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  1. I'll help you with this...there are none. He's been awful all of last season. Hope that helps!
  2. Yeah fair comments, there is a player in there, such a shame. If he got himself right he would be top class at this level.
  3. I agree but if the deal was right I would take a gamble, 6 months contract with x appearances to trigger a further 6 months or similar
  4. Would anyone take Jack Wilshire? I think I would...
  5. Don't think I have seen worse. Scuffs every shot, even the rare ones that go in. Bizarre.
  6. I oddly don't dislike Bell as most do. If he was on cheapish wages I wouldn't mind giving him a new deal. Must stress purely as back up. BB is a strange one, I think if he gets a positive reaction when the crowds are back it could drive him on. I was one of his biggest critics but think he has shown some promise and id love to see him flourish. Time will tell. Frustrating.
  7. Be interested to see who thinks he will be here next season. Signs seem to be that he is going to stay until pushed which is a shame. The owners basically only need convincing from the man himself as fans can't let their feelings be known which complicates the whole thing and makes it all the more frustrating.
  8. Did you read it or listen? Where did you get it?
  9. Everything. He is crap. Should be nowhere near the team, homegrown or not.
  10. Yeah that's fair. Overall I rate him top 3 at the club, flaws and all I'm a big fan.
  11. What if you create two of them yourself? Free pass?
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