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  1. Problem here is, the clubs current league position is probably far more than I expected given the horrendous transfer window, and departure of decent loans and Armstrong from last season. You cannot polish a T###!!! Unexpected bonus's which without we'd probably be sat in the relegation zone. 1. Rejuvenation of Ayala, totally unexpected and gone from zero to first name needed on team sheet. 2. Brereton, his transformation into goalscoring threat has been major, its given the fans something to cling to, whilst masking the awful hash of the transfer window. When we look at what we have cut from the wage bill and what we've spent or more the case not spent, then there is the underlying problem. I dont believe any sort of credible transfer budget was there in the first place. This club and squad has been on a steep decline since we came out of the first lockdown, the need for major investment in the squad was very evident. Would any other manager have us any higher with no funds? I don't think so, but that just my opinion. Its about Managing expectations and after witnessing the poor summer, my expectations were we'd probably go down. Thats not because of the manager, but because of the lack of investment into the playing squad. TM is a symptom of the problem, which has and will always be the owners. They appointed people like Waggott, people like Suhail (come on whats his footballing background?). We have lowest ticket sales since before Jack Walker, and a shocking product. I believe we are currently getting more from our squad, than perhaps we should be. It frustrates the life out of me each game, I will be there again tomorrow probably saying "ffs". Its that frustration that will have me playing football manager stating "Why is such a body not playing" "Why is he playing him wide again" "6.4 and cant head a ball, get him off ffs" "I'd take such and such off and bring on" "More touches than anyone but no end product" "Had 80% of the game, then 1 shot 1 goal and we are chasing game again" "£7.20 For a brew and pie, foooooking scandalous" To put all the above in one sentence it would be: Venkys have and always will be the problem, Their money may aswell be universal credit, it buys food, but will never get you a decent standard of living.
  2. Credit to Andy Bayes, he didnt hold back on the questions, and put across quite a bit of some supporter frustrations. Only at the end of the interview did we get around to the clubs decent start to the season, which meant it was not an Keanesque interview where the victory parade was being spouted. Clear points to me were, 1. Those out of contract are more likely to leave than stay as the club has cut its clough and it does not stretch further. With those players in question possibly being moved on as early as January, that will make the new year very challenging given January is historically one hardest periods to sign players. If lots of points are not on the board by then, losing 3 or 4 key players could be curtains. 2. Seems the many handouts by rovers to the council, have backfired as the council opposed the training ground restructure. Typical councillors, will back the horse that suits their agenda. Was interesting during the protest days how some councillors publically supported the supporters, but soon disappeared when being wined, dined and lavished with cash gifts from the clubs owners. 3. Its a good job the interview was done on a chair and not a bed, as he couldnt lie straight in it. He took zero responsibility for not getting a striker in, and used the medical cop out. We should not have left it until the final day of the window, we put all eggs in one basket and came up very short. 4. Not taking up the loan quota made sense, and probably one of the clubs wiser moves. If we stop our own players coming through, eventually we end up with no assets to sell, and embark on further financial restraints/decline. 5. Its clear they have been told to cut cost, and the lack of supporters is a massive worry. However this is 10 years in the making, not the last 12 months. We had a steep decline when Jack died, but a bigger one since the venkys came and tore the heart out of the club. 6. As a proud blackburner, i'd dearly love someone in that boardroom who is local, who can relate to the town and its heritage. Talking with a northern accent would help. To Waggott its a job, a well paid one at that, but he is so out of touch what a working class town football club is, its unreal. 7. It was interesting that Waggott's understanding of supporter concerns were more about buying a shirt and a pint, this needs to change. His other understanding was affordability. We did not lose circa 10000 supporters through affordability and the attendances have been on a steep decline since they appointed that idiot Kean, and dismantled the clubs infrastructure. Blaming covid, is just delusional and easy. Yes i'm sure a few people's circumstances have changed significantly due to the pandemic, but thats the same at every club and some clubs are getting more supporters on than before the pandemic.
  3. Was out foxed, out passed and in general out played for an hour. Then the changes, 4-4-2 and boom we was a totally different team who could of got 3 or 4 goals. Credit to TM, he got a lot of stick saturday, and rightfully so after his tactical switches gifted Luton a point. This time his changes were the reason we got the points. We still lack any real game plan and its a lot of huff and puff at the moment with no real identity. That being said, its a results business, 3 wins, 3 draws, 1 defeat, and 7th in the table, is far more than most would of expected, given the outgoings and what looks on paper a disappointing transfer window in terms of incomings. It gives us a little hope and optimism in the first instance that there is 3 or 4 sides much worse off than us, who are far more relegation candidates than us. Its too early to suggest we can push for the play offs, given the sides we've beaten are all around the bottom, however its usually those sides we slip up against. Feeling rather optimistic about our season going forwards, given our start, without expecting too much in terms of a promotion push.
  4. That was shocking!!!!! Got 2-0 up, in a very poor first half from both sides. 2 very good goals, but bar that it was boring. Second half we had a lot more dangerous moments in particular with both Dolan and Brereton causing problems. Gallagher should of been took off after an hour. He got to play down the middle, but was poor throughout. By the 75th minute he was dead on his feet. What does tombola Tony do? Takes off Rothwell who was causing them all sorts of issues with his driving runs, decides to throw on another centre back and basically hand the match to Luton. Gallagher then tries to waste time (similar to when he did the same against PNE) during his loan spell here. 60 seconds later, same result, Luton up the other end bagging an equaliser. We were poor today, tactically and overall in quality. However at 2-0 , At home we should be seeing the game out. Mowbray cost us that match with this stupid idea that a back 3 works.
  5. If we gave away 20000 season tickets, we wouldnt fill our seats for the season. We've lost many supporters, many of which permantly
  6. We can't change the last few weeks, so now its a case of we go with what we have. Positives 1. We have started the season quite well 8 points from 15. 2. Three tough away games ticked off, unbeaten on the road and decent return of 5 points 3. Beaten one of the promotion chasing teams from last season, them points in bag 4. Have scored in every game we've played this season averaging just over a goal a game 5. Our £12 Million outlay on strikers from previous seasons, has bare some fruit in the opening month with Gallagher and Brereton amongst the goals. 6. No striker signed, but if this forces Mowbray's hand to play Gallagher or Brereton down the middle and both can get into double figures this season, then this can only be a good thing 7. New kit, the best in a long time 8. £15 Million in the coffers to offset another season of losses, due to poor ticket sales, revenue streams 9. A lot of deadwood cut off the wage bill and no big commitment on contracts to new players, should we suffer a relegation. 10. Kept hold of some of the contract rebels, hopefully can tie them down in next couple of months Negatives 1. Team lacks experience across the piece 2. No genuine options up front, if we suffer an injury or suspension or two 3. Look very light weight in the centre of the park, with the departures and no real incomings in terms of man mountains to put a boot in. 4. One of smallest squads in division in terms of height and weight, nice pitches we should be able to glide across the pitch, however a wet cold November/December, I think we are going to be bullied. 5. No direction or plan appears apparent in the boardroom or dug-out. Every blue print or statement gets thrown away on a weekly basis. We lack any real identity. 6. Ticket sales are poor, and this transfer window is not exactly going to get supporters dashing to buy tickets 7. Where is our next saleable asset to offset next season's losses? Bringing other clubs young players on loan, will ultimately stifle our own progression, when not supplemented with full time signings. If the loans were top drawer (Harvey Elliott) for example, we'd be purring. Reality is 90% of the supporter base would of needed to google who these signings were. 8. With responsibility comes accountability, I just don't see who is holding them accountable and who is asking the questions on behalf of the supporter base. 9. We have not yet kept a clean sheet this season, scoring goals is one concern, however if we can't keep clean sheets then that's a greater concern. 10. Internationals - Brereton and Chile is an issue, with sanctions being threatened, we can ill afford to be without key players for 1 game let alone a few games a season due to travelling to the other side of the world.
  7. Organise an open meeting, invite them and have a proper open floor. Get someone like Richard Askam to ask the questions, as this will ultimately be reported on TV, That it's taking place, its taken place and why. Yes the club may respond that they meet on a regular basis with various supporter groups/supporters, However this is on their terms. A pro-active approach to setting the meeting up, the venue and getting them to come is half the battle won. This would certainly get supporter's to attend, who no longer go to the matches etc. The problem with club organised meetings, is the general consensus of deja vue. Same questions, different day, same result. King Georges Hall perhaps with the Rovers trust heading it up, open to all on a first come first served basis. From previous experience these events are full, and brings a really good cross section of support. With any first step, it takes someone to lift their head above the parapet, setting up threads like this is a good start
  8. I think the alarming thing from the window is the response to TM's promise. He stated we had a bench propped up with kids and the squad needed some help, in terms of bringing in experience to support the kids. We've brought in more kids, despite our own under 23s performing very well at under 23 level last season, and no experienced players to support them. What changed? Are what we brought in genuinely better than our own youth set up which is performing with great credit? Where are the leaders in this squad now, if we get injuries to Lenihan and Ayala?
  9. Hey we've bought season tickets, we support the badge regardless. I think everyone is hoping Brero and Sam come up with the goods, that these loans turn into excellent additions and the team is pushing up the table. I know when I go on a saturday, I go hoping we can win. That will never change. Being underwhelmed is natural given where we have been where we have gone, and expectation of replacing our best player with at least a striker. As supporters and in some cases paying supporters via tickets, merchandise etc, its only natural that we want value for the money and time we invest in our local club
  10. I fully understand the point you was making, hence it was the national journalist making trips to the FA, Parliament and writing the true feelings. It was the national journalist at press conferences asking the tough questions. We as fans were reliant on the national media both here and abroad. Venkys are the constant, but also the ones funding the club, we are sadly reliant on them, and with no long list of potential buyers, need them. However that does not mean the football administration should not be held accountable
  11. Cant believe you are asking that, not sure of your age, but perhaps you was not old enough to remember what those who have departed did to this club?
  12. What would it gain? Last time they were called out it was the end of... Hunt, Kean, Agnew, Singh, Shaw, Anderson all played out via media with constant pressure from the supporter groups. They were hit that many times with a left, they were begging for a right.
  13. I dont think anyone is pointing fingers at the fans, quite the opposite, the fans are the victims in this horror story
  14. Exactly the point i'm making, so they need challenging
  15. Thats a load of tripe.... sorry but being an apologist is part of the problem not the solution. These journo's don't work for free, they may have come on a podcast for free, but as they had no news to report, they didnt have anything better to do. History suggest that communication with the owners has and always will be via the media. Nick Harris had it spot on, Henry Winter the same, and Andy Cryer also pulled no punches when he wanted to. We appear to be going back to the tea and biscuit communication, no wonder the club has no direction. Thousands of supporters didnt surrender their time and dedication to rid the club of corruption for others to just sip tea and accept second best. Jack Walker gave us hope, these idiots have not at one junction respected the legacy or what a football team means to a community like blackburn. Supporters who have been there for decades through the thick and thin, come rain or shine feel a totally disenfranchised from the club they were born into. The ticket sales alone show how far we've fallen. On its current path the club is looking closer to a return to league 1. We can sit back and say "oh well" we reported a non event transfer window, or we can get a bit of fire in these bellies and make our displeasure known.
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