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  1. Please tell me it's not on the red button then I won't feel obliged...
  2. Andrews best game was as a makeshift central defender against Bolton. role model for Johnners.
  3. I should explain I'm following the game entirely on here. Like a member of the Dutch underground listening in trepidation for news from Arnhem.
  4. You just know he'll pick the 11 that finished tonight and they'll then proceed to be crap on Saturday. It is masochism. why oh why do we put ourselves through it?
  5. Who said this: At the end of the day, the results are the results, we know where we are as a football team,” Was it a) Albert Camus b) ToMo
  6. I dunno. he could have given them a penalty on the totting up principle. certainly looked a handball. mind you who cares?
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