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  1. That might just be enough to stop him playing at Ewood since we have a McDonalds close enough!!
  2. No doubt about it, it's got to be Newcastle, what with their decision to keep that thug Barton - who should never be allowed to kick a ball again.
  3. From the BBC gossip pages this morning: What's that all about? As far as I know, Nelsen's always been available for selection for his country (apart from when injured of course).
  4. That's for players under 28 when they sign. I htink Benni signed for us after he was 28.
  5. For 'small' clubs like us, it's always going to be difficult keeping hold of our better players. Nevermind the fact that there is a clause for next season in Benni's contract, I think that I'm also correct in saying that at that point (contract becomes 'unprotected') he's entitled to buy out the remainder of his own contract and in essence leave for 'free'. Looks like the very best that we can hope for is £5m or whatever Benni's wages are over two years. (Probably around £4m at a very rough guess). Clause or no clause, I'd rather keep him this season than cut off our own noses to spite our faces. Even if he leaves next year, we got two great seasons out of him and still make a profit. If he leaves between now and August 31st 2007, then It would take something special to get us to part with him, which again, I'm more than happy with. It makes a nice change from being shafted all these years that I've followed us.
  6. Nelsen's just signed a new 5 year contract Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ers/6272484.stm Very good news IMO. It hopefully means that we can all expect a period of stability at the club.
  7. As dislikeable as the little oik is, the last 2-3 displays he's put in for England have been very good imo. Last night (yes I know it was against plumbers), he had 2 very good chances in front of goal which is probably more than Rooney & Johnson had altogether. When he came on at least Dyer looked bothered.
  8. I'm going to add Terry Butcher to my list. I just think it's rich that for ages he's been slagging off the England team (e.g. Drop Beckham and other stupid comments) and just has stupid ideas when in fact he's failed at Motherwell and also in the A-League. He just strikes me as a man without a clue.
  9. Unfortunately, I'll always remember him for his antics at the 1998 World Cup semi-finals...
  10. Well I saw the Sky website posting after his latest non-inclusion to the full England squad and he does seem happy at Ewood and I'm glad that he mentions that he'll start to get really annoyed after 300-odd games for Blackburn without a call up, then he might start to think about moving. I think we can see him staying for the foreseeable future.
  11. Alan Green There is a reason why this guy is on radio and not on TV. IMO he's very biased towards the bigger teams, his commentary is pap - he sees/doesn't see things depending on the situation. Just a complete and utter nob.
  12. Think you've been spoiled watching too much Ashley Ward / Paul Dickov / Shefki Kuqi... Don't think it was his knee? Didn't his leg nearly snap off? Either way, I'm not watching it again! I actually quite like Nonda. He doesn't moan and complain, he just gets on with it. I do agree that it can be quite annoying that he can score amazing goals (e.g. v. Middlesborough at Ewood), but miss easy chances. However, I'd rather that he has the ability to do that sort of thing and if so, I'm sure that sooner or later he'll start putting away the easier chances. I say if he's £1.5-2m, take him on. I'm sure there are other Premiership teams casting an eye over him, not many teams have a striker with the kind of goals/mins played ratio that he has.
  13. West Ham squad 'out of control' Reckless gambling ruining morale Player won £38,000 from team-mates Curbishley 'not talking' to big winner Jamie Jackson Sunday March 4, 2007 The Observer A culture of reckless high-stakes gambling is causing division within West Ham and rupturing morale to such an extent that the first-team squad, already riven by cliques, is 'spiralling out of control' - and the players, manager and directors already know that they can do nothing to stop the club being relegated. That is the damning view from inside the dressing room at the Premiership's most troubled club. Players are haemorrhaging vast amounts of money to each other at the card table, as much as £50,000 in one sitting. They have won and lost these staggering sums on the team coach to matches. 'How can they be in a good frame of mind for a match after that?' says one first-team player, speaking on condition of anonymity. The player said: 'I've never seen anything like it in my career. It's one big mess here, the atmosphere is terrible, people don't talk to each other. Players are losing 30, 40 and 50 thousand pounds sometimes. By the time we arrive one player owes another and it's terrible for the team and morale. They are always playing cards.' One senior player, an established international, is said to have won £38,000 from two of his team-mates in one afternoon recently. The losers had to pay up and manager Alan Curbishley is no longer speaking to the player who won the money. Two members of the squad have undertaken counselling and treatment for gambling addiction, and a third player is also believed to be seeking professional help. The disillusioned player also identified a catalogue of other problems. These include spats between rival cliques within the dressing room over territory and wages; divisive tension between Curbishley and his players; doubts over the decision-making of new chairman Eggert Magnusson; and the widespread admission, privately, that the club will be relegated. He also said that one recent signing was amazed when he was asked to a meeting to discuss club affairs with senior management in a lap-dancing club, though the club strongly deny that any such meeting took place. Added to West Ham's list of woes, as they prepare to take on Tottenham today, is the Premier League charge for alleged irregularities in the signing of the Argentine players Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez last August, which could result in the loss of points if the club are found guilty; and the pending trial of defender Anton Ferdinand on charges of assault and violent disorder following an alleged brawl outside a London nightclub last October. It is the depth of the club's gambling problem, which has already caused winger Matthew Etherington and goalkeeper Roy Carroll to seek help, that most concerns Curbishley, according to our source. A West Ham spokesman said: 'The club is aware of the fact that gambling is an area of concern and the manager has made clear that it must stop. Steps have been taken to eradicate this in the team environment.' It is believed that Curbishley's first attempt to stop the card schools some weeks ago failed, but gambling is now banned in situations where he is responsible for the team, such as on journeys to matches. But he has been unable to stop the poker sessions when training is over, and one recent session is said to have continued until 4am. The former England striker Teddy Sheringham spoke about gambling earlier in the season when promoting the online poker site 888.com. 'I can see why it [gambling] does become a problem, especially for young players who have so much money and so much time on their hands. I've always enjoyed a drink, but at the right times, and I play poker at the right times. Some people take it to extremes. You've got to keep it under control.' The gambling culture is one more headache for former Charlton manager Curbishley, who took over at Christmas, since when West Ham have won only once. Curbishley's predecessor, Alan Pardew, had taken the club to within a minute of winning the FA Cup last May, but then oversaw a dramatic slump this season. West Ham are now bottom of the table and 11 points adrift of safety. According to a well-placed source at Upton Park, the players are 'certainly not a unit and haven't been for a long time. It began at the end of last season during Pardew's time. There is a huge division. Nigel Reo-Coker, Bobby Zamora, Marlon Harewood and Shaun Newton all hang out together. And Reo-Coker is constantly saying he is too good for the club, that he should be at Man United or Arsenal.' Team spirit is also damaged, according to the representative of one long-serving player, by the level of resentment about the wages paid to Matthew Upson and Lucas Neil, who were signed by Curbishley in the transfer window and are being paid big money. Neil is thought to have turned down Liverpool to keep a £60,000-a-week salary. 'It's not rocket science,' said the agent, who represents some of the biggest stars in the Premiership. 'If the established players who have achieved for the club see new ones come in enjoying a lot more money for doing not very much, it's obviously going to cause problems.' Upson and Neil have been injured and have made three appearances between them. Curbishley is said to have 'given up' on some of his players. 'He often stays in his office with his assistants. Sometimes we see him, other times we don't,' said the insider. As for Magnusson, the players 'think he is clueless and a bit lost. He gives off the wrong messages and only talks to certain players in the dressing room - those he brought here. And he has accepted Curbishley's admission that they are already down.' Curbishley said ahead of today's game that he does not fear the sack. 'Performances have to improve. We have to win as many as we can from our last 10 games.' Source: The Observer
  14. West Ham related from the BBC gossip (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/gossip_and_transfers/6385001.stm) "Liverpool have just paid £1.5m for Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano. (Daily Express)" If that's true then something weird is definetely going on and we should get in there for Tevez - for £1.5m too
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