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  1. They did go with that , although an unofficial Director of Football 😉
  2. Lets just hope that Barry doesn't think they seem grateful enough and he takes them to the cellar 🙂
  3. I would love to see Mercer take over William Hill or Bet365, as long as he sets the odds 🙂 This time next year we all could be sipping a few bottles of a nice red
  4. People who are considering the sale of petrol and convenience stores for $15 billion?
  5. If other games stay the same 1 more goal for us and we go to (whispers quietly ) 6th
  7. Hour later here, on the plus side its easier to drift off and get a bit of kip when the game finishes , A money making idea for Swag , A brand of Rovers sleeping pills - Temazepam Tactics
  8. Probably still in India sorting out the 2017 tax evasion raids on 40 Venky's premesis 🙂
  9. Seems to be Bournemouth v QPR for overseas broadcast tonight https://www.livesoccertv.com/match/4039133/afc-bournemouth-vs-queens-park-rangers/ But then again, a few hours before kick off to go so the EFL might change it for no reason like Saturday
  10. Overseas subscriber here. As far as I can see they do not exist at all this season for the first team (apart from friendlies), Yesterday evening went looking for any highlights as I only managed to catch the last half hour of Saturdays game, none at all on the rovers tv site from league games this season . Ended up scouring youtube and found highlights from beinsports.6 + minutes compared to those uploaded to youtube by Rovers which was just over 2 minutes As others have said paying top whack for less service this season.
  11. All credit to Maggot , he seems to have solved the service problems in Blues Bar
  12. Murdoch owned no chance 🙂 Its also on Bein but not paying for a month for one game, having already subscribed to Rovers TV fot the season.
  13. The EFL announced yesterday that the game was selected / changed for overseas broadcast. no idea why as it was supposed to be the Blackpool game Pain in the arse that they can do this at short notice when they have already got the subscriptions in for the ifollow feeds. Way out of practice finding an alternative to rovers tv, no luck today
  14. If only we had a manager and management team that had been here over 4 years and built a squad where this would not have happened instead of going on a lovely little pointless journey with plenty of U turns, eh Tony
  15. 2-0 now , defending looks familiar Credit to the bloke doing the commentary, obviously done his homework and good to listen to
  16. Game not available on Rovers TV for some countries Only showing Latvia and NZ so far but expect this to grow before KO https://www.livesoccertv.com/match/4039123/blackburn-rovers-vs-luton-town/ Now showing on beinsports AU website as live instead of the Blackpool v Fulham game, wonder why the change. So looks like this will be the list of countries that if you have Rovers TV you won't be able to watch on that platform. https://www.livesoccertv.com/match/4039124/blackpool-vs-fulham/ Off to to cupboard to get my peg leg, Parrot and rather splendid eye patch and jolly roger flag to get ready for the game
  17. miserable about the biscuit run cutbacks, gone are the M& S chocolate selection now its a nip across the road to Aldi
  18. Maybe they were hoping to recoup his wages with the sale of postcards from the club shop when they eventualy arrive 🙂
  19. But you could squeeze more in, the rest of your post will be of no concern to Del Boy Waggot.
  20. Recoverite? Pretty sure (95%) I saw a tweet from one of the winners about attending the game on the day
  21. Both doing ok, the new lad up front , Sam Gallagher think he is called ,looks useful FFS 1-1
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