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  1. Did anyone else notice Michael Atherton accidentally say Jerome Anderson when talking about Jimmy Anderson bowling to Jerome Taylor? First thing I did was Google search to see if Atherton is an SEM client! I couldn't find proof.
  2. Trying to clear a few items due to a house move, so have a Rovers scarf and top/jacket listed on eBay. Can obviously bring to Ewood if anyone wants to meet up on a week day or match day. Thank you for looking at these: eBay: Rovers scarf eBay: Rovers top/jacket
  3. La Salsa is very good, I have been there a few times now. We did try calling them, but were laughed at for trying to book for a group of 16 on a Friday night at 24 hours notice. So it looks like it will be a curry.
  4. A group of us had booked to go to Tapizza tonight. We got a call yesterday evening to say that the chef had walked out and they were having to cancel all bookings for this weekend! Disappointed as I was looking forward to trying it and probably dropped down my list of places to try due to the circumstances.
  5. Thanks, Glenn, I appreciate you'll have "other things on your mind" for the next few days, but I'd be happy to pass them on to you at the next opportunity. We'll sort something out with you on your return.
  6. AVAILABLE NOW BUT MUST BE COLLECTED BY NEXT SUNDAY (9TH OCTOBER) For (lack of) space reasons, I am having to dispose of my collection of Rovers fanzines from the 1990s - ideally I'd like them to go to a Rovers fan who would appreciate them, but they will need to be collected from either Blackburn or Darwen. I don't want anything in return, but this offer can only be held until next Sunday (9th) after which they will have to go to be recycled and then probably come back as a papier-mâché MGP (which may, of course be an improvement on the real thing). I have issues 6 to 29 inclusive of Loadsa
  7. A picture of issue one of both volumes: link to photo
  8. In the wake of the great Premiership win in 1995, Rovers issued a glossy, A4, Monthly magazine, with a cover price of £1.95. I have 13 copies of this magazine available. There are eleven copies (all except issue 9) of Volume 1, which covers season 1995-96 and Issues 1 and 2 of Volume 2, which are dated Sept/Oct 1996. These magazines cover an important part of the club's recent history but, due to lack of space, I can't keep them. I am keen for them to go to another Rovers supporter if possible. They will need to be collected ideally, from a Blackburn or Darwen address and I'd be willing t
  9. Depends what your opinion of not 'too' pricey is, but for a special occasion I like Sous le Nez. Mains are £12 to £17, though steaks are quite a bit more. Having lived there for a few years my favourite place to eat in Leeds is Chaophraya (Thai). That obviously depends if everyone likes Asian food. I wanted to suggest the same for you as someone else, but I think that fact I haven't says a lot about the quality of restaurants in Leeds. There are a lot of very good places so you'll struggle to go wrong.
  10. I didn't mention our two charities! All funds raised though this auction and the related events will be split equally between learning disability charity Mencap and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, who have launched disability multi-sports sessions on Sunday mornings.
  11. Please see the link below to the auction of a signed Blackburn Rovers football from the 2010/11 season. Charity auction - BRFC signed football The ball was obtained directly from Blackburn Rovers Football Club and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. There is some smudging of the signatures on the ball. Signatures include Michel Salgado, Phil Jones, Junior Hoilett and Martin Olsson - well those are the only ones I can actually read! This charity auction is part of a series of events aiming to raise funds for two charities. The main event was a charity drive from Wembley to all 20 Pr
  12. I don't want to detract from the heated debate, but this has to be shared.... Where are they now? Damien Duff - washing pigs
  13. I hope that is the first game of the season this year - we found a great beer garden at the weekend and the food looked pretty good
  14. For those of you on the ferry tonight with Tris and I from Hull, here is the offshore forecast from my friend who is a coastal engineer: "You should be ok when you set off about force 6-7 which is moderate to rough, turning to force 8-9 when you get further south and later in the crossing!!"
  15. I think that is the key for us too. While the signing would improve Rovers' international profile beyond anything we've ever known, I don't think we should blow our wage bill on him.
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