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  1. I realise this thread seems to be mainly a Wigan love fest, but as a Rhinos fan I salute a remarkable achievement in winning the treble. The sad part is the legends Peacock and Sinfield will be sorely missed, how do you replace that experience? It could be the last silverware we win for a while, but what a way to finish.
  2. Off the see the wonderful Frank Turner at Manchester Academy in November.
  3. Roll on July. Off to see the mighty Pearl Jam at Leeds Arena.
  4. As you say, they seem to have it sussed. I have only tried the O&O (many times), I really need to sample one of the others.
  5. The very same Abs. Completely changed now. http://www.fenwickarms.co.uk/
  6. Hard work in the nets have made him the bowler we now see. He always had pace, but was wild. The difference now is in delivery. His arm and wrist are a lot more upright. This hasn't happened by accident. Hours and hours have been put in.
  7. Anyway, moving on. Second test will hopefully have less animosity, and hopefully an England win. It seems we might be going with two spinners. Could our Australians friends tell us the kind of surface we can expect?
  8. I don't have a problem with on field banter and sledging, and Anderson gives as good as he gets. As long as it doesn't cross the line it's fine. What does concern me is the Australian media. England seem to have walked straight into a storm from day one that seems to be bordering on hatred. Yes again our media have proved themselves in the past to be far from angelic, but the treatment of Trott is indefensible. Here was an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues, but instead, they decided to mock the man.
  9. This series really has taken a turn for the worse in every way. You always expect a bit of banter, but some of the stuff, in particular from the Australian media is just ridiculous. I certainly didn't expect this level of animosity. The stuff written about Trott is frankly scandalous, "done a runner", and "taken his bat and ball home." When you also filter in wind up merchants like Malcolm Conn on Twitter leaves this series in danger of becoming the most unpleasant since leg theory.
  10. I think we both need to think again! Good as yesterday was for England, day 2 has been awful. Now where is that promised rain?
  11. Excellent first day for England. The rock breakers baiting of Stuart Broad seems to have worked a treat.
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