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  1. Thought that was September he said that.. Sounded like he'd be close to contention after the international break.
  2. Appparently Niklas Schmidt has been liking Blackurns posts again on instagram or something (I can't verify as I'm not on Instagram so could be nonsense). A quick Google though shows we may have been interested in him in Jan. I wonder if there's anything in this one.. Looks quite a promising player. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/transfer-news/transfer-rumours-instagram-evans-mckenna-17528730
  3. Flowers Todd Henchoz Nelsen Oojer Flitcroft (Could have played for England imo) Bohinen Mokoena Bellamy Rochina Derbyshire
  4. Sheff Weds a few seasons ago, I think we were 3 up or something. We had a cracking side at the time and a bit of momentum behind us. We drew in the end and lost momentum and the season pettered out. We should have finished in the play-offs that season.
  5. I'm not an economist, but the drop in Venkys share price looks catasptrophic.. How wil they be able to sustain wages if this continues? https://www.moneycontrol.com/india/stockpricequote/miscellaneous/venkys/V03
  6. I've been one of Breretons harshest critics.. Wow! What a difference. Looked a different player today. In fact I'd say his introduction brought some added impetus. Looked a different player today. How the ref missed the foul on Travis is beyond me. Lucky he didn't break his leg. Beautiful point. Shut those arrogant Swansea fans up!!
  7. My thoughts exactly.. Let's use this opportunity to blood some of our own youngsters..
  8. The game turned when we lost Rothwell in my opinion. He was exceptional when he was on, at the heart of everything positive. We clung on there, great three points in the end. But considering we then were without: Dack, Rothwell, Evans - all starters, things were going to be a bit turgid. Armstrong, boom! What a finish. Worked his little legs off did the lad! We got the three points which trumps everything, but I felt things needed freshening up way, way before TM finally did. However the subs he did make I thought were the correct ones. Travis again, absolute warrior is the lad. Yo
  9. I saw Waggot coming out of Iceland on either Weds or Thursday. I'm not sure what he'd been buying, but if I had to guess I'd say steak puds. He seemed relaxed. I considered asking him about the window and any impending transfers but didn't. I just briefly looked at him and then past. If you're wondering what I was buying.. Zoflora! I was cleaning the house to impress the wife. I opted for Zoflora due to it's strong unmistakeable odour- they need to know you've cleaned up or what's the point, right? Bleach is another winner, strong, strong odour to it! Have we made any progress on these fori
  10. I think it could be handy having Mulgrews set pieces.. The issue is where do you play him..I know he's slow, but Bell is pretty quick and that doesn't help him much.. Let's throw him in at left back, Tosin covering him and make the most of his set pieces- Downing ahead of him protecting him a bit. Then utilize his wizard like left foot.
  11. At 16 years old you've still a way to go before first team football. In my mind, they're Rovers academy products.. Phil Jones, Dunn, Duff, Beattie, Hoilett, Tiny Taylor, D. Johnson, Fielding, O'Conell, Olsson.. Some cracking players there. 40-50 million there alone.. Then we've had plenty of Jon Douglas, Ben Burgess types that have forged succesful careers in the lower tiers.
  12. I don't disagree, I think he's a good player. I've always liked him. Perhaps it's that I mentioned him with Smallwood, Bennett, et al. I'd certainly want a wedge for him & wouldn't be pushing for him to leave. My rationale was from those three we could get an upgrade on Evans.
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