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  1. We're scarily close to seeing how he performs as our main man up front (assuming Armstrong leaves this summer). Regardless of what has come before (form wise, goal return, etc), we can't afford to lose him on the cheap at the moment. I'd be offering him a new contract this summer to protect our investment and seeing how he gets on next season.
  2. Chuffed for the lad. Just watched his cameo on iplayer and he really impressed. Playing (& training) at that level is only going to help his club form and confidence. Nice to have something to be positive about for a change.
  3. You're right. We could all agree to log back in at the end of July and there still wouldn't be much to discuss.
  4. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with everything JoeH posts, I don't think beating him over the head with the data discussion every time he posts is particularly constructive. Or interesting.
  5. I would to be honest. But I'm literally only basing that on what he was like a couple of years ago. Definitely a busted flush vibe about him now though.
  6. Whilst I don't doubt the importance of data in football, I doubt the importance of its application at Rovers. For years we've seemingly picked transfer targets based on players Mowbray's teams have played against before, whether someone is a nice man or not, what said players wear when they meet the management team & players from Middlesbrough. We're presumably ignoring a lot of data based scouting to do that. There needs to be a whole culture shift at the club before it plays any significant role for us. For me, that starts with Mowbray and his mates leaving. There's almost no point
  7. I really want him to do well but a lot will need to fall in place for Brereton to hit heights you'd expect from a £7m signing. He's quite good at running with the ball and taking on men but his shooting is completely sub par. He doesn't seem to have any ball striking ability. Most of his efforts are very tame. That's such a fundamental thing that he needs to be coached on.
  8. Kaminski, Lenihan, Armstrong & Nyambe being the top 4 (in descending order) I believe.
  9. This diagram only serves to highlight how poor my knowledge is of our squad numbers at the moment 😅
  10. On JRC, not a player I'm particularly bowled over by, but it's important that we keep hold of the remaining lads that are in and around our first team. Hopefully Rothwell & Nyambe to come, although I suspect the latter will be the hardest to sort.
  11. Grabbi, Murphy & Best for me. The money we spent on fees & wages for those three is disgusting.
  12. I wouldn't want Hodgson. He's very much in the Mowbray mold, albeit has operated at a much higher level for most of his career. Maybe we can't be picky and he'd be classed as a coup at this stage.
  13. I won't lose any sleep over Evans leaving. Flattered to deceive for most of his Rovers career. He looked good alongside Cairney when he first signed, but has only had fleeting spells of good form since. Out injured loads and reportedly one of our higher earners. It's time for us to move on but I wish him all the best. If Davenport can prove he's not made of glass, we've got a ready made replacement (or potential upgrade) in the squad already.
  14. This rhetoric that we had to acclimatise to the Championship after promotion is a load of bull. We only ended up in L1 as our team massively underperformed under a hopeless manager (Coyle). The squad was more than capable of playing in the Championship, as evidenced by our decent form under Mowbray, before we went down. Throwing away the chance to win L1 at the end of the season was all on Mowbray and for me was the start of dumbing down fan expectations. I'd have kicked him out of the club a season or two ago when he made out that we needed to be worried about Preston. A game in which we
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