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  1. Diaz second hat trick on? Hope Huddersfields heads drop!
  2. Defence is terrible isn't it. "Defenders are coming" still haunting us.
  3. Pass from Rothwell brilliant. Movement from Brereton was fantastic - Diaz is back!
  4. Brilliant how Nyambe got boo'd for taking time to go off and Vallejo just had a nap in the middle of the pitch then sauntered off.
  5. Huddersfield look decent at the back. I can't see us getting anything out of this. Rovers look a mistake away from 2-0.
  6. Huddersfield have smelt blood here. I've zero confidence in that defence.
  7. Looks like Brereton left Diaz at home. Still blighted by being light in defence.
  8. Missing Lenihan at the back. Nyambe off. Be lucky to get anything out of this.
  9. Rovers can look dangerous going forward in numbers but if they don't get a goal Mowbray will end up parking the bus for a point.
  10. For anyone who doesn't yet know, red button games are available on NowTV under bonus streams.
  11. The first real challenge since WBA I think. I wouldn't be surprised if TM goes there looking for a draw. If we get a result I'll start to believe.
  12. Got to feel for Ayala, he's been immense. Watched the match replay, how good were Buckley and Dolan? 👏
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