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  1. I saw this thread bumped near the top of the forum and thought he'd gone for a moment. Back down to Earth I go.
  2. If that's true he's an absolute idiot and probably now planning to take BB out of his tombola. He'll still use it to keep his job either way. "£7m well spent, under my expert guidance he's an international footballer now Madam." Or... "Relegated - if only Ben Brereton had listened to me and not disrupted my pre-season masterplan for conquering this league."
  3. Nah, Tony will be seeing this as his own success story.
  4. Evidence suggests that there’s more chance of him turning into a Fiat Punto, but I hope so too.
  5. Hopefully it means we’re in with a better chance of eventually offloading him and recouping some costs now.
  6. Bennett and Johnson should be leaving too. Not sure why we are keeping Chapman. I guess Mowbray can’t sell Gallagher or Brereton as that would be admitting defeat. Glad to see many of the others leaving. Evans should have gone a long time ago. Bell just not good enough - though I’m surprised with TM’s tinkering ways, he wasn’t used as a winger.
  7. Best wishes to his daughter, what an awful time she's been though. We need a Tony Parkes statue to go alongside Jack.
  8. Tony Mowbray. Capable of choosing a team if the tombola stops working. Of choosing a working formation if he his daft experiments aren't paying off. Of signing decent players when he can be bothered. Of getting off his arse when he thinks his job may be in question. Of coming out of his coma during in an interview if someone says something he doesn't like. So capable of pulling a rabbit out of a hat when he needs to, if it means saving his own skin, not the clubs benefit. It's all about Tony. Tony Mowbray - Rovers laziest manager. Very self serving, reactive not proactive. We
  9. If Mowbray is in charge he'll have ample opportunities, as has Evans and Bennett this season.
  10. Tony, thanks for putting so much effort into picking the team week after week. It’s 10 seconds of your life you’ll never get back and for that we are truly thankful.
  11. Let's face it he's discovered the perfect job where he can tinker till his hearts content with zero appraisal, get a good wage regardless and we'll never be shut of him. The really terrifying thing is that he's only 57.
  12. Got to be miss of the season that though. Coming in at the back post goalkeeper nowhere near him, it was harder to miss. Mowbray out, he's signed some dollopers.
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