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  1. Really Gav ? With respect for me highlights the issue completely and saddens me entirely, especially when it comes from those like your good self who I only met through Rovers and has the Blue n White running through them. In context 'slagging' off is probably touche' in response to your 'lazy characterisation' as I'm certain there is no intention of that , and would say probably more envious feeling of you and the same of others that you can still tolerate what is happening to be able to still attend...as I certainly can't Mow boringbray and crew for me are the ones that need to go first if not only for the turgid happenings at base level and the team to try and resurrect more interest for absent fans. We know the underlying issue is the buffoons in Pune but that as as we have found out to our cost is a different can of worms; but to also have the most boring hypocritical,drab and potentially 'dangerous manager and motley crew I have ever known at the club it is really a bigger than ever concern. I certainly can't stomach what is going on, even from the simplicity what we just see on the pitch as find it just so boring and frustrating just like the goon that is controlling it. As we all know the club is in a mess still but my hat goes off to you and others for being able to overcome this.
  2. It will fail without doubt - you can have all the possession you want but if you don't do anything with the ball you have no chance Throw in our inability to defend as a unit ( even without proper defenders) and the square pegs and round holes we are already know about and it just gets further depressing Don't worry ... defenders are coming I tell ye!!
  3. 'Defenders are coming' Matters not who we buy with the incompetents in charge - and until Moanbray is potted only one way we are heading
  4. Yes good news to you and and best wishes to full recovery all others affected in this situation
  5. Like the post Stuart - not a social media brainwashed myself but have you commented back as such?
  6. You overestimate our status ARA .. we have gone through the motions of fodder and are now the plain old chicken sh..
  7. Not that I would buy one nowadays as they are grossly overpriced and absolute rip off but As many have said looks awful and washed out - stylish my arse Will look even worse and 'dirty ' after few rinse throughs
  8. mmm ..full circle the irony is Big Sam had this on his CV
  9. Exactly - nobody mentioned about interrupting it - more about using it to our advantage Would it still go ahead though if we went into administration?
  10. Question - if the club goes into administration - could this still go ahead? For me light bulbs should be pinging here - we surely have to be able to use this to our advantage somehow
  11. Interesting but why not reported closer to home? http://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/14509837._We_ve_got_our_identity_back______Eric_Kinder_on_the_talent_rolling_off_the_Blackburn_Rovers_academy_production_line/
  12. Regardless of whether they are getting burnt by him, just goes to show how ridiculous the whole situation is and what is wrong throughout the game - especially when you have countless 'tea ladies' losing their jobs.
  13. Might also instill a bit of pride and loyalty in the shirt and badge if they do make it ( however unlikely in might seem in this day and age ) Regardless, its still an achievement whatever the shirt that is being worn just makes it better with it being in the Blue n White As ME states above hopefully they will win - positive mental attitude - and drive them on to bigger and better things
  14. Sadly we have to say goodbye to another member again - a great poster and always made me laugh with his own unique way of posting. RIP Tashor our thoughts and condolences go out to your family and friends.
  15. Sadly another member of the Blue n White army passes away RIP and condolences to family and friends
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