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  1. Waste of a budget ! Terrible player …another J Lowe …
  2. Why are Venkys so slow to see this manager is not up to it … His coaching team are a bloody joke too …. Soon as he took off Rothwell the writing was on the wall … Shambles of a manager …
  3. Still one of the worst signings .. watch him go on a free .. doesn’t look very bright too ... TM for you in a nutshell .... Pears & BB are a total waste of money ....
  4. From what am hearing “ Summer Review “ .. Venkys have always been slow .... knowing how good he is with his BS and knows how to play them . He could get another season ... His pals around him all depend on him .. Venus Waggot and Co .. Shambles
  5. Waggot should fall on his sword for sticking by a dud like Mowbray.. shows he knows nothing about football ..... One of the main reasons TM is still around stinking the joint out ....
  6. Will go down as one of the worst ever managers imho ... will love to wipe out the memory of his years in charge .. just a nothing last 2 years .... Mowbray hit the ceiling 2 years ago ...just going round & round like a fan now ..... Venkys are just too slow to do anything ....Crazy that they not potting him
  7. Will go down as one of the worst ever managers imho ... will love to wipe out the memory of his years in charge .. just a nothing 2/3 years .. absolute nothingness .. some ways Venkys are to blame for not being ruthless ... but why say things like I won’t be a burden then be one .... one thing I don’t understand is why managers never change there Backroom staff .. they go through 2-3 left backs in there tenor and prob in each position but never there coaches ..
  8. He will never be heard of again if he goes out on loan .. Very Average player .. too weak too . Turning into J Lowe Mark2... Mowbray probably hand him a 4 year contract....
  9. Surprised they have still not sacked him ... Whu Loan out our Academys 21 - 23 stars who are high flying and replacing them with 18 year old kids .... How desperate can he get ... The Subs he makes during games smack of I have no idea what am doing ....He comes across as a know it’ all type ... I will look back on his time at Rovers with a bad taste ... Wasted Millions .. like Pullis said he’s been lucky he’s been backed at a normal run club he would have been potted long time ago .....just don’t understand Alas Venkys they go from one extreme to another ....
  10. They play a good brand of football with exciting players all over the pitch ... Venkys take note
  11. What’s there manager like ? Any good or a one season wonder ?
  12. He’s lost the plot for me ... Terrible night ...
  13. Crazy that the guy is still here .. Only at BRFC under Venkys ... They have been hoodwinked again this time from his weekly waffle ....
  14. If he can’t see Lenihan is a crap defender after 3/4 years and brings him straight back in after the player got sent off and costing us a spot kick no wonder we are in this mess... He would be on my sub bench .. his list of howlers over the years is a mile long ... Mowbray is living off his West Brom days .... Terrible Manager with an average back rooom coaches ...
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