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  1. Course we have, sat nav been wiped, car burnt out, Start of a new journey 🙂
  2. Ha ha ha , deserved goal for Gallagher , but how scabby
  3. Definitely a lot more movement , no coincidence that none of the front three are taking pot shots at any opportunity. Hard to criticise your leading scorer, but it cetainly seems to alter the way we play in the final third, judging by today so far..
  4. and at half time only two teams below us winning 🙂
  5. Maybe General Melchett Mowbray has been speaking to one of his underlings and its a cunning plan
  6. Brebner and Kean - the dream team in certain circles (mainly Asian betting syndicates 🙂 )
  7. "How can little old Blackburn Rovers compete with a club that as the biggest cake production line in Europe in their town, that is an incentive we can never achieve"
  8. They thought they heard Planning permission as passed, when it was Puscus planning a pass
  9. Bolton Road Chippy many moons ago had the best John Bull barms ever, then became a chinese. Then the chippy of choice for a John Bull barm then was on Unity St, the last gold standard for this food of the gods before i left for pastures new was the chippy at the bottom of Shorrock lane. Many a time over the last decade yearned for this Blackburn gastronomic treat, tried to make my own and ended with an abstract mess of potato , batter and spicy mince all avoiding each other in the fryer. Barms and in fact any variation are mainly called bread rolls here (West Aus).
  10. oh come on, plucky little town team held big city club to a draw, you should be excited we are on a unbeaten run. The big question to commemorate this achievement should be if ToMo's statue should be made of marble or metal * *Quote from facebook in about 10 mins probably
  11. Interesting thread from our opponents forum, overall quietly confident of a point https://www.skybluestalk.co.uk/threads/blackburn-match-thread-27th-feb-3pm-kickoff-ewood-park.129519/
  12. It is becoming a bit of a cult (think I have spelt that right) Seems a lot are yearning For ToMo FC to get back to the highlight of the THIRD division and gave footballing giants like Wigan a run for their money. Little old Blackburn Rovers is only the vessel for the Messiah to show his supporters his true greatness
  13. Wonder if the Honesty back drop was chosen on purpose 🙂 Not had chance to watch this yet, but will be watching it with sound off and noting times of interesting facial movements , then replaying to see what was said at those times. Great game for all the family to play
  14. If the planned route is anything like Mowbray's journey , they will never arrive at Ewood
  15. "I would rather lose them games having a go... than sitting with 10 men behind the ball playing for a draw." TM on BBC Lancashire Sport , last night. Obviously looking at the stats , it does seem to be working as its led to less draws and more losses.
  16. P W D L F A GD PTS Position 2021 - 31 11 6 14 45 37 8 39 15 2020- 31 12 8 11 43 38 5 44 12 2019 - 31 11 10 10 42 47 -5 43 13
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