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  1. So just to shake things up and keep everyone on their toes, Tony's Tombola has expanded to include players, positions and now formations this season!
  2. Great win for Lancs! Dead and buried at 115 for 7 won by 2 wickets.
  3. This is the best speech I have heard in a while.
  4. Good win for Lancs! Livingstone great knock
  5. Have they? Don't really watch BBC news. It's such a shame that the actions of the IDF will provoke Hamas and it will be the innocent that will be killed. Just hope Hamas keeps the ceasefire.
  6. Sadly looking at the videos going round it seems the ceasefire was just a way to divert attention. Lots of videos showing IDF throwing sound grenades, firing rubber bullets and beating women and men at Al Asqa Mosque during Friday prayers this morning!! Some of them live via Instagram. No doubt the world's media won't report it. I know some will say they are unverified but there are so many different ones it's hard not to believe what happened is true. Israel showing their true colours.
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