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  1. Haha it's an ode to better times. They'll come round again. Just not under this management.
  2. I'm excited for a poll on this. This is how far we have fallen 😅
  3. What I really don't like about the injuries narrative is that we've had injuries all season and managed to stay within play off contention until recently. Always felt we were doing well in spite of a couple of key men missing (e.g. Dack, Travis, plus smaller injuries to players that regularly start). Mowbray now isn't getting the best out of the players that were doing well earlier in the season. It's very worrying and even more so that the seemingly social media element of our fan base can't see this. We aren't even playing good football, so this rhetoric about our journey is just frust
  4. I thought Trybull was our best player when he came on against Coventry & deserved his start yesterday. Granted he didn't do a lot with his chance but then again that's been a theme of our season. I think he's a slight improvement on Evans, who has flattered to deceive in his time with us. As for some of the names being mentioned as being better than Trybull, I've needed a laugh this morning 👍
  5. I did earlier in the season and just requested a refund from ifollow as soon as I realised. As long as you don't watch the stream, they have no issue with the request. Had the money back within the week.
  6. Chuffed I don't have to pay the tenner and can watch on Sky. Literally no excitement for the game. Sitting down to watch the games out of commitment, rather than enjoyment at the moment.
  7. Don't do it to yourself mate. You'll only be disappointed.
  8. I don't think I ever got the impression we moved Souness on because he was underperforming. Wasn't he poached by Newcastle?
  9. Didn't think I could be anymore annoyed after watching that crap. Just read Mowbray's comments after the game about Nyambe. I can't believe we're in this situation with no end in sight. As others have said, managers doing the same at other clubs wouldn't have a job for long.
  10. I'm not sure I could stomach Wagner after what he did at Huddersfield (rotated out his whole team against a hapless Birmingham, who won to effectively relegate us to L1). I don't care that they were already in the playoffs and that we ultimately weren't good enough to stay up across the whole of the season. Those sort of antics shouldn't occur in professional sport.
  11. The death spiral in full effect. I can't get over how bad our football is. Whenever this statement is uttered, it's usually way too early to say so, but our season really is over.
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