to finish.
  8. Who has he been watching for the past 2 years or so? 😚
  9. Amo

    Mowbray Poll

  10. It literally happened 2 weeks ago at QPR.
  11. I genuinely think he’s said this at least a handful of times before tonight.
  12. He wouldn't even be able to bring his trusted back room team with him as his usual number 2 is now a manager. We need a clear out, Mowbray, Venus and Lowe all need replacing.
  13. TM: "That first half I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that for two-and-a-half years from a team that I’ve put out on the pitch for Blackburn Rovers." “There was a lack of fight in the first half and that’s not something I’ve been able to label at this team for a long, long time. That has to change very quickly.” “There was a lack of recognition in what type of game it was first half. The team needed shaking up and I thought we did that second half, we were more recognisable.” https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/17986316.rovers-boss-mowbray-angered-first-half-display/
  14. JPTSwindon

    If Tony goes...

    Hmm, Houghton, the football wasn’t great at Brighton and signings etc were hit and miss.
  15. roversfan99

    Mowbray Poll

    Why the random shoehorning of a former Rovers player as Johnsons number 2?
  16. They say never go back. I also think Sparky would be in for a rude awakening. We're far from the same club he managed ten years ago.
  17. davulsukur

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He needs binning. Poor manager. If we stick with him, we will end up in a relegation battle.
  18. News just in. Biesla cancels all comedy channels and uses his Rovers training videos for shits and giggles. God knows what training drills comprise of at Rovers. We have no plan, no style, no method to gameplay. I wanna wake up and this fiasco be over. I wanna see a proper manager appointed. I want a 12 inch penis But I'm guessing none of those are on the agenda for tomorrow.
  19. TM needs to go Sparky cone on home I have always backed Mowbray but I’ve lost faith
  20. JPTSwindon

    Mowbray Poll

    Grim. With the money that has been made available (and spent!), with the quality in the squad, with the academy prospects... this is miserable. Yes he got us promoted but with our squad and budget that was a par expectation, not an achievement. Gutted Huddersfield beat us to the Cowley brothers.
  21. We are 6 points above 22nd and 5 above 21st - both teams have a game in hand. Long season ahead.
  22. Yep - last season he was all drive and forward passes. Mowbray’s got him playing like a crab this season.
  23. Also, he screams ripped jeans to me, so why was he signed in the first place?
  24. Mowbray looks intent on making Travis the new J-Lo. Have to say there's a discernible difference to the all action player who burst on the scene last season.
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