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  1. Actually when was the last match Rovers: i) equalised in ii) went on to win and iii) will it ever happen again before the sun becomes a red giant?
  2. Groundhog Day is the epitome of variety compared to watching Rovers. It's beyond gallows humour now. I've been dreading watching every match. So I decided not to watch tonight and I feel better for not doing. This is not the feeling one should have. Every game is a foregone conclusion ergo there is no point in watching it. The horror, the horror...
  3. I'm sat just staring at the red screen saying coverage has concluded. oh bugger they've just cut the sound which consisted of some interesting trundling noises. The men in the white coats maybe with a gurney for ToMo?
  4. I must say I have a sneaking admiration for your sunny disposition.
  5. who are they playing music for? the cardboard cut outs? Ah wait. Life of Riley for ToMo!
  6. Elliott s been here too long. He's gone mad. He's dressed like the bloke in the Deer Hunter who played Russian roulette.
  7. Ah Joe! The nostalgia! That one decent game he had at Millwall. More warm memories. sigh.
  8. I vowed to myself I wasn't going to watch this even though I have the red button. Then some ridiculous irrational thoughts entered my head. I read TMs programme notes and it had a sinister calming, almost cheering effect on me. like reading the Volkischer Beobachter in May 1945. Then I saw the line up and preposterously had a flash back to that run of games before Evans got injured against Preston. He and Travis had been excellent together in central midfield. What madness has taken root in my soul? Please help.
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