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  1. That would be a no. Thought it was quite decent and playable actually.
  2. Commentator: "if Gallagher hits the ball either side of the goalkeeper it's got a much better chance of going in"...wow!
  3. Always hated this approach... striker with no goals in 10 finally gets a goal..."where are all the doubters now???...we are still here!"
  4. I still think Tony has to go before people leap on me but I think the pitch at ewood has contributed to the poor form, yes it's the same for both teams but it's shocking to play on and we have tried to play it on the deck, there is still alot of chip and charge teams in this division who lap it up.
  5. Dack and Buckley been poor in possession. Can't keep gifting it back to them. Dolan been brilliant.
  6. Pathetic from Buckley so far...get the finger out!
  7. He has the bobbled in the first half then the bouncer is the 2nd that dropped to Nyambe.
  8. Being dead serious, that HAS to be that 1 point from 21!!! Can you keep your job with such a poor return? It's laughable, it could very well be 2/3 points from 30!
  9. We win a corner, sky shows a reply, next thing Reading and racing towards OUR goal and Bell synically fouls one of their players..Wow!!!
  10. Nyambe been awful tonight. Pains me to say but fair is fair, haven't seen him put in a poorer performance.
  11. Looks like Lowe is washing the pen out of his mouth with a bottle of piss!
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