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  1. Ended up having to book travelodge. Looked at premier inn last week, a room for 29 quid. Thought it was a right bargain, didn't bother booking it until I had tickets, bought tickets for the game yesterday and then found out premier inn was fully booked. Gutted. Had to pay abit more for travelodge but nevermind ###### happens.
  2. Ah nice one, haven't booked it yet, was gna make sure we get tickets first, will stop at premier inn then, cheers
  3. Cheers, both sound like good places for a few drinks afterwards before we do anything else. I just found it a little strange because in scunthorpe if you go into the town centre there's about 10 clubs n numerous pubs all on the high street and streets off it. Seen as tho Blackburn is bigger I presumed it would be the same, its a shame really
  4. Depends how we feel really, where abouts is barzooka? Couldn't see it on map Regan did. Suppose we'll jus av to wander round then n keep gettin taxis lol ya might even stumble across us, 2 24yr olds with a lincolnshire accent. Where abouts is aqueduct? Last time I cum with my misses we was drinking before the game in a pub up livesy branch road on the right just past maccies.
  5. I thought the fernhurst was away supporters only on matchdays? Or is that only before the match? Also isnt the blue bars only available for season ticket holders aswell? Or is this a pre match thing aswell, cheers for ur help
  6. Yer that's the travelodge we're stopping at, to get into darwen do you jus turn left instead of right towards ewood then? And is there a town centre?
  7. Is that the travelodge just off the m65 with the mcdonalds joined onto it?
  8. Cheers mate, hopefully be a good night, always good when you have a drink in different places, especially if we beat everton
  9. Yer must be bad, but then again people are getting priced out of going to pubs now anyway. Think the governments got a big say in why it got dismantled and the brewerys. Just quickly looking at the map there doesn't seem to be a cluster of pubs at all then, and only one club? Looking like we might have to travel then lol. Don't fancy a crate and a travelodge tele, if we lose I'd end up right depressed! Is there a pub within walking distance of ewood that's got a decent outside and a pool table? would it be best to go into Blackburn or go to darwen
  10. Ah not sounding good then. Before I come to seen as though Blackburn was bigger than scunthorpe I thought the night life was going to be good, scunthorpes got a decent night life and its not that big. Shame that a town can go downhill like it has then. Regan where abouts are these bars in relevance to the weatherspoons then?
  11. Haha a few people have said that to me in the past but we want really looking to go anywhere else other than Blackburn as we're stopping at the travelodge and trying to cut out any more travelling
  12. I'm sure plenty on here will be able to help me with this Me and my mate are coming to Blackburn on the 27th to watch Blackburn vs everton. Seen as though we don't know Blackburn we was basically just looking for a group of pubs or clubs all close to each other so we can have a decent drink after the game. I come last year with my misses for the Birmingham game and ended up just finding the weatherspoons and just stayed in there all night seen as though we didn't know anywhere else close to walk to. Any info would be much appreciated!
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