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  1. I wouldn't blame the club to much tbh because a lot of players and there clubs will be talking to a number of buyers and if we with our budget and the way its run put offer A on the table, the selling club and the player will wait for option B or C to arrive before making their decision. We cannot compete on money so we have to sell them the dream of being part of our club, in a way that a good thing because all though we will take longer and miss out on a lot of our targets who are persuaded by bags of money playing for another club, it means the ones we do end up getting are not here m
  2. Says it all bottom half form equates to bottom half finish, people need to step up and be counted. Journeymen are not welcome here!!
  3. Ditto agree, absolutely useless, no passion or desire to get the win, they are clueless without dack and even he is just a big fish in a small pond, we have potential but it counts for nothing if there is no will. Utterly disappointed with the performance. Buckly looks like a scared child, Gallagher doesnt understand the definition of striker, and every single one of them look like scared kids playing with the big boy's for the first time. Fucking bunch of pussys!!!!
  4. Jordan Rhodes would be an epic mastersrtoke if Mowbray could get him back possibly for this season, definetly for next, despite only scoring 19 goals since the start of the 16/17 season hes still totaled 205 goals in 472 appearances in all competitions, thats almost a one in 2 ratio, if anyone can get his confidence back up and get him back to scoring ways its us, the place where he was last happy playing football. Hes guaranteed goals when hes firing.
  5. http://sportsrecents.com/blackburn-rovers-keen-on-signing-liverpools-ben-woodburn-on-loan/?fbclid=IwAR0dsepK8AR3JwTHhlm2e13rQxI__x27CmH3sHSFpObMq9Gx4m0l3DR9-d8 BEN WOODBURN, would be a colossal signing if we were to pull it off, extremely highly rated and definitely someone who could improve us going forward.
  6. Dowling link is only posotive, the dressing room is full of inexperienced talented young players, they need someone who has been there and done it to learn from and downing fits the mould, weve just lost conway who allthough didnt play much this season was a big character behind the scenes, downing will only improve chapman, Armstrong and brereton, his delivery from crosses and deadballs have been consistently good for the best part of the last decade so having that around the building when our deadball specialist probably wont play much next season can only be a good thing, TM needs to assemb
  7. Never say never,stranger this have happened, 10 years ago would you have said gareth southgate would be england manager and get us to a world cup semi final??
  8. I said potential to be one day, and whats to stop him if hes playing for a top prem side, the quality of some of the saves he has made is world class, obviously he has his flaws as well but hes only 24, over the next 10 years he could end up being a top top keeper
  9. Raya is an asset, wed be silly to sell him unless its a mega number from a prem club, hes made some world class saves this year, he has potential to be spain no1 someday, hes happy here and dont see him going anywhere, tony will bring in someone to give him competition and he'll kick on this year as will a lot of other players this very exciting times for rovers fans and the only way is up. If we spend well next season we'll definitely be in contention for the playoffs.
  10. Positions we need this summer Left back- martin olsson should be high up the wishlist Cebtreback- investment needed here Centre mid - john obi mikel out of contract hes only 31 under the right manager he could boss the midfield Keeper - Scott Carson another good buy on a free Striker- Graham cant keep doing what hes doing, this is probably where the real investment needs to be, We dont need any more really the squad we allredy have plus a selection of experienced professionals will be more than enough to get out of this league
  11. Very true, must be something aside from just football then, maybe its effort level maybe attitude in training there is a reason and tge only man who can really answer that is TM, he aint stupid and is an excellent man manager, look at how he has got tge best outa the same players that coyle coudnt get to hit a barn door, i for 1 trust his judgement and whatever his decisions its for the good of the team, clib and player. Definitley exciting times ahead, another positive from this is that the owners have that much trust in him that they have let him spend 7 mil on a player and not pressured him
  12. Its the pressure, we havnt been in a position where we are 2-0 up at 60 mins and he can go up top and express himself knowing the game has been put to bed already, imagine what being rushed in to the team and not perfprming would have done to his confidence, now is the prefect time to put him in, hell be able to handle the pressure now cuz he isnt new anymore and hes had the time to bed in.
  13. Mowbray likes to play 4 2 3 1, in his mind thats his ideal formation, with the 4 up top acting as 4 strikers in effect, so goals never drout and the opposition doest know were the next goal is coming from, with that in mind we would ideally like 2 in every position. GK: Raya, Leutwiler LB: Nyambe, ? CM: Reed, Smallwood, Evans, Bennett RM Rothwell, Brereton AM: Dack Palmer LM: Armstrong, ? ST: Graham, ? Were a bit light at lb, lm and st, i dont think well manage to get all three in Jan but if we can atleast get a left back to act as competition for Nyambe
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