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  1. ESPN+ in USA shows message saying 'experiencing technical difficulties'
  2. Yes, it is definitely a problem with iFollow on safari. Settings button doesn’t work. Works fine on Firefox
  3. I have not been able to get rovers commentary on Safari either. Also happened v Watford. I have had to switch to Firefox.
  4. No iFollow video here in the US. Audio only. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  5. Here is the reply from iFollow about video stream... We regret to inform you that the Carabao Cup games only be available for users in the UK for the 1st round and International users will be able to access live commentary only.
  6. Me too. I am a longtime iFollow user from outside the UK. Very disappointing and poor
  7. Video but no audio on iFollow in the US. Are others having the same issue?
  8. I'm seeing good video but no commentary on iFollow. Are others having the same problem?
  9. no ESPN+ stream in USA but iFollow working fine
  10. Husky - yes, I see these numbers from time to time also, and I did see them during the QPR game just like your screenshot.
  11. You can watch in the US tomorrow on ESPN+. $5/month
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