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  1. Sad to have to say this but that's the end of it season. So get someone new in now that will give them to the end of this season to prepare of next season. Will ithappen I think not that would take planning and thought something that s not happening at this time
  2. Well we got away with one pen. Too much long balls there have a tall back four so what do week long balls to forwards who strength is not in the air, j thought we were meant to play from the back into midfield etc. Let's hope second half is much better we can only hope
  3. Well what a load of .........we know we will not go up so in the FA cup why not play your full first team. How on earth can you play Buckley at full back he was a boy among men. The team is toothless in defence in midfield and today up front. Things have to change. Will there I think not the manager look as safe as houses sat down on his backside for last 15 min he has to go but he will not. Things can only get better so the song goes withrovers at this time I think not
  4. Happy New year to one and all ❤️ may the Lord bless and keep you all safe
  5. Well I do not like rovers to lose but if it means that the manager goes do be it
  6. We could of played till midnight and still we would not score no bite in our team
  7. Why is Johnson at centre half and Sam g has to holdup the ball that's his job why did we sign him for its going to be a long second half
  8. The fact is both the manager and the team are not good enough to go up and are too good to go down so mid table it is then and will be still we change the manager
  9. We need a change get so e pace in midfield and get someone who can hold the ball up
  10. We played some nice football but no bite no pace never looked like scoring Armstrong shoots when there are better options forwards cannot keep hold of the ball. However we have not beaten a top half side that says it all. We are a team that is almost there but almost there never makes it
  11. Fairly good but we lack a bit of pace in midfield and the forwards need to keep the ball a bit better
  12. Luckily to be 0 0 no pressure on there midfield and we cannot hold the ball still with the team we have a draw is not the worst result we could get
  13. I wonder what bull our manager will come out with at full time.
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