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  1. I assume Millwall have seen better days. I’m happy to see the side win but to declare some kind of Phoenix from the flames type scenario suggests either a lot alcohol is involved or they haven’t been watching properly.
  2. I've always thought Dolan was an exciting young player, he just hasn't been given a run in the team. Only 19, I hope he's given the opportunity to build on it.
  3. Along with a striker and a defender or two. I've got to say I'm seeing some hysterical reactions on social media. It was a win against a very poor Millwall, 4 points out of 24 and despite the performance Millwall had their chances. "We'll piss the league next year with Mowbray." Would love to be proven wrong but I can't see it.
  4. After a win against a p-poor Millwall side, probably the worst side I've seen this season.
  5. Rather brilliantly, there's some fans who were saying we never had any chance of getting into the play offs with the players we have so Mowbray is the right man to keep us in this league, why change things. And they are now saying we've still got a chance of play offs with the quality we have.
  6. Those same people were arguing that Dolan's just a kid, the smug shites.
  7. Everyone needs to feel they are right - even though the team is still in 15th, 4 from 24, some tough teams coming up and Mowbray always being one crazy decision away from a death spiral.
  8. Will he play Dolan against Swansea? I thought the lad played great, deserved a goal.
  9. We should win this, Millwall look terrible. No bite at all.
  10. Dolan - from substitute to frontman? Cut to Tony having a fight with the water bottles.
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