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  1. Does the Prem club have a dental plan? If so they can set him up with a retainer. Otherwise he may need to brace himself.
  2. @pk1875 , beat this. We are all behind ya. Looking forward to reading your posts again soon.
  3. If we signed him 3 weeks back I'd have been happy, but if he does signs today I'll be likely coming.
  4. @AllRoverAsia @The Gull Excellent idea! Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to try that out when I get home tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to read about incoming defenders. Fingers crossed!
  5. Thank you! I haven't been able to access that website for the best part of a year now. The pages never load for me. I miss it a lot. I wonder if it is because I'm located in Korea? Anyway, appreciate the info, chief!
  6. Regarding the ridiculous search for CBs. If Bauer was on the 'A' list of lore, I wonder who was on the 'B' , 'C', 'D' , and 'Scramble' list?
  7. I'm definitely in the camp that had hopes of Adam signing. It would have been a gamble considering that he is pushing on, but he has talent to spare. Good vision, cracking shot, and a mean streak. Could have been good for us. But here we are.
  8. Sorry lads, I know I am possibly asking something that has already been answered. But is it true to say that the expected in-comings for today are Walton and Adarabioyo? And then, (possibly later this week?) we should be welcoming the experienced keeper and centre-half?
  9. 100% That man's info has been keeping us informed and amused all this window. It was given freely and he wasn't acting stuck up and superior about what he was passing on at all.
  10. Absolutely. I can't speak to the quality of Walton one way or another but it's not quite the name we've been waiting on all these weeks.
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