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  1. The alternative would be not reading it. Maybe try that?
  2. Yep, I was looking at a league table after 45 games when Derby had 71 point and we had 59? It's definitely 15. You should have said.
  3. Did we? I thought we won many even games at home and got battered away.
  4. It would have been 13 to be fair. I was looking at the Top 2 so my mistake. I turned into Mowbray for a minute.
  5. It's a message board. Calm down. I doubt anyone at the club is getting upset we are 'on their backs'. Try adding to the debate instead of trying to shut it down. It isn't difficult 'lad'.
  6. Have you got the quotes from other managers? If all managers do it then it shouldn't be difficult to find the evidence. Mowbray should just say nothing, like a lot of managers do. Of course people should make their own minds up but fans are obviously influenced by the manager. It would be silly to say otherwise. If the manager says Top 2 that raises expectation. Clever managers don't tend to bother. Good managers don't need to.
  7. I'd be happy with SG coming back. I think he's quality.
  8. I think this is short of a lot of context. Rebuilds a relegated team? - He was allowed to keep all the players he wanted and to add whoever he wanted. He had the biggest wage budget in League 1 and the biggest transfer budget. We posted the biggest (or 2nd biggest) loss ever for a league 1 club for those very reasons. To not get that team up would have been a humungous failure. I think he did well in the end but all the cards were stacked massively in his favour. Mowbray had a Championship team playing in League 1. Last summer he spent more than Sheff Utd. They are now in the Prem.
  9. It was Mowbray who mentioned the play-offs a few weeks ago. He even mentioned the Top 2. Last season it was about bouncing through the leagues. This from a man who just oversaw the worst away defence in the whole of the PL and EFL. Christ Alive. He's got some front.
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