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  1. A bit of fight from England this morning so far.
  2. Mowbrays positives post match. Really pleased we scored a first half goal as it is something we have been working hard on in training. We are now unbeaten in 1 game. It was great defending by our crossbar to block what was a certain goal.
  3. https://trans.info/de/almost-half-of-lorries-bound-for-calais-completely-empty-219325
  4. Biggest concern is what happens when the swim out of our waters!
  5. Don't worry Brexit was worth it!!
  6. Yes but the entire problem is the lack of time to prepare. We all have done online learning over the past few months but changing from one to the other within 12 hours is just a joke. You have no experience of planning lessons creating resources or delivering lessson in either capacity. Nor do you have any experience in running a school, teaching children so your experience and knowledge is zero. Tell me Chaddy with your experience and knowledge how to I enable 62 children with no access to a laptop to do online learning when the govt has only given me 4 laptops out of the 62 promis
  7. Thankfully I made decision not to open my schools today, but I will still be up past 2am sorting everything for tomorrow then in at school at 7am.
  8. Yes some schools had an INSET day today, which 99% used to plan and prepare lessons for the coming week or 2. As the Govt told them schools were open this planning would have been done with the understanding of F to F teaching. Now to close schools tomorrow and expect schools to instantly go to online learning as well as F to F teaching is just ridiculous.as was shown last time. Online learning lessons are in a lot of cases completely different to F to F lessons. So teachers now have from 8pm till 8am tomorrow morning to completely replan lessons. Heads now have to work on the logistics of onl
  9. I know, perhaps I should have said why are 2 schools 700 yards apart different?!
  10. In that instance the email merely stated 'legal action '. This time I think I am being overly concerned as I do have the backing of the Local Authority on not opening tomorrow. The fact is it should not come to this. Decisions need to be made locally depending on circumstance. The govt don't care as long as they are profiting from this. That has been shown.
  11. Have spent a couple of days thinking what to write on here as I am utterly bewildered as to what this so called government is up to regarding schools. Firstly, before Christmas my school had several cases over 2 days, I wanted to close the school early so as to limit the contact and spread so close to Christmas. I was sternly told no by the DFE and threatened if we did. Subsequently 3 staff spent Christmas in hospital with Covid. 2 days later the DFE in the wisdom stated we could take Friday 18th as an INSET too little too late. Nothing but a waste of a day as with all schools quali
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