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  1. I agree it’s not on the same level as Kean, I was just meaning there’s always a type of person who won’t have anything said bad about anyone behind the scenes at the club. They’ll slate individual players but manager, CEO or chairman get a free pass. It’s like they don’t think a manager is really necessary to achieve results and it’s purely down to the players. They don’t seem to want to acknowledge it’s the manager who brings in the players, picks them and coaches them.
  2. I’m not sure it’s totally unique. I remember people defending Kean on TV at the height of his ineptitude. As I said on another thread I saw a guy trying to initiate a fight in the riverside in front of his wife and young child because one guy shouted Kean out.
  3. Some people think that by criticising the manager you’re not a real fan. I saw it said before the Coventry match. A bloke (from down south somewhere) said whoever doesn’t get behind Tony Mowbray isn’t a real fan along with some name calling, and that comment got a ton of likes and several replies of “well said” and “couldn’t agree more.” These were from local fans. It must be a strange world to live in to have zero opinion on what you’re witnessing.
  4. Do they watch the games because even in our better performances this season we’ve looked disjointed and all over the place defensively. Then the bizarre subs come along. And if that’s not evidence enough we’ve just taken 1 point from 18 and in 15th place not knowing where the next point is going to come from. I don’t understand why he’s so immune from criticism. I can only assume they aren’t as informed as some of the posters on here. In a Facebook discussion I once brought up the issue of debt when some were saying we should accept that we’re a lower league mid table club. The
  5. It’s completely fair as that’s what he did. It doesn’t matter how he discovered it, he came on, argued his point and then ruined it by basically taking the same stance that he was opposing. “I don’t like people disagreeing with me.” Not many people responded to the original post. Only one was abusive and that was two words. If you think that’s venom you might want to have a word with Chaddy or Mercer. “Why shouldn't he be allowed to come on and defend himself for a couple of hours, but then get on with his Sunday afternoon?” Now you’re doing it. Who said he’s not allowed to defe
  6. I’ll be very surprised if we aren’t in a relegation fight next season. We’re guaranteed to lose some decent players and retain some poor players. The manager and CEO don’t appear to be at all troubled by any on or off field problems. And knowing the lack of speed at which the owners react it could end very badly for the club.
  7. In other words I’ve signed in to take you down a peg, but now I’ll passively aggressively retreat with my tail between my legs. No one is denying you an opinion, disagreeing is not denying. Coming onto a Rovers focused forum and posting a contrary view when tensions are high isn’t going to gain you much support. Perhaps stick to Twitter where there’s a much more diluted and generally less invested readership. Either that or as they say in journalism class, grow a thicker skin.
  8. In a two team football league we’d have more relegations than promotions right now.
  9. Last ten minutes of the second half they clearly weren’t going for a winner. Passing it about at the back like it was a training session. Reminded me of that Man Utd game with Keantaro in charge.
  10. It’s reyt Mowbray said we were getting 70 points this season 🙄
  11. Some are definitely employed by the club as they’ve got it written in their profiles so you wonder if all the rest are. There’s also a lot of Mowbray apologists from down south and abroad I’ve noticed. And you get the odd one who would cheer for any old goat if it was wearing blue and white - pure blind tribalism.
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