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  1. It's that Evans-Travis dream axis that hasn't been available to him. You know it's true.
  2. Soulless, gutless, witless,guiltless,clueless. They don't look like they even remotely enjoy playing together. No leadership on or off the pitch. No pride.
  3. Gallagher and Brereton are just clumsy. Lumbering is the word. And yet Gallagher is quick. strange player.
  4. Commentator: " This is Bennett. Losing possession." His Rovers epitaph.
  5. "Looking to finish the season strongly." The perennial sentence that says it's all been another complete waste of time.
  6. The lines look like they are made of undulating lines of toilet paper on my tablet screen. How apt.
  7. This email from Rovers. I think it's what Private Eye call "desperate marketing": Join us for all the action from Hillsborough as two famous clubs - who have both won more English top flight titles than Spurs - battle it out in the Sky Bet Championship as Rovers take on the Owls.
  8. Those substitutions were described in the Key Events thread of the Sky Sports Scores app. Has Benno ever been involved in a key event in his career?
  9. Actually when was the last match Rovers: i) equalised in ii) went on to win and iii) will it ever happen again before the sun becomes a red giant?
  10. Groundhog Day is the epitome of variety compared to watching Rovers. It's beyond gallows humour now. I've been dreading watching every match. So I decided not to watch tonight and I feel better for not doing. This is not the feeling one should have. Every game is a foregone conclusion ergo there is no point in watching it. The horror, the horror...
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