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  1. I'm disgusted in that second half performance. Can count on one hand the number of times Mowbray left his seat all game. Makes a change when we go 3-2 down??
  2. A proper forward thinking manager would have incorporated Rothwell into this team by now, no ifs or buts. And Graham should be first choice striker for the foreseeable. The pivot around where Rothwell/Dack/Holtby can excel. At the very least it's who our best player plays his best football and is most effective playing alongside!
  3. David Yelldell is another German we have had here, though I don't believe he made any appearances.
  4. Why do the commentators feel the need to say the full name of JACKSON IRVINE every time?? It's Jimmy Kebe all over again.
  5. Got to say I was dead wrong about the Downing signing. His composure and awareness is a calming influence I feel. Not to mention his vision and the quality of his left foot.
  6. How long has Buckley been with the club? Did we pick him up at 16 after being discarded by a PL academy a la Travis and Butterworth?
  7. Perhaps not quite as much but copying Sir Alex's envelope trick was very cringe worthy (from the same documentary).
  8. Perhaps also an experienced coach that has played the game professionally too.
  9. Yes and Travis' energy and box to box play leaves Evans to economise his own stamina, sitting deeper and picking off attacks.
  10. We don't have a left back that overlaps as it stands anyway. It's a big criticism of Bell from me.
  11. Crikey, never thought I would see the day when that industry pawn's name was brought up on here. The elites truly do have their tentacles everywhere! You've outdone yourself Big Dogg! Social media is here to divide society by bringing the people's debased negative and destructive impulses out behind the safety of a keyboard, amongst other things. It succeeds in taking a huge amount of time, energy and attention from people, contributing to a toxic social climate. It's a key tool used in programming people to be at each others throats and hate each other. Tin foil hat off With regards to Brereton, I concur with the majority in saying he needs a loan to League One or a spell in the U23's. I'm not optimistic he's going to be an effective player for us though, as like many others, I've not seen one significant attribute from the fellow yet.
  12. Crucial contributions for both goals too, that I couldn't see coming from Evans or Smallwood.
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